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Sleeping Beauty My Aunt

  • desipapa
  • September 24, 2015

I have been a regular reader of this site. I have really enjoyed the stories section. Whenever I read the experiences I fantasise myself in that position and enjoy a lot. Now I think I will post my experience I had with my aunt. This happened 7 years before. She was my mom’s brother’s wife. She is short but had ample boobs and ass. I have always fantasised of fucking her. Once they visited our place. That afternoon I was sleeping in the bedroom.

My aunt came in after having bath, she had petticoat tied above her boobs which was hardly covering the thighs. She came in called me to send me out. I acted as if I was sound asleep. She talked to herself that I was sound asleep and she closed the door and opened the petticost and tied it in her waist. There the boobs were gorgoeously hanging for all my view. I was afraid to wake up and mess the situation so I laid quietly and watched the dangling tits and brown nipples. My mouth went dry. I had a great hard on. She didnt notice me, she went on to pull a blouse (she didn’t wear any bra) and put it on. Then she wore sari and went out. I couldn’t control myself, I pulled on a bedsheet and masturbated there itself and came in galons in my underwear. After that incident I used to peek whenever she bends and had a nice view of her boobs and nipples. I was waiting for a good opportunity. It came when we had a function at a relatives place. That night around 10 people (ladies, boys & girls) were sleeping in a big room.

There was only one cot. I was sleeping on it and all others were lying down on the floor. My aunt had some medical treatment so the doctors had prescribed some tablets. Every night she used to take it. Since the tablets where high dosage she slept well. Luck favoured me and she lied down just below near the cot. I waited till 20 mins, since I was very afraid. I then lifted my head and saw all were asleep. I slowly cam to the edge of the cot and dropped my right hand below. It touched the navel part. My heart pounded, I was afraid like hell. I kept my hand there for sometime. Then I gathered some courage and patted her cheeks, she didn’t respond or stir. Again I patted her hardly to confirm that she was sound asleep. Then I knew she was all for me. I was still afraid that anyone can wake up and switch on the lights anytime and I may be caught redhanded. But I couldn’t control myself. I slowly place my palm on the left boob pressed it.

Then I switched over to the right boob. Now I got more confident and pulled down her sari. I could see the boobs trying to come out of the blouse. I slowly started removing the hooks. there was a pin in the last hook so I didn’t remove it. She had worn a bra that day, I cursed my luck and pulled the bra up. Now I was able to see the gorgeous tits and nipples in the bedroom light. Slowly I kneaded them and started sucking the nipples. My brain was fully thinking of sex by now. After sometime I started licking the navel below. Then went down anf I slowly lifted her sari and petticoat up to her knees. She was still snoring. Then I started kneading her thighs and moved my had up still. I now felt the bush (she doesnot wear panties) I was wet. I lifted the petticoat further the see the bush.

I slowly bent down and saw the black valley. My mouth was watering by now after licking and sucking the nipples. I slowly inserted my finger inside the hole. It was little bit difficult but after a sometime it was easily moving, then I inserted another finger also. While doing this I was sucking the nipples. After sometime I smelt my fingers it was a great feeling and I tasted my fingers which were salty. Then……….. I will continue what happened next in my next posting. I love to have sex with any woman especially married who havve lots of experience.

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