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Sharmi Aunty – My Dream Woman

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  • November 30, 2015

Hi friends,my name is Ajit. I am 22 years old. Right now i am studying Engineering. I am 5’7” in height. I am a huge fan of this site. This is my first story.Please let me know whether you liked it. This story is a real experience involving Sharmi aunty my mom’s best friend n me.
My Grand father was ill so both my parents had to go visit him at Delhi. But my exams were coming up so they didn’t want me to miss any classes.So it was decided that i would stay at Sharmi aunty’s house for that week. To describe sharmi aunty, she was a typical MILF. Extremely fair with long hairs. She always used to wear saree. She was in her early 30s that time. I dont know her exact stats but i guess her boobs were definitely 36. She was a bit plump but not exactly fat. Her hips were protruding. I always liked her but never had such sexual feelings for her. Before that night changed everything!

Mom dropped off me at her place around 8’o’clock.

Mom: “Thax sharmi for ur trouble! Otherwise he would have missed important classes!”

Aunty: “Its ok re Shanti. He is like my child too. Apart from that Nishant’s dad (Her husband) is going on a business trip tomorrow will return after 4 days & Nishant also has to go for his school excursion from tomorrow. I would have gone lonely. Its nice to have some one to talk too.”

I felt disappointed. Nishant was of my age. A real cool dude. He basically introduced me into the world of porns. So he would leave meant a boring week for me.

Rakesh uncle Nishant’s dad arrived from office and greeted me. We all were like family friends. He was also happy to see me.

We all had dinner at around 9 only since Uncle had to pack luggage for his trip. I was supposed to sleep with Nishant in his bedroom. Their flat was a two roomed apartment. Both the bedrooms were adjacent. There was a passage in between one way lead to the dining space adjacent to the kitchen. Other side it was the bathroom.

It was 10. I helped Nishant pack for his excursion which is incidentally tomorrow only.

Me:” Bro, i am gonna miss u yaar.. is there no way this can be avoided?? ”

Nishant: “No mate.. It was decided two months ago… But don’t worry.. i am leaving things to keep u occupied for the whole week!”

Saying this he grinned n pointed towards his laptop!!

He had an entire collection of Sunny Leone videos!

I was delighted. We both started watching those. Nishant dozed off early since he had his trip next day. I kept watching.

It was around 1 at night. My penis was standing at its peak. I knew i had to go the bathroom to shag now. I got from the room to go there. Suddenly i heard sounds. It was coming from the other room. I was curious. I had to look. I walked towards the next room’s door n stood there still. Then peeped through their half opened window.

The sight i saw was unbelievable!!!

Uncle was standing naked & Sharmi aunty was sitting Just below him in only blouse & petticoat n Sucking his penis!!!

This sight was enough for my already excited penis to go super excited!!

I have seen this million times in porns but it was happening in from of me. I couldn’t believe my eyes!!

I kept looking at it n pulling my penis!!

Suddenly aunty got up n uncle was kind off displeased to see this. I heard them talk.

Uncle:”What happened Sharmi??”

Aunty:”Rakesh lets not do any further today… Ajit is in the other room…”

Uncle:”So what?? he must be sleeping now.. please Sharmi.. i will be leaving tomorrow…”

Aunty:”I gave you a blow job though…”

Uncle:”Please let me fuck ur cunt…”

Aunty:”But i am not yet wet enough dear…”

Uncle suddenly got very angry.. Pushed aunty to bed… Lifted her petticoat n inserted his tool…

She almost shouted.. “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

But Uncle was busy pounding her…

Aunty: “Ohhh Rakessshhhh..ummmm.. its paining.. slowly please…”

I kept masturbating… It continued for some 15 min… then he calmed down n laid beside her naked… She was kept laying down… with only blouse n her petticoat up to her thighs!!

I rushed to the bathroom n cleaned myself because i knew both of them will need to use the bathroom soon.

I was just getting out i saw aunty coming to the bathroom.. she wore her saree.

She was taken aback seeing me then controlled her emotion.

Aunty:”Arey Ajit beta?? Nindh nehi aaraha hai??”

Me:”Nehi aunty so hi rahe the.. Woh toilet krne aaye!”

Aunty:”Ok so jao beta kal school hain na..” and gave me a smile n went inside the bathroom…

That night i was unable to close my eye lids…what i saw few moments back keep lurking..But still somehow i dont know when i felt asleep..

Next day morning Nishant woke me up..

Nishant: “Get up bro.. U will be late for school man..”

I freshened up and went into the dining room to have break fast.. Sharmi aunty was wearing a silk saree.. She looked fabulous and i started looking at her from a different perspective all together.

We had breakfast both me n Nishant left in Rakesh uncle’s car.. He dropped Nishant off to station Then me to school.. Then went off for his trip..

The whole day in school… I kept thinking of what i saw last night… It still seemed like a dream…Then suddenly i realised.. I had this golden opportunity to be alone with my favorite aunty for the next 4 days till uncle returns!!

I whole thought itself seemed so exotic… I kept waiting the whole day for school to get over so that i can rush back at her place… Couldn’t concentrate on a single class..

Finally the bell i was waiting for eagerly rung… I rushed outside got a bus n got back at Sharmi aunty’s place..

I rang the door bell… After couple of minutes Sharmi aunty opens the door… she was wearing a black saree very loosely wore.. barely covering her assets..n wet in parts..

Aunty:”Sorry beta kept u waiting.. actually i went for a bath..”

Me:”Its ok aunty.. u r looking quite fresh…”

She smiled back at me and brushed her hand on my head as a sign off mother-like affection.. but i was way beyond that.. i wanted to feel those lovely melons.. smell the aroma of that beautiful vagina where last night uncle planted in his shaft..i kept waiting for night to come… i was thinking i should plan something so that i get to be next to her in bed… i suddenly had an idea…

Last night i saw few collections of horror movie in Nishant’s laptop… I knew those movies would buy me the ticket to heaven…One thing i knew about aunty was that she is really afraid of ghosts n horror movies… I knew if i managed to make her watch it… It might lead me to my Jackpot..

We chatted the whole evening… I pretended to study for an hour or so.. then we had dinner..

Me:”Aunty are u free now??”

Aunty:”Ya beta.. why??”

Me:”Lets watch a movie in Nishant’s laptop.. What say??”

Aunty:”Sounds great…” and i started playing “The Exorcist”…

Well.. she wasn’t scared at all.. turns out the information i had was wrong..i had to think of plan B… n suddenly it came to my devil mind.. why not i act as if i am scared..i did that.. aunty laughed at me.. the movie got over at 11..

Me:”Aunty.. i don’t wanna sleep alone today!!”

Aunty:”Ok beta…sleep with your aunty today..!!”

Me:”U r sure??”

Aunty:”Of course.. u have slept so many times as a kid with me.. u are still a kid for me..” she plucked my cheeks..

I was excited.. i went to her room n gt in bed… she came 15 min later n laid down next to me…I kept silent for some time… it was 1’o’clock…I made my first move.. I kept my hand on her bare belly.. she was searing an orange saree..i removed her aanchal..She was now exposed in her blouse.. n in deep sleep.. i slowly unhooked her blouse n her melons were raring to come out..i just was about to take it out suddenly i sensed a movement.. i seized away my hand… n pretended to be sleeping.. aunty gt up.. n saw her blouse opened.. she was utterly surprised..

She looked at me.. n hooked up all her hooks.. i still pretending to be sleeping aunty took a pillow n kept in between her n me… n turned the other side.. yes that night i could not do anything more.. i was scared like shit.. but still i had 3 more nights to go.. what happened next??
that will be in the next part friends…

Many might find this story a bit boring.. but trust me its a real incident m just trying to give all the possible details so u all can understand the situation better.. I love older women.. any women who wants a one time secret sex session near kolkata feel free to contact me..also for sex chat..i only chat via email..

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