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Shakeela Multani Sex Story

  • desipapa
  • August 16, 2015

hi, Desipapa readers. I m Shahzeb from Multan (Punjab,Pakistan.) I m masters in science & here working with a deptt. I m basically from Faisalabad. I have an athletic body with the height of 6ft&2in7& fair color. This story is true U accept it or no its ur choice. this story starts when I was studying in 1st year.

there are my cousin which name was Shakeela. she was 20 years old that time & elder then me 4 years. she had a gorgeous body with the figure of 36 25 35.She had a whitish completion. She always wears Shalwar Qameez with tight fitting. she lived near our house. we were very regular to visits each other houses. I always feel lust when I saw her working something in our or her’s home. When she walks here & there, her boobs were caressing with each other & jumping with a beautiful rhythm. When she was bending for some work I saw her cleavage. Her big boobs always tried to came out from her Qameez & bra. I always try to watch her in minimum clothes & after many tries I don’t get any glimpse of her body. One day My Aunt come to our house & told that her Father-in-law died. My mother have sympathies for her. They both telephoned their husbands to come home, after that they made a program that me and my cousin Shakeela will live here and all elders will go there.

they were gone and now we were sitting in TV lounge. We were chatting on different topics like college and studies and friends. now the time was near about 8pm.After eating the dinner she told me that she has not habit to sleep alone in the room & if I don’t mind I can sleep in her room. It was very surprised for me and I was also very happy that I will sleep in my dream girl room on her bed with her. I said ok, and told her that I want to see some movie and I will come later. I turned on VCR. there was a low budget movie which have many scenes of kissing and boob pressing. To see that movie my Lund was standup in my trouser. I was feeling some uncomfortable and I want to masturbate. Suddenly an idea come in my mind, I can FUCK my cousin because there are not any one in home. I came to her room door was shut but not bolted. I slightly open the door and went, I saw she was awakening and studying magazine. She saw me with a smiling face and said come on, I was waiting you. There were a double bed in center of room and she was lying there with her glory. I just came and sat on other side of the bed. She folded magazine and start chatting with me. During talking I stunned to see that she does not wore bra under the Qameez. When she moved her boob jumped. to see that scene my Lund started jumping in trouser and my eyes were stayed on her boobs. She noticed this and I saw a change on her face. Her white now changed in red color. She also noticed my throbbing prick in my trouser without underwear.

Seeing this I got courage and went near her and touched her hand with mine. I was feeling my heart beat on full speed. I aw she was trying to leave her hand which was under my right hand. At this moment, She Questioned me WHAT IS UR PROBLEM.? I first hesitate and then answered her that t love her very much and wants to feel her beautiful body. I she was smiling under lips but her face was blank. I go more near her almost my body was now touching her body. Suddenly, I hold her both hands in my left hand and take first a little kiss of her lips and then a long kiss of 3 minutes without taking breath. I saw now she was breathing fast. With my right hand I started to explore her beautiful body. I saw her eyes were closed. I pick more courage loose her hands hugged her in my both arms with full power. Her big boobs were crashed on my hard chest. I was feeling the pleasure of my life. My dream girl was in my arms. I started to kiss her on eyes, cheeks, neck and lips with full speed, on other side now my hands were busy to fondle her big and silky boobs.

I was in heaven. I saw she was pressing her thighs on my legs. I started unbuttoned her Kameez firstly she resist, but then I put her Kames from her body. She was sitting topless front of me. OOh my God , she was stunning. She was goddess of beauty. Her melons wear looking so beautiful and erected. Her nipples were Pink. To see this I became mad and started pressing her boobs very hard. She was moaning with little voice like aaaaaaaaaahhhh oooooooooooohhhhhh,haeyyyyy,kya ker rahay ho, zor say dabao, Zebi aur zor say. To see tis I start sucking her left boob with my lips that was a heaven for me. Her moaning was now louder Zebu CCHOOSSSOOOO,KHA JAO IN KO,BAHOT MAZA AAAA RAHA HAYYYYYYY. I became mad start biting her boobs and sucking hard. now I move my one hand towards her Shalwaar, in the way I found her naval, which was feeling very smooth. I started made circles with my fingers around her naval. She was shivering with pleasure. next moment, I caught her hand placed on my Lund over trouser. When her hand touched my prick, my Load was on his full bloom of 6in. first she touched with a little hesitation and then started moving her hand up and down with a rhythm. My hand was now moving on her soft and silky thighs slowly I moved my hand towards her CHOOT (cunt,pussy) I touched her CHOOT with my fingers and on other hand started squeezing her boob with mouth.

I was feeling a wet spot on shalwaar and heat of her PHODI (CHOOT, CUNT, PUSSY) SHE WAS NOW HOT, I started undoing her shalwar. She was now fully naked in front of me. I saw her PUSSY was pink colored my favorite color I was now out of control. I undid my trouser with a jerk, my LUND was standing and throbbing. Her CUNT was neatly shaved. I sat near her milky legs and started fingering on her CUNT lips, now she was moaning loudly. I put her legs around my waist, and placed my LIPS on her CHOOT. My one finger was now touching her clit which was also feeling erect and my tongue was sucking her CUNT LIPS . she was enjoying this pleasure of life. She was moaning like a ZEBI FINGER UNDER DAAL DO HAYE TOM NAY MOJHAY KYA KER DIYA HAY, KOOCH KORO JALDI SAY, MEON AABHI VIRGIN HOON MOJHAY AAJ TOM LADKI SAY AURAT BANA DO. now my finger was touching her cant walls she was moaning like hell with pain and pleasure. Suddenly I also entered my tongue in her cunt hole. The smell and taste of her juices were very delicious. now I cannot bear any more

I caught her beautifully shaped legs and placed on my wide shoulders. I saw she closed her eyes her CUNT hole was very tight so I put saliva on my LUND placed its tip on her cunnt lips and started rubbing there. Suddenly placed tip on hole and started moving forward. she was so tight I made some pressure on my LUND and the cap of Lund entered in her vagina. I saw some tears in her eyes with the pain, she was also shouting like this HAYES MURK GAYER, HAY MAR DALE TOO NAY MUSHY MAI AMMO. Seeing this I placed my lips on her and started pressure on LUND. I move 1in back and move forward with a great jhatka my whole Lund was nom in her. she is crying with pain, but I didn’t care and start ramming her with full speed. After some time her cries were changed into moaning of pleasure and asked me to move faster and harder , listening this I made my move faster & faster. She was also start moving her hips up and down. Suddenly we both discharge at same time I dropped my sperms in her choot. I lied on her with a moan. I saw on the watch and astonished to see that our FUCKING SESSION WAS took 30 minutes. we lay there for some time.

After some 20 minutes I got another erection Shakeela was laid beside me naked ,I caught her boobs and start squeezing them with both hands. Suddenly I felt hand on my penis, she was doing masturbate , after sucking her pink nipples, I asked her for a blowjob, first she hesitated and sat near my prick, started kissing on the tip and then all of my LUND was in her mouth, she was sucking him with enjoying. my fingers were busy into finger fucking. I was enjoying my first blowjob, I was now near to release my semen in her mouth, I stopped her for more and told her about the doggy style , she was now on her knees I placed tip on right place and start banging her with the speed of non-stop. she was moaning with pleasure this time she first dropped out her juices and after that I pulled my LUND from her PUSSY.aND release all my load on her boobs and face. She was now looking very fresh.

After that we fuck each other with different styles whole night. I also fuck her ass that was another story. now she is married with two Childs. when we get chance I fuck and she liked it. This was my first FUCKING SESSION which I enjoyed very much. After that I fucked many of girls and AUNTIES LIKE MY BHABHIE, my lecturer in university, my class fellow, her sister, friend of my sister, and others. Those will be write here soon. Any Girl, Any Bhabhie Any Salie and any aunty From southern Punjab (Multan, D.G.Khan, Muuzafar garh or Bahawal pur can contact me on my email address. This would be keep secret.

FAISAL ABADI GIRLS OR AUNTIES also can contact me on my address. My add. is I will answer every comment on story. Girls if u want to enjoy ur sexual life contact with me. bye ur’s SHAH ZEB.

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