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  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Hello to all the lovers of  desipapa from Abhishek.I am going to explain you one and the only one my True story, but before that I want to express myself- I am 21m,fair,5’10, B.Com(final year),Punjab(jalandhar).I belongs to one of respectful families and my family is well settled, I am less talkative,bold and had no sexual relations before.I have a good interest in girls, but I always feel shy to talk to them for sexual relations,because I afraid of the adverse  circumstances which might arouse,and I don’t want to do any thing wrong because of my family, they never accept this thing.

Lets start with my true lane.It happens few months back…I used to go to my mami’s house, it was near about 12 km from my house, from many years, on an average once in two months.My mamaji is working outside the city and he came once after two weeks to see his children.I was interested in one girl and she too in me. She lived near my mami’s house,That’s why by one or another way I went to mami’s house. Now I want to visit there as many times as possible.I always think the purpose to went there, as I also don’t want to make my mami to know about this.

Due to my exams I was not able to meet her, but after two months when I went there and I got the depressing news-she had left that place,I was extremely depressed with this news,but the twised occured here,my mamiji was cleaning the table and I saw her booms and I realized her figure,she was much more sexy.she is 5’6.I never show any expressions to her.I liked her touch,as whenever I was on there door she meet me with her arms open-  during this my body touched her booms and that I liked very much.On every visit it happens two times ,on visiting and on leaving.She has very sexy figure, which always attract me. Her sharp body, attractive booms make me aroused and I can guess that her cunt is long and sexy too-from her height.I always willing to build relationship with her, but it was far more difficult than my girlfriend and I was afraid to start with the first step, because I was not sure that she meet me in this way just for formality or intentionally .

I don’t want to take any risk, i want to forgot my mami’s house by thinking that this was her behavior. Months passed and my mother asked me to deliver some cloths to mamiji. I went there with no dirty feelings. I went inside I noticed that her younger son had gone for playing,only her elder son(14) was there, she gave her some money to go for market and I know he was back after 10-15 min.I was standing in there kitchen and looking  at the daal on the gas,mamiji was not there,after 2 min,somebody hold me from my back,and she was mamiji- when her booms & tummy touched my back I aroused again.I did’t stopped her as I was enjoying her spongy booms,and I bent little back to enjoy at the fullest., than she left me and talk to me for few mins and again left the kitchen. Now my cousin came from the market.i stay there for one hour and left. But now I decided that if this happens again I will kiss her and by that it may be possible she grant my kiss and if she got angry I just left form there-this was the only choice left with me.

I decided to be there soon on some working day, in the absence of her husband and when her children go to attend school and soon I was there.I noticed the beauty was all alone. It was 11 in the morning  i won the first race,but the second was difficult to achieve.I was waiting for some chance to continue and what happens mamiji stucked with a skew on her back from the bedroom door.I thought I lost the race very badly .There was large scratch on her back and she was  bleeding a little. She picked the medicine box and tried to put betadine cream by her hand inside her kameej and she was looking at me and asked me the spread the cream properly.I does’t spoke a word and forward to her.She walked to her room and called me.She was lying on the bed with the back towards me.

She make her kameej little up, I applied some cream on my fingers and put inside her kameej. When I saw her back I stood up-she has creamy body, wearing white bra. My 6” dick stood up once shamelessly ,I start to massage her, my hand was touching her bra and she know that it was hindering in massage she asked me to open the bra strap, and I do that .As I was sitting beside her she noticed my tool, which was bursting my pant. She slowly make her hand near to my tits, without looking at me, I did not move at all and busy massaging . she placed her hand near my thigh now she looked at me and I also looked at her,. now she was semi above position and one of her booms is clearly visible to me slowly and slowly I touched it and she doesn’t refused. Now she was laying front side with me. she took a pillow and sat on the bed and undressed her kameej and I put her bra off.This all was going so smoothly as it seems that she had planned for it .

And when I put her bra off what I saw two juice mangoes were hanging in front of me and this happens the very first time.They are waiting for me to suck.Befor I proceed she forward to my pant and unzipped it , I too cooperating with her.My lund was extremely large than usual,she was looking at it,she hold it in his hands, now she was looking at me,she forward to it and start giving jerks to it and after a while it was in her mouth, we both are  enjoying, it gives me a different feeling which is difficult to explain.

After little sucking she hold my balls and move her tong on the upper part of my tool and move behind on her pillow(as she was sitting) I hold his mouth and start to kiss her lips in a French way, then I pressed her nipples lightly it was hard, but her spongy booms make me more horny.I pressed them hard,I gives me nice and erotic feeling, she was also enjoying. I suck them one by one like a hungry creature; she was moaming in low voice “Aaa Aaaaa …”her arms was around my neck and she was moving down. I untie her salwar and slowly  start to remove it, she was wearing light pink pantie,It make me too much horny,I removed her pantie & salwar ,to half way,all together in a rash way. When I saw her cunt it make me stood still for a while, it was clean shaved.I saw many cunts in x-rated movies but this was the most beautiful I have ever saw , i touch it with my fingers, it was fluxy and a little warm, I forward and start  to lick her cunt, it gives a strange smell, during this she was moaning “aa aaa Aaa AAAa…” my pant was already opened I put my pant down and want to fuck my sexy mami as soon as possible, as I was unable to control myself.

She fully laid on the bed and I put my legs on both sides of her thigh and my long and wider lund was directly on her cunt ,I put my hands below her shoulders and directed my hard tool towards her cunt ,it was not properly going inside and just slipping on the sexy mami  looked at me and hold my tool and directed inside her hole and I liked it. In no time it was all in  and my mami was moaning louder than before “Oooh… Aaaaaaa …aaaawww.. .AAAA…”her cunt was warm. I pressed my whole tool inside her it gave pain to her,but I don’t want to stop because I was in full motion. after that she was enjoying too.I was pumping my dick hard and harder each time after sometime it gave me hot feeling of my sperms to brust off,and I loaded all my sperms in her deep cunt and I feel exhausted and and she too, she closed her eyes and I laid on her with my eyes closed too.we remain motionless for 4-5min.I make myself down beside her, we are looking at each other I said  “thanks” she smiled a little and put her arms around my neck,I was in havens.After sometime I hold her too in my arms and put my leg on her,Her nipples make me recharged again.

As my pant & underware and her salwar & pantie was not properly removed  I removed all with my legs, my lund was becoming harder again and it was touching her cunt. We both are totally nude with no shame.I again suck her booms hard and fuck her once more, after 10 min we moved to bathroom and took a bath both together.I gave bath to her by moving soap on her sexy booms and within her cunt and she to me, on my lund and than on my back.This was the great pleasure I had with my  too much sexy mami.
Please reponse to me how you liked my first sex, is it “slow and steady wins the race”.If any girl or any unsatisfied woman near jalandhar(Punjab) want to be fuck by my long wider and hard tool,  respond to me at “ “.And one thing more “total secrecy should be maintained” .So for what you are thinking about, if you want mail me…and if you are willing and still afraid to mail than you are the big looser.

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