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Shalini My Dream Come True

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

It was a lovely evening, cool and breezy. The stars were twinkling brightly and the moon cast it’s silvery spell over the barren landscape. It was a perfectly romantic evening which I was wasting sitting in the train from pune to Baroda. I am a 25 year old caring, fun loving and a handsome man. As the evening dragged on I was deep in my thoughts and didn’t notice my surroundings. I was listening to Jagjit Singh’s ghazal oblivious of the glances I was getting from the woman sitting opposite to me. I hadn’t noticed her till then.

Suddenly our eyes met for a second and wave of current rushed through my body. She was the most beautiful woman i had ever laid my eyes on. She was around 35 years old with a flawless complexion and the most engaging pair of eyes ever. From that moment onwards, i couldn’t take my eyes off from her. Every minute or so our eyes would meet and i would hastily look away lest she be offended. But no sir, that was not to be, even she was looking at me with great interest. Her beautiful eyes gazing at me with a mischevious look in them. I then picked up a novel and started reading it. I could feel that she was looking at me, judging me, sizing me up. I finally couldnt’ take it any more and smiled at her unsure of her reaction. But even she smiled and ice was broken. She asked me if she could take a look at my novel, I gladly gave it to her and from there we started talking. I introduced myself and she told me that her name was Shalini and she worked in a good hotel. We got talking after that, discussing hobbies, music, movies and everything under the sun. It was like we were old friends meeting after a long time. By this time we shared dinner and it was time to sleep. Both of us had the middle berth but i couldnt’ sleep and kept on thinking about the most luscious female i had ever met.

I guess sleep eluded her too and both of us were looking at each other and smiling. We couldnt’ talk because of other passengers around. The night passed off uneventfully and i was disappointed that i had to leave her. But i guess fate had something else in store for me…even she had to get off at baroda. She took my mobile number promising to keep in touch with me. The whole day passed in her thoughts only and i was not able to concentrate on anything. At about 5 in the evening, Shalini gave me a call and told me that her husband is away for the night and she would like to have dinner with me. I was thrilled like a six year old kid in a candy store. I went to pick her up from her from the appointed place at 7. I can’t forget that sight…she was wearing a black saree with a matching sleevless blouse. She was looking like a greek goddess carved from white italian marble with perfect curves. She had shoulder length hair and her face looked like that of a model and her lips….oh boy they were the perfect rose petal shaped. And when she smiled, she dazzled everything around. First we decided to go for a long drive and i took her to the most secluded road. We were talking, listening to music and there was a tension….a sexual tension between us which i can’t explain.

I then asked her where she’d like to go for dinner , I suggested a couple of my favorite joints but she had a better idea or rather a naughty idea. She said lets pick up something to eat and we can have it at my place. Bells started ringing in my head and i was sure that something is going to happen tonight. We went to her tastefully decorated apartment, she asked me to make myself comfortable and went to the kitchen. In about 15 minutes everything was ready and we had a wonderful dinner. After dinner she excused herself and when she came back i was completely speechless. She came back wearing a pink satin nightie which accentuated every curve of her sexy body. I was sure that she wasn’t wearing any bra and her nipples were jutting out, hard like two small marbles. I could feel the blood rush to my loins and my desire to make love to her increased exponentially. She could sense my condition and was smiling naughtily. She came and sat very close to me, her sexy legs exposed. The skin of her legs looked so smooth and creamy i wanted to touch it desperately i was overcome by lust. I couldn’t control myself anymore and moved my hand on her thigh and it felt so soft and heavenly…..she said ” naughty boy what are u doing?” I didnt’ let her say anything further and kissed her on her lips. She also responded and was kissing me went on for sometime…we were hungry for each

other. My hands started exploring every curve of her body. I was pressing her tits and she started moaning with pleasure. She was getting hotter by the second. I started nibbling her earlobes and she went crazy with passion. My lips were all over her neck and my tounge was going in circles on her skin. Meanwhile my hands went to the zip of her nightie and i opened it, her nightie just slipped from her shoulders…and i was looking at the most beautiful woman in the nude with nothing but a pink lacy panty on her. She grabbed me and undressed me completely in a minute. I then grabbed her from her waist and brought her close to me and started kissing her with renewed passion. I laid her down on the carpet and started kissing her breasts. I licked her nipples and was sucking on them alternatively. She was writhing in ecstasy and moaning with pleasure. I then traced my tongue from her breasts to her sexy navel kissing her , moving down to her panty. I removed her panty with my teeth and was looking at a perfectly shaved smooth pussy.

Her pussy lips were so pink and wet ….they beckoned me to kiss her pussy. I started by tickling her pussy with the tip of my nose…she went crazy and grabbed my head in her hands pushed my face in her pussy. I got the message and licked her pussy with the tip of my hard tongue. I pushed my tongue as deep as it would go , she was now moaning out loudly “aaaaahhhh anil pleassssse don’tt stop….it feellssss soooo greattttttt i want you inside me now…..i can’t wait please fuck me ….fuck me hard…”. Well, how could i not obey her command…i stopped licking her cunt and lied down on top of her. She grabbed my hard dick with both her hands and guided me towards her pussy. As soon as my dick touched her cunt lips, she grabbed my buttocks and i went deep inside her. She was moaning with pleasure and inspite of her age, her pussy was very tight like that of a 20 year old and it was gripping my dick , not letting it was the most wonderful experience ever. her pussy was really hot and wet and my dick could slither easily inside her. I took it very slowly, my thrusts were slow but hard. I felt like teasing her again and withdrew completely from her and started rubbing the tip of my cock on her pussy lips…she was kissing me passionately and moaning , her hands all over my back…finally she couldn’t take the teasing any more and this time she arched her pelvis towards and took me inside her completely.

She then locked both her legs on my buttock to prevent me from teasing her anymore. My thrusts continued and her body moved in rhythm with mine. And she was telling me…”OHhhh baby it feels so wonderful…please fuck me harder and faster now…i want to cum…please..fuck me harder…”. Well i increased my thrusts and finally i could feel her vaginal muscles tighten and she shrieked with pleasure..i put my lips on hers to muffle her cry lest the neighbours hear us. She was having her orgasm and it was my first ever experience to make a woman cum. I couldn’t control myself anylonger and i too shot a load of my cum in her pussy. It was like every nerve of my body had been strained and suddenly there was a tremendous release. I let myself go and lay on top of her for what seemd like an eternity. Both us were thoroughly spent and tired and we finally drifted off to sleep on the carpet itself. The next morning, when i woke up, i still felt that last night was one wonderful dream i simply couldn’t believe my luck that i spent the most wonderful time with such a sexy woman. If u want to know what happened after that, send me a mail

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