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Silent November Night

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

Hi this is Mona 27 year girl from Delhi. I am describing my real-life experience that had happened to me about 8 years back with my uncle (I was 19 and he was 28). My uncle means the husband of my father’s sister. My aunt was about to deliver a baby; so me (just finished my Intermediate Exam) and my grand mom (mother of my aunty) were in his house to take care of her. Let me describe both me and my uncle: I am 5ft 3 inch having fair skin and slim with very good look and curves and uncle is very smart with 5ft. 8 inch with masculine body as he works out everyday. While in his home, I feel sometimes that uncle gives me unusual attention and try to convey many things with his eyes, but I really did not notice any adverse action from him anytime. Before that night I have never been touched by a man and was complete virgin.

It was a November night with light cold when my aunt was in labour pain. She had to be taken to the nursing home immediately at around 10 O’ clock in the night. I had a headache that evening that increased in the night. Rohit (4 years old son of my aunt) used to sleep with us (me and my grand mom) and since my grand mom decided to go with aunt, I was left alone with Rohit in the house. Uncle, when leaving, took the key with him and I lock from inside. Then I went asleep with Rohit besides me.

I was wearing a middy frock that night and broke my sleep with a feeling of a hand slowly moving in my naked tummy. My sleep was half broken, I thought that it was Rohit’s hand; I could not see anything in the darkness. But it started moving vigorously now tickling my belly button and making a circle in it by finger. The feeling was so nice that, I did not want to let the hand go from it and my heart starts pumping hard. In my hand I tried to feel Rohit who was far way from me, so I was confirmed that it was uncle!!!!!! But I decided not to resist as the feeling was building up and very exciting and I pretend to sleep. The finger is still doing its job and now the whole palm slowly trying to come up towards my chest but could not go up because my frock was a bit tight at my waist. After 10 minutes or so, the hands came up from my tummy after many unsuccessful attempts to reach my chest, above the frock and slowly cupped my left breast. I was sleeping flat on my back without wearing a bra, so that his hands could cup my left breast and slowly started playing with it. He slowly messaged it and then played with the nipple with circling by his finger similar to which he was doing with my belly button. In this process I could feel his hot breath on my right hand as he was sleeping at my right side with his right hand doing the job.

For the first time I had a touch in my boob by a man and the feeling was tremendous. Now the hand did the same thing with my right boobs but not quite be able to get hold of the total boob as it was flat and my frock was tight. But he was doing it for minutes and I really enjoyed his every move. Suddenly I feel his hands off from me and after some time I feel his entire face in my belly. His breath was really fast and hot as he started kissing my naked belly and then kissing and sucking my belly button. Uffffffffff…it was a sensation I cannot describe…and I just jerked off my back in this new sensation. This kissing and sucking and licking to my belly button continued for another 10 minutes or so, and in this process he completely came over me now and stated kissing my cheeks slowly and then my neck and came to my lips. He just slowly planted a kiss in my lip and then took my whole lower lip inside his mouth at the same time now pressing the both boobs in his both hands. I was feeling suffocated but really enjoyed his complete control of me…but now I took a move to push him slowly and took a side turn, towards my left.

He departed for a while and after a few moment I felt his hands on my back zip trying to unzip my frock. I was undecided what to do but just wanted to give him a chance, lets see what he does. He unzipped my frock and started kissing my back and neck first slowly and then vigorously. It gave me immense pleasure. Since the zip is open, he slowly inserted his right hand on my chest to cup my right boobs. Wow..what a feeling!!! His hands were so warm and he started messaging the boobs slowly and circling the nipple with his finger..a really great sensation. Now he got more confident and tried to remove the frock to which I slowly resisted but then took another left turn to sleep on my belly, so that he could completely remove it from my body from the head side. I was naked from the up and the blanket was away from me…his hands started messaging my back and then he pulled my whole body up…turned it over…to expose my full naked body towards him. He took my upper portion to his lap (he was only wearing a boxer sorts, I guess) as I feel his hairy thighs on my back and started playing with my whole naked body as he wished to. His lips were busy in mostly kissing and biting my lips and nipples and hands were messaging the whole body wherever they can reach. I was really feeling something is burning inside and a current passing through my boobs to my vagina. I was not sure how to react to this situation but enjoying every moment and every bit of his movement, still pretending to sleep. After about 10 minutes of playing I was feeling wet in my vagina and sticky as my upper portion of vagina (clitoris) was beating hard and needed to be touched (or some kind of handling) to reach the orgasm (I had it a couple of times before). But with this situation, the feeling was really intense and probable a touch of 1-2 minutes would have been sufficient..but I did not care to put my own finger there. My hands were lying free but sometimes I had to stretch them out in excitation which was becoming intense and intense with all sorts of his foreplay. Now I have started to moan, at first very lightly but later very loud unknowingly. He was probably now sure of my non-resistance and totally confident on his activities as I felt from his movements. He was doing things quickly and especially the kissing and massaging are much more intense and deep than his starting points. All of a sudden he inserted his right hand into my salwar but I had panty. I was dying to be tingled at my clitoris and feel as if I am going to be very close to the point of orgasm…but his fingers were not really reaching to it. I intentionally loosened my tummy for more room for his wrist to enter completely and he found the way perfectly to my G-spot, initially above the panty but then to my naked vagina and finally to the clitoris.. I was completely wet and the total inside vagina was slippery. I was in heaven as he fingered it very slowly initially and then I was shivering as I took a right turn in his lap to hold him tightly as he fingered me very hard…hard..and my whole body breath became fast and heavy..and I embraced his naked body so tightly that my nails scratch his back. His face is busy in kissing my neck from the back and my whole back and his left hand still messaging both my boobs and right hand working with my slightly-hairy virgin vagina. In such a position in a minute I exploded..with a very loud moan and tight embrace. It was a great orgasm for me and after a while I could realize what has happened in last 1 hour and feel very much ashamed and departed from his hug. Uncle being an experienced person (player) knew that very well and started kissing in my forehead and slowly kissing my neck which were full of my sweat. I wanted to speak something..probably to ask him to go to his room and leave me…suddenly I felt his lips kissing my words get muffled..and I could not expressed what I was trying to. He kissed for about 10 minutes and with his regular messaging and biting the nipples…and then I confused if I should tell him to leave him???? I started feeling the heat again even he stood up and switch the fan on. I felt the air very cool and then felt that my salwar is no longer tide against me, neither my panty was. I WAS FULLY NAKED!!!!! I suddenly realize that when I was tightly holding him, he must have opened my salwar and panty..I was thinking what next to come and what this night will bring for me..then only I felt a hot air in my was from his nose as his face was close to my virgin womanhood.. In the total darkness it was not possible to see anything but at that moment I felt a hot muscular rod touching my nose. I then felt a deep intense peculiar fishy was his cock!!!! Before I think anymore…my thighs were lifted with the help of his two hands to put them into a ‘V’ shape and wide apart and the only thing I could feel his whole mouth sniffing my whole vaginal area. I now feel his nose in my labia majora as his nose tries to separate the both labial pulps apart and stacked in the juice from my vagina. On the other side I am now feeling his hot rod quite often and feel a very deep sensation in my labia minora suddenly. It was his tongue now looking for a place there!!!!!!! The feeling was wonderful…and now the tongue started exploring the whole area, both upper and deep…my pleasure gets more intense as the tongue explored more deep inside…finally it reached its destination…my little stopped a while probably to confirm if it was the point…and then after a few started licking..licking..and I was in heaven..aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh..uuhhhhhhhhh I was moaning with great pleasure..I could distinguish..what is the difference between the finger and his tongue….In deep pleasure..I hold his cock..and suddenly inserted in my mouth..although initially I did not want to…but I did it out of excitement and when I wanted to hold something tight. Ahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa came from his mouth..for the first time I heard a voice from him and I realize how impatience he is. In the meantime he started tingling around the whole vagina and especially the clitoris and making circling movements around this small candy as it aroused profoundly. My feeling of pleasure was indescribable. I wanted to have it more and more..and he was doing it more and more…I decided to take his cock inside me…at first hesitantly..and then put it inside my mouth. He screamed…it was huge (probably 9 inch and as thick as a banana, I have not thought a cock is that big..). I then took it in and out and I like his screaming in pleasure…I love his sounds…but I have to left out because my feeling was very intense in my vagina as he did all the right things to make me more and more demanding. I was trembling and suddenly he left me, and turned around…I felt his clock in my thigh now as he speared again my both the legs away and I could imagine what is coming next…he brought his cock in between my thighs and put it in the entrance of my womanhood…I did not have anything to decide..just awaiting for that great moment in my life. I felt the tip of his penis at my hole as he rubbed his glans in my soft, untouched labia vigorously. He tingled his tip in my clit as well and I was in heaven..moaning (probably shouting), before he slowly entered me. The feeling was really hurting at the beginning but it got more and softer when he entered completely and started to move up and down. In this position he came lying over me, kissing and squeezing my boobs and kissing my face all over to make me comfortable but the slow strokes transformed in to heavy strokes..and I really felt that I am in an outside world..where I am the most satisfied person…I felt the pleasure outreaching me..and I exploded with cramps…he then gave me 3-4 more strokes..and suddenly pulled him up to release his litters of semen over my tummy. He then slept over me as before, kissed, licked as before…giving me a feeling that he is completely taking care of me even his work is finished. I felt the beating of his manhood in my tummy as it got smaller and smaller, I felt it…. He slept with me kissing, licking and tightly hugging (without making any more mischief) for about half an hour more before he departed to his room finally with a deep kiss on my lips…with a whisper in my ear..”you are lovely and wonderful”. I have some more experience with my b/f and others lately but it was never like that night, as none of the guys could satisfy me, even once, neither by licking or entering with strokes nor any one is so caring in-and-out of the bed in comparison to uncle. So far this silent November night was my best ever experience in bed!!!! Although we have never got any more chance to play, I am still in touch with him by email, sometime we chat…and he gives enough which I cannot get in real life with my b/f.

Did you like my real-life experience? For feedback, please mail me to: Males, contact with your (decent) picture(s) without which I am not going to answer. Girls please share your experience and advice me how I can be able to get best out of my hubby (especially early-falling of many of our guys) as I am going to marry soon. Any trick (I think there are some trick which a woman can do with an early-falling man in bed) is welcome. Also, if any lady wants to contact my stud uncle, ask me, he lives in Bangalore and open for any secret relationship. Waiting to read you guys. Love, Mona

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