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Shahzad Khan

  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

I am Shazad again with a new experience. I am at the age of 24, bachelor and presently in karachi. This was happened one month back. Her name is sadia. v r collage mates also. We studied together. We are close friends and nothing else in between us. One year back she got married a software engineer. She is also working women and working in the same field. She is residing with his husband in karachi. We used to talk over phone regularly and we used to discuss everything. Sadia, at the age of 24 and looks average, but her figure excellent. Her figures says 32-28-34. Six months back her hubby went to US on job. Before he went to US she shifted. Regularly I used to call her and help her whenever she needs my help. Recently she got interviewed over telephone for a lahore based company. But the posting would be in karachi. She through the telephonic interview.

She need to attend personally for the personal interview at lahore. She asked me to come along with her. I agreed. Also requested me that, not to tell anybody. We stated by train. We chat for some time. While chatting I hold her palm in to mine. It was the first time I have touched her. The touch was really fantastic. She didn’t oppose to it. I understand she is also enjoying this. I tied my hand with her and taken her hand in to my laps. As time goes we were ready to sleep. In train lights were off and everybody sleeping. I have taken her hand and I put her palm under my checks, as I was ready to go sleep. I closed my eyes. She was trying to remove her hand and while removing she touched my lips purposefully. I understand that she was in great heat. She taken her hand back and closed her eyes. She was trying to go sleep. After some time, as she was on my right side I turn towards her and put my left hand on her shoulders. She removed that. I was kept quite for some time and again I put my hand on her waist. She didn’t respond anything this time and she was pretending like she was sleeping. I kept it for some time and slowly moving on her belly. Later I moved towards her breasts and I kept my hand on her right boob for some time. No response from her. I pressed it slowly. She was sleeping (pretending). I pressed and squeezed for some time. I moved my hand on the left breast. Again pressed and squeezed.

She was moving and taking long breath but didn’t open her eyes. I played with her boobs for some time. Later I moved my hands towards her thighs. I moved my hands there and pressed her thighs for some time. Later I moved my hand on her thighs under her top. I moved my hand towards her belly from the bottom of her top. I touched directly on her belly. It was really giving me great pleasure. I moved my hand on her belly and put my index finger in her navel. I was enjoyed that way till morning 3 o’clock. Some times I was taking short break due to lighting and also while break in journey. In the morning we got down from. She was smiling and asked me that did I enjoying the journey. I told her that I enjoyed a lot. We reached the hotel and taken a room. We lodged into the room and I sat on bed and she was preparing to go to bathroom. After some time she finished daily activities and took head bath and came out from bathroom. She was in front of mirror and drying her hair. I was unable to control myself. I reached her and hugged her from back. But she refused me smoothly and said that she should finish the interview first. I left her and gone to bathroom to finish my daily activities. We went to the company and finished the interview and other formalities. We reached the room at 5pm. As soon as we reached the room I hugged her. Again she refused. She asked me to let her finish bath, as she was tired. After sometime she was entered into the bathroom. I was outside and feeling tension. I changed dress and wore short and T-shirt. I wait for some time, later knocked the door. She opened the door. That time she was only with towel covered from breast. I asked her that if I could help her. She didn’t say anything except smiling.

But I entered inside and taken the soap into my hands and started applying on her shoulders & back. She sat on a short plastic stool. She loosened her lowel, which was tied, above her breasts. I finished applying on her back and stretched my hands on her breasts. Oh!! Which are so beautiful and stiff with big black nipples. I applied soap on those lovely breasts and squeezing those. She was enjoying my actions. Each completely covers in my hands. I enjoyed for some time while squeezing the boobs and pinching the nipples. Later I pour water from her shoulders and shifted towards her front side. I taken the soap into my hands and applied on her legs. My hands are moving up on its way towards her thighs. She was requesting me not to go further.

But I moved towards her secret place and now could able to see it. I could see that black lips around pink line. I left the soap and moved my palm roughly on her pussy. She shocked and completely out of control. I moved my palm on it and felt a rough surface. I taken water and washed her legs along with her pussy. I had taken place in between her legs as she lean back on the wall. I kissed on her thighs then kissed on her back and smelled it. She got nice smell. I scuked her boobs. She moaned and tied her finger into my hair and pressing towards her. I opened her lips. start kissing her passionately. I felt a great feeling that I cant explain. while kissing I inserted index fingure in her love point She was moaning like ahhhh oohhhhh mmmmm. I was busy in cleaning the dish and pinching the clit. I was on the way, she released her juice and breathing heavily. Litle white juice coming out of her love hole on my hand and the rest leaking out from her pussy. She tied her fingers tightly with my hair. Later we both got up, also I become nacked and hugged her and kissed on her face and lips. Taken a shower. She also kissed me while bathing and played with my cock. After that we came out from bathroom. Dried and dressed up. She wore a nice T shirt and short and dressed well, while I was on bed waiting for her. I wore trouser and T-shirt. After some time, she reached me and lied beside me. I turn towards her insert my fingers into her long hair as she left it free. I kissed on her forehead as my fingers playing with her ears. I kissed on her nose, checks, and chin. I bite her ears. I had a long mouth kiss as my tongue talk to her tongue physically. I hugged her and kissed on her neck under hair. I removed the T shirt top from her breasts. I squeezed her big boobs only and rubbed my face on her boobs. Opened her bra hucks and separated from her body. Those are in pure wheatish color and shining in the lighting. I squeezed one boob and taken into my mouth the other. I sucked one after other for some time. I pinched her nipples, I rubbed my face also on her armpits.

Also licked the armpits, as those are clean. I come over her belly and kissed all over it. I inserted my tongue into her navel and licked it for sometime. I kissed on her side folds. She was enjoying all my actions. I separated her short from her body. She turned on me and started kissing on my face. She removed my T-shirt and kissed on my body. Later she sat on her kneels and i was standing in front of her. I tied my hands with her thighs for support, she reached for my flesh She got big ash. It was really amazing. As she positioned on her kneels, she taken my erected dick into her hands rubbing it and finally into her mounth she sucked for around 5 minutes i enjoyed alot and i layed down n she sat on me and took my dick in her hand and shown path to its destination as it was waiting since long time. I slowly inserted into her wet pussy and started jerks. She tied me with her legs and moaning for each and every stroke of mine. After few strokes, I released my cum into her hot pussy. I have taken rest on her for some time. Later while chatting, she told me that she enjoyed a lot.

Also told me that she never experienced this kind of romance before. She said that her husband comes in the late night and he finishes everything with in two minutes mechanically. He doesn’t speak a single word with her while making love. Also he doesn’t even take bath before coming to bed. He goes to sleep as soon as he finishes his mechanical job, but she spent several sleepless nights. We enjoyed three more times in the night and again in the next day. If any girl or woman like sadia want to make love can mail me at We started the next day evening again by train with sweet memories.  

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