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Sleeping Pills Ne Kaam Kar Diya

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

She is Renu (Nick Name) . She is 5 feet , 8 inches and of 21 yrs of Age . She is doing her college final yr . She is “36, 28 , 36″, Lemon Colored , fleshy . She is 60kgs . She is very much structured as she does exercises regularly . There is a Gym in her house itself . The most amazing part in her body is her pink nipples .

My name is Aryan( Nick Name). I am doing my Final Year , Computer Science and Engineering . I am 6 feet tall and 65kgs . I regularly goes to Gym , from the very beginning of my child hood . I am a Tamilian but she is a muslim . I know Tamil , English and can read and write in Hindi . She knows Hindi , English and can read and speak Tamil . We met each other when we were doing our 7th std. We became very close friends then . I had no intensions sexually with her until our 2nd yr of college . She is very studious and was doing her schooling pretty well . Its been for the past 2 yrs , since we came closer physically . We both are very staright forward . We both prepares for our exams combinely and that’s how we came close . We proposed each other and we became lovers . But we decided ourself that we wouldn’t get married since her family peoples wouldn’t accept a guy from another religion (she belongs to another religion, ‘saet’) .

I have french kissssed her for 100 times or so , so far . She admires my way of french kissing . I always try to impress her by kissing her in so many different ways not repeating any style more than once . This incident happened 2 months back , It was January , 2002. One fine day , She came to my home with her B’Day dress . It was a Half Saree . (She never used to wear Half-sarees. But when she came to know that I like Half-Sarees She bought one set this B’Day. I was so much Impressed) . As my mom is doing Tailoring as a hobby , she used to give her dresses for stitching to my mom . From those dresses I came to about her size . Her dresses were ready and she came to take it to her home . My mom gave her dresses to her and left . We were happened to be alone . Of course my mom and my aunt (‘siththi’) were there in the other room . My brothers gone out for shopping . My father went to his office in the morning itself . She came around 11:00 AM . we started chatting this that for around 3 hrs or so . Then I , she took dinner first since mom and aunt were busy in chatting . She doesn’t know my other affairs . We were left alone in upstairs in my room .

I didn’t want to leave the chance . I took my bike to my friends house 800mts away from mine . He gave me 3 sleeping pills As he himself is doing medicine in a medical college . So Getting those pills is no more a problem for him. I returned to home and found my mom and my siththi (aunt) , chatting while taking their dinner . I searched for Juice-Mixer in our fridge and was very happy to find one . I took it out and prepared Juice in 4 glasses and took 2 sleeping pills and dropped them in two of them . Then I gave it to them and I and she took the Juice which had no pills in it . She was looking at me , smiling naughtily . We went to the room , pretending to read some text books . It was arount 2:00 PM , afternoon . As they were feeling sleepy , they came to our room but as we were reading , I asked them to make themselves comfortable in another room at the ground floor . They took pillows and left . After they left , she said naughtily ” kalakkitae “(Done a wonderful Job) .I replied teasingly “Aama , already kalakkitaen “(Ya mixed it right) . She enjoyed the humour in it. After sometime , I went to downstairs to find their status . To my expectations they were in deep sleep . But , I was afraid , what would happen if they suddenly woke and come to upstairs . So , I was in need of watching them parallely .

I decided to do some trick . ( I came out with this trick , out of my fantasies). So i took a lengthy rope , that my mom usually uses to stitch( Tailoring is my Mom’s Hobby) and tied it across the steps in low altitude tied its other end to a table in our room and made her earing to hung a few inches before the tip of the knot. This rope is very thin but strong enough to hold an earing . The idea is , if any one wakes and starts climbing the steps , since the rope is in the way and is thin , it will brake . if it brakes , then the earing which was hanging in the rope in our room would raise a noise coz of the jerk . It will take around 30seconds to come to our room door at this point . I thought this 30 secs will be enough to get out of the room thru the window which has a secret way to the Road . That I can do , since the window leads to a steel pipe that plunges into the ground . In all these time , she was taking a nice bath as i asked her to do so . Then she wore a half saree . I got into the room after closing the main door and the side door . I found her waiting for me . She wore a yellow colored blouse and Red coloured bottom(“pavadai”) and the “thavani” was in Orange colour . She looked amazing .

She also had jasmine in her hairs . I could not control my instincts . But I wanted to do it in a different manner , so I said ” Unakku Soft Sex na ennannu theriyumma ” ( do you know what is Soft Sex) . She said “theriyaadhu”(no). I guessed she would say this eventhough she knows about it . But I was not sure . I went to cupboard and took two pairs of shoe lazes , which I and my brother bought the day before that day and took out my kerchief . She was standing near the bed . Her eyes were very firm on the things that i had in my hand . Then only I confirmed that she is not known anything about Soft Sex . I came to her and made her lie down on the bed with her face facing the roof. She looked into my eyes and my hands alternatively and she does n’t know waht is happening . I tied her both hands on either side of the bed ‘s corner . similarly I widened her legs and I tied her legs to either side of the bed’s bottom corner . she asked ” enna panrae”(what are u do’in?). I said nothing but smiled at her . I took my kerchief and tied around her head so that it covers her eyes .

I said ” Moochchu muttutha “(any problem in breathing?); She said “Illla “(No). I first got out of bed and went to the door and turned to see her in bed . There is my girl , 36,28,36 with her legs wide open , and the wind isflowing freely inside her “pavadai”. That sight itself , melted my heart , and I stood speechless . I slowly went nearer her , and laid myself by the side of her . She said “kann kattae avuththu vidaen ,plz”( let me see what’s happening). I said “vaendaam . Ippadiye irukkattumae “( No , let it be like this). But she kept on insisted me to open it . So , I opened it . The tube light was on and she wanted it to be off . But I said “light irukkattum . Naan unnai nude a paaakkanum”( I want to see u nude). But she said “tube light off pannidu . vaenumna night lamp pottukko”(put off tube light . If u want , put on night lamp). I guessed it would be more romantic so I did it at once . I came back and sat beside her , leaned myself , grabbed her face and planted a french kiss on her lips , inserting my tongue deep into her mouth , swirling it around her tongue , occassionally biting it , licking it and sucking it. I didn’t know how long i did it but I could feel that she was slowly excited as i could feel her breast raising while she clasped her lips around my tongue . I continued kissing her forehead , her cheeks , her neck bit her ears and slowly pulled her ear tip towards me. She was trying to pull her hand from the knot but in vain.

She was biting her lips and was slowly gaining her ecstacy . I pullled her “thavani” from her shoulders to reveal her boobs locked in her yellow blouse . Her boobs were very firm inside her blouse , measuring 36″ and I started to kiss neck region while my right palm was pressing her left boob softly and smoothly. Then I slowly , unbuttoned her blouse , revealing her dangerous valley . She wore a white Bra . As her hands were tied , I could not remove her blouse completely . Her’s was so massive , I held it like a tennis ball and was pressing from its sides . Her nipple gradually sharpened , stood erect like a knife . I Started showering kisses on her boobs and raised her bra to her neck revealing her boobs. I took her right nipple in my mouth , between my lips , slowly biting her nipple and pulled her nipple upwards , while holding her left boob with my right hand . I did it repeatedly to her both boob alternatively while fondling the other one . Her reaction to all these things was marvelllous . She was pulling her knot-tied hands and legs , was struggling to overcome the ecstacy . she was moaning heavily “Aaaaah .. Aaaaaahh..mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. ssssssssssssssssss ..Aaaaahhhhhhhh…. Aaiyoooooohhhhhhh . . Ammmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa . .. Mudiyalae mmmmmmmmmmmmm …. Aamukkkkuuuuuuu . innum nalla Aaaamukkkkuuuuuu Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh”. I couldn’t remember how long I was doing it , But I am sure , It was quite a long time (around 20 mins, I guess) . I moan became more intense as time goes on .

I lowered a little further downwards to her belly , to her “thoppul” inserted my tongue deep and swirled it round there . I Undid her “pavadai” and pulled it downwards to find her undergarment “Pavadai” . I undid its naada( A rope that keeps the pavadai hung round her hips)to see her panty . I showered kisses on her thighs , licking on those massive , lemon colored flesh , biting and sucking them . She tried her best to keep her legs close to each other but could not make it since i have already tied them to the bed-corners.I pulled her panty but as her legs were apart it was really hard to move it downwards , so i untied her legs and kept her legs wide and began sucking her pussy starting from her clitoris . she was almost shouting like anything saying “Aaaaaahhhhhh ..mmmmmmmmm. . Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … ” and was moving her vigourously on either sides with her eyes closed . As i had the luxury of time and space , I decided to experiment my instincts . So i freed her hands and removed her blouse and bra . I made myself nude .I stood on the bed on my knees , leaning slightly backwards and asked her to do so . she stood on her knees and leaned on me with her back on my chest . I cupped her left boob with my left palm and squeezing it while my right hand was moving on her thighs . She grabbed my right hand and was trying to place it in her pussy region , I guessed she wants me to do something to her pussy.

But I wanted to make her scream more , so I took my hand , moved slowly on her thighs towards her clitoris and when I get very near to her clitoris I drew my hand back and repeated doing the same so many times . She was screaming saying “ei plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . .. theichivudaen plz … nalla theigh ..mmmmmmmm ..mmmmmmmmmmmm”( rub there ). She adamantly took my hand and placed on her pussy region and rubbed my hand there , I continued further doing that for a long time . from that position we changed to 69 position and I started to suck her pussy , biting her pussy skin and pulling it upwards raising her ecstaccy while she was taking in my cock deep in her mouth and her hands were moving in betweeen my balls . Then I slowly lifted her upside-down so that her head was on bed while her legs were in the air towards roof , I sucked her clitoris and pussy while she was shouting something like ” Aaaahh.. mmmmmmm.. Woooofffff …hmmmmmmm.. .. m m m m m m m m m mmmmmmmmmmmmm “. By now , my cock took its stiffness after releasing its precum a few mins before . I dropped her on the bed , took my penis and slowly started inserting into her love hole . First it didn’t go well . I took out and applied some vaseline mixed with some baby oil and then applied some in her clitoris and then tried again . This time it went in , but her pussy was too hot , still I didn’t want to take it back .

I gave my cock a big thrust , it went in . I was continuously thrusting it until my full 6.5″ cock got in . I layed myself on her for sometime . Then I started pumping my cock in her pussy , but soon I felt I was about to cum . I said ” ei velila varappoguthu “(about to cum). She said “Ullaraye Oooththu , seekiram , nalla Ooththu , nalla theigh mmmmmm .. nalla ulllaara uttu aaattu “( cum inside ,dip inside deeply). I came in her and got tired . My body was shivering wildly while i came in her . We lay there , side-by-side for a long time . In all those times I was watching her earing tied in the rope to the table . Then we got dressed ourselfs and I took my glass from the bed . I went to the door to see if any one is there , but found no one . I asked her to follow me . I was totally out of fear since we both were dressed , we are out of problem , but the only thing is my bedsheet . It had stains on it and I didn’t took it from bed .It was still on bed , that came to memory while i was running down the steps with her. I found both the elders are still in sleep , so I after sending off her came to my room , took the bedsheet and immersed in soap water . Later that evening , my mom found it in soap water , but didn’t ask me any question . I guessed that she might have convinced herself that her son had been involved in masturbation .

Thats all that happened on that day . I still have a hot relationship with her . When time permits we used to do lots of quick tricks even though her parents or my parents are around there . When i go there , she is always in churidaar . when everyone are around , she would untie her pant’s knot and keeps it hidden in her tops . When they leave we will get few minutes and in that time , i insert my head in to tops and reach her clitoris and lick and suck sucks quickly before any one comes there . For all these , she would spread her “thuppatta” over my head . Sometimes I finger fucks her . Whenever She comes to my home and when no one around , she forcibly opens my pant zip , takes out my prick and gives me , the quickest blowjob . Sometimes if she gets the luxury of time she takes all my cum in her mouth . Whenever it is time to shave her public hairs i do it for her in her pussy with my raser set similarly she shaves my prick . My mail Id is .

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