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Shalimar Train Sex

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

I am behanchod (offcourse it is not real name) of 19 years from Karachi Pakistan. Since last one year i’m fan and frequent visitor of errotic stories and have read good number of desi stories. After a lot of consideration, i have decided to share with you all the sex stories of my real sister. Believe me these are REAL stories, though names are not correct but the story is REAL.

So let me start. Our family is well off and my father is a business man, with every facility in our home. We are five children to my parents. I’m at number 4 and my three sisters are elder to me and my brother is younger to me. Eldest sister Hasina,29, is married since last two years, second Samina, 25, is doing her MBA, third Fareena, 23, is doing MBBS, fouth me, 19, doing BBA and last Raju, 11, is studying in school. I’m narrating this story of Samina. She is real beauty and is beautiful amongst all the females of the family.

Really, i too get horny when think about her. This is almost 10 months back story, when Samina baji was called by somebody for interview in Islamabad. She was insisting to go to Islamabad alone, but was not allowed, so ammi asked me to accompany Samina. I happily agreed and papa managed reservation in Shalimaar Exprees from Karachi to Lahore and from Lahore we were supposed to board on bus heading to Islamabad. Samina baji and me board on Shalimaar Expree from Karachi in a four-seated sleeper compartment. Nody was there except baji and me. Samina baji was surprised that nody else was there in the compartment. When train reached Landhi station the conductor guard came and left two young man in our compartment asking them that these are you seats. Looking at Samina baji both were very happy. They ignored us completely but they were talking about baji. One said to other that our night will be beautiful and we are more lucky then other four friends, those were in adjacent compatment me and I guess baji too, understood that what was cooking there in their mind. It was for sure that they were thinking about fucking baji in night. Any way train was going to Lahore. After little while baji went to wash room and when she came back she was in nighty and asked me to go to sleep on my upside seat. I followed her instructions and both guys in the compartment were in apparent shock when they saw Samina in nighty with 38D 24 36 figure and fair complexion. When I went up for sleep a guy asked baji “ aap to nahein soein gi na”. Baji said to him,’” nahein mujhay safar mein nind nahein aati”, the guy said to her, “achha hai hamein bhi nind nahein aati.” And they kept silent. From upper seat I can easily see that with little interwals Samina was smiling. After almost one hour a guy asked baji whether you brother has gone sleep deep. She replied yes he is used to sleep deep and early. It was signal to the guys that she is ready for whole night fuck. She asked them to excuse her and she left for washroom, probably to dryup and washup the pussy.

One guy asked other,” Mujhay to yeh larki randi lag rahi hai.” The other one said,’ hamein konsi shadi karni hai bas chodo aur jaan chhurao.” First one said,’ maal to mast hai, yeh choot to sarray dostoan mein batni chahye.” Doosray nay kaha, pahlay ham dono par to razi ho, pehlay nay kaha meray liey to razi hai, nighty khoal kar apni choot bhi dikhadi hai.” Baji came back from washroom and sat, a guy asked her that can he sit on her seat she said yeah. He sat beside Samina and French kissed her which she responsed passionately without any hesitation. Train was running and Saqib’s hand was running on the body of Samina. He opned her nighty and Samina said.” Is ko to bahar bhejo na.” Saqib said is say kiya faraq parta hai tumhien, yeh hamein disturb nahein karaiga. Samina agreed and he removed her nighty. After kissing and touching her little bit Saqib asked her, tumhein kitnay bachay hein? Baji said koi nahein, then he said tumhari shadi ko kitna arsa hua hai, baji replied meri abhi shadi nahein hui hai. Saqbib nay kaha achha, to kunwari ho, baji said nahein and then Saqib said to phir private chalti ho, baji said haan kabhi kabhi. While talking he was continuously playing with her naked body.

Saqib nay Samina ko kaha keh yeh mera dost keh raha tha keh tum randi ho magar mein nahein maan raha tha. Yeh to buhut achha hua keh tum waqai randi nikli. Samina nay saqib ko kaha meray randi honay par tujhay kiya aaitraaz hai, who hansnay laga aur kaha kuchh nahein. Samina bilkul nangi thi aur us ko pata tha keh us ka bhai dekh raha hai. Who seat say neechay gai aur Saqib ki paint ki zip kholi aur us ka lund bahar nikal kar choosnay lagi. Doosri seat par Faizaan nay bhi apna lund pant say nikal liya aur Samina ki peeth ko dekh kar lund hilata raha. Saqib aaaahhh aaaaaaahhhh kar raha tha aur Faizaan nay Samina ki choot mein apni angli ghusa di. Samina nay koi aaitraaz karnay ki bajai is ko aur choot khoal kar di.

Ab who Saqib ka Lund choos rahi thi aur Faizaan apnay haath say us ki choot ko chod raha tha aur Samina ki awazain nikal rahi thein. Kuchh dair key baad Saqib apnay kapray utarnay laga to Samina nay us ko kaha darwaza to andar say band kardo. Saqib nay darwaza band kiya aur Samina seat par let gai aur Saqib us kay ooper charh gaya. Saqib key dono haath Samina kay mamoon mein thay aur Lund us ki choot mein ghus chukka tha, jab keh Samina ki aaaahhhhhh shuroo ho chuki thi. Faizaan nay Samina ko kaha kaisa lag raha hai? Us nay kaha achha lag raha hai. Abhi saqib us ko chod hi raha tha keh Faizaan utha aur apna lund Samina key moonh mein daala aur Samina us ko choosnay lagi. Saqib us ko zoar say chod raha tha aur baji baray aaram say chudwa rahi thi. Saqib ka lund baji ki choot mein anadar bahar, andar bahar, andar bahar ho raha tha. Kuchh dair key baad jab Saqib chhootnay laga to us nay baji ko kaha mein chhoot raha hoon. Baji nay us ko kaha andar hi chhooto. Saqib eik bari cheekh say choot gaya aur Samina key ooper let gaya. Kuchh dair key baad us nay lund nikala aur bathroom chala gaya. Samina abhi tak Faizaan ka Lund choos rahi thi, thori dair mein Faizaan bhi eik cheekh maar kar chhoot gaya aur baji nay us ki poori cum pi li. Faizaan nay kaha wow yeh maza to call girl bhi nahein deti. Saqib bathroom say nikla aur Faizaan bathroom chala gaya. Samina abhi tak apni seat par nangi leti hui thi aur Saqib kapray pahnay laga. Samina nay Saqib ko kaha bas thak gai? Saqib nay kaha nahein abhi to aur bhi dost hein na. Baji nay us ko kaha kiya kaha tum nay? Saqib nay kaha haan wohi jo tum nay suna aur hansnay laga. Phir baji kay kareeb aakar betha aur us kay mamay dabanay laga. Faizaan bathroom say nikla to Saqib nay us ko kaha jao Hameed waloan ko lay aao.

Faizaan nay us ko kaha keh mujhay to dar lag raha hai keh kahein is ka bhai na uth jai. Baji nay kaha who abhi nahein uthay ga, tum logoan ko jo karna hai karlo. Faizaan nay pochha keh sab ko ley aaon? Saqib nay kaha haan is ko to yeh bhi kam paraingay aur dono hansnay lagay. Faizaan kapray pahan kar compartment say nikal gaya aur Saqib nangi samina kay badan say khelta raha. Phir Saqib nay dono sleeper setoan key beech mein neechay blanket bichhakar bed banaya aur samina ko seat say neechay khench liya aur us ko kaha keh un logoan key bethni ki jagah banai hai. Itnay mein Faizaan wapis aaya to 4 doosray larkay bhi us key saath thay. Who sab seetoan par beth gai aur nangi samina ko ghoornay lagay. Kuchh dair khamoshi kay baad samina nay larkoan ko kaha kabhi larki nahein dekhi kiya? Eik larkay nay kaha dekhi to buhut hein magar abhi apnay naseeb par aaitbaar nahein aa raha.

Samina nay hans kar us ko kaha tumhara naseeb achha hai aa jao meray paas. Is tarah samina ki phir chudai shuroo hogai. Larkay shour macha rahay thay to Saqib nay un ko kaha araam say, kahein is ka bhai na uth jai. To eik larkay nay mashora diya keh is ko hamaray compartment mein ley chalo, wahan is ko dil khol kar chodtay hein. Samina nay bhi kaha keh haan chalo. Who sab udhar chalay gai samina ki choot marnay aur mein sukoon say so gaya. Subuh ko abhi train Lahore nahein punhchi thi to baji nay mujhay jagaya aur chai di jo us key chodo nay kharidi thi. Mein neechay utar aaya. Abhi compartment mein sirf Saqib aur baji aur mein thay. Baji nay saqib ko kaha yeh mera bhai hai. Us nay mujh say haath milaya aur kaha tumhari bahan buhut achhi hai. Mein khamosh raha. Mein nay saqib ko kaha keh Islamabad key liey coach kahan say milaigi, to us nay kaha is ki zaroorat nahein hai tum loag aaj hamaray mahmaan ho, chal kar hamaray paas aaram karo, kal ham tumhein Islamabad ley jaeingay. Mein nay baji ki taraf dekha, us nay kaha koi baat nahein kal chalay jaingay, interview to parsoon hi hai na. Saqib nay mujhay kaha ham say dosti karlo, aur baji ko aankh ka ishara kiya.

Baji beech mein boli zahir hai mein tumhari dost hoon to yeh bhi tumhara dost hi hai. Mein samjh gaya keh meri dosti ka bahana kar kay baji chudwana chah rahi hai. Ham dono bahan bhai Saqib walon kay paas Lahore mein rukay, jahan Samina baji ki khul kar chudai hui. Yeh kahani phir kabhi sahi. I hope you have enjoyed this story. Please email me your comments. Behan Chod.   

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