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Shopping & Sex Ka Maza

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

If you see a well dressed guy, it probably means that he’s gay, or that he has a woman pick out his clothes. So, when you walk into a clothing store and you see a blank guy, try to help him out. A few weeks ago, I too was looking for help, and by god, I wasn’t getting any, and I was screwed.

I had just got a new job as a sales executive, and after my first salary, my boss had asked me to return only with new clothes, or to stay home. So, I stood inside the Globus store at Colaba, Mumbai, looking at a lot of clothes and getting a migraine.

I pulled out two pairs of trousers, both of a kind off-white color, and added them to my shopping cart. Suddenly, some one behind me interrupted me.

“I wouldn’t choose both of the same color, and the one on your left just isn’t you.”

I turned. A young woman around my age (very early twenties) stood before me.

“Choose another pair, something in a dark color. And the one on the left just isn’t you.”

I looked at the trousers. They looked the same.

“How are they different?”

“Pleats. The one on the right will look better. Just trust me.”

“How are pleats good?” I asked. The trousers still looked the same to me.

“Always ask a woman before you buy yourself some clothes, from now onwards. The pleats make your package look good.”

I obeyed her. We introduced ourselves. Sarah was around my age, and about 5’3, fair and voluptuous. She had black hair to her shoulders, a nice rack and a really good behind, which I checked out continually whilst she was looking for shirts for me.

“How come are you shopping alone?”

“I like shopping.” She replied.

“I thought women got together in groups and shopped. How come you are doing this alone?”

“I’ll tell you if you tell me. You didn’t buy those clothes yourself.”

“No, my ex helped me buy them. I don’t really shop for myself.”

“I can tell.”

“So, what about you?”

“Well, my ex is getting engaged. That bastard cheated on me with this tramp, and now is calling me to his engagement party. I want to give him some second thoughts and all… I want him to know he’s an idiot. None of my friends are helping me, so I just came by myself.”

“I see. So, what have you picked up?”

“Nothing, really. Can’t figure out what will make him rethink his decision.”

“Mind if I help?”

“Do you have an hour or two to spare?”

“Its Saturday. And I owe you.”

Sarah proceeded to give me another migraine by trying on a dozen different dresses and asking me what looked best. After the thirteenth dress, I had too much. I stopped her and began talking.

“Listen, you’re never going to get him to burn if you wear this.”

“Hey, you haven’t seen me with all the other stuff.”

“You’re not getting my point. I’m sure you’ll look pretty, but if you want him to reconsider, you have to look sexy.”

“Sexy? You mean slutty, don’t you?”

“Hey, he didn’t cheat on me.”

Sarah took the hint. She picked up a nice top of some sort (I have really no idea about what kind of top is what) and it showed a slight bit of cleavage, along with a nice skirt.

“Looks good?” she asked.

“This is more like it. Total hard on material.”

“How do you know it will turn him on?”

“Hey, I don’t care. It’s working on me, though.” I said.

Sarah blushed slightly, and began to try out other stuff.

After a while, I sat outside the trial room, and she came out wearing something that positively made my jaw drop. She wore boots of some sort, with a skirt that totally showed off her legs and that fine, grab-worthy ass, and a top that made you want to put her tits in your mouth and suck.

“Nice?” she asked.

“Yeah. You need to fix up that bra though.”


“Something on the back is making it snag.”

There was a bit of strap coming out, and she was trying to get it, but couldn’t.

“Listen, you do it.” She told me.

I wasn’t really sure if she really wanted me to touch her. Still, I slowly touched her back and pushed the straps into place. She seemed to react warmly to the touch.

“Hey, can you help me just know what will look totally awesome on me?”

“OK” I said.

“I’ll keep trying make up or dresses, and you tell me what looks good.”

“I’m getting bored, Sarah.”

She smiled and pulled me closer. Her body smelled of some interesting perfume. We looked around the store, and as yet, there weren’t any people on our floor. Sarah looked around.

“You want me to join you in there?” I asked, pointing at the changing room.

Sarah didn’t say much, but after casting another look around the floor, pulled me into the changing room with her.

Now, you know that most changing rooms these days are little cubicles you can barely fit into. Thankfully, this store wasn’t. It was larger than say, the average toilet cubicle, and had a tiny bench to sit on. All the walls were glass, with hooks around the corners. In all, it wasn’t claustrophobic, which means a lot to me, because I’m much larger compared to the average Indian- about 6’2, muscular and hairy, and thanks to being an ex boxer, in decent shape, too.

Sarah pulled me in, and I casually sat down on the bench, putting her fine ass at my eye level. I could barely take my eyes off it, as she began to push her hands into the dress and readjust her bra. I could see her every move thanks to the mirrors.

As she pulled her bra in place, I realized that she was creating a cleavage. I couldn’t help but look, and somehow, she caught me staring at her, in the mirror. She winked. I was too turned on by this hot woman in front of me. I licked my lips.

I stood up, and she turned around to face me. She looked positively hot, giving me a slight hard on, which was growing into a dong with every second that passed.

“I think you look pretty hot, your ex will totally want you.” I breathed. Guys can’t talk when turned on.


“Yes, its totally turning me on.” I replied.

“I can see that.” She said, pointing at the tent in my trousers.

“I can’t help it. Its your fault.”

“Really? Show me how.” She said.

I couldn’t help it, I wanted this woman, bad.

Pulling her closer, I kissed her, and took in the taste of her lips, on mine, and quickly pushed my tongue into her mouth. While doing this, my hands roamed her body, and began to feel that hot body of hers.

She seemed to get more turned on, as I slipped my hand into the back of her dress and quickly undid her bra hooks, to which she made a slightly surprised sound, and moved back, touching her back to the mirror-wall. I was able to quickly get her out of that hot dress, and roll one long, hard, exited nipple between my forefinger and thumb.

Soon, I put the nipple into my mouth, and sucked on it. It was slightly hard, like cheese, and a lot of fun to suck on. I alternated between each of her nipples, taking in the honey-dew taste of each. Gradually, I pushed her skirt and panties aside, reaching in for her wet pussy and playing with it, soaking my fingers in her dripping pussy juice; all the while her moans continued to rise. I stopped and opened the door and peered out into the floor, but being too early in the afternoon, no one else had showed up on the floor. Yet, I knew if we made too much noise, we could alert the staff.

Quickly closing the door, I pulled off my shirt, and went back to kissing Sarah. Sarah, however, had other plans. Pushing me off her body, she made me sit down on the bench. Slowly, she got down on her knees, and helped me out of my jeans, and pulling my underwear to my knees, freed my big, hard cock for her to see.

She smiled at me very sexily as she played with it, and I knew I wanted her to put it in that hot mouth of hers.

“Suck it, baby.” I said.

“Say please.” She said coyly.

“Suck on my hard cock, baby, please.”

Smiling, she tenderly licked it at first. Then, while kissing it up and down the shaft, she slowly inserted it into her mouth causing me to break my own No Moaning rule. I didn’t know if Sarah was on orator or singer, but she sure had a talented mouth. While sucking me, she reached and cupped my balls, and looked into my eyes with that sexy look in them, which on any other day, would have sent me over the edge.

But today, I was trying something new. I wanted her, bad.

Outside, for no apparent reason, the store started its music. That meant that customers would be coming in soon. But I couldn’t wait, I wanted her.

I slowly nudged her off my cock and continued to kiss her, and slowly helped her out of her panties. Thanks to a good education, I never come unprepared and hence reached for my supply of protection inside my wallet. Sarah stopped kissing me and looked down. She seemed to be surprised at seeing the condom; after all, neither of us had thought that some kissing in the trial room would go this far.

“I want you, now.” I said.

Sarah understood, and quickly tore the condom pack open and put it on my cock, helping it along the shaft by sucking on the head of my cock, and pulling the condom down with her talented hands. I couldn’t help but want this woman more and more.

I raised Sarah’s leg into the air, and slowly entered her. She was very wet, but she took time to let all of me enter her, slowly stretching her cunt out, taking me inch by inch, raising me to a fever pitch, second by second.

Sarah soon had all of me inside her, and I began to slowly thrust. I realized her leg was becoming an impediment, so I momentarily put it down, and then, putting my hand underneath that fine ass, I raised both her legs us, spreading them around my torso, and holding her up in the air with my strong arms, her back against the mirror, and began to thrust into her.

This was a position I hadn’t tried before, and it was pretty amazing. She seemed to be surprised at first to be picked up into the air, but then enjoyed it, as I held her close and kissed her while thrusting harder and harder into her.

Sarah was beginning to moan loudly, and I had to keep warning her to keep silent, lest we alert the staff. Slowly, holding her close, I let go of one hand and clamped it over her mouth to stifle her sexy moans. But she bit me back, and turned me on more.

She tried to moan softly next, and her moaning was more like sighs now, and she began to look at the mirrors around us, studying our reflection as I banged her. She seemed to like it, and her sighs became more erratic, and hornier by the second.

Suddenly, I felt something was wrong. Holding her there, I stopped thrusting and peered out onto the floor. I saw some people there, and they seemed to be at the other end of the floor, but I was quite sure that they would start moving towards us, and ruin our little rendezvous. I had stopped, but Sarah leaned closer to me and said,

“Don’t stop now. Just give it to me! Give it to me like a man!”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. Holding her close, I gently lowered her to the floor, and took her missionary style, and began thrusting into her again.

Sarah seemed to like it, because she raised her legs and wrapped them around me, adding more force to my thrusts, and meeting me with her own movements at the same time. Sarah suddenly seemed to go into a spasm, as it were- her eyes rolled up into her head, her mouth only making a slightest of a sigh- that I realized that the floodgates had opened, and that she was hitting climax.

Seeing this, I thrust into her harder, and she folded her legs behind me, pulling me closer, and pushing me into an orgasm; as I came hard into the rubber, completely pulled into her body.

I had a little sigh of my own, as I lay on top of her. I opened my eyes, and looked at her. She smiled back at me. Slowly, I extracted myself from our entwined bodies, and sat on the bench, naked. I watched as Sarah slowly stood up, and began to put on the clothes, all the while wearing that little skirt which I had not bothered to take off her body while fucking. She took it off, and replacing them with her street clothes, began to get dressed. I too, took the cue and began to pull my clothes on, all the while watching this hot woman I just had; my body spent, my mind still wanting more.

I got dressed slightly faster and stepped out, waiting for her. The customers hadn’t noticed the noises inside, and asked me if they could use the trial room. I showed them another, and finally Sarah came out, wearing street clothes, her kinky outfit in tow. She smiled at me, and I followed her silently down to the cashier, where we both made our purchases. I wondered if any of the staff had noticed anything, because if they had, they weren’t showing it. I peered over Sarah’s shoulder and looked at the bill, and it was quite steep. Still, she paid it and walked out of the store.

I paid for my stuff, and being on sale, it was reasonable. I looked at the cashier who smiled at me. I still have no clue what that smile meant.

As I exited the store, Sarah handed me a small piece of paper with her name and number on it, and asked me to call.

“Hey!” I asked before leaving, “That stuff is pretty expensive. Are you sure you want to keep it?”

Sarah smiled. “If it can work on a guy I don’t know, my ex has to be gay not to like it.”

We both smiled at each other and went our separate ways.

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