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Shilpa Aunty

  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

This  happened when i was about 22 years old. I was sent to Delhi for my further studies to my one of distant shilpa aunty’s place. my shilpa aunty was about 35 yr old but looked quite sexy for her age. let me describe shilpa aunty to you. i know she is 35 years old, she has short, brown hair fashioned in a kind of bob. her face is round, and she has bright black eyes and full lips. although i’ve never seen them, i can tell that she has enormous jugs. and, even though she is a bit big around the waist and hips, she doesn’t look fat because she is quite tall for a woman.

I used to watch her work in the house in just blouse and petticoat. this gave me lots of opportunities to se her nice hard breasts and her solid ass as she bent for something or the other. i was in college that time and just coming off age. my friends used to discuss how they masturbated thinking of the girls and looking at their asses and breasts. i started to look at my shilpa aunty as sexual object after i heard all the things. i knew it was bad but could not stop from thinking about it. my shilpa aunty was not aware of this and considered me as just a kid. she did not know the effect of her dress in the house, what it did to me or it aroused my sexual interests. i started to be close to my shilpa aunty as much as possible and even tried to sleep in the same bed. but i could not dare touch her body in sexual way. the situation changed shortly. one-day shilpa aunty was sitting in a easy char reading something and all of a sudden her pearl necklace broke, scattering the pearls all over the room. shilpa aunty went to get up and gather them, but i told her to stay seated and leave it to me; the less movement she made, the easier it would be to find them all. i had soon collected all those that had been on the floor, whilst shilpa aunty picked up those around her. as i handed the pile to her, shilpa aunty told me she could feel some of them underneath her. i knelt down next to her feet, and began to feel around where she was sitting. just as i felt one of the little pearls, it fell free of my grasp. in my frantic effort to retrieve it, i let my right hand fall to rest high up on shilpa aunty’s lap.


That’s when i felt it. that’s when my whole life changed forever. resting beneath my hand, and beneath shilpa aunty’s silky gown, was the unmistakable form of her panties. my hands searched for the pearl and in the effort my fingers ran over the panty-clad pussy of my shilpa aunty, making me hard. my shilpa aunty gasped too but did not show any reaction. i knew she was disturbed too. i spent rest of the night thinking about fucking my shilpa aunty and masturbating with the fantasy. i fantasized about being seduced by my shilpa aunty. i dreamt about stripping her and fucking her senseless. from next day onwards i made sure i always got into a position that would allow me to touch her hips and feel the magic underwear that held her pussy. one night after few days, i went too far. it was a warm evening of summer, and i thought shilpa aunty looked very attractive in a sleeveless gown she wore. i wanted to touch her everywhere. then i started to talk to her. we had been talking about uncle for some time, when shilpa aunty surprised me and said that she missed him not only for the way he made her laugh, but in the way he made her feel like a woman. as she got up from her chair and went into the kitchen, she said that she hoped i would make up the missing fun for her. i immediately got up and followed her. i felt that she was giving me the ‘come on’. maybe she had sensed, particularly with the amount of ‘accidental’ touching up i had been giving her, that i wanted her. when i entered the kitchen, shilpa aunty was standing with her back to me washing some utensils.


She continued to talk about how uncle was still a `virile’ man and that she missed the physical side to her marriage. she was really giving me the green light, i thought. so, i plucked up courage and stood right behind her and grasped her bare arms and allowed my hands to caress her soft, warm skin. shilpa aunty laughed gently, and thanked me for my concern about her problems. i could hold back no longer. roughly, i turned shilpa aunty around to face me, and pushed her back against the wall. holding her upper arms tightly in my hands, i heard myself tell her that i could look after her and service all her needs. shilpa aunty’s initial smile faded, as i moved in closer and the bulge in my trousers stuck into her waist. when she looked down and saw how aroused her raj was, her face turned red. ‘you are touching me. that’s bad raj. you are like my raj and i am your shilpa aunty. please don’t look at me that way my boy. if your uncle comes to know this we will be in real trouble. please stop that raj’, she said weakly. i bent my head down to kiss her. ‘raj, no. no’, shilpa aunty continued as i increased my effort to kiss her. ‘i think you’d better leave.’ shilpa aunty said, quietly. sorry shilpa aunty. i got carried away. i love you so much that i thought i should comfort you. ohh raj. its wrong you know. how you can kiss your shilpa aunty as your uncle does? it’s a sin. its incest. ohhhhhhh. if i were not your shilpa aunty. please go away or else something bad may happen. shilpa aunty said with her eyes full of tears. i let go of her and ran to my room. my head was spinning and my cock was hard, i masturbated thinking of shilpa aunty and slept. in the night i heard my shilpa aunty crying and felt bad about it. but then i heard something else too, i heard moans from my shilpa auntys room and thought that she was very much disturbed. i wanted to comfort her so i went quietly to her room and opened the door inch by inch. what i saw gave me a shock. there my shilpa aunty was lying naked on her bed with her legs spread wide. her fingers were busy rubbing her pussy. she was frantically masturbating and moaning loudly. her hands moved all over her body and kneaded her full breasts.while moaning she once called me  ohhhhhhhh raj. please fuck me. fuck my cunt. your uncle neglects me. he is away all the time. ohh fuck me. when i heard this i went inside the room and stood beside her bed. my shilpa aunty looked at me and covered her body with the bedsheet. without speaking, she sat down and spoke to me. i brought my eyes up to hers as she spoke. ‘i am sorry about the incidence raj,’ she began, ‘i’m afraid i made a bit of a mistake.’ `would you be a sweet boy and allow an me to change my mind?’ ‘come here, raj.’ she ordered. ‘come and sit here. ‘ i sat on the bed beside her and looked down at shilpa aunty, i could see her huge breasts showing off over the thin sheet she had wrapped.


Shilpa aunty turned towards me and the bed sheet fell aside. i could see her boobs, now naked and shining. ‘let me show you what i have in mind.’ shilpa aunty said. i could hardly believe it as i saw her hands come up to my shorts and begin to undo the buttons. her long fingers soon had the buttons undone. then shilpa aunty put her fingers on the zipper, looked up at me with that same dirty smile, and started to pull it down. before i knew it, my shorts were around my ankles, and the bulge in my boxers, made by my ever growing cock, was sticking right out in front of me. i had to breathe in to catch my breath as she eased the elastic waistband over my phallus and pulled the shorts down my legs. twitching not two inches from shilpa aunty’s face was my dick, bare and exposed. shilpa aunty looked up into my eyes and moistened her lips. with our gazes locked on each other, shilpa aunty opened her mouth, and moved her head towards my cock. it was like slow motion the way she enveloped it, and took me all in, deep throat. she pulled her head back and let her tongue caress the tip of my lund, before swallowing me again. i groaned as the waves of pleasure hit me. holding the base of my dick in her fist, shilpa aunty moved her head quickly to and fro. i couldn’t believe it as her loud slurping noises echoed around the silent room. as she increased her hand speed on my prick, her left hand came up to stroke my balls. that did it. a minute later she was swallowing my warm, white love juice. i felt her throat constrict around my knob as shilpa aunty tried not to let any escape her lips. when my balls were completely empty, she withdrew my limp cock from her mouth, and wiped around her lips with her tongue. ‘wow, raj,’ shilpa aunty began, ‘i’d forgotten just how good a young man’s spunk tastes. your uncle never allows me to do this and you are the first man to have come in my mouth’ shilpa aunty said licking her lips and drinking in all of my come off it. i fell to my knees on the bed. my body felt drained. shilpa aunty got up and stroked me saying, my lovely young lad has just made me a warm, milky drink, and i’ve finished every last drop. now take rest and i will come back. ten minutes later she entered the room slowly. she walked over and stood right in front of me, obviously delighted at her raj’s reaction; my dick was at full length again. i moved closer, reached out my hands, and began to caress her silky smooth thighs. shilpa aunty let out a groan as my hands moved over her hips, gently brushing her cunny lips as they did so. i stood up and moved closer to her. she looked down at my quivering cock, as my hands went up to untie her nighty. as the bow came undone easily in my hands, her tits came into my view. i stared at them then i reached out and began to tweak her nipples. shilpa aunty began to moan loudly. this became even louder as i bent my head to suckle on them. as i gently bit and licked her golden orbs, i began to move shilpa aunty closer to the bed. then i pushed her back onto it, lifted her left leg over the back, pulled the panties away from her hole, and positioned myself at her entrance. balancing my body with outstretched arms, i pushed hard to enter her. i got nowhere. i pushed again. still i couldn’t get into her pussy.


Shilpa aunty looked up at me and shilpa aunty’s right hand went down to my cock, moved it around a bit, and placing it at her entrance she said: ‘sometimes, you need to give it a guiding hand. try it now’ man, what a feeling as my helmet forced its way passed her labia and into the warm, wet, safe haven of her choot. now that i was in, my confidence returned, and i began to fuck shilpa aunty with all my might. with her mouth partly open and her eyes shut tight, shilpa aunty squealed in pleasure as i ripped into her. i gave her the full seven inches of my weapon as fast as i could. her nails clawed at my back, and i knew i’d look at the scratches in the mirror tomorrow, and they would be all i needed to make me wank off. as shilpa aunty’s hands moved down to my ass, and she began to clench my buttocks, i knew that my constant banging was bringing her off. then, as she started to call out my name, i felt my own juices stir. i let my arms drop so that our bodies rubbed together. now it was my tongue forcing its way into her mouth. she accepted it greedily. and as we slobbered over each other, i felt her body stiffen in orgasm. as her choot contracted and expanded, i sensed i was about to cum myself. just as the flood came, i ground my hips into shilpa aunty’s so that i was as far in her as possible. i thought i felt it touch her womb, but that’s probably false bravado. anyway, i let her have it all. it must have been about two in the morning when my next erection woke me up. shilpa aunty was lying naked to my right, with her back to me. i pulled the sheets back to expose her body. as my right hand gently stroked her back, shilpa aunty let out a soft groan. i moved closer to her and began to nuzzle her neck and left ear with my lips. i could feel the tip of my knob touching her skin, and i wanted to be inside her again. i whispered softly in her ear: ‘shilpa aunty, can i fuck you in the ass?’ ‘raj, honey,’ she began,’ you can fuck me anywhere you want to.’ as shilpa aunty said this, she rolled completely over onto her front, and, arching her back, stuck her butt invitingly into the air. i had seen enough porno movies to know that the anus needs to be lubricated for easy penetration. fortunately, as i turned on the bedside light, i could see a jar of petroleum jelly on the dressing table. i opened it up and took out a large glob on the end of my forefinger. i separated shilpa aunty’s butt cheeks, and rubbed the jelly around her arse hole.


I stuck my finger a little way inside. this was certainly going to be tighter than her pussy. shilpa aunty moaned as the tip of my finger entered her arse. i thought to myself, if that made her wince, what would something the size of my dick do to her? suddenly, i felt very cruel, and wanted to hurt her. i positioned myself in between her legs, took hold of my prick in my right hand, and moved it around her anus. when i was happy that i had it in just the right position, i put all of my weight onto my hips, and thrust into her. my dick burst up her anal walls right up to the hilt. shilpa aunty let out a painful scream. it pleased me to know that she was in agony, and i thrust in and out violently as she whimpered into the pillow. i looked down, and was mesmerized by the ripples over her butt cheeks caused by the rhythmical slapping of my thrusts. after five minutes of this, shilpa aunty become silent. i felt myself about to cum, so i took hold of her hips and began to squeeze them tightly. i didn’t want to cum up her arse, i wanted to shoot over her face. so, when i was just seconds away from exploding, i pulled out of shilpa aunty’s anus with a loud plop, straddled quickly up to her head, turned it around roughly with my left hand so that she faced my prick, and with my right hand, gave it the final couple of pulls. shilpa aunty kept her mouth shut tight this time, no doubt not wishing to suck a cock that had so recently been buried as far up her arse as is possible. but as the first spurt came out i rubbed it over her lips anyway. as i pulled at the full length of my shaft, all of my gooey cum shot over shilpa aunty’s face and hair. when i was all through, her face looked like it was covered in double cream. as my dick went placid, i smeared the spunk all over shilpa aunty’s face. she thanked me for satisfying her and filling in the gap of my father. i continued to fuck her from then, everyday and every night. when uncle returned we had to be very careful not to show signs of our involvement. but she managed it all. we could sneak in her bedroom after father left for his job and fucked our brains out. after one month my uncle went to another of his tours, this time for 2 months. one-day shilpa aunty really surprised me. i came from the college a bit early and shilpa aunty opened the door for me. she was smiling at me as usual and ushered me in. as i entered the living room, i was a little taken aback to see another lady standing by the couch. ‘raj, i’d like you to meet an old friend of mine, mrs. sharma.’ shilpa aunty said from behind me. i was unusually shy now, and just nodded at the stranger. ‘very pleased to meet you raj,’ mrs. sharma began, ‘your shilpa aunty’s been telling me all about you.’ i turned to shilpa aunty with a real look of concern on my face. don’t worry, raj,’ said shilpa aunty. ‘mrs. sharma and i are good friends, very, very good friends, if you catch what i mean.’ she continued, with one of those dirty grins passing over her lips.  she visits me when you uncle is away on business trip, just to make me happy as you did. and with this shilpa aunty winked at me. ‘i just thought that it might be a nice change to have somebody join in our little sessions. and she is the right perraj. she and i are lovers if you know what i am saying’ come over here both of you. let me break the ice.


Shilpa aunty said now watch this raj. with a nod to mrs. sharma both ladies began to undo their saris and blouse. i watched, open mouthed, as they stood together in the middle of the room, and let their saris fall to their feet. underneath, shilpa aunty and mrs. sharma were both wearing white petticoat that was tight enough to show me the curves of their ass. mrs. sharma was no more than five feet two even in her high heels. she had long, straight black hair, a prominent, angular face with high cheekbones, and was a skinny as a rake. ‘drop your books and come over to us.’ mrs. sharma ordered. it felt as though i was in a trance as i obeyed. they both smelt nice as i stood in between them. mrs. sharma took hold of my right hand and inspected it. ‘he’s a fine boy,’ she said to shilpa aunty. ‘and such strong hands.’ as shilpa aunty nodded assent, mrs. sharma began to move her hands up to my shirt buttons. i stood there motionless, and felt like a slave being examined as she began to take off my shirt. standing bare chested in front of them, both ladies began to let their hands explore my torso. i could feel my dick begin to harden at the thought of them treating me like a sex object. shilpa aunty and mrs. sharma saw the movement in my trousers too. they let their hands move slowly down from my shoulders, and over my ribs and stomach, until they were playfully within touching distance of my belt. mrs. sharma looked up at shilpa aunty. ‘may i?’ she said. ‘of course you can, dear.’ shilpa aunty replied. knowing full well what mrs. sharma meant. slowly, the stranger moved her small hand onto my belt buckle. she had the longest nails i had ever seen. they were painted a deep purple and matched the shiny gloss on her narrow. i was still speechless as she began to undo my trouser zipper. shilpa aunty was switching her gaze back and forth between mrs. sharma and me. i could tell from the look on shilpa aunty’s eyes that she was excited. at last, mrs. sharma let my jeans slip to my ankles, exposing the huge bulge in my shorts. she licked her thin lips with the look of a cruel kid about to pull the wings off a live fly, as she tucked her thumbs under the waistband of my undies. as she slowly pulled them down, my erect, pulsating phallus sprang up to vertical. mrs. sharma let out an audible moan. shilpa aunty looked at her with an ___expression of what can only be described as family pride. mrs. sharma brought a teasing forefinger to her mouth, wet the tip with her tongue, and rubbed the very end of my knob in slow circles. i stiffened even more at her touch. mrs. sharma was pleased by my reaction. she cupped my shaft in the palm of her left hand and began to pull me off. shilpa aunty moved her right hand from my hip and began to squeeze my heavy balls. man, the pleasure was so great that i had to hold onto their bare, soft shoulders to keep myself upright. suddenly, mrs. sharma looked up at shilpa aunty and said: ‘get him on the couch, i’ve got to chew him.’ the ladies pushed me back until the back of my knees gave way, and i fell on the couch, with shilpa aunty sitting to my right, and mrs. sharma kneeling on the floor to my left. i looked on as mrs. sharma took hold of my prick in her small right hand and brought her head towards it.


But just as she was about to envelop me, shilpa aunty’s hands took hold of my face, turned it towards her, and brought her mouth to mine. as shilpa aunty’s tongue explored every corner of my mouth, her hands blocked the view i wanted to see, of my dick being gorged upon by her friend. but then i realized, that having my body twisted at the waist, being blown off by an unseen lover, whilst being french kissed by another, was just the biggest turn on ever. i was soon ready to shoot my load. both ladies sensed it too. mrs. sharma started to move her mouth and hand faster up and down my tool. caught in shilpa aunty’s vice like hands, and unable to swallow, my mouth was filling up with her saliva, as she pressed her slobbering lips over mine. with hardly any notice at all, the lower part of my body went into spasm, as i injected both balls of spunk into mrs. sharma’s mouth. as i felt her swallowing my load, i bit hard on shilpa aunty’s bottom lip, forcing her to release me just in time to see mrs. sharma take the last few drops. from behind me, i heard shilpa aunty tell mrs. sharma to save some for her. too late, i thought to myself, it’s all gone. i didn’t know then, though, what it was that shilpa aunty had in mind. she stood up from the couch and knelt down beside mrs. sharma. mrs. sharma parted her lips enough for me to see that there was still some of my cum in her mouth. shilpa aunty took hold of mrs. sharma roughly by her upper arms, and the mouth that had been kissing me just a few seconds earlier was now pressed tightly over mrs. sharma’s. the two ladies necked each other passionately. i could see strands of my spunk pass between them as their tongues interlocked. they continued like this for about five minutes. i had never seen two women together in real life, and its effect was almost instant; i was starting to get hard again. they each pulled the others basques down enough to expose their breasts. mrs. sharma fondled and massaged shilpa aunty’s tits, before bringing her mouth down to her hardening nipples. shilpa aunty’s eyes rolled in delight as her friend bit and sucked on her teats. with a low groan, as an orgasm hit her, shilpa aunty forced mrs. sharma onto her back and began to lick her small tits, in turn. i watched as the smaller ladies’ right hand disappeared down shilpa aunty’s skimpy panties and began to move around. shilpa aunty was soon squealing again, and now her hand found its way into mrs. sharma’s knickers. both women were soon frigging each other furiously to a mutual, noisy climax. i was hard as rock again as the two ladies lay on the floor, trying to recover their breathing. i took my chance, stood up with my trousers still around my ankles, and shuffled towards mrs. sharma’s parted legs.


She looked up at me as i undid the bows holding her panties together, and threw them across the floor. she had a neatly trimmed black bush. i took hold of her thighs and spread her legs to reveal her pink pussy. then, crouching in between her, i teased her with the end of my knob. her head moved from right to left, as i kept this up for a couple of minutes. i wanted her to be ready for it. at last, she looked up at me with her dark brown, smoldering eyes, and pleaded with me: ‘fuck me. please, please fuck me.’ i thrust my arse forward, and split her beaver in two with such a force that i almost lifted her off the ground. mrs. sharma wailed with delight as i gave her my all. i brought my face down to her and began to give her my tongue as well. when shilpa aunty saw us, she moved her head in close, and soon all three of us were kissing each other as i fucked the arse of mrs. sharma. she had a tight twat that was really giving my shaft a good workout. when i mentioned this, a look of concern crept over shilpa aunty’s face. i didn’t mean any comparison, but that’s the way she took it. both mrs. sharma and i were close to the point, and our pants were loud and in unison. she beat me to orgasm by a split second. as i pumped my hot juices into her pussy, i moved my lips to shilpa aunty’s mouth and dove my tongue in as far as it would go. i have to tell you, that kissing one woman whilst fucking another is just about the best feeling in the world. we all three of us lay on the floor for about half an hour, saying not a word. eventually, shilpa aunty stood up and asked me to help her in the kitchen with some drinks. it was only a decoy to get me alone. she was feeling a little insecure, and thought that i wouldn’t be interested in her anymore.


I told her that i’d still be servicing her every night and that nothing had changed. shilpa aunty said she hoped i wouldn’t see mrs. sharma again. i could tell she was a little jealous. If any ladies who r unsatisfied and who fantasize of sex contact me for above and to get sex advice in safe sex contact me. I am always ready for sex anytime if any girl, aunties, bhabie, divorcees (age no bar) who wants to have some fun of sex of any kind can mail me and tell me what kind of fun they want. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.  Kindly mail me at Tmy is my chat id also on yahoo messenger. If anyone wants to have a chat with me before meeting can do that.

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