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  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

Hi! This is Venky again, from bangalore. This is in continuation with my previous story. Meena back from US. This happened in December last year. Twice I went to her place here in Padmanaba nagar and not able to meet her. Now she is around 27 years slim body, 5.7’height, medium complexion and me at 36years, 5.11’height, average built, medium complexion.  She used to call me brother since we are friends for a decade or so as neighbors. I used to call her by name Meena. She left to US after she got married. Her beautiful slim body & sensitive mind, made me think of her almost every day. In the last 5 years I imagined of having fun with her in every possible way. I got overjoyed after i came to know that she landed at her place in Bangalore recently. 

Finally I met her at their home after a week of her arrival. I was just feeling shy to face her first time after a big gap. Breaking all these she said hi.! To me soon I enter their home. She is wearing yellow salwar, not put duppata, she had head bath and her bust line portion was wet, almost her inner bra was visible. Actually she was getting ready to go somewhere by auto along with her mother. She is amazing! And not changed much even after a kid. I admired her a lot and observed every bit of her physique. There was an Instant hardness in pants. I said “meena u maintained your body well, hope u go to gym regularly”. She replied in enthusiastically with a bit of shy on her face “is it! No baba! My body is like that, I go to gym very moderately”. Of course her mother was at kitchen at that time. She felt shy because I only know her vitals very well than her, since I serviced her to the best including shaving her pussy, arms etc.  well before her marriage, but believe me I hav not put my dick inside her. Rather I hav done everything to her. At that age my intension was just satisfy to the best, keeping her virginity in tact. In fact for that she always praises me for having that control, and care wch helped her in life. In total she experienced everything before marriage. Now I wanted to have once everything but with my dick.  

Ok.. Then I told them that “I am leaving and meet u later”. She asked “where are u going now!”. I said “towards Jayanagar”. Then she said to her mother that she can go in my car and get down at shopping complex, which is on my way. She doesn’t know that I prepared to accompany her for entire 2 weeks if she wants. Ok. We both left to complex, and during our drive I opened my mouth to talk to her completely. Since we travel a less distance I doesn’t want to go in depth discussions. More over she is going to meet one of her best friend. We discussed to the best possible volume and I asked her to accompany one day during her stay her, and it shoul be a complete day. She said its not possible and can manage for a day. The same she is going to inform me over phone in a couple of days. I dropped her at jayanagar complex and left after that commitment from her and was expecting a call from her.  

The day has come! After a week long wait. She said over phone that she will come by 10.30 in the morning to the same place where I dropped her a week back. She managed at home that she is going to meet her all classmates, since she is leaving 4 days later. She specifically asked me not to make her wait long, since she is running lack of time. I reached the place 10 min early and parked my vehicle and was waiting in the car. She came 5 min later wished each other by eyes and expression, and she sat behind me and again I asked her hand to shake, but she get down and come to the front and sat next to me and we shook our hands. I just moved my vehicle out of parking, started driving towards majestic. She asked about the program and I said nothing but we drive for couple of ours, and asked her till what time she can spend with me. She said max by 6.30 pm. I concluded something and relaxed my self and went to coffee day at bidadhi, mysore road. There I told her about program. She said ok and reminded me the time. Since we both are well matured we have not indulged in any romantic physical acts there. We does not want to attract any attention. In our discussions we indulged a lot of romance, including how her husband satisfies, US culture etc. etc. then we left and started to drive towards nice road to reach nelamangala road, where I booked a cottage yesterday itself. We entered to the cottage by 12noon. As soon as we entered the room we got relaxed and  put my head on her lap. I told her about the fantasies I have and how I missed for years. She noticed tears in my eyes and tried to convince to her best for not contacting me for long. I took her right hand and put on my face and kept kissing, licking and my hand on her face, the same way. 

Then I got up a bit and unbuttoned her salwar and came to same position. I could see her white brassiere now, which provoked me further.  I couldn’t help kissing on bra straps running over her soft back and cutting into her flesh. Her breathing became heavy and she knew this man is going to do wonderfully naughty things to her body. Meena began to scratch her nails into tissue of my hairy chest. This excited me and I kissed over the fabric and then unhooked the white bra. The feeling of my lips wrapping around her hard nipple send shivers through. Her nipples are large in size, both length and width. As my lips move down from breasts to belly, I caressed her smooth thighs and pressed my mouth on her naval. Soon I unhooked her yellow salwar completely, and took off her body. Her bra is in tact now and in a single pull un tied her pants and took off her legs. Meena was now in white panties with her ass standing out remarkably. Who.! The body is almost shining and not has much hair all around. I kneeled and kissed on both of her buttocks alternatively. Then Meena turned 180 degree and her vaginal mount was projecting profusely, only millimeters away from my face. I stared on that and pressed my lips to it. Aha! The smell was so good. My hands finally stopped over vaginal mount. My palm pressed through the silkiness of her panty and found it wet. I inserted my hands in the waistband of her white softy cotton panty and pulled down, slowly to reveal one of the best cunts.  

Her pubic area was lengthy and covered with thin hairs. I said, ” I knew that your cunt is not shaved. ” How did you know? ” I knew and remember that I only shaved your first time.  I felt u r uncomfortable to do that. She nodded her head more obediently. Then I un buttoned my shirt and signaled her hands to remove my pants. She did more passionately and pushed my head towards her cunt. I made a dive for her cunt and buried my face in her pussy and brought my manhood towards her face like 69. I caressed by licking around her cunt but not at the centre, made her go crazy and she was keep trying to give G spot to me, which I avoided purposely. Then I gave a brush to her spot rapidly, and got surprised by hearing her loud voice like aho… and pulled my underwear to beyond elastic limit, and grabbed my manhood by her mouth started biting, licking like an eagle! The same way I squeezed her G and bit. (This is the prime thing which I imagined for years. The same I did to her before her marriage, she was asking me repeatedly to bite…bite…., but she has not done anything to me. That time I controlled all my emotions and not even removed my dress, if its so will lead to intercourse. During her first night lot of blood oozed from her cunt and drenched the bed, she noticed the blood marks even last week at her mother’s place. I came to know that helped her a lot, because her husband is suspicious natured.)   

With out any verbal discussions we come to an understanding that, if she wants me to bite or eat her cunt, the same she does to me, and I follow to do the same. I know She likes a lot her cunt eaten by me. Suddenly she took my entire tool into her mouth and circling on my tip. The same way same time I put my entire tongue in to hers and circled inside. She got exited and did a lot whatever she wants she got in reply. Here we both acted like switch board each other. We both are driving each other but not too long, as I ejected in to hers.  Initially she spit my cum, realizing that I switched on at her G spot with my tongue, and in a moment she took inside and started eating like a Cadbury juicy candy. I was just flying in a pushpak equally taking her along with me. Basically she is sensitive to sex, so her juices started oozing out continuously. She responds for anything & everything. That made me crazy to dream about her for years.. I grabbed her clit between my teeth and nibbled gently as she arched her back and let out a scream as my mouth was filled with her cunt juice as she came like a waterfall. She again managed to make my cock erect and said “pleaseeeeee….darling…..Oh dear…etaaaaa!! put your cock in me now, I need to feel it , I need fucked and fucked hard.” I of course was ready to respond and I slowly positioned and entered her juicy cunt with just the tip of my cock slowly until just the head was buried up to the ridge. Ohhhh.. aaaaeeeee, she cried loudly, it was tight but easy because of her over juices lubricated it. “Oh venky…aaaahhhhh… oooo… uuummmm” she moaned “give me the whole thing I want to feel you hit bottom.” She cried in pleasure and feel as she returned her entire old dues to me. I slowly drew my cock out until I felt the lips of her cunt start to grip the end of my cock, then I pushed it back in till I felt the same lips grip the ridge of my cock. She said “Please don’t tease me, Put your cock the whole way in.” I continued to do the slow fuck with just the head of my cock until I felt her start to cum, then I plunged the entire length of my cock in to her super hot pussy, as I did several things happened, she came and it felt as though I had put my cock into a vice as she clamped down hard with her pussy muscles. I continued to pump her and noticed something real strange. She gripped her pelvic muscles and made a feeling of something caught my cock. Wch gave a feeling of different world again. Started to give a faster movement and told her that I am about cum, and she green signaled with a smile, and I did completely. We fell flat on the bed, facing opposite each other, and put my right leg across her belly, such a way her right hand can access my tool directly, where my right hand can access her cunt directly. I inserted my index finger into hers, while she kept her left leg folded and wide, she took my scrotum into her hand felt, and slowly inserted her index finger into my anus. Now we just relaxed & not given any motion each other. We slept about 15 minutes, later noticed something circling inside my anus and same way I tried to do that, but was not able and noticed there were 3 of my fingers are inside, without my knowledge.  

I called her slowly ‘Meena!’ she just moaned! I said “It is 4pm, lets have some food” she has not responded. After 15 minutes she got up and sat next to me. I brought her on my lap and slowly bent forward and caught her lips. We touched every nook and corner of each other, our toungues fought like snakes for sometime. Her one hand is on my tool and mine on her so o o o soft breasts, stiff… stiff.. nipples. Which erect like mini tools. By observing that I slowly moved my head towards it, and with my both hands help I brought both the nipples together and took into my mouth. Oh. Oh….. its not only a strange feeling to me, for her toooooooooooooooo. Her body was just dancing rhythmically to my  movements. As I said she is sensitive, she is making her body like an arch. In that posture I moved one hand to give support to her pair of neatly carved bums, and same time inserted one finger in to her anus, started giving movements. Whhhhh…. Its amazing! Like nataraja pose she offenly lifting her legs to the roof, alternatively along with joyous sounds……ah ……..oh……… again she broke. Fell flat on me.

We laid there for several minutes and I was just enjoying the after glow of good sex, when I felt her moving on the bed and then I felt her hair brushing my leg as she dropped between my legs and started to lick my balls and push my sack in and out with her tongue, as she did this she pushed my legs back and her tongue dropped to my ass hole and I felt her tongue around ass hole. She looked up at me and suggested that we take a shower to recharge our batteries.  

I said ‘its my pleasure and 2nd dream, why not!’ She stepped into the tub, and said “Come on and join me” I stepped into the shower and felt the warm water splash over my chest and run down my cock and balls. She said “Man!, it almost feels as good as sex, “and took the soap and started to soap my entire body  and then started to work lower, by now I had a combination piss and sex hard-on and Meena was soaping it up for all she was worth. “I got to piss, ” I said through half open lips as she continued to rub and lather my cock and balls. “Ok, ” Meena said, “let it go, I’ll aim. ” She giggled as she took a firm hold of my cock and I felt the piss start to flow from my bladder. Suddenly Meena dropped to her knees in front of me and directed the golden stream over her tits and onto her face and open mouth, letting the piss fill up her mouth and run down her chin and on to her tits. She then squeezed my cock and cut of the stream, now you all know what that feels like I thought that I was going to explode. ” Meena, Holy Hell that feels like I’m going to explode. ” She didn’t say a word, she just squatted in such a way that her cunt was pointing toward me an she let go of the pressure on my cock and the piss started to flow right on and into her cunt hole and pussy hair. I don’t think I have ever taken a longer piss but the longer I pissed the more she moaned and seemed to cum over and over again. “I love showers together almost as much as I love to fuck” ‘even its my fantasy too’ I said. Then I took soap and put on her body, especially on breasts and between her legs, rub each other. She put hair cap, and both took shower bath for about 45min. (I used to tell her before marriage, to have bath together at least once in life time, which has got fulfilled now.) 

We have got dressed up neatly, freshly, and completely. We ate few bakery products which we had and planned to have some Tiffin at some nice hotel. We know we need at least 1hr 15 min to reach her place. After check out, we left by 5pm. I asked ‘have u enjoyed the course dear?’ immediately she said with smile ‘yah! What About you?’ I said ‘its lifetime memorable day. Even if u don’t turn up/respond, I can live with these memories.’ In general, I gave lot of tips for better living. Very interestingly she was listening. I was keep on talking of course with her interaction only. I said, ‘Husband and wife relationship is the supreme one.’ I said, ‘We should value each others Opinion’ ‘keep loving each other, and respect each other for every moment.’ Etc. etc…. it gets bored if I keep telling these kind of preach…..  thank you, for ur time. Can catch me at: I drove my car straight to their home since it was 30 min delay, after our light tiffin at rajajinagar, and had a coffee at their home in the presence of her mother and younger sister, and left at 7pm. With this new energy and satisfaction I increased my mind & vehicle speed.

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