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Sindhu The Widow

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

It was born on my Sindhu Auntie’s 19th birthday. Not an amazing fact in itself, but one that would have interesting repercussions later in life. Firstly, I realized that my aunty, called Sindhu, was incredibly attractive (5’11” tall, with short reddish brown hair, a full set of tits and legs that went on, and on, and on.) Secondly, she and my Uncle fucked like rabbits every night, and when she fucked, my aunty was loud and proud! Every night, as they fucked in their room (or the bathroom, or the lounge downstairs), I heard aunty begging for more, and screaming out her multiple orgasms as I wanted myself stupid in my room. Then, soon after my 20th birthday, uncle died in an accident.

I moved back in with aunty to give her some support. I became the man around the house. It took a few months to notice that auntie’s crying had turned to moaning. She and uncle had had a very active sex life, and aunty was obviously missing cock. One day when I was alone in the house, I went into auntie’s room. Rooting around in her drawers, I found a large envelope. Sitting on her bed, I opened the envelope and pulled out a pile of Polaroid pictures. The first one was of aunty sat in the bath, cupping her tits and squeezing her erect nipples. The next three showed her dressed in sexy undoes, including a black net nylon bra, and panties. Looking at these pictures of my sexy aunty posing in those clothes gave me a raging hard on, but the rest of the pictures were even better! The next one had aunty lying on the bed, still in the Cream bra and light blue panty and my uncle in underwear only.

But hang on, I thought, who was taking these pictures? The last 6 pictures told the story. They showed another couple and my uncle and aunty in a whole range of porno poses. My uncle fucking a well built blonde from behind, who was licking out my aunty; aunty getting a sandwich fuck from uncle and the other man. It was then that I decided that one way or another, I was going to fuck my Sindhu aunty, but how? I decided to go for the slow approach, rather than blunder in and probable screw it all up. I’d spent the last 18 months working on a building site, and always considered myself to be in pretty good shape, so I started to walk round the house without a shirt on. I soon noticed aunty casting furtive glances at my body. Upping my seduction techniques, I started to ‘accidentally’ brush past aunty a lot, letting my fingers touch her hips, or ass, and once even her breast. I knew this was turning her on as I saw her nipple straining through her blouse. It was now time for the culmination of my plan to get my aunty into bed. My approaching birthday was my 21st, and it was on the same day as auntie’s 40th. “Have you made any plans for your birthday Sindhu aunty?” I asked, knowing she hadn’t. “No, no, I hadn’t really…” she replied.”OK, how about I take you out so we can celebrate our birthdays together.” aunty squealed with excitement and rushed over to kiss me on the cheek.

At the last moment I turned my head and our lips met. I quickly wrapped my arms around her to hold her wonderful body against mine, and to prolong the kiss. She looked shocked, and pushed herself away, before regaining her composure. “Whoa, easy tiger! Are you not getting enough from your girl friend?” As she said this, she ran a finger down my chest, resting her fingernail on my belt buckle for a second. “Oh yes” I replied, “But I’ve always got some spare for a beautiful woman like you”. She looked at me curiously, and then moved away. “How about we make this a special event Sindhu aunty, and we buy each other clothes to wear on the evening?” “Oh great” she replied, “I’ve seen just the shirt to buy you!” Yeah, I thought to myself; just wait till you see what I’m going to buy for you. In the two weeks leading up to our birthdays, my girl friend and I had lots of loud sex that always included fantasies about incest with aunty and, since it was high summer, I paraded around the house in short shorts ensuring aunty saw me. She too had started wearing thin nightie’s around the house, and I regularly got flashes of thigh or nipple. Three days before I turned 21, and Sindhu aunty reached 40, our plan sprang into action. On the morning of our birthdays, after Sindhu aunty and I had opened all our cards, aunty gave me another parcel to open. “It’s your shirt to wear tonight,” she said. “Now, where is my dress?” Looking aunty in the eye, I explained that I hadn’t actually said I was going to buy her a dress, but her parcel was on the settee. Her slightly puzzled look turned into a squeal of delight, and she ran into the lounge. I heard paper tearing…and then silence.

Then, she re appeared, carrying a midi and top set. “These – are for me?” she asked. “Oh yes” I replied, “On your fantastic body they’ll look great”. “But who will see them?” aunty asked. “I intend to” I said, smiling innocently. With that I jumped up, gave aunty a hard kiss on the lips, squeezed her ass cheeks briefly, and went out. That evening, after spending the day with friends, I went back home to pick up aunty for our ‘date’. As she walked down the stairs, I had to stop myself from dragging her back upstairs there and then! She was wearing the dress that I had given her, with thin shoulder straps and low cut over her full breasts, and showed quite a bit of cleavage. Not too much to appear slutty, but enough to warrant a second and even a third look. The dress hugged her figure down to her hips, where it flared out in pleats. On a woman with legs as long as my aunty, it was definitely classed as a mini dress. “Well, how do I look?” she asked, doing a little twirl as she spoke. This caused the hem of her dress to rise up, giving me just the slightest glimpse of bare thigh. “My God, if you weren’t my aunty…” I replied. Sindhu smiled. “Let’s pretend I’m not your aunty for the evening then. How about that?” “Fine with me” I replied, and grabbed her round the waist, pulling her to me and kissing her hard, worming my tongue into her mouth. Almost immediately, she kissed me back, thrusting her tongue against mine.

My hands almost automatically went to the cheeks of her ass, squeezing them and feeling the outline of the small dark red panties I had bought her. She rubbed her crotch against my rapidly growing erection, and she moaned into my mouth. She broke off our kiss, dropping one hand down to gently rub my rock hard dick through my trousers. “OK, this is the rule. Whatever happens tonight is just happening tonight, never again.” “Suppose you enjoy it?” I suggested, rubbing my hands lightly over her hips. “Suppose I fuck you so well, and you enjoy it so much, you beg me to fuck you again, and to involve you in a threesome with my girl friend?” I swear my aunty had a little orgasm when I said that. She was breathing hard, her nipples almost burst through her black bra and the silk dress she was wearing, and I could smell her pussy. “Oh well, once a slut always a slut, that’s what your uncle used to say about me! Come on, let’s have dinner.” Sindhu and I sat close together, and she brazenly rubbed my cock through my trousers as I teased her by running my fingers up and down the soft skin of her thigh above her top, and just grazing the material of her panties, but purposely not touching her cunt. About half way home, she suddenly rammed my hand up her skirt and started to kiss my neck and face passionately. Her movements made her short skirt ride up over her hips although the food wonderful, I hardly knew what I ate. Purely because Sindhu spent the whole meal turning me on, either by sucking on her breadstick, or leaning forward over the table and displaying her ample cleavage to me, or adjusting her top in full view.

When I ‘m about to finish my meal, Sindhu aunty excused herself and went off to the bathroom. She was gone almost 10 minutes, and when she returned, I could see her nipples were rock hard. “What have you been doing?” I asked with a grin. “Oh vinu, I’m sorry but I am so horny I had to have a wink in the toilet! I am desperate for you!” “Well,” I replied “I hate to keep a lady waiting.” As I finished the dinner, with Ruth standing behind me massaging my ass through my trousers. She turned round, bent over and flipped the hem of her short skirt up. The red panties I had bought her had vanished up the crack of her wonderful ass. As soon as we got the dining room door shut my Sindhu aunty and I kissed, our tongues darting into each other’s mouths. Sindhu broke the kiss first, and started to unbutton my shirt. As she pulled it off, she said “If we are going to do this properly, let’s go to bed now!” With that she turned and headed up the stairs. I made a point of waiting a few seconds before following her so I could see up her short skirt. It was worth the wait. Her panties had vanished up her behind and both her cheeks swayed as she climbed the stairs. I walked into my auntie’s bedroom and shut the door behind me. Sindhu stood there, breathing hard, her nipples poking through her dress. “Turn round” I ordered. She now faced a full-length mirror. I stood behind her, and pulled the top of her dress off her shoulders. Looking over her shoulder, I gazed at the reflection of my aunty in the mirror, wearing just the black bra and short skirt I had bought her. She was leaning back against me, one arm against her side, the other rubbing up and down my thigh.

Her breast strained against the confines of her black bra, the nipples visible through the thin material. I unhooked her black bra, and her tits sagged slightly. I cupped them with my hands, enjoying the feel of her soft skin, and flicking my thumbs over her hard nipples. Sindhu gasped, arching her back as if to fill my hands even more. I let my hands wonder down over her ribs, her stomach, down to her groin. Slowly I pull the hook of her short skirt and it fell down revealing her red panties. I could feel the heat of her cunt as I traced a finger over her red panties. I rubbed my erect prick up and down between the valleys of her ass cheeks and gently bit her earlobe as I whispered “Watch me, watch me as I finger fuck you.” Sindhu let out a sob as my finger wormed its way under the wet elastic of her red panties. “My God, you’re wet!” I exclaimed as I stuck a finger in her. “Wet and hot” Sindhu groaned, humping her hips up to meet my finger. Her hands scrabbled behind her, reaching for the zip on my uncomfortably tight trousers. She screamed as I stuck a second finger up her sopping wet cunt. My thumb found the nub of her clitoris and I rubbed it gently. I swear if I hadn’t been supporting her, she would have collapsed on the floor. “Oh my God vinu, I’m Cumming! You’re making me cum!! Look at me; I’m Cumming on your hand!!” Indeed she was. My hand was drenched to the wrist in her juices, and with my other hand I twisted her nipples. Sindhu managed to get my prick out of my trousers and wanted me as she watched herself in the mirror being finger fucked by me. Although it felt (and looked) fabulous, I told aunty to stop winking me or I was going to cum. She laughed, reluctantly took my fingers out of her cunt, and dropped to her knees in front of me. “Now it’s your turn.

Watch your aunty gives you the best blow job of your young life.” Pausing only to pull my trousers and pants down, she licked the drops of pre cum off my dick. Then, looking up at me, she opened her mouth and engulfed my cock. She was right. It was the best blowjob I had ever had. I felt her tongue run along the sensitive underside of my cock, whilst she cupped my aching balls with her hand. I looked in the mirror and saw the wonderful sight of my aunty, dressed only in red panties and sucking me off. As I watched, I saw Sindhu slide one hand between her own thighs and, pushing the sodden material of her red panties to one side, start to finger fuck herself. That was it. I felt myself start to cum. “Oh God. Don’t stop, I’m going to cum” I shouted. “Yes, yes, cum in your aunties mouth. Oh I want your spunk so much!” With that, I came, sending ribbons of hot spunk shooting into my auntie’s receptive mouth. Some she swallowed, and then, with a delicious grin, she opened her mouth and let the rest dribble over her lips and down onto her full tits. I fell back onto the bed. Sindhu stood up and rubbed the spunk into her tits. “End of round one. Here comes round two”, she laughed. With that, she wiggled out of her sopping wet red panties and threw them on the floor. Seeing her naked, with her reddish brown cunt hair matted with her own juices quickly gave me another hard on. “I know this is wrong, but if I don’t get some of your cock, I’m going to explode. Get ready to fuck your aunty!” Sindhu crawled up the bed, pausing only to plant a swift kiss on the head of my prick.

She straddled my crotch, grabbing my prick and rubbing the head up and down the exposed lips of her cunt. “Do you want me vinu? Do you want to fuck your aunty? Tell me, do you?” “Yes!” I shouted, “Sit on my dick and let me fuck you till I fill your cunt with my cum. I want to fuck you now snide aunty!” As I said that she lowered herself onto my dick. The feeling was amazing. Her cunt was tight and red hot, and yet so wet that I slid into her easily. Sindhu shut her eyes and shuddered with delight as she bobbed up and down on my prick. I reached up and cupped her breasts, lightly pinching her nipples. I let her do all the work for a minute or so and just lay there enjoying the view and the fantastic feeling her cunt was giving me. Then I reached up, grabbing her by the back of the neck and bringing her down to lay on me. We kissed wetly as I began to hump my hips up and down, fucking her as hard as I could.

I slid my hands down onto her ass cheeks, feeling the muscles taut under the skin. “Oh God yes, fuck me lover”, Sindhu screamed. “Fuck your aunty hard. I know you want to, I’ve heard you and your girl friend talking about it as you fucked each other. I wanted to come in and join you both, and now I wish I had…Oh God, I’m Cumming again…yes…yes…fuck melee!” I stopped my hard thrusts, instead just sliding the head of my cock in and out of her cunt. When Sindhu recovered, I slapped her on the ass and told her to roll off. “I’m going to fuck you from behind and fill your cunt with my cum now.” My aunty positioned herself on the bed, with that wonderful ass sticking up into the air. Her lips of her cunt were red and glistening. As I knelt behind her, she reached between her legs and guided my cock into her pussy. “Oh yes, do it now, doggy fuck me, quickly. Stick your big hard cock into your auntie’s cunt.” More than happy to oblige, I thrust into her, making her groan. As I pumped her, I ran my hands up and down her long legs, before sliding one hand round to rub her clit.

My aunty screamed out again as her forth orgasm of the night shot through her. “Look at the mirror”, I told her. Groaning with pleasure, my aunty looked. It was an impressive sight. She was kneeling on the bed; her hands grabbing the pillows, her hair messed up and matted with sweat. Her naked breasts, the nipples engorged, swung as we fucked. And there was me, her son, kneeling between her spread legs, pausing so she could see my prick, wet with her juices. Grabbing hold of her hips, I began to thrust hard into her. Our bodies made a wet, slapping sound as we fucked, and I could feel the familiar feeling of my own orgasm approaching. I gripped her hips harder, speeding up my thrusts. “I’m Cumming”, I hissed through gritted teeth. “Yes, cum in my cunt vinukuttaaa… Fill me up with your cum. Give it to me now!” With one final thrust, I came, sending my spunk deep into my aunties waiting pussy. Her head was deep in the pillows, but I still heard her cries as she orgasmed as I filled her up. Breathing heavily, I collapsed on the bed beside my aunty.

I watched as my sperm trickled out of her cunt and began to soak into her sheets. She rolled over, and grabbed my now flaccid prick. “You remember when I said whatever happened tonight was a once off? Well, I’ve changed my mind. I want to be fucked like that as often as you can manage it.” Any ladies residing in Kerala who starves sex can mail me for safe sex at,

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