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Shruti Sharma Sex Experience

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

Dear friends, This is one year old incident after enjoying 10 yrs of married life with my wife one day i read a article about wife swapping in India Today in which reference of various magazines like BM ads etc was given i discussed this subject in the night with my wife and this idea got killed in first shot by her and after a lot of persuasion i told her we will try this only if suitable couple is found and then after weighing every thing only then we will decide for one or two occasional enjoyment that too with all kind of safety. she agreed and we applied against a ad given by punjabi couple seemed suitable. even after one month we didn’t recd. Any reply and then we went for a family marriage to Bombay and left the kids with parents.

After attending the shagun ceremony we decided to go to one of our distant cousin sister who were having a close relationship with the family. as usual they were very happy and after initial discussion on various family related subjects my cousin sister honey who was 38 yrs. old told that your BM friendship offer is acceptable to them and told us that they are ready to go ahead in this we were little confused then her husband Amit explained about the ad. given by them and our reply against it.i explained that it was just for the sake of fun but we do not have any intention and my wife was embaraced but honey told that they are serious and wish us to join. After alot of persuasion from them finnaly we agreed and my wife also gave her consent. she was a beauty with 40-32-38 frame and her husband was strongly built person.after tea and snacks they started with light non veg. jokes and with mood getting lighter it get converted to hard core non veg. honey stared using the words lund and choot and we also didn’t minded it and even my wife came with one joke having word loda in it. They told us to stay for night and we informed our relatives that we will come in morning only.

They suggested for dinner out side and in order to get mixed up we went to a restraunt near juhu and sat in a corner seat and ordered for bear and ladies with some hasitation joined on bear i was sitting on sofa with honey and shruti with honey,s husband after some time i saw his hand on the thigh of my wife and she didn,t objected and it went in after some time and my hand also moved inside the kameez of honey after few moments our loda’s were errect and i saw his hand mouling my wifes pussy lips over the salwar. we decided to goback to home for real action in the car we were excited and sharing our experience of chudai. after reaching home we throwed our cloths and get nude and saw each others organs.honey’s boobs were too big and her husband’s lund was quite thick at the bottom but 6-1/2″ where as mine is 7-1/2 but thinner than his.after lot of kissing he uplifted my wife’s legs and planted his thick lund in her fudi and started stroking at faster pace and i started fucking honey in same pose when we were about to come we changed wives and pose to doggy style and after fucking them for 15 minutes we again exchanged the fudi’s and told the wives to come on top and fuck us wife was taking in his loda with big thrusts and their joints were pressing deep in side and started moaning.honey was heavy and after some deep strokes she told me to come on top and said bhen chod meri fudi nahin fuda hai.fad de my wife also responded with deep strokes from top to honey’s husband.tera danda bahut mota hai and started stroking fast and i saw her cumming and with in few seconds he also lifted high to burst in her choot depth’s and honey said mera loda damdar hai is main jada lace hai, i lifted her left leg up and stroked with pace and we exploded simultaneously. after some moments we all were relaxed and enjoyed the fun.after taking tea with some snacks we started the act again and took them for pissing he opened the lips of my wifes cunt to facilitate pissing and washed it with soap and i did the same to honey and they took our lunds and did same. we started licking their pussy’s and they did it to our lund’s all were aroused again and started fucking again this time due to second time .

We were realy giving them deep strokes and changed quite a positions on sofa,s and i helped him in fucking my wife by lifting her legs high and honney by pressing his hips deep.he also helped me while fucking honey in a diificult pose. we were still going great guns and fudi’s were a bit tired then he went to dinning room anfd brought 2 ice orange candies which we inserted in their choots and started licking it enjoyment rose high and both had their orgasaum again and again. then honey went and brought one empty plastic bottle of pepsi and gave it t her husband who started striking at her big hips with little force and handed it over to me and i struck it too on her hips with some force which she requested to strike with force and on other side her husband started striking my wife’s hips with his hands both were enjoying. her husnband brought a 500ml coke bottle and inserted in her wife’s fuda and more than 50% went in easyly and tried in my wife results were same then he reversed it and honey still consumed it easily but it did not went inside my wife.he suggested to fuck honey from both holes as they were often practising gand fucking too.i made her doggy and after applying oil put my lund in her ass hole after some restriction it went fully and i started striking.we changed position with lund inside.he inserted his lund in her cunt and we started striking i was feeling the moment of his lund in her after some time we started pulling our lund’s simultaneously and striking deep in her, she also started enjoying it and encouraged us my wife put her fudi on her mouth which she started licking. then we increased the force and started squeezing with deep strokes she got three orgasm one after other and requested us

AB CHUDWA LO PLEASE MERI TO BUS HO GAYEE.then we increased the pace and came almost simultaneously in her both holes and my wife in her mouth.we all were fully exhausted and fell asleep in that pose. Next night after marriage we went again and enjoyed the swapping again. we did it couple of more times after that honey and her husband went abroad and we miss them.we want to start with some couple/single lady if any body want this please write to us at

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