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Sister With A Dragon Flame

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

My name is Fizzan, I live in the UK, i am 26, I think it must be at least 10 years of my life that I have been reading stories on this site, and I must say, I enjoy it very much, and I have built up the courage to write about myself, I been wanting to for a long time, but like I said, I never had the heart to open up my world and share it with the hundreds of thousands of users here, do I really want strangers to read my experience and masturbate to them, to orgasm to my words and react to my emotions for a mere few seconds of mind numbing pleasures, turns out, I think I do.

This was a long time ago, and I mean way long, let’s just say it was tender, and innocent to an extent.

This is between myself and my elder sister though by relation she was my cousin, her name is sajda, in Arabic it means to prostrate, usually in a divine nature, very noble you may think, but like they say what is in a name, she was far from being spiritual. Well she was in one sense divine, she was very beautiful, she was slim but was busty, a 36C of perkiness on her chest, her nipples if I could remember were light and pinki, she had nice long legs, fair and seductively perfectly, and bottom of a professional model, it was so perfect, small but it popped out, when you slapped it, it would bounce as if it was dancing, and she had a nice tight pussy, small, pink, with a small sweet clitoris that begged to be worshiped, saying she was sexy was a understatement.

She just turned 18, studied to be a nurse, and enjoyed studying very much, but she was no bookworm, oh no, she had a joyful side, a adventurous, and as I found out later on, a slightly naughty side,

She use to come to our house a lot as she was friends with my older brothers and sisters, so being here on the weekend was the norm in my house, they loved spending time with each other, however as they all grew up and started becoming busy people, whenever sajida came to spend time, she found everyone became too busy for her, it wasn’t the same anymore, so she needed to pass time when she arrived enter, me. I spoke to her sometimes but mostly being in my own world I wasn’t too focused on her as a person, let alone sexually, but I found that she started talking to me more, asking if I needed help with school work. Mum though it is a great idea, they wanted me to do well in my studies, so the weekends was now my tutoring day with Sajda, an idea I wasn’t too keen on.

A Few weeks passed and as promised, Sajda came, she taught me a few things on maths and science, then she has supper and went home, simple routines and this happened for months, until when the situations changed. On a particular day while Didi Sajda was teaching me science the topic of Reproduction came into order in my science book, now I saw things like these before and to be honest I was embarrassed about it, it was taboo in my eyes, I have no interest in this and I think its bad, so I told did that lets skip this chapter and do then next one, Sajda didn’t like my input,

Sajda: why Fizzan
Me: I have already covered this topic this week,
Sajda: ok, let’s do a quiz
Oh no, she wanted to quiz me? Why? Who cares, but looks like she wanted to, and I had a feeling she was going to get what she wanted
Sajda: what is the female sex organ called
I was stunned, and to be honest, I didn’t know the answer, so I panicked and made a fool of myself
Me: I don’t know,
Sajda: ok, what is the male sex organ called?
Me: I don’t know,
Sajda seemed shocked, she was really pissed, and I looked like an asshole, this wasn’t making me look any smart and it certainly wasn’t going to make me get into her good books, but suprising she kept asking questions
Sajda: do you know what an orgasm is, what masturbation is,
I had no idea, so I said it straight, no I didnt know,

Sajda said ok, she did skip the chapter and decided to move on, it was an interesting conversation, little did I know it would lead to interesting events.
One week, all the family was away, I was sent to live with sajdas family for 2 days on the weekend, it was going to be boring and noting but studying to I wasn’t too keen on the idea but being naïve I went with the flow, at night time, sajda said to me to get ready for a bath, so I went into the bath room and starting to bath myself, when all of a sudden sajda stepped in, to be frank, I wasn’t too bothered, I was normal in my house for people to walk in or out while I was bathing, usually to grab things and then leave, sajda on the other hands wasn’t thinking on that level.

She step in and said, “ok get up, let me wash you” I got up, and I was fully naked, she got some soap on her hands and started to wash me, she washed my arms, my legs, chest, then she got to my penis, now it wasn’t the biggest thing in the world but for Didi Sajda, it was the reason why she was here, she applied the soap on her hands and started to jerk me off, making sure all my penis was clean, unlike my mother doing this Didi Sajda spent a long time doing this, she seemed to take her time, but then she asked me a question I didn’t expect

Sajda: does this is feel nice.

I wasn’t sure what she asked, but then I thought to myself, am I enjoying myself? She asking me how I am feeling, and I questioned it, how am I feeling, I stopped to wonder, and I realised I was enjoying myself, I felt a sensation that I didn’t understand, I didn’t know about before, so I answer her honestly, I was shaken,

Me: It’s ok, what is it
Sajda: its science, remember in the book,this is masturbating, its nice isn’t it
Me: yes,
In all this I didn’t notice, but my penis became hard, very hard, I never knew it could feel like this before, was a totally unimaginable thought, but it was happening, and sajda kept on jerking me, putting those soapy hands all over my dickhead and pumped, the noise of the soap and her hands was a drug itself.
Sajda: fizzan, soon your going to get a feeling, tell me when ok,
I was lost, I was caught in the moment, I actually could feel as if something was building inside me, and my elder sister was making this happen, I was getting breathless, I could feel an end coming, I graned a little
Sajda: come on fizzan, good boy, make didi happy,
I felt it drawing closer, and then the inevitable happened, I came, I reached an orgasm, my first orgasm and it was an unforgettable experience, thanks to my didi,
Sajda: how did that feel Fizzan
Me: it was nice, but what did you do,
Sajda: what was an orgasm, I was shocked when you told me, you never had one before, this is how you do it, and I want you to promise me, you will keep on doing it yourself,
Me: ok didi,
Sajda: fizzan you can’t tell this to anybody ok, if you do, I will tell your mother and father that your naughty,
I was scared by this but I agreed,
Me: ok didi, I won’t,

She finished washing me off, and told me to get out of the bathtub, I got dressed and did my homeworks,

As the night approached, I was watching a film all of a sudden the I heard my did call to me, I went towards the stairs and found that it came from the bathroom again, I approached the door, and replied, sajda didi asked me to get her a towel, as she forgot to take one, I got a towel from the towel cupboard, and I entered the bathroom, and there she was, sajda didi, was totally naked, dripping in water, her hair was wet, her nipples had drops of water falling off them, it was the first time I saw a naked women and it was truly an amazing experience, and It was going to get a lot more better,
Sajda did took the towel off me, and saw me, look at her, she asked me a question,

Sajda: Fizzan is this the first time you seen a naked girl,
Me: yes,
Sajida: really, are you sure, don’t lie
Me: no really I haven’t,
Sajda: not even you mother or your sisters body, you never seen them before,
Me: no,
Sajda: really, I tell you what, your mum has a great body, your sister aswell,
Me: you seen them naked before
Sajda: sure have, tell me something, would u like too,
Me: what you mean,
Sajda: if you could wish to see your mom or sister naked who would you choose,
I had to think, I couldn’t believe I was, but for the first time, I wanted to stop asking to too many questions and just go with the flow, I guess I didn’t want to ruin this experience
Me: I think my sister,
Sajda: why, also, fizzan, I want to you to take our your penis for me, and do the thing I taught you,

I was puzzled to say the least
Me: why,
Sajda: please, you promised
I took off my trousers and removed my underwear, and took out my penis, and held it in my hand, and started to move it slowly, up and down, while she stood drying herself off with the towel,
Sajda: good boy, now tell me, why your sister,
Me: I think, she is pretty,
Sajda: really, well she is, your right, her body is like mine, do you like my body fizzan?
I looked at her again, the way her body jiggled with her drying herself, thinking yes she was beautiful, as I continued to masturbate in front of her, and I started to get hard,
Me: yes you are pretty,
Sajida: well, if you saw your sister, you would like her as well then, look at a woman body, its different to a man, I have breasts, and I don’t have a penis like you, remember the question about a female sex organ, this is what a woman has, its called a vagina,

She slipped her hand to her vagina, something I have never seen before, and it seems she knew her way around her body,
Sajida: look im playing with my sex part, like you are, its natural, I do it all the time, I think your sister does as well,
Me: she does?
Sajida: everyone does silly, fizzan if I was your sister, and you saw me naked what would you do?
The thought of it sent shivers down my neck
Me: noting,
Sajida: don’t you want to touch your sister
Me: maybe, I don’t know, im not sure
Sajida: do you want to touch me?
Me: I don’t know,
Sajida: what do you know fizzan, yes or no,

What was I doing, did I really want this, what was I getting myself into, but something told me, if I said no, I will regret this, she may even tell me parents I touched myself, I made my choice
Me: yes,
Sajida: ok, come here,
I came close to her, I could smell the fruity smell of her shower-gel on her mist, I felt as if I was being honored, being introduced to a new world,
Sajida: do you want to touch my nipple,
I saw it pointing toward me, hard and erect, like my penis, which by now was controlling me more than I was controlling myself,
Me: yes,

Sajida, grabbed my hand, and placed it on her left breast, I felt it in my hand, my heart was beating, very hard, as if it was going to explode from my chest, I was sweating I could feel my eyes burning cause I felt bad about what I was doing, I was a bad boy, a naughty boy, but I couldn’t walk away, most wouldn’t either,
Sajida: do you like it, its soft,maybe like your sisters,

Me: it feels funny didi,
She smiled at me, and put her hand on my head, and asked me a question,
Sajida: do you want to taste it,
I went this far, I think I felt that maybe I should, so I answered her, as I held my penis and continued to jerk myself to a incestuous world,
Me: ok didi, I will,
She then looked at my eyes, and asked me to do something I wasn’t sure I could do,
Sajida: ok sweety, but not today, first you need to do some homework for me ok, I want you to do this for me, I want you to touch your sisters boob, for me ok, and I want you to get me one of her bra, ok, can you do that for me,
I was puzzled, but at this time, and scared to, my sister, my real sisters boob, how? I could agree to anything, she has me in her web, and I was stuck in it, weather I liked it or not,
Me: ok didi,
Sajida: good boy, now, put your trousers up and get ready for bed,

I went to sleep that might with a mind full of so many new things, what a day, what a new chapter has taken place in my life, and I was concerned about what I will do for this mission that my didi gave me, I wasn’t sure, but I had to find a way.

Back home, I saw my sister, an equally attractive girl, somehow I had to touch her boob, I kept having to remind myself why am I doing this, what is possessing me to do it, unfortunately, I had no sense, I just did what a cousin who taught me about the world of sex asked me to do, and I was going to do it,

It was late at night, my sister is usually ready to go to bed and in her nighty, I braced myself and went into her room, top say goodnight
I saw her, she was surprised to see me, and she said hi, I then went on to tell her what to say “didi im doing to bed, goodnight”
I then went over to her to give her a hug and kiss goodnight as always, as I did, I skilfully touched her boob with the back of my hand, it was harder than did sajdah’s, and it made me feel like I did with her, naughty and bad, I then gave her a big hug, I also noticed something I never did before, I smelled her, it reminded me of didi sajdah, however I was in for a surprise, didi didnt suspect a thing, and I walked out back to my room, I also found one of her bras in the laundry box and hid it in my room, that night, on my own, I held my cock out and masturbated on my own, the thought of my touching my sister and fulfilling my didi sajidahs and I was excited at the prospect that I did as she asked me to do,

The following weekend I went to Didi sajidahs again for tutoring, I knocked on the door and there she was looking as beautiful as an angel, with her cute dimples welcoming me, I thought to myself, I wonder what will happen today,

Didi invited me in doors, she wasn’t alone, the rest of the family was there too, she closed the door behind me and gave me a hug, she asked me how I was and how was studies,I replied all was good and family was ok too. She took my bag off me and looked inside, and saw the prize that I got for her, she looked with a smile and told me to go,I spent the rest of the day playing with my cousin on the xbox and then we had our dinner at night, it was then bath time,

As last time, I went into the bath room, stripped naked and lied down, waiting for my didi, and she didn’t waste anytime, she got her hands on me and started to wash me, she gave me a cheeky grin,
Sajidah: have you been masturbating fizzan
Me: yes didi, I have,
Sajidah: was it nice,
Me: yes,
Sajidah: aww, that is good, I told you didn’t I sweety, its fun, did you touch your sister
Me: yes I did,
She put soap on my penis and started pumping again,
Sajidah: tell me how did it feel, tell me,
Me: it felt nice didi, really, good boy, I bet you wish you could touch it,
Sajidah: yes, that would have been nice,
Me: you know, I think you would love your moms breasts too, she is also as cute, you need to try that sweety,
Me: maybe, one day,

Sajidah: aww you naughty boy,
Didi then stopped wanking me off and washed my whole body and told me to get dressed, I felt disappointed, but I didn’t mind, I did feel a little confused, but then, she then took me to her room, placed me on her bed and locked the door,
Sajidah: fizzan, take off your clothes for me again please, and play with yourself,
I did as she said I slowly removed my clothes, until I was naked, holding my already hard cock and then I held it in my hand, and started moving it, as did showed me, and up and down, then up and down,
Then did took off her top, to my surprise she was wearing my sisters bra, red, the colour of true passion, on her fair body, she then removed her jeans, and stared at me,
Sajidah: fizzan, are you enjoying yourself,
Me: yes, I think I am,
Sajidah: fizzan, spit on your hand, and then do it,
I did as she said, my cock became wet with my own spit, I could hear the sounds it made, still standing and looking at me like I was a cheap whore, she then took off her underwear to reveal her cute, tight, pink, pussy.

Sajidah: fizzan today we will play pretend, im your real sister ok, and your my brother, we are going to play a game, ok, and you cant tell anybody, ok
Now this was a game that I didn’t know the rules too, but I had a feeling she was going to tell me,
Me: ok didi, I will play, I wont say anything
She then lied on the bed next to me, she told me to suck her nipple as she promised to do, I got the courage, and put her bra down, I was shaking, to see a erect, hard, nipple, inviting me to taste,
Sajidah: come on,
I was hesitant,
Sadijah: rember it’s a game, im your sister nah, you said you like her, if you want I will be your mother, drink my milk,

She remove my hand off her penis and took over, she spat on me, and made my penis wet again,I was still hesitant, did I want this, why is this happening, but I did it, as deep down, I wanted to, I put the hard pink nipple in my mouth, and started to suck, sajidah put her hand on my head and kisses my forehead, from what I can remember, it didn’t taste of anything, but it felt nice.
Sajidah: good boy, drink mummy’s milk, drink didi’s milk, good boy,

I kept sucking, and sajidah reacted, she started to grown and moan, and started to masturbate me a little faster, the sound of her spit with the motion was crazy. After 10 minutes she stopped me and made a request.
Sajidah: im so proud of my son, good boy, didi is happy, you play this game good, ok now we play next part
Me: ok,
Sajidah:, Im going to clean your penis again, you spat on it remember, and that isn’t good, im going to clean it, just close your eyes and lie down,

I lied down, and did sajidah took my cock, and put it straight into her mouth, she sucked me off, I was confused, what was she doing, but it felt like a totally different experience, I also felt that she licked my arsehole, and was rubbing the outside of my hole, that was unexpected and I moved a little, she stopped, she then sucked my entire penis and balls all at the same time, I couldn’t help it, I learn the power of a moan, and I let one out, followed by another,

Sajidah: ok fizzan, your clean now, but im dirty, so can you clean me, clean your sister yes?
Me: ok
I was still shook from my first blowjob, and in a minute, did position me close her pussy and guided my face to her pussy,
Sajidah: can you see the bump at the top,
Me: yes

Sajidah: I want you to pretend it’s a lollypop ok, lick it,
I did exactly as she said, and licked away, the taste was bitter, I come to find that it was bitter cause my didi was very wet, very wet, she was so wet my face was completely covered in her juices, she was moaning louder this time,
Sajidah: good boy, good boy, lick the lolly, faster sweety, finish the lolly for me, ahhhhhh, good boy, shabash,
I continued to lick and lick, and lick her clitoris, I tasted it, I moved up and down, and wiggled my tongue, just like liking my favorite lolly, and I could feel, that she was going to make a grand finale, she moaned loader, and then was beating faster, I was going to make my elder sister who was pretending to be my real sister and mother, cum! Then…she the…
Sajidah: get up darling, come on top of me ok, shabash, lie on me,

Sajidah got me on top of her, grabbed my penis and placed it on her clit, and rubbed my cock on her clit,
Sajidah: beta drink milk again ok, drink from my nipple, come on, good boy,
I sucked her nipples again and she started to use my penis to rub her own clit, the feeling I got was so confusing, but good, it felt like a blowjob, but better, it felt hot, wet, and she was going so fast, rubbing my dick head on her hot, wet, clit, and she was going fast and I closed my eyes and sucked her nipples, she was moaning loud, and I joined in too
Me: ahh
Sajidah: good boy, you’re a good boy, your winning the game, your sister is…. very happy, ahhhh

Me: ahh, di di,
Sajidah: good boy, enjoy baby, come for me ok, come for didi,
I was feeling like I was ready to explode but I think sajidah wasn’t far off, after rubbing my penis on the walls of her pussy she was ready to come,
Sajidah: fizzan, come, come ok, ready, lets finish the game ok, beta, ready,
Me: ye….s didi, I will,
Sajidah: good boy, good boy,

Then in matter of seconds, I felt my orgasm building, I felt it trying to consume, with my penis in her hand, on her clit, I buried my face on my sister and released my myself, I felt like I was on fire, I let out a loud groan, and didi, soon followed, she was doing it, she was ready, and then, I heard it,

Sajidah: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, good boy, good boy, suck me, fuck!, lick it, yes, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes, fizz…….. ahhhhhhhhh, don’t stop ok, ahhhhhhh
She came, and boy did she make some noise, she moved me over and she lied there, shivering, catching her escaping breath, and she was losing, after a few minutes she looked at me,

Sajidah: well done fizzan, you played the game well, you won,
She then held me in her arms and dressed me, and sent me to bed,
I left the day after, fresh in my mind was the journey that I was on, little did I know the innocent game, was actually my first sexual experience,
Few days later, At home I saw my mother was talking to my sister, she seemed to be talking about a red bra that she couldn’t find, little did they know, it now belonged to my sajidah, my sister.

Everything I wrote here is true, and id like your feedback, especially from a female id love your perspective and see how the story made you feel, but all are welcome so please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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