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Shit What I’ve Done!

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

This is my second story in desipapa, but first in this website! This story is about a young boy, in his teens & his special encounter with the love of his life. I looked into the mirror, I had put on some weight compared to last year; my cock was thicker & longer now, my facial hairs were dense, I was almost a man.

As I was feeling proud of myself, I heard my mother shout. I was late for my tution. I dressed up quick & started off. I wasn’t a dull student, its just that my mind was interested in everything apart from studies. As I came close to vandana mam’s house, I was filled with excitement. She was a divine beauty. Right from the time I entered high school, I had many girls behind me, bt I was interested in none other than my vandana. It wasn’t purely lust, I truly loved her. I just used to love looking into her dark brown eyes, silky hairs, perfectly sculpted body & a skin tone like milk. She was all I dreamt of day & night. She also payed special attention to me. When I scored less, she offered to tutor me & without a second thought, I agreed. For the past 2 & a half years, I’ve done nothing but enjoy looking at her beauty!

As I was about knock, I saw a slip lying there. I opened it up, it read “Dear Arun, today is my husband’s 3rd death anniversary. I’m off to his birth place. Hence, I won’t b able to tutor you for 3 days”. I was devastated, not due to the fact her husband was dead, I knew that already, bt I was sad tat I wouldn’t b able to see her for 3 days. I spent the next 3 days in great difficulty. Bt on the 4th day I headed to school with great enthusiasm only to find vandana had taken another day off. Right after school I rushed to her home. As I knocked, she opened the door. I was stunned to see her.

She was wearing a silk robe that covered her full upper part & came down till her knees. I asked her why she didn’t come to school, she pointed towards her leg showing that her ankle was sprained. She told that she had spent the entire day with her feet dipped in warm water, but it gave no relief. I thought of asking whether the ceremony went without any troubles, bt I didn’t want to spoil her mood. She told me to study while she takes a bath. I agreed and headed towards the study table.

Just as I sat down to study, I heard vandana scream. I rushed to the bathroom & I saw that she had poured very hot water over her sprained ankle without knowledge. She was crying out of pain. I stretched her leg & started poring cold water on it. Her legs were shaved & smooth as silk. I massaged her feet & caught glimpses of those lovely thighs. As I stretched & lifted her legs further, her thighs separated & the short robe went up giving me a clear view of her clean shaven pink pussy! I just froze. I looked at her, but vandana had closed her eyes, still crying in pain. The devil in me took control. I was out of my senses. I started caressing her feet, poured some water & caressed it again. Sincere she was still having her eyes closed, I decided to go further. Ankle, feet, knees & now….I was massaging….or rather I was squeezing her plumpy, milky, shaved thighs. My cock was so hard that I was feeling so uncomfortable to hold it within. I got an idea.

I carefully guided her leg towards my pant & made her feet rest on my cock. I think she felt my hard on & immediately she jumped up saying that she is ok now, thanked me & sent me back to study. I was so angry by what she did. I went back & the only thing I had in mind was to jerk off. An idea struck me. I crept into her wardrobe & sneaked out a pair of bra & panty & I rushed to the study room. I smelled them. As they were fresh ones, I didnt smell any of her aroma. Still, the big cups of her bra was more than enough…I started stroking myself vigorously. I poured some oil on my cock & lubricated it. As I was placing it back, the bottle slipped out of my slippery hand & broke making a noise. Vandana heard that, she asked me what it was, I told it was noting & she continued bathing.

I thought of cleaning up the mess later & started jerking off so hard holding her bra & panties, sniffing them, fantasizing about vandana, thinking about her pink pussy, her round ass, her pussy which was untouched for 3 years, her boobs which weren’t squeezed since a long time, her lips which hadn’t tasted a cock since her husband’s death….it was too much for me. I erupted. My thick load was all over the floor, her undergarments were dripping with oil & my baby making juices.

My body shivering in ecstasy, thinking about my angel. Thinking about how good she looked in that sexy short robe….phew! I regained my senses. That was one hell of an orgasm. As I gasped for breath, I heard vandana at the door saying….”Arun…what the hell are you doing?”. I almost had a heart attack. I was nude, her panty drenched in my juices, my cum all over the floor, a broken bottle of oil, her bra over my face….How was I supposed to explain this??? Will she ever forgive me??? Leave a comment guys & let me know if you want to read what happens next 😉

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