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She Was Really Very Sexy

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

I am a great fan of desi fantasy. I have decided to share my strange a surprising story to you. One of my friend’s has a very beautiful wife. She was much beautiful and she knew all about her beauty, and was know to cash her beauty. she had very lose character. Nearly every friends of her husband have fucked her. Actually she was very greedy and she has a lot of un necessary needs that her husband could not afforded. So she was getting all these by that way. She was not a young but was a very graceful lady.

She has a daughter age of 17years. who has a very nice out look just like her mother. Her name was farhana. She is 5’6″ tall fair complexion, blue eyes, and a little fleshy body. Long hairs, with a stunning firm boobs, flat tummy & nice round wide softest ass. Her vitals were 34 32.36 which I came to know later. I have fixed to fuck her on any price. Once I was fucking her mother and she was in her very happy mood I asked her that Farhana is too very sexy like you and I like her very much. She asked me no you don’t like her but you want to fuck her. I flatter her that I want fuck her as she is your copy of young age and I want to fuck you in your young age. She became very happy and replied me I have no objection fuck her if you can but just imagine that she called you uncle. As I know her greediness I was thinking that she would arrange it for me. And I was right exact one weak later one after noon Farhana came in my office. I received her warmly and offer her chair to sit. She smiled and said thank you uncle.

She was wore a red color very tight qamiz and white shilwar, she was looking like a fairy. I asked her what she would be like tea or cold drink. She replied this is your choice uncle what do you want to give me. I rang my secretary on phone and asked for cold drink. I asked her that how she came in my office as she never come here before. She told me that she is in trouble and she thinks that I may help her. I said her I will be pleased to help her. You can give me just an order. She said once again thanked me and said that I knew uncle that you are the only one who could help her. I asked her by the way what is your problem? She was now nerves a little but I incourged her and told her not to be shame. Tell me frankly. She said that she need some money that she is debtor one of her friend and that she can not demanded from her mom so if I help her she will be oblige and she promise that she will return it very soon. I said her o baby don’t worry money is no problem. I asked her how much money you need she relied me that she need 10000 rupees. I once again laughed and said that a beautiful baby like you shouldn’t take anxiety for this little amount of money. I give her a check of the said amount and told her not to be saying thanked to me. She became very happy.

She was now coming free with me and told me that uncle you are still very charming in this age. She was giving me continuously naughty smile. I told her that she is no need to return it to me and in future if you should not take debtor, you can asked from me any time money you need. She stayed in my office one hour. And when she was going back she come to near me and once again said me thank you very much uncle you are the great and with this she kissed lightly me check. Which gave an electric shock but I didn’t touch her and said her that you welcome baby. She left my office and promises me that she will meet me again soon. After a week she once again came in office. This time she has a gift for me. She gave me a perfume and told me that she has bought it for me. This time I said her thanks. We talked for a long and when she was leaving I give her more ten thousands rupee which she accept with a little hesitation on saying that she has not come there for this time. I invited her for a dinner or if she can not attend dinner then we will go for lunch. She said me that uncle lunch will be right as she can not stayed late at night. I asked her that when we are going for it. She told me that on Monday will right if I am free. We donned it .she once again gave me kiss on my check and left. On Monday I booked room in a five star hotel and also reserved a table for lunch. Farhan rang me on Monday morning to conform the program and I told her come to the hotel not in office. I went to the hotel at 1 o’clock and sat on the table. She came after some time and sat beside me. She wore a provocative dress on that day. As I have placed order so lunch has served and we start the lunch soon. We were talking. I asked her that I like her very much and want to be love with her. She became shy and her face became red. I saw a mild smile on her face that assured me that she was enjoying. She told me that she also like me. So taking full advantage of the situation I put her hand and started rubbing it mildly. She was also rubbing my hand. I whispered in her ear that Frahana lets we go to the room. She asked me where? In this hotel just for some time to talk in free and romantic atmosphir.

We went to the room I have booked before. Where we sat on sofa. She was sat very closed to me as her thigh was touching mine. She was relay very hot as she was a young. Her beauty was making me restless. We were talking about her and her family. After some time I got some courage slowly placed my arm on her shoulder. She was looking in my eyes I suddenly asked her Farhana may I kiss you. She did not give response. She was calm. I pressed her slightly to wards me, and took her head in my hand I pressed my lips on hers. She gave a soft moan and said oh uncle you are too sweet. She was now giving full response. I was kissing her deeply and wildly. She was also responding passionately. I explored her mouth with my tongue. Her thick lips were felling me like sugar-sweet. I was now sucking her lips and she was mine. It was long deep kiss. I wrapped my hands over her waist and pushed her towards my chest. Her tits were pressing me tightly. They were very hard. I inserted my hand in her qamiz as she has very low cut neck and caught her one boob. It was a firm and tight. I rubbed them one by one. I slowly moved my hand on her back and opened her qamiz zip. Now I was able to see her full cleavage and also half of her breast, she has a black bra. I removed her qamiz in which she help me. She was looking very nice now, as a black bra was matching on her white milky body. I opened the hooks of her bra and removed the straps of the bra. She has a most beautiful breast as I have seen in my life. They were milky white with brownish virgin nipples. I was staring her boobs for a long time. She asked me in very naughty voice what are you staring uncle. I replied her that I am staring the most beautiful tits of the world. Oh uncle it means that you have seen a lot of tits. Yes baby I have seen but not like these. Then I moved my hands over it and licked her nipples. It was very tasty.

I was sucking now her tit very passionately. She was moaning with pleasure and she had closed her eyes. After a while she started moaning very hard. I took all of her whole tit in mouth and bite it. She screamed with pain. As I was busy with her boobs meanwhile my other hand was busy massaging her pussy. I took one of her hand and placed it on my cock. She was rubbing it lovely. Now I moved my hand towards her shilwar and opened knot of her shalwar and let it fall down. And there it was her very milky smooth curved thighs and legs. I swear that I have never seen such a nice and beautiful thighs and legs before. I asked her to open her thighs and let me see her pussy. She was now shying and was trying to close her thighs tight. She didn’t letting me to see her pussy. After a little force I succeeded and she opened her thighs. Her pussy was small white and red. Her pussy was so clean and fresh shaven. I put my hand on her pussy and started rubbing it gentle I inserted one of my fingers in her pussy hole and started exploring her cunt. Her cunt lips looked tight and the inside of her pussy were too hot. I started massaging her clitoris. I couldn’t control myself and bent between her thighs and started licking and sucking her pussy her cunt juice smell made me so crazy. She was moaning .Her moans were getting wilder and wilder. She was now screaming with pleasure and pressing my cock hard in her soft silky hand and was saying that uncle you want to kill me. Now she couldn’t control her self and beg me what are you doing uncle please fuck me, uncle fuck me so hard. I took her in my arms and went to bed I laid her on bed she was now laid in bed like a fairy. Then I removed all my cloths and took out my dick, which was hard now like a pool. She was amazed to see the size and thickness of my prick. She looked fear for a while and asked me hi uncle you have a very big prick it will tear my pussy.

I said her don’t worry it will give a lot of pleasure to your pussy. I asked her to suck it. She took my dick in her both hands, which was looking like a huge rod in her small hands. She started liking my cock by her thick pink lips, which was looking me very sweet. Now her lips moved up and down through the entire length of my cock. This was not seeing her first time; she was giving me a great blowjob. Now I wanted to fuck her I stopped her and asked her to laid her down on her back I sat between in her thighs and spread her legs and started to rub my cock with her clitoris. She asked me uncle how we will do without condom. I told her I have managed it you shouldn’t worry about it. She smiled and said this is your preplanned program to fuck me. I smiled and said yes baby. I took a condom from my purrs and putt on my cock. Her navel was looking so pretty so before fucking her I bent down on it and licked it for a while. Now I slowly spread her legs wide apart so that she could take my dick inside her. I placed my cock at between her silky pussy lips. I applied some of my salvia on the top of my cock. I inserted my cock slowly inside her pussy. Her hole was too tight and I was felt a little trouble to push my full cock in one stroke. So I pushed it very slowly and I inserted my whole dick very expertly in her pussy. She didn’t felt any pain. When my whole prick went in I bent on her and took my mouth on her pinky tits. I was now moving and my cock WA going in and out of her pussy hole. Farhana moaned as my cock doing into her pussy. Now I increased pumping her .we both were now moaning and the whole room started filling with our moans now. Frhana I breathed as I started to pump into her with long regular strokes, I love you, and I love you. She WA now in heaven she replied ohh uncle I love you too. I wanted to fuck by you. Uncle fuck me I knew that you wanted me from long.

I put my mouth on he and she started sucking my lips and moved her tongue in me. She was giving me response against my every stroke by pushing her hips up and by this the fronts of my thighs slapping against her rear. She has caught my hips and was squeezing them. Which made me more exited and with response I was giving her deep strokes which she accommodated these very expertly. You are so sweet my Frahana like honey. She was too exited .she said me uncle are you telling true? Yes honey I telling truth. I was shocked for a while when she said Uncle I have heard this from you when you were fucking my mom and you were saying her that you ere too sweet. Oh baby you know it? Yes I know I have seen you so many times when you were fucking her. Uncle mummy is really sweet and voluptuous. Her these words made me more stimulated and I increased my stroke with more power. I asked her you are not virgin. She told me uncle sorry. We were talking dirty like these. And after a few strokes more I pulled out my cock and asked her to change the position. She changed the position and now she was on her knees in a doggy style up her ass. She has a nice round soft like silk ass. I put my dick in her pussy hole from backside and entered it in her wet hole. I saw my dick went whole in her hole. I moved my right arm reached beneath her body and wrapped around her navel holding her tightly. I started to pump her pussy from back and started increasing faster. I caught her swingingly tits.

After some time, she asked me uncle I can not control it more. I am pouring do it faster I increased my stroke wildly and we both Climaxed together. I laid on her for a minuet and then I came down on her back and laid on bed she also laid with me and I hugged her tightly in my arms. I put my lips on her lips. She was talking with me in my arms. She asked me uncle tell me honestly who is sweet mom or me? I kissed her and told her Farhana you are too sweet than your mummy. But your mummy is also sweet. You are just copy of your mummy. It means that I have fucked your mummy both of her young and old age. With this she became very happy and put her hand on my hand. Which was now getting erection once again. She laughed and asked me uncle you are too horny you want me more. And we once again were ready. We had sex three times on that day almost in all positions. And after that it was so easy for me whenever I wish to fuck Farhana or her mother. I never heard from them NO. And they both mother and daughter never found my wallet closed. Hi Friends. Let me know you found my story interesting or not. I want to fuck they both mother and daughter together. Should I fuck them together or not? I am waiting for your suggestions. Mail me,<<<<

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