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Sizzling Delhi

  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

Hi guys it’s me Raj again, I am enjoying, rather more than enjoying my Indian Holiday. I never knew India would be so much fun. Thanks a lot to all those responses to my stories. They are really great responses and once again thank you to all. On my Indian tour I visited Agra , and also bought a T-shirt on Agra saying this is Man’s Greatest Erection for a Woman. What creativity people posses.

Out of the many replies I got to my earlier stories one such mail was very intriguing indeed. This was form a lady who was looking to spice up her sex life and was looking at someone who could keep things a secret and what better than someone who is not from the same country leave the same city. Her name was Rakhi (I have changed her name upon her request and am also writing this story after her consent) and she belongs to the so called elite upper class society in Delhi , of which I had only heard off never believed it in my whole life. Anyway I exchanged a few mails with her and thought that she was a sensible and a well endowed and educated lady, was just looking for some extra fun in her life. We decided to hook up when I was in Delhi . I was staying at one of the better known hotels in Delhi , which made her comfortable and we decided to meet in the lobby of the same hotel and see how things went. Of course this time it was not a blind date, I had exchanged pictures with her over the net, but always had this element of suspense because people seldom send their true pictures over the net, for obvious reasons. So I thought let us go as a blind date itself. We were to meet at 10 in the morning because she said she has time only after 10 and before 7 in the evening. I went to the health club, got a good work out and a swim shaved and got ready for the big moment. I went down and waited for her till 10:30 no trace, I tried calling her cell but she disconnected and I thought there was something fishy. But then after 15 minutes she appeared and apologized for being late and said it was her husband who was with her and she had to drop him to work and stuff like that. Anyway she was the lady I had seen in the Pic and I was happy about it. She was about 5’4” and fair Punjabi lady with very well developed breasts and a round firm ass. She told me later that she worked out almost every day; it was evident from her flat stomach and a beautiful figure. She was wearing a traditional Indian Sari but she wore it in a very sexy manner, such that her navel could be seen very clearly. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse and a yellow color near transparent sari and her blouse had a deep but at the back. She was looking really sexy. I complimented her for her beauty which she accepted with a blush on her face. We went to the coffee shop and started talking about several things, about London and how she loved the Oxford Street etc. after an hour or so I asked her on her face why was she doing all this, especially when she was so happy with her married life and her husband was so loving and all. She said that he was the best husband but could not satisfy her due to his work pressures, she needs sex almost every day and he is out of the country traveling 20 days a month. I saw that she was a little shy while talking about all this and I suggested we change the topic and I spoke to her about Delhi and Agra . We were chatting for an hour almost and she proposed that why don’t we go to my room, that would be better and also that many people knew her there so she did not want to fall into any sort of trouble. We went to the room and were still talking.

She asked me about my first experience with sex and while I was describing it to her, she took my hand and started kissing it, I was already getting hot. She was real good. I mean she was looking so sexy at that time. A real photo opportunity scene. She then gave me a peek on my forehead and said she always fantasized being taken by a teenaged boy like me. And gave me a Kiss on my lips. I lost total control at this time and I gave her a wild kiss on her lips and we were engaged in a deep passionate smooch for a long time. She tasted very sweet and her tongue was very violent inside, I nearly got chocked, but I was enjoying it while she was slowly taking control of the affairs therein. She was so very good with her tongue. I put my handson her round but surprisingly firm breasts and she jerked her body broke the kiss and told me not to touch her until she says so. I thought I’d obey her and see what she got in store. She went down kissing and licking me opened my shirt and started licking my hairless chest (I just shaved it like last week, just for fun) and was like WOW on my chest and well worked and carved out body. She licked every bit of my bare chest and my hands were on my head, I could do nothing. She removed my shirt totally and then with her teeth moved my belt and removed it. I was rock hard and I was enjoying this so much. She then removed my jeans and my boxers at a go and I was standing naked with my dick in perfect attention, she had managed to get my dick to its super erect form even without letting me see a single flesh of her body. She ran her hand on my dick and said ab maja aayega, you have the perfect size and circumference that I was looking for. She went straight on licking my dick; mind you she did not suck it yet, was just licking and teasing me. I shouted at her saying you bitch, don’t tease me and she was enjoying it, she sucked my balls and again licked my pre cum from the tip of my hard raging dick. I was on cloud 9 now and she finally obliged by taking my dick in her hot and sultry mouth. It was so warm. I nearly exploded but I controlled myself and let her do her job. She was a master craftsman when it came to sucking, I could feel my dick touch the end of her throat and she was gasping for breath but continued fucking my dick with her hot mouth and moving her tongue on my dick every time it got out. I was enjoying this and I now got my hands to her head and rammed her head to and fro on my dick. I think I would have lasted 15 minutes and I told her I was closing to a giant orgasm and she asked me to empty it in her mouth, with a jerk I came and I came so hard that some oozed out of her mouth, but she licked and drank all of it. Now my dick was a little limp after that master blow job. She blew my fucking mind with it. She now got up still fully dressed and looked at me, took my face in her hands and gave me a big wet kiss making me taste my own Cum, she said she enjoyed doing that. This done she went to the toilet to wash her face and came out glowing and looking very nastily hot. Just looking at her sexy self my little Raj started to get to his saluting position once again. She sat on the desk which was in the room and called me towards her. I obeyed; she was crazy about smooching and gave me one more passionate kiss with her tongue moving all inside my mouth. Boy she was experienced. Oh if I forgot she was 34 and married for 12 years with 2 kids. I thought that this was it and got into the act myself. I broke the kiss and slid the pallu of her sari and god those good round and huge breasts like cricket balls were staring at me. Her blouse was super sexy just like she was. I asked her to lift her hands, I have this fancy to lick the under arms and I started licking her there, she was wearing some real expensive perfume and she was moaning already had her head darted backwards. I slowly came to her breasts and put my mouth on her breasts and started licking them form top of her blouse. She helped me remove the buttons of her blouse and I helped her out of it, she was in her white lacy silk bra standing in front of me, I licked her back this time and asked her to stand, I licked her entire back including her ass, which surprisingly was firm for her age. I got her out of her sari and then turned her in front and licked her navel for a long time, she was moaning now and had her hand on my head, I licked her love triangle over her petticoat and went down licking, I went down and started licking her feet which she enjoyed now she was sitting on the desk and I was licking her from bottom to top and I reached her panty line and started brusing my mouth on her love triangle, she was getting out of control and was yelling at me, I removed the strings of her petticoat and let it fall on the ground. She was in a silky panty which looked sexy on her. I took her permission and removed her bra and she had a perfect back I tell you guys, and then she turned and she had super nipples and supper tities. I went to her a nod started licking her nipples and my other hand was in her panty strying to find her love hole, I discovered that she was not completely shaved but was well trimmed. I was eating her nipples and I bit them so hard that she shouted and started hitting me in extacy this was getting very good .she shouted you bastard you will leave marks on my nipps, it is paining you filthy asshole. This was turning me on all the more and I used my hands to lower her panty and then I licked her from her breasts to her navel right to her love hole. She smelled so good. I can still feel her smell in my nostrils. I moved my hands to her breasts and I started massaging them while my mouth was where it was supposed to be. I then parted her lips below and located her clit, she was already very wet there and seems like she had an orgasm already. She spread her legs for me and now I could locate her stiff clit, I bit it with my teeth and she yelled once again. My hands were busy with her breasts and mouth with her pussy and I licked her asshole in between to form a rhythm. I ate her for two full orgasms and she looked at the watch and yelled, holy shit it is 3 and I need to get back by 4:30, you son of a bitch you have given me so much pleasure but why don’t you fuck me now, I have been dying for this. I took my erect pole and showed her, I said come and take it baby, she made me sleep on the floor and she got on top of me and guided my dick into her hole and started fucking me. She was not as tight as the previous girls I have had, but then this bitch had two children guys. She was rocking on me and I held her breasts and was kneading them like there was no other day. This was getting so nice and we both came at the same time that was super feeling she then collapsed on me and gave me one more passionate smooch. She wanted to then take a bath. We both went inside the shower and had a bath together, I licked her again in the shower and entered her form the front and had a real quickie that was great, she looked a goddess inside the shower, I dried her and then she did a reverse strip tease for me, she got dressed in the most erotic manner we kissed again and she bid me good bye with a promise that she would call me on a day or two or may be later and if I was not in Delhi she would pay for my air fare and then she would also allow me to enter her asshole. This was a great experience and I will cherish it for a long long time. I will be leaving Delhi in next 3-4 days and hope to hear form her soon. Guys pray for me ok.

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