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Sister Night

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

Hi all of desipapa readers. I read your stories veryoften and this is my real experience. I am Aditya Mahajan was 15 yearsold at the time this happened and was studying in 9th while my sisterwas 16 and was studying in 10th. I have a huge 8” cock. My sister is theultimate sex bomb. She is so hot and juicy. She is 5’11”, very fair andher figures are 36-23-35. I know its hard to believe but it is true.
Welive in this huge mansion and our father is in the merchant navy so bothour parents are away most of the time. Both our bedrooms are huge areside by side with separate bathrooms in between and a door in the commonwall of the bathrooms. My sister was often underdressed at home so I gotto see a lot of her body but never really had those kind offeelings.
One day both of us were watching Body Evidence together in myroom.

We were sitting on the sofa together and were very close to theT.V. We had never talked about sex or anything related but it was notthe case that we did not know that each other knew everything there wasto know. I used to watch many blue movies and had seen her as well inher room watching them and had even seen her masturbating. So during themovie both of us were getting very horny. She was not wearing any braand was wearing a very low black tight top and her big boobs were veryvisible and her nipples were very erect through her top. Beneath she waswearing a mini and her long legs were looking so juicy. I hadn’t realynoticed her legs until I dropped the remote and as I went down to pickit up I saw her legs so hot and I wanted to have feelings. I for the 1sttime thought of my sister in that way and thought this was the righttime. During the movie my cock was erect and she must ve seen that aswell. She was eating some popcorn and one of them fell in between herbreasts and she put her hand in between her breasts to pull it out and Iwanted it then.

I put my hand on her thigh and started caressing it.She liked it and did not stop me. I did it for half a minute and tosurprise she also started caressing my thigh over my jeans and it wassending shivers through my leg. She continued to move her hand up andthen through my pocket felt my penis. That was it. I enjoyed it for alittle while and then moved on top of her. I was kissing the side of herneck while my hands were feeling her back beneath her top. I was movingmy hans underneath her skirt and feeling her ass as well.She then openedmy zip and pulled my pants down. I then started kissing the top of herboobs and then she took my top and so did I. There she was half naked infront of me. I just could not control myself.

I tightly held her in myarms and started sucking her boobs. It was so tasty. I was biting hernipples making them all that harder. She was caressing my ass cheeksunderneath my underwear. She was moaning and making sounds likeoooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeesss common oooonnn. After sucking her boobs forsometime I moved up towards her face and looked at her. I coul see thelust in her eyes. By this time we had forgotten about everything elsearound. I was about to kiss her when suddenly the phone rang and we bothcame to our senses. I went to pick up the phone and she got dressed andwent out of the room.

But this was only a little trailer. After thisincidence we had decided never to repeat such a thing. But both of uswere much more horny now. It wasn’t as if I didn’t have any girlfriendsor she didn’t have any boyfriends. We both did but we were virgins. Evenafter this incident there were a lot of times I saw her masturbatingwhile watching blue movies. So I knew she wanted to loose her virginityas well. We had just forgotten about it completely and were very normalwith each other. She still used to be underdressed at home and even whenshe went out she didn’t wear much. In act we even had discussions aboutour respective boy and girlfriends. But now we even used to talk aboutsex and masturbating. There was of course that usual kiss and the handsgoing in one or two places but nothing beyond with our girl andboyfriends that is.

This one day at school I was waiting in the carfor her but she didn’t come. The whole school became empty. I wentlooking for her but couldn’t find her in her classroom. As I was goingback I noticed that the girl’s toilet was closed from inside. So I wentto opposite side an as there was no one around I stood on a stool andlooked inside.What I saw I just could not believe. I saw my sisterwith one of her girlfriends. Both of them were kissing! I knew my sisterwas hungry for sex but this much! As they were kissing her GF(girlfriend) started opening her shirt as my sis was pressing her boobs.Her GF opened her shirt and threw it away and then after opening her brastarted sucking on her boobs. My sis was in 7th heaven and was moaningagain. After a while she made her GF stand up and then went down on herknees. My sis raised her GF’s skirt and pulled down her panties andstarted licking her cunt like mad. Her GF was making huge moaning soundsand then she cummed. My sis licked very drop of it. Then they gainkissed and started to get dressed. I quickly got back into the car withthe river still waiting.That day she didn’t say much but told me thatshe would be a little late after school as she had to copy some notes.So once again I waited in the car until everyone left and then quicklywent towards the window of the toilet. I stood over the stool once againand saw that were vigorously kissing. They must have done for 5 minutes.Meanwhile they were also undressing each other. Now both of them were intheir underclothes and it was a sight to see. My sis took off her GF’sbra and then wildly sucked on her boobs. Her GF also took off her braand pressed her boobs as hers were getting completely soaked. My sis wasbiting her nipples – she probably learnt that from me.But this timethey did not stop there. After her GF was sucking her boobs my sis tookoff her GF’s panty and started fingering her. At first she was onlyfingering her clit but then did her asshole as well with hands. Her GFwas moaning loudly and shouting Give it to me. I was really gettinghorny on the outside. I couldn’t control myself and started caressing mydick. What a scene it was. Here was masturbating outside the girl’sbathroom while my sis was making love to her girlfriend.

Then my sisdid something I never imagined. She went to her bag and took out adildo! A plastic like rod which looked like a dick. As her GF wasfingering her she licked the dildo and then started to insert it in herGF’s cunt. Her GF was even screaming this time and tried to keep hervoice down. I thought that surely someone would listen but nobody came.By this I was really giving my big dick the vibrations it wanted and Ihad cummed. But that wasn’t it. My sis kept on inserting the dildo inher GF and then started to force it in and out. Her GF was pressing herboobs and tickling her asshole. Then finally her GF came and once againmy sis licked all her juices. Then they once again kissed and started toget dressed. I quickly got off the stool and went towards the car. Butmy sister didn’t come. But all I could see was both of them making loveto each other. I got horny again and once again jerked my dick until Icummed. My sis still didn’t come and I went off to sleep. I figured outlater that she had probably seen me there and started to get dressed sothat I would go. But after sometime my sleep was broken. The car wasmoving but I felt something over my dick and as I glanced down I saw mysis licking the cum off my dick and my underwear. It was a very lonelyroad back to our mansion so there weren’t too many cars. It was the mostsensational feeling. But I pretended as if I was asleep and afterlicking all of it she put my pants back on.

After this incident I knewmy sis wanted it and she wouldn’t refuse. But I had to look for theright moment. I was determined to prove that my sis was a bisexual.After that day we had a week’s holidays and her girlfriend went out oftown so I knew now was the indeed the time. That day I was very hornyand so tried to stay away fro her so she would not know. I must havejacked about 15 times that day but that was not enough and I wanted toloose my virginity the proper way. When I saw her at dinner time she waswearing a see through shirt with no bra. I could see her big boobs quiteclearly. She was wearing a black panty and that was really turning meon. I just couldn’t stop myself and jokingly told her that she shouldnot look so sexy. I told her that she was turning me on. She just smiledand said that she knows she’s too damn hot and irresistible to men. Thatwas it for that night. Next morning the whole day it was raining andit kept on raining throughout the day. I was sitting in the gallery justoutside her room. She came out wearing only her sports bra and a veryshort micro mini skirt. Over that she was wearing a rain coat. It wasn’tsee through but it was so short that it just covered her skirt and shewore it, it seemed like from outside that she wasn’t wearing anything atall underneath her rain coat and with her long legs exposed she wascompletely naked under the coat.She told me that she was going to themarket. She took the driver with her in the merc and I decided to followher. She was looking so damn sexy I just couldn’t get the thought of herout of my mind. I followed her on the bullet ( I couldn’t take theducati because the driver would have known it was me.

The rain hadstopped and the roads had dried out but it was still cloudy. The weatherwas just great. The car stopped and as she came out everyone was justlooking at her with lust. There weren’t too many people there but all ofthem were just looking towards her. She went in the CD shop and I knewshe went to buy a blue movie. She must have been there for over 20minutes. I guess she must have even entertained the guy in some way aswell. As she came out I tried to hide behind another car. She went homeand so did I.As I got home I knew what she was doing but now I didn’treally want to do it. I went in my bedroom but I just couldn’t take mymind off what was going on in the next room. So I finally decided tohave a look. I went into my bathroom and through the door in the commonwall into her bathroom and very quietly opened the door to get into herroom. She was watching the blue movie on her home theatre. The coat wasoff but she still had the sports bra and micro-mini still on. I quietlysat behind on her bed not making a sound. She continued to watch themovie and I also watched the movie for about five minutes.

There wassome hardcore action going on and now I could not stop myself. I had todo it now. I went towards her not letting her know I was there slowlyput my hands on her shoulders. She didn’t quite look behind because shewas also very horny by this time. I moved my hands below her breasts andstarted feeling her area below her breasts and started kissing the sideof neck trying to get her long black silky hair out of the way. She wasalso enjoying it but somehow hadn’t quite realized it was me. I moved myhands lower as I was kissing her neck into her middrift and even alittle below her skirt.
But once again by fortune it happened that thealarm rand and she realize it was me. She got up immediately and triedto stop me. I would not and she took my hands and put them off her andsaid No this is wrong. But I wasn’t going to stop this time. I tried toconvince her by taking her hands but she would not agree. I told her tolook behind at the movie and said is that wring? She looked behind andas soon as she did I picked her up in my arms and took her to her bed. Idropped her on the bed and I got on top of her and said in a very lustyvoice I want you. I moved towards her and taking her upper body in myarms I started kissing her. She wasn’t responding positively but wasn’ttrying to resist either. I guess she didn’t know what to do. I waspassionately kissing her and moving my hands over her back. Then I tookmy hands underneath her panty and started caressing her ass and even tipfingering her asshole. Then she did get horny and started respondingpositively. We were locked in a passionate kiss for over 15minutes.

She had taken my shirt off by then and was moving her handsall over my upper body. I finally managed to open her bra from the back.I took off her bra and moved down onto her breasts first just mushingthe top half and then really started sucking them like mad like I wasthirsty. She was making really horny sounds like nooooooooooooooooohhh.I was sucking the tasty juice off her breasts and alsobiting her tits. That really made them hard and very dark red. Afterdoing her boobs for over 10 minutes I again kissed her and ripped aparther skirt. I saw her panty still very dry. She still hadn’t had anyorgasm which showed that she wasn’t new to this kinda stuff.Nothing atall was going to stop me this time. I took off her panty and saw hercompletely shaved hole. I smiled at her and then attacked it like therewas no tomorrow. She once again was moaning louder this time. Looks likeshe had developed a habit. I licked it and bit the skin around. I triedto take my tongue as far inside as possible. I kept on licking it likemad until she cummed. I licked all of the lovely juices and didn’t leaveeven a single drop.After licking off all the cum I moved upwards andreached near her face. Looking into her eyes we both were filled withlust and we before we knew it we were kissing passionately again. Duringour kiss she turned me around and came on top of me. That was the firstsign she was looking to play dirty and go hardcore. After kissing forquite a while again she moved down to my chest and started biting mynipples. That was something new and it really felt good. She again moveddown and opened my pant, pulled them off and threw them away. She saw mybig dick throbbing and begging to cum out. She took off my underwear andtook the tip of dick in her mouth. Feeling her juicy mouth over my dickgave me shivers. First she licked and sucked slowly only the top andthen licked and moved her tongue and mouth all over my dick. I wasenjoying every minute of it. She must have sucked and licked my dick forover 10 minutes and then finally as I told her as I was about to cum shestarted masturbating my dick and finally I cummed loads and loads.

She made sure she took all of it into her mouth. So we lay there beside eachother both having cummed.I had not had enough by a long shot and movedon top of her. I put her legs over my shoulders and then slowly startedinserting my dick into her hole. Her pussy was so tight as it still hadnot been fucked. As I went further with my dick inside of her shestarted invetibly moaning again. I kept on going with dick where no manor woman had gone before.Finally I reached completely inside of her andI could feel the end of her as well. Then I started moving my dick inand out of her. Slowly for the first couple of times and then picked upthe face. She started screaming loudly and made erotic sounds likeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh yyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss thaaaaaaaaaaattss it etc. Ikept on fucking her and it was the most beautiful feeling but to mysurprise after a while the creams had completely changed to sighs. Shehad a lot of capacity. Then finally I came once again loaded probablybuckets into her. The cum oozed out as well all over that very expensivebed sheet of hers but did it matter. She wanted to taste it again and Ihad lots more cumming out as well so I took my dick out and moved itover her towards her mouth dropping it all over her and she licked andsucked whatever was left of it once again.

There I lay beside her justhaving fucked her in every was that I could or almost every way. Wedecided to take a shower to freshen up and get all the cum off her body.We both went towards the bathroom in each others arms. We got into hershower and let the water fall over us. Having sex inside the shower withher was something else. We were kissing each other with the waterfalling over us and our hands moving all over each other’s bodies. As mydick was touching her again and again I really got horny again. So I gotbehind her and while pressing her boobs and kissing her neck and evenher lips I slowly inserted my dick into her asshole. She wasn’t quiteready for it but I was. I went inside her a lot slower this time becauseher asshole was really tight. She was screaming again but it wasn’t asif she couldn’t bear the pain. She had so much capacity to bear with aman. I kept on fucking her ass inside the shower for some time. It wasthe ultimate experience. We came out the shower and dried each other.
We went back into her room. But things had just got started. I toldher to put on her bra and panty and something over them and do astriptease for me. She put on her underclothes and a quickly a pant anda shirt over them. Then after putting on the music she started to danceand strip infront of me as I was sitting on the bed. Even I had justfucked her this really turned me on again. I tried to hold myself frommasturbating as I wanted to do it to her again but I couldn’t and as shewas in her underclothes only I pulled to wards myself, made her sit onmy lap, kissed her while pressing her boobs and then took off her panty.As she was she sitting on top of me with her back towards me I put mydick in her asshole once again. I then moved her up and down over mewith my dick going in and out of her asshole. I kept on pressing herboobs and slapping her ass cheeks as I was fucking her ass hole. Her asshad become absolutely red because I had fucked her ass so much. Ifinally cummed inside her asshole as well. But to my surprise she didn’teven look like she was exhausted. I lay on the bed to rest for a whilealongside her. I said to her that this was getting really hardcore.Assoon as she heard that she came over me split my legs wide open sat ontop of me and took my dick into her pussy! This was something new. Thenas she moved in and out over me it was almost as if she was fucking menot I was fucking her. This time she actually made me make sighs andthen finally for the fourth time I cummed inside of her. My cum onceagain ooze out and she was enjoying it so much she didn’t even bother tolick this time.

But we weren’t done yet. I got some ice from her refrigerator and wrapped it in a cloth. I then moved it all over herboobs making them really cold and red and they almost froze. I thensucked the life out of them and was just in complete pleasure all the while.Then I decided to do it doggy style to her. I got her into aposition where she was on her knees and her hands as well. And then Igot behind her fucked her asshole once again. This time I was reallyhard on her making her body move away and towards me and her ass wascompletely fucked again as I cummed.
But that was still not the end ofit. I made her stand on the bed against the wall, while kissing took herhands in mine and inserted my dick inside her pussy and fucked heragainst the wall. That was another experience cornering her on the walland fucking her standing up. After that we were just a little tired buthad lots of it left. We fucked each other and I mean hardcore all nightlong. We probably must have done it about 20 times like animals. I knowits hard to believe but its true. The next day we had sex just abouteverywhere in the house. We did in each others bed rooms, on the bed ,floor , sofa whatever. In the bathrooms in the shower, bathtub, even thewashing machine. Even on the dining table, on the roof in the evening.There were still five days remaining still before school reopened. Thenext day we bought quite a few blue movies and tried to copy them inevery move. We even made one of our own just for ourselves. After thatwe did it in empty cinema halls, in public toilets when nobody wasthere. That week we just fucked 24/7 anywhere possible.
Then she gotthe news that her friend wont be coming for another week. I was a littledisappointed because I wanted her as well but I had to do with my sistill then. Even in the school during free periods and breaks we did itin the classrooms, toilets, the library you name it, even in theprincipal’s office when she was on duty there as the Principal had goneout! We even did it while going back from school in the car as it was alnely road. We just fucked like animals.Then finally her GF came andwas actually not at all surprised to know we had done it. We even hadthreesome with her That was something else. Tell that to you in the nextstory. After that we even had a foursome with one of my GF and herboyfriend coming over. I hope this really never stops.

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