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She Was Pushing Herself

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hi All, I am reader of this site since last three years. But practically I never had any such incident to post. But now I have it to share with you all. And I had it last month. So first about me. My name is Ravi (changed) a 25 yr old, 5.9 ft tall, having athletic body, good matured and cultured. I was never passionate about hard sex as I am from very simple community. Now about my cousin.

She is 23 yr old almost 5.5 tall, fair and very beautiful girl. One of the best friend and cousin I ever have. She got married three years back to a rich and handsome guy. Her new family consists of only three members. She, her husband and her mother in law. Her mother in law has two children. So sometime she stays with other one. Her husband was very alcoholic (which latter came to know, and everybody was sad about it). also not so social.

He didn’t attend most of the events in relations. So meeting her to any of relative is not quite frequent and she actually got cut from all of us. After three years of her marriage, they don’t have or not able to have any kids. People started talking about it. I guess I alcoholic husband, distance from family and relative, no kids made her life very much miserable. She lost her charm of life by the time.

Else she was very fun loving and happy girl ever I seen. This incident came last month when I was meeting her after three years.Basically I have native in village where I can’t reach by train from Hyderabad. I have to get down to City near and then travel 110 KM via bus. Last month I got a chance to go to native. I booked the tatkal ticket and started traveling without knowing the meeting with her or her family.

From Hyderabad I supposed to start by 8.30 am and supposed to reach my destination (City I am hiding knowingly) around 7.30. The train came very late at Hyderabad (Secunderabad railway station). As my city is coming near, more I worried about traveling to village, as it was already 8 o clock. There will be no bus after 9 o clock. I was convincing myself that in worse case I must have to take some lodging house and travel next morning.

Before a one and half hour of reaching destination I called my parents that train is running late by almost 2 and half hour, I will be reaching next morning. They asked me where I will stay at night. After hearing about lodging, they ask me to stay at my cousins Kavita’s house (name changed). I didn’t agree that as none of my relative visited her house from so long. But I thought let take a chance.

Anyway her husband will not kick me out of house. Just a matter of one night I thought. At least I will know how she is. I asked my parents to call her and intimate her about my staying to avoid any unpleasant surprise for her and her husband. My parents called me back and told me to go as she accept it. I feel relaxed.I got down at station around 10.00 at night. Brought some chocolates (I know she like it very much before marriage). I took auto and reached her house.

With excitement and some fear I press door bell. After few minutes door was opened. During these few minute, so many thought and moments with her came in my mind like a fast forward movies. Even being cousin, we were best friend at that time. To my surprise she opened the door and I got shocked to see her. I could say she was not that Kavita. Unlike how she was, she was too weak, pale and dull. I entered house. Her house was pretty good.

I kept my bag in a corner. Settle down in a sofa. Looked all the walls and house. Rich man’s house. She came with glass of water. I took it and thank her. She stands there looking at me. I was looking here and there to find someone else in house. I: How are you? She: fine. Came from Hyderabad? I: Yeah and told her story how train got late to convince her the genuine reason of being in her house.

I was still wondering about anybody. I wanted at least someone else should talk to me so that next morning nobody asked when I came and how I came there. I: Where are Jijaji and Mamiji? She : Mamiji is staying in other house. (I understood she is staying with older brother of Jijaji.) And your Jijaji went to Mumbai for three days. Tomorrow night he will come back. I feel so relaxed and thinking nobody will be there to bother me. And I can walk next morning. I: How is life going? How is Jijaji?

She: everything is good. He is good. But she knows I know about his alcoholism. Every relative knows about it. I: why are you looking tired and week? She: nothing. Might be because as I was sleeping. She went to kitchen. I feel bad about her luck. How a good girl can have such bad luck. She was cooking I guess.

I got my towel from bag and went to kitchen. I got fresh and came back to kitchen. I sat on chair in kitchen while she was heating food. I started talking about happening in her life and with my job. Then we had dinner. After dinner we came to hall and sat on sofa. She got some sweet to eat. While eating I asked her again how is she and how’s life going. She again said she is fine.

She was seating in two seater sofa while I was on bed. Suddenly I remembered of chocolate I got for her. I got it from bag and gave her and seats near her. She surprise to see the same dairy milk chocolate she was asking me before marriage. She gave me a good smile. This is the first good smile she had since I came here. She: Still you eat these? I: No I got it for you. She: ohh thanks. I dint had since long.

We share the chocolate and were talking about those early days. It was around 12:15. As we both know we don’t need to worry about time, we kept talking. Suddenly I saw tears falling on her chicks. She was trying hard to hide it. I asked what happened. Did I say something wrong? Why are you crying? Please don’t cry..

Even I know why she was crying, I felt bad. I tried to sweep her tears. But more I console her. More she was crying..I don’t know what to do..suddenly she kept her head in my solder and started crying heavily. I didn’t say anything. I understand what was happening to her. I kept my hand moving from head to back on her long hairs. I did so many times. But she was crying and crying.

While crying she kept her hand around my neck. I also hug her as it will give her good moral support. After few more minutes she started talking with the same position. She was saying that nobody comes to meet her. Nobody interested to meet her family. Her husband is pure alcoholic and never cares about her. Her mother in law is weak sighted and must attend every time. She even she could not go anywhere.

I understood her state of mind by then. She was feeling too alone there. I asked her to relax and we can talk whole night if she will stop crying. Still she was humbling. I got up and got water for her. I sat on diwan and called to seat there. She came and seat near me. Still crying and humbling. I asked to tell me everything what’s happening with her life. She started telling me every complaint about life.

While she was talking I asked her to sleet and put her head on my lap. And I was moving my hand over her head and hairs relaxing her. She kept talking for almost an hour. Suddenly she asked me to put light off and turn on night lamp as it was already 1:30 in night and neighbor will see the late night light in house. I did the same and seat back in same position.

She asked me about my job my company and I finished telling her all things. in between I was moving here and there as my back started painting. She asked me about it. I asked her to lift her head from my lap and I also straitened my legs and slept in side position taking a little distance as she was sleeping there. We started talking about her marriage day memories.. but then something started coming in my mind. I tried to ignore.

But as she was very beautiful, I was still single and too young, the night lamp light and she was right front of me. I couldn’t stop my mind thinking something else. For some time I could ignore but it dominates my mind and I loose. I started talking about some marriage events and we started laughing remembering some moments.

As we were too free before, she started feeling same now and she started enjoying my talks. While laughing I started putting my hand on her arm or pulling her hand. While laughing and talking I knowingly started moving front cm by cm and I reached a little near her in next ten minutes. She was right there and I could feel her body smell.I asked her if she feel sleepy. She said she will go later. She slowed down talking indicating she feels sleepy.

But she doesn’t want to lose time to talk a lot like she was mute for years. We started talking some other cousin. While talking I kept my hand on her arm and didn’t pull it back. It was there only and after some time I started moving up and down slowly relaxing her. But actually in my mind it was something else. She liked it and didn’t say anything. I help her hand with other hand and started pulling her fingers and cursing palm.

I took more time so that she feel I m doing it for relaxing her. I kept cursing for 5 minutes and asked her if she feel relaxed which she positively replied. From head and hair I started moving my hand from her neck and giving a little massage. This made her most relaxed and she suddenly turns and made her back to me, which u understand she need some more massage. I started messaging her neck and shoulder. And then came on back. She still was talking which really I didn’t listening.

By this time I started thinking of sex. But I could not ask and let her know that it is in my mind. I was massaging her on back up and down. I started going down inch by inch with every round. I started messaging her hands by hands and by this time I started moving my legs on her legs. She slowed down her talking.

She was breathing heavily to listen. I come close to her back and started caressing her back and shoulder. After some time I came to close to her back that I completely stick her from back. I was massaging her arms and neck. My breaths are striking to her neck. I was completely sticking her from back and she stopped her talking completely by now.

I was enjoying but still was not sure if she is having same in mind as me. Now it’s difficult to move my hands as I was too close to her. I slowed down the message and cursing. After five minutes she suddenly turn around and making her front towards me. We were so close that suddenly she sticks to me from front. She didn’t open her eyes nor said anything.

She turns and was silence. Now I completely understand what she wants and she knew what I was doing. I have already my hand down the neck. I hugged her slowly. And she did nothing. this gives me courage and I pulled her towards me. she came near me indicating she want my close touch. I still was looking her face. Very innocent with pink lips, looking golden in night lamp. I took my face near her face but could not touch her as I don’t want to make any hurry.

I was breathing heavily to feel her warmth of my breath. I started moving my face very slowly near her face to close that her and my breath mixed up. I was too close her lips. and finally I touch my lips to her chicks. I left my lips there for a moment. she started breathing so heaving that with each breath her chest was pushing my chest back. her well sized boobs were so smooth that I can feel with full cloths on. I kept her hand around me. and slowly daringly I got my tongue out and touch her chick. It was smooth.

I started kissing her chick with tongue and then finally I touch her lips with my lips. This is the moment I got uncontrolled and gone mad. I started kissing her lips. After two minutes she opened her lips a little where I started pushing my tongue. Finally I got full access to her mouth and we started kissing like anything. The fire has been started and there no limit to this fire now. we both now knows what comes next.

We started kissing each other like anything for next fifteen minutes. I kept my hand on her boob which is milky and smooth. I was feeling like I was in heaven. The dream which I was coloring all the time in Hyderabad was coming true now. I moved towards her boob and started pressing them hard. She started moaning and already started caressing me under t-shirt. I was pulling her salwar to get full boobs. but it was her bra coming in between which she un clipped.

Now I started licking her boobs and can see those milk spots in golden night lamp. I started licking and eating them like anything making her uncontrolled. I guess she hadn’t had a good sex since long. I life her salwar upside and gone top of her to take those boobs in mouth fully.I was eating like hungry man from years. I took he salwar out from her head and just saw her armpits cleaned and soft.

I started licking it. I was licking and kissing every visible part of her body. She laid down breathing and moaning heavily with closed eyes. I was pressing her boob with one hand and I removed her pajama knot with other.. I was getting down and down by kissing and licking on her boob, stomach and belly.. as soon as I reached near vagina she made movement and help my hand tight.

I was slowly kissing her vagina. It was having small hairs since shaved a little long back. Her pussy lips are looking fresh in night lamp. I started kissing and licking her pussy. I saw those many times in BF and was trying to do now. I started licking hardly and pushing my tongue as deeper as possible. This made her horny and she started moaning and moving. She was shaking of excitement.

I was also got maximum excitement and I removed my clothes. She started caressing my body her and there and after few minutes she got my tool in her hand… it was difficult her to hold as I was licking her pussy. So I changed position to 69 and now she was pulling my rod up and down. We didn’t talk a single word from last thirty minutes.

As I was pushing my tongue deeper, this gives her courage and she started licking my penis in her mouth. she was doing it fast as I was also making fast and it sent excitement wave in her. After five minutes I looked at her and she looked at me. Our eyes met and exchange the message. I went down and put my penis from of her vagina.

I started rubbing my penis against her pussy but I dint insert. This made her mad for sex. She was pushing herself downwards to take my rod in. finally inserted my penis in her vagina. That time I got to know she was not really too much fucked by her husband. She was still tight. I need more efforts to make her easy. Then I started pushing and pulling my 8 inch rod in and out. She was moaning loudly.

We fucked hard for five minute and then I was about to cum. I took out my penis and started fingering her. in two minute she shrine her body and with a big jerk she calm down. She got orgasm. I gave my penis in her hand and started moving to and fro. She started doing it fast and in next minutes I took out cum shot. She was calm. I lay beside her and hugged her tightly. We didn’t speak.

The next moment was the morning when she woke me up getting tea for me. I think I slept immediately after having sex. I was not having courage to look at her. Everything was happen in taking her care and relaxing her. I felt shame on myself. Event I could stay more there I left early in morning. I was embraced about what we did. It was amazing experience to have sex with her, but it was shame for me to have sex with her. I am still not excited about that incidence.

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