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Shubha My Preety Maid

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Hi, I am Kiran, 27, male from Pune. I like to read stories posted on ISS, which encouraged me to post this real story that happened with me 2 years ago. This happened when I went to my village for the Diwali vacation for 15 days. My family is combine family and my paternal aunt use to stay with her family at our house. We had a maid called subhashini. We call her generally Subha. She was 26 good looking and really had sexy body. Her figure was 36 24 38. She was really amazing. Her butts were very nice and when she walked it use to bounce. I really like her butts. However, I was really not having the intentions to fuck her in the beginning. The reason is I am afraid of asking her.I used to watch Subha when she is doing her regular work. When she wears transparent saree while doing work at home her cleavages use to visible and makes me hot. Also when she sweats while doing work, her bras could be seen through her blouse which will be a great scene. Her saree leaves way for her breasts to be seen through her blouse as they will be wet. Since she was almost of my age she used to be free with me talking about all stuffs, but I never had courage to ask her about sex.One Saturday afternoon all the people of my family went to our relatives house which was in another village and they were going to come after 5 hours. I went outside the house and came after an hour and knocked the door of house which Subha opened. She was wearing a silk saree which was attached to her breasts revealing most size of her breasts. Her nipples could well be seen. It seems she was sweeping the floor and her saree left place for her blouse to be seen. She was gorgeous. She asked me to come inside and she said let me complete the job and then she will serve me food. I said ok and take your own time as I was feeling happy to see her work which will make me hot. She was doing her job and I was doing my job. While I was eying round ass of her she turned and we got into eye contact she just gave a smile and she continued to do her job.

When she completed the job she was wet and I could clearly see her nipples through her blouse. Then she asked me whether I wanna food so she can give it to me. And I said yes. When she I was preparing my plate even that time I was continuously staring at her. I think she understood what is going on in my mind. After giving me plate of food she went to her home. In the evening she came on the work and she when she saw me she gave me smile. While she went on chat to collect the cloths, which she put it for to make it dry, I also went there by the other steps because I had also fear in mind that somebody in house may see me that I was behind her. After going to the chat I waited there for 5 minutes and stared at her after that I gathered courage and went to her and asked her—kay hai and she replied kuch nahi. Then I said Iwant to talk to her. For which she said kya hai and then again she said koi aa raha hai and she ran away. I understood that she also like me but she will not come forward. After that for few days I didn’t got chance to talk with her as everybody is in the house. In one afternoon she was working and all ladies are in the kitchen to see that I made gestures that I want to talk with her and by gestures I showed that I that I am going on the terrace. After finishing the washing of the cloths she came on Chat to make it dry. When she came up I was really in tension and thought about how to talk with her. Then I went to her and said tum bahut khoobsurat lag rahi ho. For that she smiled but didn’t replied. After that I asked her kuch hai kya. She said Kya chahiye. Then tum muze acchi lagti ho aur kya tum muze karne dogi she looked at me by shock and then said maine tumhare ghar ka namak khaya hai main aisa nahi kar sakti agar kisiko pata chala to sab log kya kahenge. By saying this she ran away. But I understand that I can screw her. After that her looks to me were changed. After some days my family went back and I

Stayed there for some work of the farm. Now in the house there were only three people were staying my paternal aunt, uncle and me. As in the afternoon my uncle goes to field there were only two people at the house me and my aunt. In the morning subha came for the work. When she saw me she smiled at me and started doing daily work. I was on the way to bathroom for taking the bath. My aunt asked subha to give me hot water which is on the gas. And she did so when she entered in the bathroom I hurried ad went in the bathroom behind her and grabbed her from behind. And started kissing her and rubbing her from the back and she struggled to get away of this. Finally she told me aunt will come and she has to go out of bathroom. And I realized her from my grip. She again came to bathroom and asked for cloths for washing. I was naughty at that time and I did mischief at that time. I asked her to stay at door for one minute so I can give her my cloths. And without closing the door I removed all my cloths in front of her. And she was shocked by seeing me nude. She didn’t expect that I will do this thing she saw my 8 inch cock which was saluting her and she laughed and then I took her hand and put it on my cock she tried to remove her hand but I forcefully kept it on my cock. I saw that now her breathing is getting heavier. I touched her boobs and pressed it at that time my aunt call her and she ran away. I know now I can do any thing with her just I should get time. After that it was became my regular work to touch her at here and there where I get chance. I did another mischief in front of her one day she was washing the cloths in the corridor and I was in the room and she can easily watch me from the door.

At that time I was changing the cloths and I was on the underwear. I called her and asked for a glass of water she looked at me and I removed my underwear and started masturbating in front of her. This was really different situation for her. She was just watching me then she went and get glass of water. While giving me some water she spilled some water on my dick and then said sorry and took cloth to wipe the water. Then she said maine pani dala kyonki tum agar khalas ho aye to phir muze kon karega. Meri to garam ho gayi hai par abhi nahi kar sakte. Acche wakt ka intazar karo. Afte that event she was also touching me if she get chance of replying me for my dids.The day came at that day my luck was on high. My aunt went to a marriage. She also asked me to come with her but I told her I have some work in the village so I have to stay here. So she and my uncle went for the marriage. When they were gone I closed all door and windows of my house and only main door was open. When subha came she asked me where is aunt and I said that she is in the house, which is in front of our house. Then she started work and I went to the last room and arranged the bed and room properly. I put bottle of honey and some fruits on the stool. Till that movement she finished her washing of cloths and she went to chat to put it for drying. Till that movement I closed the main door and called her and said that aunt is calling her in the last room. She went to the last room but no one was there and she understand what is going to happen. And she shouted and started running. But I caught her in the another room and lift her in my hand and took her to last room. I put her on the bed and then turn to close the door she didn’t try to escape. When I closed the door and turned I saw she was hiding her face by her hands. I went to her and took her hand and take it away from her face. She was looking down. I put her my hand on her chin and lift her face she looked in to my eyes and then again she turned her face in different direction. I completely understood that she is now a game.

I said ‘Jannu sharmao nahi main to tumhara hi hu. Aise sharmaogi to kaise chalega.’She was silent then I kissed on her cheek and she giggled aaahhhhh. She was really hot that time. Even by a simple touch her body was shaking. Then I slowly laid down on her lap and said see we have whole day to understand each other so we will do it slowly if you like. And she nodded her face and gave approval. I was happy and I hugged her in that position. Her breast were touching to my face because of that my rod became stiff. She saw it and smiled at me. I just kissed on her boobs and pressed it with my hand. And she said ooooouucchhh dire dabao na dard hota hai. Maine kaha meri jaan sabra karo todi der main tum hi kahogi zor se dabao. And she just smiled and kissed on my forhead. Then I take out her pallu of sari at one side and started pressing her boobs slowly. And she remained silent and just saying aahh aahhh. Ouuu she was becoming hotter and started responding to me. She was just put her hand on my hair and started snaching hair in ecstacy. Then I started removing her blouse and she was on her bra. I also loosened her bra and she was nude above her waist. I started pressing her boobs again then I had one mischief in mind and I just stopped then she said rook kyu gaye aur dabao na. Maine kaha kise dabau and she just showed her boobs and said ise dabao I said what is name of that part and she said jaise tumhe malum hi nahi. Ab dabao bhi muze maza aaa raha hai.
I: pahle nam batao
She: pahle dabao
I: pahle naam
She: muze sharam aati hai.
I: dabane ko kahti ho aur naam lene se sharmati ho jaanu please…. Naam batao.
She: meri chuchiya dabao. Ab to dabao
Then again I started pressing her boobs and she was making noise aaaahhhh..Then I her under me and started kissing her lips but in the beginning she was not opening the lips but when I pressed her boobs hard she just open her mounth to say aaaaahhh and I put my tongue on her mounth she also started playing with my tongue with her tongue. She was just mummering uummm uuuuumm mere raja kitni der laga di tune lekin aaj main poora maza loongi. Khub choodwaungi tuzse. Aaaahhhhhhh. We were kissing passionately and she hold my head tightly. And started biting my lips she said she like to bite lips while kissing she was amazing. We were smooching for 15 minutes after that I started going down. I kissed on her chicks then i kissed on her ears I bite it and she shivered in pain aaaaaahhhhh. I came to know that it was her hot spot so I kissed her there for 5 minutes and she was in uncontrolled position. She was biting me and hitting me on my back. She got wild. I kissed her passionately on her lips and she responded by biting my lips. I removed her saree and blouse in no time and ran my fingers through her silk body and breasts. She insisted I suck her nipples. I removed her bra to get a glimpse of her round breasts with black nipples. While I fondled her one breast with my left hand, I used my mouth to suck her nipples. I shifted my mouth from one to another till she held my cock. I got up and put the light. I

Could see my aunt’s half-naked body that was more attractive. I removed all my dress and asked her to have a look at me. She commented that I have a very long weapon. She pulled my shaft down and inserted her mouth filled with hot saliva over my glands and started sucking the same way she saw in the porn film. I was in my seventh heaven and in the process, I ejaculated in her mouth. She did not expect that and immediately withdrew her mouth. She said she does not like the taste and spat and playing slapped on my body for being naughty.I lied down like that for some time for my body battery to get charged up. Once charged up, I got up and removed her undergarments to expose her private parts. She was shy and covered her face with hands. I ran my hands through her black bush to touch her holy flesh. It was slippery with her love juice. I inserted my middle finger into her narrow vulva, scooped the love juice and rubbed it on her clitoris. She was all along closing her eyes and with each rubbing over her clitoris, she was moaning uttering my name and saying “do again kiran, it is so good”. I got up, kept a pillow under her buttocks to have a clear look. I separated her thighs and saw her black labia majora and pink labia minora. Due to the secretion of juice, her flesh was white in color. I wiped it with a cloth and moved my head towards her vagina. Due to sweat, a not-so-pleasant odor was coming from her bushes. But, I did not want to make her mood off. I stopped inhaling for a while and using the tip of my tongue, I touched her already swollen clitoris and immediately she jumped with pleasure.

When I increased the frequency of cunnilingus, she was bumping her ass and pushing my head towards her forest. She was thoroughly enjoying and loads of juice was flowing from inside. Her moans and the salty taste of her juice made me wild and I kept repeating it till I got exhausted. I tried to put my tongue into her vulva but my teeth was hurting her. I came up and lied beside her. She kissed me so hard on my lips and with tears on her eyes said “you made my life meaningful. I will never forget this and wish only good things for you”. I responded by kissing her back. When I got up to have intercourse, she stopped me saying that she was in her unsafe period and insisted I use a condom. She asked me to take the condom pack and helped me cover up my erect organ. I made her lift both her legs and keep it on my shoulders. She was having back pain in that position and hence, I made her lie down on the table which was accurate for the act. I asked her to spread her legs. I saw a small hole inviting its partner to enter. I slowly starting pushing my rod and in no time, the entire penis was inside her hot vulva. She said “kiran, it is so good and hot, please keep doing that for a very long time”. I started my bumping slowly and gradually picking up the speed. She was holding my ass for better grip. As she was still on her path to her orgasm, I kept continuing the action and after sometime, she screamed “kiran, it is coming, it is coming, please keep doing fast, fast…”. She then spread her legs and pulled me towards her to kiss but ended up in biting my lips. After that in one minute I also came. After she came to her senses, I pulled her to the bed and we lied down like that for half-an-hour or so. She kissed me and said “thank you kiran”. After that I we did 3 rounds and last round went for 1hour we both were tired. After that I fucked her many times in house when no one was there, on farms, when she use to come for cattle grazing.If any women, aunty or girls from pune, aurangabad, Mumbai wants to do friendship or fun then email me and ha don’t forget to reply comments on my story. My Email id is

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