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Son Becomes Mom’s Lover

  • desipapa
  • December 14, 2015

Hi auntys and bhabhis this story is dedicated to all of you who love us helpless young boys and give us the love we want.Please auntys and bhabhis reply to me whether you like this or not I am open to love of any aunty or bhabhi who feels her life has become miserable due to absence of love. My mail id is This is pure fantasy so enjoy the story more parts if I feel like writing with the love and encouragement of readers(especially aunties).
We were a happy family with me my father rajesh mom shradha and a younger sister richa.We used to live in a 2 bhk apartment in delhi with my grandparents in 1 room my father, mother and sister in another I used to sleep in the hall.Things were going smooth father was a driver and had decent wage mom was a housewife and I also worked in a call center.But things turned bad when my father met with an accident and lost his right leg.Entire responsibilities came on me .From household chores to my sisters school fees.

My mom shradha was fully aware of the pressure I was in and used to thank me for all what I was doing even my sister and grandparents commended on my effort.The situation brought me very close to my mom as all the duties of husband I was fulfilling.Now let me describe shradha she was gorgeous a full curvy beauty with an ass to die for her thin frame and ample tits made her even more desirable.She was fair in colour at least much air than me.Her hair was always tied with a mangalsutra hanging from her neck.I had never been with any women though I was strong like a bull but very ugly my cock was darker than a negro I could bet.Girls never liked me because of my looks and bad nature.One friday I was lying on my cot when shradha came towards me .She was wearing a suit without any dupatta her massive boobs were partially visible.

She came and sat on the cot near my head and waved her hand on my hair.She said”beta kya so raha tha” me “nahin maa bolo kya baat hai” she replied”beta mujhe kal film ke liye jana hai apni saheliyon ke saath to kuch paise de de”i took my purse out and replied to her”maa ye lo hazar ruppe” she said “thanks beta “i said “mom kabhi mere sath bhi picture chal liya karo “she laughed and said”tu jab kahega tere sath chalungi beta”she kissed my forehead and went away.I was so happy she accepted my proposal.

Next day was all monotonous as she had gone out with her friends I was desperately waiting for her to come back I was yearning for her.She came back in the evening I was happy to see her .She was in the kitchen I followed her and asked her”maa kaisi thi movie baton na”she said it was very nice and explained the plot.

Later that night at dinner she served all of us with delicious food I said to her” mom yaad hai na movie ka maine kal ki ticket book karwayi hai”my father said”shradha koi kaam nahin hai kyat tereko bus cinema dikhalo”her face straightened and she went away.I think she was angered by the taunt.

I was sleeping on my cot when I heard my mom coming toward my bed she was in white gown she said”tu so raha hai kya to chal kal baat karte hain”she was turning to go when I caught her hand “nahin maa main utha hi hun”she came and lied next to me and said”beta maaf karna us samaymain yu hin chali gayi thi” I was so close to her my heartbeat was increasing even my black cock straightened up I said “koi bat nahin maa its ok”

She turned towards me and with her right hand she caressed my chest”beta itne baal hai kabhi kaat liya kar”now my cock was harder than a rod.I said”haan maa “now her head was on my right arm while her hand was on my chest I pushed her close to me to feel her breasts.She said”tu janta hai kavita meri dost hai naa uska affair chal raha hai uske devar ke sath”.

All this gossip she was telling me maybe to pass her time.I was caressing her shoulder and said”haan maine unko kai baar dekha hai sath main aur..”she said “aur kya”i said “nahin kuch nahin maa”she said “tereko ye sab kaise pata?”i said “maa mujhe sab pata hai “she was damn interested to know.She said “please batana aur kuch kavita ke bare main”i said “kavita aunty ne paise ke liye mms bhi banayi hai”she was surprised she said “kyaa bol raha hai tu tujhe kaise pata”i said “maine dekhi hai”i spitted and realized that was a self goal I had now put myself in the way of fire.

My mom put her hand on her mouth she was upset she said”tu kab se ye sab dekhne laga ? Bol chup kyun hai ye sab dekhte huye tujhe sharm nahin ati?”i said “sorry maa meri koi girlfriend nahin hai tabhi ye sab dekhta hun thoda khush ho jata hun”she said “beta tu itna akela hai mujhe pata nahin tha “she hugged me and I put both arms around her”mom said”beta tu itna acha hai tujhe to koi pari hi mile gi”,i said “mom mujh jaise shakal wale se kaun shadi karega”she said “beta bas aisa mat bol”.

We talked and laughed for a while and she went to sleep.I took my black snake out and started shaking it,i thought about my mom taking it in her ass and mouth while I imagined sucking on her melons.I ejaculated loads of cum that night.Next day I and mom got ready to go for movie she was looking gorgeous in her yellow suit.

We got seated I took my hand and placed it around her she was enjoying the movie she said”thanks beta for this film”after the movie I took her to shopping there I bought her nice dresses she was so happy.

We went home after the days excursion I went to bed and lied down and went to sleep.After an hour I got up and went to the kitchen where I saw shradha crying alone.I went and quickly moved her and asked “what happened?”she said “beta I am sorry for wasting your time and money and using you as your father cant provide for us ,and you are spending so much for us and I have no way to repay you”i said “nahin maa apki khushi mai hi meri khushi hai”

I hugged her her tears were flowing on my chest my cock was hard due to the closeness with her.I said”chalo maa mere sath”i took her to my cot she lied down and turned away from me I hugged her from behind and buried my face in her hair her smell was maddening me.She had closed her eyes I said”shradha…”she looked at me with a confused look.I went closer with staring at her eyes.Her breath was audible I was an inch away from her.I put my lips on hers and kissed her ,tears were flowing from her eyes but she didn’t resist me I smooched her for a long time.My right hand was on her boobs whose nipples I pressed.Now I released her mouth and started kissing her shoulders while pressing her boobs.She was humming in pleasure.

After this she got up and realized what we are doing is wrong and was leaving.I got up and caught her halfway I held her by her hand she wanted to go and was trying to leave my grip I pulled her towards me and with my right hand caught her gown.

The pull from my hand caused that gown to tear shradha was completely nude with only a thin mangalsutra around her neck.I removed my cloths and caught her by her mangalsutra.She knew now she cant stop me .My dark cock was out in full glory it was oozing pre cum and smelling I made her sit on the bed and started hitting her face with my cock.Her white cheeks were marked red by this act.I said”shradha apna muh khol meri jaan”she was shocked at my tone she didn’t want to do but I held her by hair she was in pain and opened her mouth my mammoth cock now entered her mouth.I was moving it further in which was choking her.I spitted on my cock and put it in her mouth.I was feeding her.

I made her I turn on all fours I started licking her asshole and vagina.She gasped”ahhh ahhhh”i put my whole tongue in her ass hole it was well lubricated.Shradha”yeh kya kar raha hai… ahhhhh”i took my whole cock and entered her ass slowly.”shradha abhi gaand mar raha hun bad main chut marunga”she was screaming in ecstasy”ahhh itna mota lund aahhh phat jayegi meri gand”i said”shradha aram se karunga shuruwat main ek bar maza ane lage tub speed badaunga”

I began with slow strokes only i was completely on her top on all fours .My face was on her side my arms had pinned her arms down and I had spread her with my legs.I stroked with gentle pace and shradha screamed “ahhhh thoda dhere ahhhh”i didn’t listen and kept fucking her ass and meanwhile was biting her shoulder.Shradha”janwar hai tu ahh”

I started pressing her hanging boob it was so soft .I started rubbing her clitoris and kissed her again this time I sucked her tongue.She was going mad with ecstasy.I could come any time now she was already coming with shrieks”ahhhh ahhh mar gaye hai ahhhh”he juice was all out I didn’t know she would squirt so much.Now I was on the verge of ejaculating my juice she sensed this and said”beta jadh ja meri gaand main ahhhh”i shouted “shradha ahhhh shradha meri jaan ahhh”loads of thick juice was now filled in her ass I collapsed on her with my cock sill inside her. She was lying on her stomach with me on her top.

We both were panting.I turned her and rested my face on her boobs with my cock dangling between her legs she was caressing my hair as if I was 4 year old.After awhile she brought her torn gown and cleaned my body with it she didn’t say anything and wore that torn gown and left.I was lying on my bed and feeling angered as I wanted her to stay here with me.

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