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Sheeba Ki Suhaag Raat

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

I have become friends to many readers of Desipapa through my stories. I receive many fan e-mails from readers of both the sexes. A few have become very close friends. Parvez and Sheeba are very supporting fan of my stories. Infact I have met Parvez a few times as he lives not far away from where I live.

It was a very pleasant surprise when I receive the marriage invitation from Parvez. He was getting married to Sheeba who also is fan of my writings and a close friend of mine now. I gladly accepted the invitation from Parvez. A few days later, I got the invitation from Sheeba as well, but since I have already confirmed with Parvez, I decided to attend the marriage from the barat side.

I have not met Sheebs but hearing from Parvez and all that I have seen and read about muslim girls, I already had a beautiful image of Sheeba in my mind. Muslim girls are very sexy and extremenly good in love making. Theu would do anything and everytyhing to please their men.

When I saw Sheeeba, I wa stunned. She was very beautiful and very very sexy and attractive. I became jealous of Parvez for a moment for his luck in marrying Sheeba. Sheeba was a tall girl, fair, almond shaped eyes, a beauty oval face, her hair long upto her bums and a stunning figure 36-24-36(literally) and – thank God – she was not those thin types, but neither fat..just absolutely right.

Marriage ceremony went on very well. I did not get any chance to talk to Sheeba. I had told her that I will be coming to her marriage with the barat party. Parvez seemed very excited and happy. He was very happy that I was attending his marriage. He told me that he will give me such a pleasant surprise if I attended his marriage that no one has ever given to his friend. I was not sure what he had in mind until that night.

It was suhagraat night for Parvez and Sheeba. I being a very close friend of Parvez, had the bedroom just net to where the newlyweds were to sleep. I went to bed thinking of how Parvez will be spending his first married night with the most beautiful girl Sheeba.

It was around 11.00 pm when I heard a mild knock on my bedroom door. I was surprised to see Parvez knocking the door.“What is the matter Parvez? What are you doing here? Ye to tumhari suhagraat hai..saab theek to hai?” I asked with a surprised. “Every thing is just fine Dev. Remember I told you about the surprise gift if you came to my marriage?” He replied with a strange smile. “Yes..yes.. I do remember that.. but what is there at this time in the night?” I was still surprised.

“Please come with me in my room very silently. I want you to meet Sheebs and I don’t want anyone to know about it. Done ask questions and come with me” Parvez pulled me out of the room. I was in my pazamas and he did not let me change to a descent clothes. Sheeba was stiting on the bed, tired of the marriage activities through out the day. But she was as beautiful and sexy as ever. Parvez introduced me to her; “Sheeba, meet Kamdev.. a very close friend of mine.. and now a close friends of ours.” Parvez did not knoe yet that I was known to Sheeba through my stories.

I saw a surprised but happy look in Sheeba’s eyes. She said softly “ achha hua aap aa gaye. Main to aapaka intezaar kar rahi thi.” “Tum inhe janati ho?” asked Parvez with surprise. “Yes.. I have read his many stories and I am a fan of his writings” she smiled. “ Ohhh.. then it is going to be so wonderful. I have promised Dev for a pleasant surprise gift tonoight..and tghat gift is that he will spend this suhagraat with you and not me” said Parvez in a commanding voice.

I was stunned to hear this. I had never thought of such a gift in my wildest dream. Sheebs looked at me with a sexy smile and then looked at parvez “ jaisi aapaki will be my pleasure too”. Parvez left the room to sleep in my room and told me that he would be back around 4.00 am in the morning to change places. This was unbvelievable. Here I was with the girl of my dreams..who was there for my pleasure.

Without wasting any time, I lifted Sheeba in my arms .. she was very nice to hold in my arms, soft and warm, receptive and responsive. This was going to be the most memorable night of my life and I wanted it to be the same for Sheeba.It was around midnight. Sheeba was still in her sexy suhagraat dress, her body was sending sparks up my mind and my organ was constantly on a hard-on. Sheeba got up from the bed to touch my feet which was little too much for me. “ do that Sheeba… we are friends and you should not touch my feet.”..I said holding her up in my arms. I hugged her hard pressing her against my chest. I could feel her hard round breasts pressed against me. Sheeba gave me a glass of milk you .. I guess that was meant to get me more energy for the night. I took the glass from Sheeba and drank half of the milk. I then offered the rest of the milk to Sheeba from the same glass which she drink with a smile on her face. I hugged her again. Sheeba was shying as it was her first time to be with a man in her life .I could not control myself and I put my lips on her sexy lips. she slowly opened her lips to let my tongue explore her mouth….the kiss was passionate which caused excitement in Sheeba and she embarrassed me closely.
Sheeba opened her lovely eyes, gave me a nice long kiss, brought my face down her cleavage and rubbed her breasts on my face. I softly laid her on the bed and I drew her closer to me, planting a hot wet kiss on her lips, which opened to welcomemy tongue; Sheeba sucked on my tongue and then pushed her tongue inside my mouth. Sheeba’s mouth was sugary sweet; her saliva in mouth was fantastic. She really smelled nice and I could see sex oozing out of each pore of her body.
After kissing for five or ten minutes I took Sheeba to bed. Sheeba whispered in my ears..”light bujha dijiye na.. mujhe sharam aa rahi hai..”
But I did not hear her this request as I wanted to see her beauty in light. “…Sheeba please let me see your beauty in light…don’t ask me to put off the light.. aaj lagata hai ke chaudaween kaa chand meri jholi mein aa gira hai..” I said with smile holding her hands in my hands. She kept quiet and I slowly and slowly started fondling her breasts. and after some time I removed her blouse as her bra was unable to hold her breasts and her breasts were looking to be enclosed in a cage of bra which were trying to come out from bra. I opened the strap of her bra and free her breasts from the cage of bra . I was so excited to see her breasts that for some time I lost control and I forget if I was in this world .When I regained my concise I started fondling her breasts and sucking her erect nipples .

At last words came from my mouth “Sleep with me” !!. She did as I said and lay besides me on the bed. For a few minutes we were motionless, suddenly she tightened my hand with hers and placed it on her belly. I made up mind not to waste time anymore…. I crawled my hand to her boobs, she was holding my hand tightly and never let me press it. She guided my hand to her face and I started tickling her ears. I can hear her Sex ecstasy voice “mmmmm..mmmmm”.
I was half way on her, and started with a smooch. She lost her control and hold my hair tightly and never let me take my lips. I reached her tongue with mine, and she gave a bite. I kissed her all over her face, and so did she. I started to invade her boobs. We were hugging and spinning each other rolling all over the bed, kissing each other. “Ohh Dev..ummmmmm..” she whispered my name and hold my buttocks tightly to hers. As my hard pennies touched her she was jolted, and hold my buttocks still tighter and reached my neck hugging with hers. When it was on the go, I slowly put my hands into her buttocks and slowly lowered her saya. She suddenly realized and refrained me doing so. “ohh Dev.. ye kya kar rahe hoo.. mujhe sharam aa rahi hai..”
I acted as if I have heard nothing. She was still half dressed in her petticoat and I removed it. The hand full of breast standing stiff and erect astonished me. We hugged in bare body and I realized the heat of her body in me. I dragged my tongue all over her face, arm pit and boobs.

She was so curious and hold my back hair and guide me from her boobs to belly. She was agonized by the tickle of belly. I went down licking and reached her toes. I stated going back kissing her legs and thighs. I raised her saya and kissed her thighs and started my prime journey (in side the saya) towards the treasure of her cunt. She was again jolted, but as she felt inconvenience with her skits, she immediately unbuckled her saya and took off. No word can explain her sexual exposure in the darkness. We started kissing more heavily and she gently pushed me horizontal. She then climbed over me and while sitting up, she pulled of my shirt, then kissed my chest a little. She slid down the bed and started to work on my pajamas. I was now starting to get real hard. She slid off my pajamas and tossed them on the floor. She saw my hard large cock in my briefs.
I pulled her down closer to me and began to neck with her some more. Now she was starting to really smile. She sat back up over me. Her large tits fell un-hindered free against her chest. I took them each in my hands and start to rub
them. Sheeba was now starting to groan. I pulled her down to me and slipped a nipple in my mouth and began to tease it with my tongue. Sheeba was now moaning and breathing very heavily. Now, slid her up some more to me and began to work on her saya. After a second, I pulled them off exposing her wide hips and fantastic ass. She was wearing unbelieveable black panties. I start to pull at them, but Sheeba propped herself up and said, “Not so fast. This is my present to you.” She then leaned over to me (her large tits falling on to me) and slid down to my briefs. She slid those off and my large 8″ erect cock finally sprang free (her hair falling all down around my cock).

She looked over my large cock and grinned. “…. hi Allah itna bada aur itna mota…” Sheeba then began to lick my balls, the underneath of my cock – all up and down, and my head real, real slow. I was getting SO hard. She was doing this with great care and taste. She got my Dick in to her month fully until her throat. Her hands were working on my balls. My hands were working hard on her breasts. I inserted my hands in to her bra and tuning her nipples. Then she finally, suddenly closed her mouth over my shaft and began to suck. I felt like I was going to come out. “ohh Sheeba.. aab rokana bara mushkil hai.. lagata hai main jharanewala hoon..” I tried to remove my cock from her mouth Moaning and thrashing, within minutes I came into her mouth and chin. When she came back up she was grinning like crazy. I said, “aab tumhari bari hai Sheeba..Now its your turn…I want to lick your smooth soft sexy choot..” And pulled her by her thighs, horizontal with her head past my feet and her crotch right next to my face.

She was a goddess. Her tits were firm and nice and waist was slender and a deep navel. She had a perfect ass and nice black triangle in between her thighs. I came over her and took her tits one by one. She moaned as I bit her nipples and went down to her navel. I feasted on her navel and came to the bushy black triangle. She slowly opened her legs and exposed her pink cunt, which was now dripping with her cum. Her pussy was bulging between her legs and her panties were starting to show her dampness. I slid them off over and behind me (her brown cunt hair was gorgeous), and dove into her cunt with my tongue and pulled out just as quick, sending waves of ecstasy rippling through her body. I slowly licked up and down the outside of her slick pussy lips. Finally, I plunged back into her cunt slowly licking her clit to eventually send her an orgasm.. I put my tongue deep into her cunt and licked her. She moaned and cried and pushed herself towards me asking for more. I eat her cum like a hungry tiger but she kept cumming.

Now, I was back erect and we were both reaching our peaks. We rested for a second, then we kissed and licked each other for a couple minutes. “tumhare ees tohfe ke liye bahut bahut shukria Sheeba.. that was great..” I held her tight in my arms and whispered to her ears. “mujhe bhi bahut maza aaya Dev.. I am thankful to Parvez for giving me such a great suhagraat gift..” Sheeba said hiding her face in my chest. “abhi to shuruat hai meri Sheeba…I will give you so much pleasure that you have had never imagined” saying this I motioned and pushed her into a position with her on “all fours” leaning the headboard of the bed. I got behind her and played with her large beautiful breasts as they stiffened a little more and she moaned. She then looked behind her as I started to finger her now slick cunt. I eventually go to working 2 fingers in her, and her head fell limp as she moaned in pleasure.

I knew it was the time, and pulled out my fingers and brought my cock to her pussy. I gently seperated her cunt’s lips and slipped my head inside. Then I slid my hands back up to cup her breasts (her nipples now standing out very hard). I moved just a little my head in and out of her pussy, and Sheeba brought her head back up looked around at me, and said, “Fuck me, now…ohh Dev.. aab raha nahi jata.. daal do aapana ye mota lumba lund meri choot mein..”
I spread her legs and trusted my hardest cock in to her cunt, I was unsuccessful, because she was virgins and her cunt was very tight. I split in my hand and applied in my cock to lubricate the passage. I then held my hard cock and guiding into her passage. I trusted my penis with a vigor to reach inside. After many unsuccessful attempts at last my cock reached deep inside the hole she shouted of pain. “..ohh Dev.. maar jaungi..bahut dard ho raha hai…” I immediate smooched her to stop shouting. She started biting her mouth deeply of pain and I was more generous let her do. I held my cock in her cunt motionless for a moment and then I gradually started moving my buttocks in and out. I was imagining how will she take me inside her I thrusted the tip of my cock she screamed with pain aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Uuuffffffffffffff , Ooooooooiiiiiiiii maaaaaa mar gayeeeeee I pulled my dick out and again I pushed with a greater force half of my shaft was inside her she was moaning with joy and pain, I kept on pushing my tool inside her I felt an obstruction, I thrusted real harder in few attempt the obstruction was cleared, I tore off her hymen she screamed ooooooo Dev…ssssshhhhhh tumne mujhe aurat bana diya. I started pumping slowly as the time passed my speed kept increasing she enouraged me by making lovely moaning and complementing “..your cock is a monster , tear my pussy into ,pieces..phra do meri tight choot..ohh Dev fuck me hard..fuck me..fuck me..fuck me.. .” I started pumping very fast, she was also responding by pushing her pussy along with my strokes , our fucking was getting deeper &faster I could feel her pussy getting hold of my cock her clit was leaking making the paradise passage more lubricated I was stroking like a super fast express in and out. She made large sounds ooooohhhhhhhhh Harder ,faster mmmm more uhhhhhhh , she had an orgasm.

I then pulled on her breasts as I banged into her and her head fell again. I banged deep into her again, and I was in heaven. I squeezed her tits as I pulled myself into her again and again. She used her muscles to clench onto my dick as I went in each time, and also slid back onto me a little to create a little more impact. She kept getting slicker and slicker and I worked her faster and faster. We were both moaning. I increased my speed now it was able to feel the heat inside
her cunt, god she started to scream a little “uhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhh fassssssssst stilllllllll fassssssssssst yessssssssss noooooooo ya ha ha ha haaa do that again. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh aahhhhhhhhhhhha ahhhhhhhhhhhha ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha”. Then we rotated on the bed, now I was below her and she was above me, she put in my dick to her cunt and started going up and down, she was literally guiding her cunt in every jump. I was enjoying herjumping balls. She shouted “oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhha” So was I shouting with similar sounds.

Eventually I grabbed her tits and pulled her back onto me, and held her there as I came (a lot!) into her pussy, and Sheeba, in turn, had a shuddering orgasm. We then collapsed onto the bed. It must have been around 4.00 am when Parvez knocked on the door. I thanked parvez for the most unusual and wonderful gift. We changed places as if nothing has happened. Sheeba was fast asleep when I left the room.

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