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Sister Treats Me As Husband

  • desipapa
  • October 22, 2015

i am from Bangalore. Here I am going to tell you the incident happen between me and my sister. Let me tell about my introduction I am software engineer and wife is also a software engineer. Please forgive me if any mistakes. Basically we are from Andhra and stayed in Bangalore. Let’s begin the hot experience with my wife and next day with my sister.

My sister is having nice pair of boobs and size is 36D cup size. She is daughter of my Mom’s Sister and she visited our place. From a long period I am interested in my sister but I kept silent and didn’t show any interest on her. But few moments I try to touch her boobs, hip and back seat by saying good bye when I am leaving their house during my visits. Now coming to the present she came Bangalore to visit us. I am skipping all the unnecessary things. During night time my sister is sleeping on bed and we both me and my wife sleep on the floor. My wife will sleep very fast and I am thinking how to seduce my sister. Suddenly mid night she went for bathroom and mean time I removed my shorts and freed my cock so that she can see the cock. She came out and I closed my eyes and kept silent. She passed and I am observing her reaction from side of eyes. She slept on bed and seeing the cock with open mouth and sucking her finger. I am observing everything with slight open eyes.

The next day night same time she went bathroom and same thing repeated but today after she slept on bed. I went near my and kissed her lips she woke up and responded to my kiss. I started pressing her boobs and she started pressing my cock and observed my sister and she is acting like sleeping but I know she is observing both of us. We came 69 position and my wife started sucking my cock and balls to its full length and I am sucking her vagina after 2-3 mins she came in my mouth and she stopped sucking me I am not done and she informed me that she is sleepy and then slept. I am not done completely but I slept without wearing anything.

After sometime I feel someone is touching my penis and I opened my eyes slowly and I am shocked my sister is sitting beside and feeling the length of my cock. She tried to kiss the cock and my wife moved slightly and my sister went to her bed.

Next morning my wife is early to office because she is having some meeting. I woke up late by that time she is ready to go and said me bye and left the home. I am also getting ready for office. For me its casual to wear only towel before going bath room. Before removing clothes I informed my sister I am going for bath by that time she is having tea in hall.

Before going bath she called me and went there. She told there is less milk in tea. I replied her can I get some milk from kitchen. She is putting her cup on table while keeping the cup she bend little bit and my little cock gave a jerk inside the towel. She came near me and removed my towel. She pointed my cock I need milk from that. I replied this is not correct and you are my sister and about to complete my sentence she took my cock inside her mouth. She is not listing and I tried little to throw her but I kept calm from inside I also need that. Slowly hold her head and I am moving to and fro inserting my cock deep inside her mouth. Once I slipped the cock it hit her lips. She told me don’t hurry annaya eroju nenu nee wife ni eroju office voddu annaya intlone undu.(Today I am your wife take leave today and we will enjoy).

She opened her nighty buttons she hold my hand and placed it on her breast for ease of access. Again she started again sucking the cock and her hand placed on my balls. She is placing her tongue tip in the entrance of my cock hole and I felt much exited first time I am experience different cock sucking.

After that she is calculating length of cock with her tongue and trying to hold my balls in her mouth. She kept whole cock inside her mouth and doing circles on the tip of cock which is inside. I am busy with pressing her boob’s one after the other. I slide her nighty from her shoulders it came down and stopped at hip area. She is slightly biting my cock in sideways and spiting on cock for more slippery. I am about to cum and I inform her do it fast and she followed my instructions. She increased her speed and puckakk puckaak sound is coming. She removed my cock from mouth to take slight breath. By that time shoot my cum it fell on her boobs and immediately she kept cock inside to drink the last drop.

But she didn’t waste the drops on her body she licked with her finger. She told me this milk is very hot and I need this milk daily. I asked her come to bath room we have bath together. She removed her nighty in one go. I gave lip lock to her she kept her legs over my hip. I carried her like that in to bathroom. She broke the kiss and about to open the shower. I stopped her to open the shower let have fun again. We had small stool in bathroom I told her sit on that and open the legs. I went on knee and I kissed her lips again and she is responding well by inserting her tongue inside me. I broke the kiss and came down kissed her chin and gave small bite on it.

Then I came little down and lifted her face it up and kissed her neck. She mooned ahhhh iss. I started kissing inch by inch from neck and coming down by kissing. I kissed in between her boobs and pressed slightly on her nipples and she shouted hmmm ahhhhh. I came near her belly button and kissed there made circles around the button mean while one hand pressing her boobs nipples the other hand reached down parting pussy lips and slowly inserting one figure.

She holds my head and trying to push down to the pussy area. I leave the belly and started kissing little down and little above the placed on kiss. I started touching the pussy top with my tongue. Slowly I made circles around the pussy with tongue. The whole pussy lips sucked in to my mouth and she holds my hair tight and pressing my head towards the pussy. I inserted my tongue in to the pussy she shouted ahhhhh hmmm licckkk likee that. I am inserting my whole tongue in to the pussy and I leave her boobs and tried to insert the finger in her ass hole. She shouted ahhhhhhh with pain and I slowed removed the finger. I am continued inserting my tongue in to the pussy. Slowly I removed the tongue and inserted one finger in to the pussy then second next moved it to and fro motion and then I licked the ass hole with tongue.

She is enjoying and started pressing her both boobs very hard I spit some saliva on her ass and made it wet and inserted my finger. This time she is enjoying the act. I removed my finger in pussy and started licking her pussy but I am continue fingering the ass. I inserted two fingers in her ass. I increased speed in the ass well.

Then I inserted Thumb finger in pussy and moved the finger. I am doing in both pussy and ass holes. She is shouting ahhh hmm issssss. I am licking pussy hard and this is continued for 2-3 mins she holds my head and pressed tightly towards the pussy. I know that she is going to come. She shouted ahaaaaa and released the cum on my face. I enjoyed by licking her pussy. I cleaned my face with some water and went up and kissed her hardly and she hugged me very tightly and kissing.

Meanwhile I opened shower still we are kissing in shower. We made rotate round so that shower will fell on both. I don’t know when she kept her hand on my dick and she started stroking the cock and its gain the full length. After that she gave me another good blow job when shower is ON.

I can’t express the feeling of blowjob in shower you need to experience the same. Any Girls/aunties can give me feedback on I am from Bangalore and I am ready for sex chat also so that you can enjoy of sex feelings without doing sex also. I am waiting for the feedback (especially from Telugu people). Thanks for reading this by spending this much time. Hope you enjoyed my experience.

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