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She Gone So Wild

  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

Hi gurls&guys…i’m carl working in famous software company in Chennai. I have perfect shape body. this is my first submission of story to friends. I had many experience and one of that i’m gonna share to you people’s dont wanna mention her name her complexion is pale. she was a typical Indian woman. It started well in the morning’s saw a woman in the bus. she was amazing look but lil bit old .her age was near 40.she was one of the perfect milf.

It was my first day in new office where i was gonna join. she got down at the stoppin, where i got down.she followed me to the office.i waited for elevator.we both were get into elevator.i was standing beside her.i saw her directly.she smiled at me.oh god such beautiful lady smiled at me. Again she stepped out,when i stepped out of the elevator in the 4th floor.i thought it would be my lucky day. when i looked back at her.again she smiled at gm introduced her to me she is your project to heryour trainee.i shaked hand with her.i felt most lucky i’m.i was the one who knew everything in my hot milf pm had doubt in that. one day she called me up to her home ,to clear up the doubt in i gone there.i found out nobody in her home.i said thanks to the god.she welcomed me inside her home.i was sitting in sofa and she gave me soda to drink.then she took me to her room .there were bed and computer beside that.she sat opposite me. she wore low cut blouse and glassy silk saree. she look gorgeous in that and her perfume took me higher in sky.she said that she couldn’t run the program.i said let me try this.i tried it for 2 hours and she gone to prepare some food. i finished off and called her.i ran it .it worked good. she said you’re the genius.then we ate the food together.

So i was about leave .i was near to door. but i can’t control myself.she said goodbye and gone back to kitchen.i gone to kitchen stood behind her. she turned and looked me and asked me what!!!. suddenly i kissed her and she pushed me with her hands heavily & slapped me.again i kissed her.i never took my lips off from her mouth .i holded her two hands at her back.i just dragged her to the bedroom without taking my lips off from her mouth. i pushed her to bed.she yelled at me.she tried to ran away from me.i caught her drapes .she pleased me plz dont do this.i holded her from her back and said to her ear plz i cant control myself . when i saw you first time i fallen love with you .i want make some love with you.i love you forever.plz cooperate with me.again she ignored me and hit me. i lifted her in my hands and spread her in the bed.she shouted and pleased me but i loved her pleasing.i took off her saree and tied her hands on the bed rods with that saree. it was a AC room with glass windows and door.i shut everything and turned on AC.nobody can’t hear anything from outside.i stripped my clothes. she was lying with blouse and red color panties with tied hands on bed rod. she was sweating in fear.i said i wont hurt you and i wanna have some fun.dont be scared.i took off her clothes .

When i took off her panties..ohhh man ..such cute pussy and it fully shaved. Then i took off her bra such nice boobs and well shaped and two munchy nipples in pink color.i got her fully naked.i was staring at her full naked body.she was pleasing meplz dont do this.i gone near to her. I touched her pussy so gently.she pleased with trembling voicepleaseee.i felt ohh man!!! its so soft. i had been sex with many women but i didnt feel anything soft like this. i started lick it and put my forefinger deep inside her cute she stopped pleasing me and started to moaning this time.i jus did for more than 20 minutes.she moaned and banged ooohhhh uuuuffffffff aaahhhhhaah i gone up and kissed passionately with tongue action. i bit her lips and she shouted with pain. i crushed that two beautiful boobs and sucked her nipples. again i sucked her pussy for 7 minutes.she moaned aaaaahhhhh wooooooo yeeeeeaaahhhh.i jus got the wet and sweet smell of creampie made me to lick more.i made her crazy about me and i wanted her to ask me fuck her. i gone beside and sat in the chair.i stared at her.she said why you stopped horny boy..come on lets have fun..take me to the higher with erotic voice. i gone near to her and put my finger in her pussy. i whispered in her ear you want me to fuck you she said with hissing sound yeah.i said who’s my bitch now and pushed my finger hardly into her pussy.she shouted in pain mmmeee. i was enjoyin her naked body with kisses.i placed my erected dick on her belly. she felt nice.she said plz untie my hands.i wanna play with your dick.i untied her hands.she suddenly pushed me down.she sprang up to me she began to torture me.she was kissing and biting all over me. she scratched me with her nails.i enjoyed that coz i usually love rude women like tomboy girls,who torture the men in bed.i made her to this level.we were fighting in bed with kissin and biting and pushing one another down. she hold my dick tightly with her hand saidohhh boy you got big and who’s my bitch nowshe asked.i shouted with painmeee baby. she started suck on that and bit it .

I banged with holding her hand come on baby suck on that hard ooohh yeahh.i pushed her down . now i sprang up.i said i wanna fuck you hard baby. you made me wild.she said come on fuck me boy.keep doin it. it was so soft when i pushed inside it.she moanedohh yeahh baby fuck me fuck me my lil fucky..comon fuck me.i moaned yeah baby i’m the fucky.later she was shouting im cumming.she was squirting on my dick.suddenly i gone down to lick her cumming was sweeter than sugar.i teased her with my tongue.again squirting extrass on my face.i felt what lucky day .it is.then i fucked her in asshole in doggystyle and holded her hair and ride her like pony.she said yeah boy ride me like pony..

Come on fuck me hard.i spanked on her rounded ass. she was also lovin it.she moanedoooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeaaaah spank me baby…spank me hard.i loved to see her pale ass gettin pinky red. little later she was tired.i knew she was tired and she couldnt take it any more.i took off my dick from asshole.i said her to give me some blowjobs that i can cumm it out. when she gave the blowjobs and that was high point of time to me .i spouted it out her boobs.thats how i’m done her .we both were reached an orgasm.we both smiled and kissed passionately.i said heri love you more than anything else baby.she said i love you either baby and you can call me any time ,i pleasure to fuck you in office she is my leader but in bed im the leader.we both were fucked in office .i’ll narrate that some other time.any milf and girl from chennai in & around want have some real fun & get tortured in bdsm style sex. mail down in.

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