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Sister’s Friend

  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

Dear friends! This is the first time I am writing to desipapa. My name is Rahul and I am from New Delhi. Let me describe myself. I am 5 feet 11 inches tall, athletic build, and attractive personality with a 6 inch long dick. T his is not a fantasy but a real story that happened to me about a year back when I was 24 with my sister’s friend Sonia 23 at that time, who is also my rakhi sister.

My family consisting of my brother, sister, mom, dad, me were going to picnic to Neemrana Fort and my sister’s friend planned to accompany us. All of us including our driver started from our house early in the morning in our Innova car with me sitting in the front with driver. We stopped for breakfast on the way and then I switched seats with my mom who was sitting right at the back with my brother and Sonia. I was in centre with Sonia on my left and my brother on my right.

Let me describe Sonia first. She is 5’3” fair complexion, big boobs, a gorgeous figure of 36 26 32. Her boobs were just awesome and I always used to dream of fucking her and sucking her boobs. But I was afraid to approach her because of family connections with her.

After I sat next to Sonia, my hand touched her breasts accidentally. An idea stuck my mind. Every now and then, on every jerk and turn, I tried to touch my elbow on her breasts. It was summer and she was wearing very thin material top. My dick started growing hard. She was resisting my touching and she kept resisting till we reach Neemrana. We enjoyed our picnic and left back for home in evening at around 7 pm. We were sitting in the same seats with Sonia sitting on my right side this time.

I again started to touch her boobs with my elbow. She was resisting by pushing my elbow aside with her hand. My dick again started to get hard and it was getting difficult to control my erection. After about 45 minutes of our journey, she suddenly stopped resisting. I started feeling her breasts more regularly now. She was not resisting even then. My dick got harder and I felt like fucking her right there.

Then she made another move. It was about 8.15 pm when she said that she was tired and wanted to sleep and asked me if she could use my shoulder to lean onto. I obliged happily. I put my elbow towards her boobs and she leaned over me with my elbow now pressing her boobs fiercely. I was pressing her boobs with my elbow and I wanted my palms on her boobs. So I asked her if I could get my arm outside as I was feeling uncomfortable. She said ok and I wrapped my arm around her back. Now I was touching her back. Slowly I moved my hand towards her right boob. Now I was touching the side of her right boob with my right hand. After that I moved my right hand to her ass and slowly I put my hand under her ass.

Finally, around 9.30 we reached home. I was glad to hear that it was too late for Sonia to go back to her home and she is gonna stay at our home. I felt that this was my chance to get her. I changed into my boxer shorts for the night and prepared to go to sleep. As I was passing Sonia, she put her hand inside the back pocket of my boxers and said nice to have a pocket here. Saying this she squeezed my ass. I was shocked by this. While passing my I hit her ass with my hand to acknowledge that I got her message.

We had dinner and sit together for a while and then we went to sleep. Sonia was sleeping with my sister and my brother was sleeping in my room. After my brother got asleep I got out of room at about 11.00 pm and checked whether my sister slept or not. I found out that they are still awake and their room lights were still on. So I went back to my room in disappointment thinking that Sonia didn’t have any plan to come to me. I was not feeling asleep and I was thinking about Sonia. I decided to wait in the lobby for a while waiting for their room lights to go off. I lied on Sofa in the lobby and soon their room’s lights were off. I was waiting for them to get asleep as I was planning to go inside their room later and talk with Sonia. But after 10 minutes only, Sonia came out of room to use washroom. She saw me and after going to washroom she came out and asked what are you doing here bhaiya. I said I was not feeling asleep. She said even she is not feeling like sleeping. I asked her to spend some time with me. She said she will come back after my sister, Karishma, will sleep. I was stunned to hear this and I was pretty sure now what she wanted. So I waited for her to come back.

After about 20 minutes Sonia came out of the room and sat on sofa with me. We started talking about our day and the picnic. I was afraid to start first. Then an idea stuck my mind. After talking for a while, I asked her whether she has felt bad that I hit her butt earlier that night to which she replied that you are asking only about hitting my butt or also about pressing my boobs with your elbow in the car. I was stunned to hear that. I said no, no, that was not intentional. Then she said don’t tell me what was what. Then I knew that she was enjoying this conversation. I said,”kya karun, haath apne aap chala jaata hai wahan.” Then she said, “to mera haath bhi kahin bhi jaa sakta hai.” Saying this she hit my penis with her hand. Though it did not hurt I acted as if it hurt me. She said kya hua bhaiya lag gayi kya. I said ki haan bahut tez lagi hai. Then she asked me “Dikhao kahan lagi hai”. I said ki kaise dikha sakta hun. To usne bola “shorts utaar do”. To maine bola “main to utaar dunga par tum dekh nahin paogi”. She said “Nahin main dekhi lungi, aap utaaro to sahi”. I removed my shorts and then my red calvin klein briefs. She was stunned to see my tool which was erect by now. She said “yeh to chot lagne se bada ho gaya hai.” Maine kaha “ nahin ye tumhe dekhne se bada hua hai”. Saying this I put her hand on my 6” dick. She started rubbing my dick.

Then I said we should move somewhere else, someone might come here. So we moved to the drawing room and closed the door. Then she started rubbing my penis and was looking at it constantly as if she has seen it for the first time. She told me she has never seen a penis before except on TV. She was wearing a night gown and I started to touch her boobs over her gown. She started to moan in pleasure. She was sitting beside me and still rubbing my dick. Now I was pressing her boobs fiercely. She asked me to remove her gown. I removed her gown and she was only in her bra and panties. I saw that her panty was wet from below. I started to rub her pussy from her panty and she started to moan louder. Then she said “bhaiya i want to get fucked my you.” She told me she was a virgin.

I said “itni jaldi kya hai wo bhi karenge, pehle maze to le len”. Saying this I put my hand in her bra and squeezed her big boobs. I pinched her nipples as she was moaning in pleasure. I removed her bra and laid her on the carpet. Then Slowly I started sucking her boobs. Slowly I moved to her nipples as she was saying “mat tarpao. Ab chooso inhe. Main aur intezaar nahin kar sakti.” I started sucking her nipples and she pulled me from my hair towards her nipples as if saying harder and harder. I sucked both her nipples for 10 minutes. Then I moved to her pussy.

I started licking her pussy from over the panty. She stopped me and said that this is unhygienic. I explained her that this is not unhygienic and each and every couple around the world do it. She said ok hesitatingly. Now i removed her panty and saw her hairy pussy. I smelt her erotic pussy which was completely wet by then. I touched her pussy and my entire hand got wet. I started to lick her pussy. Initially she didn’t like it but later she started feeling pleasure and started moaning. Seeing this I inserted my tongue deeper. She moaned even more. Suddenly, I felt that her muscles were tightening and she held my head and pushed it hard and deeper and her pussy got wetter and wetter. I realise that she must have had the orgasm. Her muscles loosened and I asked how she felt. She said “ maza aa gaya bhaiya.” I said “abhi to maza baaki hai”.

I took off my T-shirt and now we both were completely naked. I got on top of her and started to rub my penis on outside part of her pussy. I touched her boobs on my chest and sucked her nipples in between. I got her more horny and she was now eager to get my dick inside her. She said “bhaiya ab aur time mat kharab karo aur ye ander daalo.” Then I told her that it will pain a little bit but later you will get more pleasure than before. She said ok. Then I said wait for a minute and I got some oil from the bathroom. I put some oil on my dick and some on the inside walls of her pussy. I started inserting my penis in her pussy which was very well lubricated by then by oil and her own juices. I pushed my penis deeper and she felt a bit of pain. She said “dard ho raha hai”. I told her to relax and stopped for a while. Then I started to move my dick in and out without inserting it further. She felt pleasure and she asked me to insert more and again I inserted my dick a little further when she stopped me. I repeated the procedure and third time I inserted my dick fully inside her. This broke her hymen. She felt some pain but not much as I did it very slowly. I waited for a while with my dick inside and then I started stroking her pussy slowly. She also started feeling pleasure and started moving with the motion of my dick.

As I was about to cum, I stopped and asked her to come on my top. She asked how to come up as my dick was inside her. I held her with her back and rolled on quickly to flip positions. Now she was on me. Now I asked her to move and fuck me. As she was fucking me, I started using dirty language – “chal behen, chod apne bhai ko. Apni choot ke ander le le mera lund. Maza aa raha hai naa”. Then I moved my hands on her ass and inserted my finger in her tight asshole. She got crazy when I did this and asked me to do more. I kept my finger inside her ass and with the other hand started rubbing her boobs. I was feeling a bit uncomfortable as I had to bend a bit to keep my finger in. She cummed again during this period and stopped. Then I removed my finger from her asshole and held her from her stomach with both hands. Then I asked her to move up and down. She again moved up and down and I was also moving my crotch to suit her movements. I was feeling the pressure and finally I came inside her. I loaded my entire cum inside her and asked her to stop.

I held her in my arm and she leaned on me. I hugged her and she laid on me for some time. Then she said that she is feeling some pain in her pussy and she moved up and removed my dick from her pussy. It was paining a lot more then. We both put on our cloths and I left her at the door of the room. I was feeling a bit guilty for leaving her in pain. I went to sleep and woke up net morning with a little pain in my dick. When I woke up I found Sonia was gone. I called her up later and she told me that her pussy pained for 2 days after that.

We had sex two more times after that before Sonia got married. I even want to fuck her now but she is afraid that her hubby would come to know. I also got married but I am still unsatisfied with my wife as she likes sex sometimes only and we didn’t do it everyday. Any unsatisfied Aunties, girls and bhabhis who want to get fucked by me or wants to comment on my experience or want to share their own experience can email me on : Total secrecy is guaranteed as I am married myself and cannot afford to let anyone know about my affairs.

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