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Sister In Law Saroj

  • desipapa
  • August 16, 2015

This story started about 20 years ago. I got married with Jyoti, a girl preferred by my parents. Jyoti was an average girl, slightly overweight, fair colour and big inviting eyes. First night when I made her nude I saw a beautiful body, medium 36 boobs with pink small nipples, round and firm buttocks and swollen cunt covered with lot of hairs. Even her thighs were having thick hairs. Later I found she was excellent in bed and did all the ways as I liked without any hesitation. She sucked my cock like hell and also requested me to suck her cunt, which she liked most. I fucked her in all the AASANS OF KAMASUTRA, out of those we enjoyed fucking while standing. I was suspicious about her sexual demands as she never tired off.

After a month of our marriage her sister Saroj visited us with her husband. I got impressed with Saroj at my first look. Saroj was also a broadminded girl and always smile in a way so you may feel she is inviting you to fuck her. Saroj was totally different to Jyoti. Her complexion was pinkish. Eyes were big, lovely cheeks with dimples. Her boobs were 38 and always try to come out of her bra. Firm big ass and when she use to wear tight saree, her shapely, round thighs and butts were clearly visible. I loved to just fuck her at least one time. They invited us to go to Manali for vacations, which we agreed.

We reached Manali through train and Taxi and through out the way Saroj tried to seduce me by giving me sexy looks, showing her boobs through transparent material of her blouse. She also use to sit near me so close that I could feel her warm body and her body aroma which was enough to give you hard on.. Her husband on the contrary was a boring person always talking about politics and other useless topics. Jyoti gave him the company as she is very talkative and can discuss for hours. In Manali we took two adjacent rooms. After roaming out for the day, we took some beer. Jyoti never took any alcohalic drinks before but Saroj insisted her and she agreed. After dinner we said good night and went to our bedrooms. That night I fucked Jyoti three times having Saroj in my mind, and soon Jyoti was snoring after heavy efforts of fucking and sucking.

I could not sleep as Saroj was in my mind badly. I went close to the door in between our rooms. I could hear the bed springs squeak, a few moans and then suddenly anger whisper of Saroj “ What happened to you now a days, just few in and outs and you are gone. I sucked you for an hour so that you can get erection, but now see……….. oh my god don’t you like to fuck me any more………..interested in your office girls more. Fuck off then.” Then I heard someone slapping and her husband voice “ you whore bitch……… if I am fucking my office girls, what you are doing? Whole of last three days you are fucking your brother in law through your fucking eyes. Don’t feel I don’t understand. Now better sleep and don’t provoke me to speak more about you and your fucking affairs with R………..”

I looked through the keyhole. There was dark and nothing was visible. I came back to my bed and tried to sleep but failed as Saroj was now on me totally. I was dying to have her fully.

Next day we went to Rohtang pass and noticed the anger in Saroj eyes where her husband was as usual in discussions with me and Jyoti. We returned early and Saroj called a bottle of Whisky. We all took and consumed full bottle by 9 p.m. Jyoti slept as she was over drunk. I came near to the parting door of our rooms and looked in keyhole. He was naked and Saroj was in her nightgown through which her pink, huge boobs and tits were clearly visible. He was asking Saroj to suck her cock, which was almost 6 inches while not erected. Since I had seen him naked. I knew Saroj was getting plenty of dick, before their quarrel. He was at least 6 inches when not erect. (Saroj later told me he was 9 inches when erect and she could barely fit him in her mouth or pussy and when he fucked her he was bouncing off her cervix on every stroke.) Suddenly he hold Saroj mouth and tried to force her cock in her mouth. Saroj was resisting and asked him to suck her cunt first and she now opened her gown. She was fully naked now and I was breathless. She was like a venus. Pink, beautiful body without an hair. Her boobs were swollen and nipples were erect. Her eyes were closed half and her finger was deep inside her cunt which was also covered with thick hairs. I was smelling aroma of her body. She was moaning loudly now and pulled her husband face upon her cunt. But he was not interested and slapped her “ you will remain the same bitch. You know I don’t want to taste that fucking cunt of yours filled with R……. cum. You maderchod randi……..”. Saroj slapped him in return and said “ so why I suck your ugly cock fucking all the bitches around in office you bahenchod……..”. I was excited by now. I was not interested in their quarrel but I was looking and rather exploring her wonderful treasure. I was shaking my cock and shoot off my load but hit my head on the door in the process. Some one came near to door and was now looking through the keyhole like me. I rushed towards my bed and slept. I was assured that I was not seen as my room light was off.

Next few days we spent in boredom and I tried to look her through the keyhole but found their lights off. We returned back from Manali with a strong desire to fuck Saroj at any opportunity. Me and Jyoti remained married 17 years until a bitter divorce.Saroj called me on phone and was sorry for the situation She also confessed that she also married a guy that made a shit load of money and traveled all the time. But she was curious to know from me what actually happened wrong between me and Jyoti? I explained her that after I had been married a few years my wife was o.k but her sexual drive was increasing day by day and I found few letters written to her by some of her close relatives from my in laws side. The letters were nothing but like some sex stories reminding her of good old fucking sessions between Jyoti and that particular person. At least three different persons were in touch with her through letters and no doubt through bodies as well because now Jyoti started visiting her parents quite often. She was hardly with me for 10 days in a month. I asked her about her movements but she was hiding every thing and always protested that I am not bothered about the health of her parents and trying to tie her visits to her parents. Later on I found her fucking one of those in my bed when I came back from office early. He was a neighbour of my in laws and use to visit our town often due to his business. That was the end of our relations, which ended in our divorce well supported by her parents. Saroj invited me to her place on Tuesday as her husband was going abroad for a week.

I visited Saroj on Wednesday. She was alone and her only son was in hostel at some engineering collage out of the town.

Saroj was pregnant and was on bed. I looked at her, she was not changed at all and having the same charms even after 17 years. She stood up and cheered me with same smile. It was evening and we talked a lot about Jyoti . She offered me a drink. I had several and she just got better looking even during her pregnancy. I love fucking pregnant women. I even fucked my wife the night she went into labor with our son. So I had some liquid courage in me and I thought it was time to cash the check she offered me during our Manali vacations 17 years ago. She also understood my motives but refused to do anything, which may cause problems to her pregnancy. But she offered me to kiss her. I was delighted and came near to her and hold her beautiful face and took her cute lips in my mouth. Off…. Her lips were sweet like strawberry and I was engaged in deep kiss like a mad till I felt that Saroj was feeling difficulty in breathing. I took hold of her boobs over her gown and felt a shiver in her body. She requested me not to do that and promised me to give me my gift after delivery. So I just bent down and started smelling that sweet aroma of her body. No doubt I have never smelled that sweet aroma in any other female. Desperately I controlled my self and went back to my town after having dinner, which we called from restaurant.

After few months I tried and got success in taking my transfer to the town where Saroj was.

One night about eight months after her delivery Saroj calls me and says she knows I have not been eating worth a shit, I have lost weight and she know how I ate when I was a bachelor. She invited me to dinner for a home cooked meal. When I got there I saw no kids and no husband. The kids were staying with friends and her husband was out of town. As usual we took few drinks. The dinner was great. We finished, I helped clean up and we were having after dinner drinks in the bedroom when she said out of the blue, “I know you are eager for my body and are not married to my sis any longer. Now I am ready to offer you my everything as I also want to have you.” She was still beautiful and if she fucked and sucked anything like her sister did, I was in for a treat. She told me there was one requirement, that I had to eat her pussy like I ate her sister’s. I said how do you know how I eat pussy. She laughed and said “ Mahinder, we are sisters. I know how you eat pussy, fucked her silly and she gives you blow jobs. After all, we are sisters and we talk. She told me her husband refused to eat pussy and told her it was repulsive and he had never gone down on her in all their years of marriage. She also said that he did expect her to give him blowjobs. She said she did it but to get back at him she never let him cum in her mouth. She would always back off at the last minute and make the poor bastard finish with his own hand. There was nothing new for me to hear as I had already seen them in Manali. I told her things were about to change for her. We walked to the bedroom and I began to undress her slowly. I wanted to enjoy this sight for the first time, since at best, I had only seen her nude from distance before. Once she was nude I undressed and by then had a three quarter hard on. I am only average in length, a little less than 8 inches but I am thick. She looked and gave a devilish smile. I told her to sit on the bed with her feet on the floor and lie back. After she did that I calmly knelt in front of her and put my hands under her knees and lifted her legs up, back and out to get at her treasure. I began licking the honey pot with my tongue and she moan loudly. More loudly than I ever heard when her husband was fucking her in Manali. I began to suck the lips of her pussy and they started to swell and engorge with blood. Saroj was definitely a moaner now, and loud! When I started to lick and suck her clit she screamed and put her hands behind my head and pulled me tight against her while she fucked my face. By this time she was a geyser and her pussy juices were flowing all over my face and down my throat. I kept sucking her hard clit. Then she began to shake and quiver and scream. As she came down from her orgasm. She released my head and said thank you I have needed that for so long and Jyoti really was lucky as how you ate pussy. She was right! I kissed her deeply and she drank her own juices from my mouth and licked them from my face. I had a massive hard on and moved between her legs and lifted her legs over my shoulders to allow for the deepest penetration. With me standing on the floor and Saroj on the edge of the bed with her legs forced back I had total and absolute access to her pussy. Saroj reached down and pulled my cock to her hole and rubbed it up and down her cunt and over her clit and then pulled me into her. I slowly entered her silky tunnel and began a slow methodical stroke, Pulling all the way out until the head was just on the inside of her cunt lips. Then I would slowly slide back in past the initial resistance of her pussy all the way into my balls and repeat it. It was amazing to see her cunt lips wrapped around my dick and as I pushed in they would kind of fold in and follow my dick. When I pulled out they would roll back out. This drove her crazy and Saroj begged me between moans to fuck her really hard and fast. Since I had not had any pussy since my divorce, I was determined to make this last. I told Saroj I would not it would make me cum to fast and it was my awaited dream and I would fulfill it how I saw fit. She reached her hand down again and started to rub her clit as I fucked her slowly all the while Saroj begging to be fucked hard and fast and moaning. She came to another orgasm quick and I stopped moving to let her catch her breath. When she had, I told her to get all the way on the bed and on her hands and knees. She moved up to the head of the bed from the side and put her head on the pillows and her ass up in the air. As I moved in again she grasped my dick and targeted it to her pussy. I slid in with ease and began the same slow strokes I used before. I was enjoying her cunt which was now furnace. Again she begged to be fucked hard and again I said no. Again her hand found her clit and went to work. Her climax came fast and hard and the screams got louder. Once she had come down again I told her to get on her knees on the floor. Once she had, I stepped in front and told her to do what she know how to do and never did with her husband. I was waiting for those beautiful lips of Saroj to be wrapped around my pulsating cock. She engulfed my dick about two-thirds of the way and sucked so hard, I almost erupted eight months of cum. I held off and it was my turn to put my hands behind her head and I did. I began to fuck her mouth like a piston. I felt myself about to come and held on for dear life. I stopped moving and Saroj was still sucking and bobbing. I came in a torrent shooting stream after stream of cum in her mouth. Something her husband had never done. As I caught my breath and started going soft, she stood up. And then something happened that has never happened to me before. She kissed me full in the mouth and pushed all the cum I had dumped in her mouth into mine with her tongue. Now kissing a girl after she has given me a blow job and swallowed has not ever bothered me. I figure what the hell she swallowed nearly all of it and anyway it did come out of my body, so who cares if there is a little taste left over. But a whole mouth full was a shock! After she did that she sucked my tongue down her throat and all the come from my mouth. All the while stroking my dick. Now, I am not 18 years any longer and it takes me about an hour to recover for round two, but this ex sister-in-law was going to have none of that. Saroj immediately dropped to her knees and took my flaccid cock in her mouth and pinned her nose against my belly while pulling my ass toward her. She sucked and began a swallowing motion that felt like she was swallowing my dick down her throat every two seconds. My dick was hard in seconds and as it grew she somehow kept the whole thing in her mouth and throat. When she was satisfied I was good and hard, she stood up and said it was her turn and for me to lie on the bed. I did and she wasted no time mounting me with her beautiful tits in front of me. Saroj then told me she was going to fuck me the way she wanted to be fucked. Saroj rode me hard and fast, moving her round , soft butts in grinding motions. I held her boobs and pinched her tits hard. She moaned loudly and contracted her vaginal muscles that my cock felt like I am in a tight virgin cunt burning like hot dog. Since I had just cum, it took a while this time and I think she came three more times, each one larger and louder than the last. What did the neighbors think? When I did come it felt like I emptied more cum in her pussy than I did in her mouth. Well, as we rested and gathered our thoughts and ourselves I asked her whether we can continue our relations? Saroj smiled and agreed but only when her husband is out and I will never come to her house during day time.

Now we are enjoying few nights in a month together. We try several difficult positions, which we see at net and we feel some times that we are made for each other. Her husband is still busy in making money, so remain out most of the time. Later on Saroj told me that he is fucking his brother’s wife, since their marriage, and often visits them in a month. Saroj is really a hot lady who knows how to please each other.

Recently she requested me to arrange for a three some as she wish to take two cocks in both her holes. Although I never fucked in her ass as I don’t like it. But I know Saroj would do what ever she wants in sex and she can look for some other person. There fore we have decided to find a good, healthy person in his 40s or even a couple who wants to share their sex fantasies with us. Any single or couple around CHANDIGARH or DELHI may contact us for healthy and secure sex relations at

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