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  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015
Hello readers. I am a man of 63 years, but still sexually very active and read the desi stories almost everyday. This prompted me to write my story, which is clear as crystal in my mind even after so many years. When I came to Surat I was a young lad in early twenties. I found the society here very permissive and open. I could talk to any lady without any hesitation on her part. So within a short time I became friendly with some of the ladies. There was an aunty living in the same building as we lived. A mother of two she was in her late thirties. But uncle used her sparingly and her body was still in very good shape. Not an ounce of extra flesh anywhere. Her tits were proud 36d and looked hard and she was very happy to show them off. I do not know what was wrong with uncle but he did not seem to be much interested in her. We used to talk for hours and I would have a cup of tea late in the night with them before coming back to my home to sleep. It was now summer and though my parents did not but I would sleep on the open roof. To reach the roof I had to go through their verandah. This they did not mind. In fact both the husband and wife would also come to the terrace and we would talk for some time before they went back to their room. All these months I was eying aunty for any sign of approval for me. My chance came when one day uncle had to sleep in the hospital where a relative of theirs had taken ill. Aunty came to the terrace alone and we started talking our usual chat when suddenly aunty asked me if I had a girl friend. I said no and that I did not know much about sex. As an after thought I asked aunty if she would become my friend and teach me as to what a man and woman did in bed. She had a naughty smile on her face when she said “You want to know in words or in action?” I was flabbergasted and stammered, “As you wish aunty”. 

She then went on for about 10 minutes to tell me how a man can make a woman happy by taking her lovingly and after a lot of fore play. On an impulse I asked her if uncle did all this? Her eyes became sad and she said no he doesn’t. In fact she said her husband is not much interested in sex. She said that most of the fun that she had in life was not with her husband but her father in law. I was really shocked to hear this but kept quiet. I slowly took her hand in mine and said that I was sorry. I also asked her very seriously that if she could teach me the art of making a woman happy I would love to do the service of making her happy. She took my hand and kept it on her boob. “Press them darling,” she said. From there on she kept instructing me. Ab mere blouse ke buttons khol do she said while her fingers were playing with my hair. I willingly obliged. I started to lie with her but she said “No, A man has to be attentive till the woman gets so hot that she too participates without inhibitions. Keep kissing me and playing with my boobs, and free them from the bra. Suck my nipples and say loving things like “Your boobs are so tight etc to arouse me further. A woman loves to be praised.” I obeyed. In fact she was so lovely that I did not have to make any effort. Her nipples were like grapes and I hungrily sucked on them. She kept playing with my hair, but a little more roughly. 

Presently she started kissing my cheek and then she bit my chin. She was softly moaning now and her body was getting feverish and restless. “Love me darling, make me your own.” My hands wandered down to her sari and I pulled it out of her petticoat. Then it was the turn of the petticoat. She obliged by raising her ass so that I could slide the clothing off her white legs. She wore no panty and her pussy was clean shaved. She was now getting so aroused that her hands were squeezing my back skin and she guided my hand to her soaking cunt. Oh God. Her cunt was soooo smooth and hot and wet. I dipped my finger in her pussy and it went in easily. “Yesssss, she hissed, rotate it, and rub my clit.” I was a good learner and I started to use two and then three fingers to ply open her cunt and tease her clit. She started moaning loud now. Her hands were playing, now on my back, now in my hair. Her ass was rising and falling and her cunt lips were getting tight on my fingers. Suddenly she tensed and let out a groan as if gurgling sound from her throat. Later I understood that she had a massive orgasm. “Mmmmmmm she whispered in my ear, I needed that so badly.” By now my cock was rock hard and becoming painful. Aunty kept playing with me and kissing me every now and then. Ultimately she disengaged herself from me and went to the bathroom. 

When she came back, she did not sit on the bedding but made me stand too. She one by one removed my clothes and then started sucking and biting my nipples. She again guided my hand to her boobs and took hold of my cock. “Lovely, thick and bell topped too”. She murmured. She played with my cock for some time and then lay down on the bed. “Come my love, fuck your aunty and make her happy.” She guided me to come between her legs and put a pillow under her butt. She then opened her legs in a V and raised them. As instructed I now put the tip of my engrossed cock on her cunt opening and pushed. 

She was tight. She put her feet on my butt and pushed. At the same time she raised her own butt to allow my cock to be fully swallowed by her hot wet cunt. “Darling ab chodo apni aunty ko jor jor se. Phad do meri choot ko aur bujha do iski pyas. (Come now fuck your aunty and tear her pussy apart and make her happy.) I obliged. I myself was so involved that all I wanted was to shoot my wad, but aunty prompted me to go slow after some time. Then again she asked me to increase my speed. When I was sure that I would now burst she completely stopped my movements, kissing me and telling me how great lover I was. 

When we started again I was out of my mind and started pumping her pussy so hard that my balls hit her ass. She too had her eyes closed and was uttering moans like Ahhhhhhhhhhhh , ooohhhhhhhhhhhh ,mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yessssss , like that, fuck like that, Oh you are like a big stud you chootiya, chod jor se. I could no more control and told aunty so. She said it was ok and hugged me tight with her arms and legs and I shot my first hot load into her womb in long squirts. She too came with a big shudder. We lay in each other’s arms for a long time, catching our breaths. Soon it was time for a second fuck. I fucked her three times that night. After that we fucked whenever we could get a chance. She taught me many kamsutra ways of making love, the most delicious being Hindol asana. Though we both moved to different houses now, I still remember that night so vividly that I get a hard on. Your comments and suggestions are welcome at

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