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Son Love To His Mother

  • desipapa
  • December 30, 2015

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This is a story about me and my mother. I was 24 at that time and my mother was 49. Let me tell you about my mother she was beautiful with awesome ass. Well I was always fond of ass. I loved her so much. Her height 5.2 and sexy figure.

Let me come to my story this happened when I was in Delhi doing my job in call center. I used to go home……my home town once in 2 months. It was my off from job for sat and sun and I took leave for 2 days and went home. It was winter season……my mother loved me a lot. So I used to kiss her . My mind changed when a day I saw her necked as she was taking bath in bathroom and door was not locked as there was some problem in the door. Nobody was at home my father was on job and sister was on her job. I was sleeping I woke up at 10 and had to go to bathroom.

I went to bathroom and I was not aware that mother was taking bath I opened the door and saw my mother she was completely naked . I was shocked to see her without clothes. I never had that kind of thought in my mind but I used to read stories on Indian sex stories. That day was different I was not able to eat and sleep, after my mother came back from bathroom I went to bathroom and released my self. After that evil was in my mind I was thinking to fuck her at any cost.

So next day I woke up early everybody went to job. I went to my mother and said give me some oil as my body is so dry. She said don’t worry give me some time I will help you to apply oil on your body…so I said ok and went to a room and removed my clothes..I was on in underwear . She came to the room and said ok sit down let me do it. She started from my legs…she was in saree and was looking at her milky boobs. She was not aware about it. She was applying oil to my thighs and I was getting hot…

After 10 mins….I was not sure what she had in her mind but she was also getting hot. All of sudden she said let me do it on your back I said ok she was applying oil on my back and was also feeling hot. She was breathing heavily I asked her what happened. She said nothing and told me that you do it from own I cant do it…i said please mom …… I asked her why what happened she said nothing and was trying to go out.

I took her hand and again asked her mom what is it she said nothing but she was also smiling. I just took her in my arm and kissed her on her lips. She was like mmm and said no this is not right …this is sin…i was not listening her ….I was hot and my penis was erected she was looking at my penis. She again tried to go out but her hand was in my hand…. We both were in mood….. But it was mother and son. She was trying to leave me. I was kissing on her cheeks her hand was in my hand ….I took her hand and put it on my penis. She was hot but again tried to leave it.

I was so hot so I took her down and just started kissing on her cleavage. She was saying no..Noo..Noooo …. But she was also hot so she was also moaning noooo nooo nooo I open hooks of her blouse and got her bra upside started sucking her boobs she was ohhhh ahhhh noo this is wrong and I was not listening anything and was kissing on her belly she was ohhh ahhh hmm nooo this is not right and then lifted her saree & petticoat up & started kissing her thighs ..Her thighs was milky white……she was like noo noo its not right but I was not going to stop..

I started her rubbing her pussy while she was in her panty…..She was moaning ohhhh ahhhh mmm ohhh noo don’t do it please then I took off her panty and just started liking her pussy and 1st time I was in heaven..She was moaning like ohhh ….Ahhhh ….Ahhh …… ahhhh…after I was doing it for 5 mins after that she cummed into my mouth. Now she was silent ……i was looking into her eyes …..She was looking at me and her face was red and now she …..Took my penis in her hand and started rubbing it…i was in heaven …. …… . I was in heaven and took my underwear off .

She took my penis in her hand and started sucking it I was ohhhh mom ohh I love you…ahhh ohh…then she said…. Said …..Please fuck me…..She opened her legs wide …. I took my penis and inserted in into her pussy she was moaning ohhhh ahhh mmm (tez beta aur tez karta rah ) fuck me hard…..I was just fucking her like anything she was aaahhh ohhhh mmm ohhhh. I was pressing her boobs and sucking her boobs …

I was fucking her with my 7 inches cock…she was moaning ahhhh ohhh yess fuck me baby……fuck me …. Aahh ohhh hmm yesss ..And then I cummed in her pussy …. Her pussy was wet with my cum…she said oh son you are man now…(tu bada ho gya) I was silent …for 10 mins I was on her top without saying anything and she was also silent. Then I kissed her and went outside of room….I came into bathroom she came with me we were not talking to each other. Next day I came back to delhi and we never talked about it.

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