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Sister And Me After The Rain

  • desipapa
  • November 9, 2015

Hello, this is Subhash from Bhopal today i am going to share a secret with all You guys which really happen a few years before. i am an average boy 5.7 height normal weight n normal size lund . now let me introduce You with whom this incident happen . it was my sister Sangeeta age 22 height 5.4 size 34,28 33 she was just a normal girl as any other . so let me come to the story . me n my sister were close from the childhood itself we used to share same room & same bed also but we didn’t had any bad intentions for each other . when this incident happen I was perusing & was 19 and she was doing engineering . Our dad was a small government employee who had to go out of town frequently . my mom was a house wife who took care of us .

As i told me & my sister both shared a same bed n shared many secrets with each other . we both were open minded. . some times i used to pick her up after coll . This all started from the same day . it was rainy day n weather was becoming bad . so my mother asked me to pick her up from coll . it was raining like hell i was completely wet . she just ran from the shelter of coll n sat @ my back we both went home our mother made us hot tea n asked us to change n come to have tea. as there was only one room we both went in together as w both were feeling cold . she said she will go and change in bathroom & i can change in room while she went in taking her cloths and all

I changed and was laying on bed our bed had a direct view to our bathroom & at that movement she was changing without closing the door . i had a full view of her naked sexy “ass”. that moment i was not wearing any undergarments as i didn’t used to wear them @ home i instantly got a hard on .

By mistake i said “oh my god ” she herd that & turned back i had a clear view of her boobs @ that same point she covered herself & closed the door after that some how I controlled my erection n went to have my tea at that movement we didn’t talk much . as time passed & it became night we all had our dinner and went to our rooms still there was a pin drop silence between me & my sister . We both were laying on bed and as I memorized those moments I again had an erection .

We didn’t had our night lamp off so she saw my erection as i was trying to hide it . she giggled & said I am your sister & I am elder than you so i know what you are thinking now and giggled . i said no it is not as you think n turned against her side n laid there as I slept. I was unable to control my erection so i decided to jerk . as I started to jerk the bed started shaking due to which she turned n laid straight

I jerked & went to bathroom to clean On the way back I saw her laying there . she was wearing a pink night gown which had white buttons on it the top two buttons were not tucked so I was able to see her cleavage I again got a hard on .I just went near her n just watched her for some time her breathing was making her breast move up and down in rhythm. i some how gathered some courage n unbutton her bottom 2 buttons i inserted my hand through them towards her belly . it was like silk my cock was paining like hell so I undid my pants n laid there naked by bottom I was feeling her belly n was masturbating with one hand I came and went to bathroom again n then slept

Next morning all went normal as there was no reaction from my sister I was happy and was eagerly waiting for night after time passed night came and she was laying there. she slept as she woke up early in the morning i started my activities earlier today but today i had more courage i directly unbuttoned here mid two buttons & inserted my hands directly to her boobs i was shocked to feel that she was not wearing any bra .

I started to explorer her i pressed her boobs a bit then i pinched her nipples she moaned in a very low tone “Ahhh” i heard that with i got more courage and i directly got my hands back n took them to her bottom where i was exploring her i found out that she was also not wearing any panties . i was in seventh heaven . i touched her most private area which was wet and sticky . as soon as i tried to insert 1 finger she took hold my hand and said i know what you are trying to do i was completely white as i feared she might make noise and let all others know what i did

She said i know what you are trying to do from yesterday . I begged her for apology and requested her please don’t ever tell to anyone as our parents will kill me she said you saw me naked that day yesterday played with my belly and today this , y is that only you can enjoy . she directly the inserted her hands into my pants n took my penis out . I was surprised as hell and was in seventh heaven. she said shhhh and said You are grown up from last time when i saw you naked and directly kissed me we both exchanged saliva and were crazily tried to suck each other the some how

After 20 min both of us felt exhausted n laid there as it is . she said now its too late lets continue tomorrow. i woke up with her in the morning she gave me a deep passionate kiss and said tonight it will be fun . i said mom is busy in her work and the door is locked can u please take a bath bath with doors open she said you naughty boy n agreed . she firstly went down to check all is ok or not then she came up n with a naughty smile locked the door & unbuttoned her gown one by one .

It gave me an instant erection she saw that n said give chotu some little air. n smiled i said ok and completely removed my pants she was surprised to c my cock . and as she unbuttoned I was becoming harder & harder within a fraction of second she was completely naked . she came near me and asked do u like what you see. I nodded my head n . she had perfect shaped boobs with skin coloured nipples and had a little pubic hair . she came near me sat on the bed and caught hold of my cock .

As soon as she touched it i came all over her hand she laughed n said you are so sensitive n went to bathroom licking her hand . I saw her having a bath n then getting ready for collage . she then went to collage I then went to bathroom and had my all day routines and had my breakfast and came to my room for studying . i was unable to study due to yesterdays and today incident . some how I passed my time till evening my sis came home

She came and said @ night I am having a surprise for you . I was exited , we all had our dinner and went to bed she said wait till our mom dad sleep . she said to mom that she might keep on some music as she is having some project to do . she started the music nearly around 11 and locked the room she then ask me to get up .

I got up and sat she then removed my pants and her gown we both were completely naked . she took my penis in her hand . and touched the tip of it n slowly removed the foreskin backward . it was paining but it was also feeling good . the then kissed it my pre cum was flowing all the way . she then started to take it in mouth in few seconds i was completely inside her mouth . i was feeling like I was in heaven butterflies were there in my stomach . in a few minutes i came in her mouth and she didn’t wasted a single drop and had it all it might sound bad but @ the same time without cleaning her mouth she kissed me . frankly speaking my cum was in my mouth with that kiss

She said now return me the favor and laid there on the bed I took my mouth near her pussy. in my life I was seeing a real pussy for the first time it was skin colored same as it was the color of her nipples . i took my mouth near it and started sucking it i sucked it licked it and finger fucked it for few time &she came into my mouth it was a bit salty in taste .a taste which cant be explained .

Now she said ill show u something she browse through the internet and make me saw this site n said she was a reader of this site and was interested in incest from a long time . she then made me saw me some incest videos which she had borrowed from her friends and some comics . she said now its time and laid on the bed keeping the incest movie without noise & said lets do it

I placed myself between her legs and slowly inserted my lund inside her pussy it was paining for me like hell and she was also suffering from pain blood came an i stood there in that possession for some time n slowly started moving my hips . she said slowly with tears in her eyes . randomly I increased my speed . she was morning like hell yes yes Faster Faster .Then in 2 or 3 min i came inside her . we both laid there exhausted and after some time she dressed herself gave me a blowjob and slept holding my Lund saying we will continue again. . we still do this till she gets married .. hope you guys like the story.

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