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  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

Hello everybody. I am with mine first interesting, exciting and true  story. Lill bit about me, I am Shamz, I live in Pune, India but am  visiting Mumbai these days for like 6 months and tell you what Mumbai rocks  mate!     .

This story is a encounter courtesy the Internet. I have been talking  to this girl from Mumbai for the last several months, little did I knew  that I would land up in Mumbai on one of my trips here. Well we decided  to meet up when I was in Mumbai; the interesting part was that neither  of us had seen each other’s pictures so in more than one ways it was a  blind date. I was kinda excited, but then you never know, blind dates  can go either way.

Fingers crossed I took on the offer to meet up. She  said that we could meet at a coffee place, they call it Barista….we  decided on how to recognize each other etc. on the D day I reached this  place 15 minutes before the time just to be there. I was to wait for a  girl wearing a yellow top and a jeans, she was late but then when she  appeared ultimately I was like goooosssshhhh. Al-rite let me tell you  guys little about her, she’s  5′ 7 “, shoulder length hair, fair with  sharp features and her size, well I got to know that later, 34d, 25, 36. I mean she was simply irresistible from the word go. We got talking and  talked until evening. Was time for her to go home and I thought it was  all over because I was to leave in a couple of days.        Next day morning I get a call from her that she thought I was a very  nice guy and would want to meet up again, I jumped to the offer and  asked her to come to the hotel I was staying, because I had some work to  finish. She got in there and we were sitting and chatting, while talking  I just casually took her hand in my hands and started squeezing it, she  felt good. Later on she said she had to leave and I requested for a  good bye kiss which she agreed, I kissed her on her cheeks and then a  quickie one on her lips, this got everything started, she held me and gave  me a deep on on my lips, this was great, she tasted fantastic and I  gave her a deep French kiss. Our tongues were in each other’s mouth for a  long time; don’t remember how much, but it looked like ages. 

My hands  were exploring her large upright breasts from the fabric of her top and  I think even she was enjoying the whole sequence. She abruptly broke  the kiss and said it was not right and she better go. I caught her and said is it wrong to fulfil our wishes and I don no what got on to her  she jumped to me and gave another smooch, this was a wild one, I  thought she would kill me with her tongue that day …        I was kissing her and I slowly started unbuttoning her jeans, she  resisted, but ultimately gave in. And in no time her jeans was kissing  the floor and she was in her white panty and her red top. She looked very  sexy with her long milky white legs, god I went crazy.

I was now  kissing her ear lobes, her neck and eating her boobs from the top. I got rid  of my shirt and jeans as well and was in my boxers already. She said  she was quiet impressed with my physique, well why not I work out several  times a week. The atmosphere in the room was getting hotter by the  minute in spite of the air conditioning. I helped her out of her top, she  was little shy at this point, but then I would not let go. I turned her  and started licking her back and slowly un hocked her bra, wow she had  a lovely back as well. I removed her bra and turned her to have a look  at those heavenly boobs with erect nipples, she was standing there with  her head down and only in her panty, a sex goddess in reality. I gave a small kiss on her right breast and she gave a small moan….and now  pressed my head to her now super erect nipples. Tell you guys, this was one  of the best times of my life. My hand was trying to enter her panty and  my mouth was glued to the newly found treasures. This was getting so  good. I removed her panty and got a view of her very well trimmed pussy,  she was a real beauty, I wanted to thank god for giving me such a great  opportunity. I got out of my boxers as well and we were both naked. She  was amazed looking at my 7 incher, she said she had seen one in erect  form for the first time, which meant she was a virgin and this got me  hotter. I kissed her body and then started licking her toe slowly going  up to her love hole. She jerked and jumped when I touched my tongue up  there, she was really wet and very hot by now. She was a little  apprehensive though, because she said this was her first time and she did not  want to do something for which she had to repent in life. I told her that it will be all ok and we will be safe.

I always carry safety with  me (Condoms) never know where and when we would need them.        Anyway we were on with our foreplay and then I got into serious  pussy eating, hungry that I was. I teased her with my tongue and bit her  clit, she was moaning and now kinda shouting because she couldn’t take it  any more and she jerked and came she came in bounty, I ate all of that  heavenly juice, but did not give up licking her, I made her cum twice  there and then. It was my turn to get satisfied but she was kinda not  prepared to take my dick in her mouth, so I decided to take things one  step at a time and decided to enter her, put a condom on and tried  getting in. she was god damn tight. I mean she was really very tight. It was  a effort, she was in pain and begged to stop and that she did not want  to go thru, I said it would be pain but pleasure would follow and  started smooching her.

I consoled her for a while and then with a big thrust  got in, she was in tears and could not shout because my mouth was  covering hers. So could just hear a moan, I was in, but only a little with another thrust I got in and I think then I broke the Hymen, she was  bleeding. I did not stop, I was now at my doing best, I was pumping her  hard and wild, I came in my condom and then I got my dick out and saw  the whole condom red with blood and missed with her juices. We were both  exhausted and we just slept there. After a while I got up licking her  pussy once again and my little jonny was up again, ready for another  fuck. I asked her to get on all fours and I entered her from behind. This  time it was little easy, but was tight in any case. We had another wild  session and then we went into the shower and had a hot water bath,  where again I licked her and entered her from front,  this time without  protection but just before I was to cum, I got out and sprayed the entire  load on her belly button.       She was dead tired and left in the evening requesting me to stay for  another day.

Did I, of course I did and I also got her give me one of  the best blow jobs I have ever had in my life. That and how I entered  her ass in my next story. Good bye for now.       All girls and ladies interested, I am in Pune.    Write to me on If we click we could as  well have a gala of a time. Or else, take it eazee. Cheers.

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