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Sheila Aunty

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

Here is my experience. Enjoy!! I was staying in mumbai. I was 24 years old then. I had a neighbour an anty (Kamal) and her 3 year old son. kamal anty was 33 years old. I called her anty, that is how I began addressing her. She was good looking and really good sexy figure. However she dressed well, not exposing much of her beauty. We had a balcony which was almost common, meaning we could go the others balcony. There weren’t any other apartments on that end, so it was kind of secluded. She used to wear a nighty at home. It was enough transparent that I could catch a good view of her figure. I used to get an almost hard one the moment I see her, anybody would. She was a very decent woman. Though she was alone, never have I seen her trying to flirt with other man. Her husband was in Dubai and he would come only once in two years.

On a lot of days, in the evening she would come over to the balcony to spread the clothes for drying after washing. We never got that close to each other, excepting saying how are you and figuring out where each of us were working etc.. for a few months. Of course I used to look at her, atleast trying to not let her notice that I was observing her.

I used to work until 7.30 or 8 pm and get home. I liked cooking also, so I raely used to go out for food. I am also a handsome guy, 5 foot 4 inches tall and sexually attractive. When I came over to the balcony  I used to remove my tea shirt. She used to look at my body as i stood bare.

I managed getting friendly to her son by then. On weekends we used to play. He would come over to my house and we used something or the other. I even got a couple of toys for the kid. On most days his mother used to come over to my house calling his son, Atul come have food. He would say he is not hungry, he wants to play. He was too smart a boy, when his mother tried forcing him too much, he would say, would you please get the food over here and feed me while I play with Uncle. As she used bend to feed her son, I used to her cleavage and exposing enough of her breast. He would take the food, hold it in his mouth and not eat for a long time. His mother would try making him to eat and to give the next spoon. Each time she used to bend, even if she did not manage feeding his son, I could get enough of a view of her breasts. I was getting enough of a hard one. While she was feeding him, she observed that I was looking at her boobs, but she did not show any signs of hiding it from me. In fact on many of those occation, I also used to remain bare without shirt. I even observed, that she also looked at my body on many occasions.

The bathroom of our apartments were on the side of the balcony and if the ventilators of the balcony was open, one could catch a good glipmse of the person taking bath. One day late in the evening when I came home streching on the balcony, I could hear that she was taking bath. I even found there was bit more of a light from the bathroom on the balcony than usual. I knew she had adjusted the ventilator to let me have a look. She usually used to take bath early in the evening. Of late she started taking bath during the time I when I come  on the balcony. I went over to the side of her balcony and stood so that I could see inside and a real to view of her naked body. Actually she was letting me see the house. By then I don’t know how many times I masturbated seeing her. One night i had applied oil on my body and was waiting to take bath. I had nothing on my excepting for a thin piece of cloth around my waste. She came over and asked me to help her put a bulb which was blown off. I said I shall come after taking bath. She said no no, why don’t you come now, it should be over quickly. Actually on seeing her itself I started growing. It was raining outside and it was 10.30pm and her son was asleep.

I climped on the stool to put the bulb, I stood facing her. She was holding on the stool with one hand and the other the torch pointing the bulb. I started growing and mine was almost of the verge of coming out the small piece of clothe. She did see my dick, hard and erect. Actually she was looking at my cock so much that even though I put the bulb she was still looking at my erect cock.I went to take bath, by then the power came. After I took bath, I went to her house and knocked from the balcony entrance. Of course that is how we go normally to each others house. She asked what, I said, if she would massage by back, She said, yes I shall come now.

I was sitting on my bed. I was just wearing a lungi and no underwear. Actually when she came I observed she too was wearing nothing but a nighty, no bra or no underskirt or panties. She came over to my bed, as she asked me to ly on my stomach, When she sat on the edge of the the bed and our thighs were making enough contact with each other. I left my right hand on her thigh as she was placing the oil on my back. As he was placing I knew her hands were making enough contact with my skin. I have a firm good butts too. After a a while of that I asked her to massage my back. My lunki’s knot had got untied so that she could squeeze my back. As I was getting up she could not help taking her eyes of my erect cock.I said lets massag on ur back also.She said no need and all, but I forced her. I held her hand and asked her to ly. She lay on my bed on her stomach. I took the oil placed on her back couple of times. I said I can massage her better if I sat with my legs on top of her. I sat on her thighs and massaged all her back. I often went to the extend that I could make contact with her breasts. We both were enjoying enough. Slowly I started squeezing her boobs. She did not resist in any way. Actually my dick was pressing really hard between the crack of her butts. She lay enjoying and continued my stroke. I knew, now what ever I do she would not resist. She was that hot. I could feet that her niples were really hard. Know I wanted to fuck her and I had to raise her nighty somehow. I slowly started moving lower on her thigh and occasionally moving up. In the process I managed raising her night enough that we would feel each other skin.

Her nighty was raised to as much as her knees in a few minutes. I went still lower. This time as I was moving up , my dick held on her nighty and it was getting pulled. I still did not make any quick moves. In a matter of minutes I had raised her nighty more than enough. Suddenly the power went off again because of some thunder. I still continued. She was actually lying on her stomach and eyes closed and enjoying. Now I removed my lunky and moved up and my hard cock was trying to enet where ever it could. It was between the crack of her butts. My cock was also wet and  I once again moved lower and started squeezing her buts. One of my hnds in that process went to her stomach and navel. Slowly I moved that hand of mine towards her cunt. She was wet and flowing. I knew, there is no point wasting any more time. I slowly moved up, put I had under and squeezed her boobs.

She was moaning by then. I slowly turned her around and in that motion I raised her nighty enough, so that it was no more any obstable between us. She was simply yielding to every act of mine. Now she was on her back and I was on top of her and sucking her nipple. She was moaning. As I was sucking her niples I made it a point to rub my dick around her pussy and clit. I could feel it was wet. Actually we both were wet and flowing. After a couple of strokes around her pussy, se was breathing heavily and moaning. By then without each of us knowing my cock had entered her. I was so hot and hard that I started fucking real hard. She had cum by then. I was squezing her butts and fucking rock hard, she had another cumm. I too came. As I was doing I asked her if I could cum inside her, as we wer not using any condom, she said, sure, she just had her periods over. So I ejected inside her. I was bathed in sweat by then. I lay on top of her and relaxed with my cock inside her.

After a few minutes, I carried her to the bathroom and we both gave each other a good bath. There afterwards we had sex on numeerous occasions, but .. this was memorable. Any females interested mail to me at

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