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Sexy With Meri Phuupie

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

Hello friends, I am here to tell u something very much secret coz I know many of your secrets so I want to tell u mine too, names are changed, I am 30 now and at the time of incidence I was 18, I masturbated with one of my friend occasionally he touches me and I touches his tool his tool was bigger than me and I was amazed to see his tool, I had not any experience with any female but he had with his maid servant and he told me about her that how she sucked him and how much he enjoyed, we also see porn movies some times and discuss about every women we know, we both like women not girls at that time too. One day in the noon we were seeing a porn movie in my room and there were only my phupoo at home.

She was 35 divorced and live with us, we both were sitting on the sofa and playing with each other cocks and he was telling me that how his maid servant take all of his shaft in her tight ass hole, infect he want that I had to allow him to enter me in my ass but I was reluctant than all at once my phupoo enters into the room and saw both of us naked holding each others lunds, I shocked and my friend ran away from the room, my phupoo ordered me to go to the bathroom and take bath and come to my room immediately, I was so afraid at that time and my color faints, I take bath and takes my clothes and go towards her room, I was shivering at that time, I entered the room and she was lying on his bed. She ordered me to came near her and there he hold my hands and asked what u were doing stupid, I remain silent, she again said u don’t know what u r doing, u should be ashamed for it, whats ur age and what u r doing, from when u r doing all these stupid things, I remain silent, then she said tell me other wise I will tell ur parents.

I said from the last two months, who tell u all this I said nadeem told me all this and he took the movie to show me all this.she said sit here and started to tell me that its not good for me its bad, and so on and she was massaging my hands too. She was wearing a white suit from which her black brazier was visible and coz she was lyig her dopata was also aside and I can see herwhite cleavage which was making me hard again, I was wearing a trouser from which I can see my bulge and I was afraid that she may see this. She asked from me that what u feel while doing all thses naughty things, u feel pleasure, I said yes… afraiding from her anger, now she tell me that every thing has its time and when u finished ur studies I will bring a beautiful girl for u with whom u can do every thing . and she placed her hands on my thihgs, ohhhhhhhhh what a sensation that was, her cute white hands with long nails were on my thighs I take a sigh, and she noticed something and see there between my thighs and I afraid that she hadseen my trouser making a tant there, she stopped for a while and then she asked me to lay there beside her, and said u ro so hot, which thing made u so hot.

I had to do soething for u, other wise u will be spoiled, and saying this she placed her cute hands on my pool,waoooo what a sensation of that hot hands were, I still cant forget that sensation, then she kissed on my forehead and asked janni if made u calm please promise me that u will not tell any one else, I was surprised to listen this and said yes I promise that I will not tell any one else, she kissed me on my lips ohhhh … ahhhh I screamed and my lips open and she insert her tongue into me and started playing with my tongue and her hands were playing with my hard on, she entered her hand into the trouser and hold my rocking hard pinus in her warm and soft hands, what a pleasure of that hands, she asked u like it, I said very much phupoo, she said u just call me raani then she asked what is the difference between my hands and nadeem,s and which ever u liked, I said yours phu….raani coz u had soft and hot hands, she then started to open the buttons of my shirt and the zip of my trouser and was kissing me on my ears and entering her hot and wet tongue into my ears ohhhhh it was causing sensation to all over my body, she was becoming mad and making me too, she made me nude and started to be nude herself, ohhhhh what a slim body she had with big breasts and pinkish nipples covering all of her breasts.

I had not seen such nipples even in the movies which covered all the breasts, ohhh with a black mole in the centre cleavage and with one black mole near her belly button was much prominent coz of her white color, ohhhhh she came near me and started to kiss me all over my body and making circles with her tongue on my nipples which were also standing hard like my tool, I placed my hand in between her thighs and touch her cunt lips ohhh how hot they were hotter than my own lund, and with my touch on her cunt lips she screamed and bite on my ribs where she was liking with her tongue, and reaches in between my thighs and liking there with her hot tongue and my hot lund was touching her cheeks ohhh.. and I had to struggle very hard that not to explode at that time, then she teased me with her tongue on the cap of my lund ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh what a sensation she was now on me with her thighs spread arround me face and I can smell the aroma of her cunt oh….. what an aroma that was, and that made me habitual of cunt juices , now I made mad with the smell of cunt juices, I strted to insert my tongue into her hot and dripping cunt lips.

It was full of white juices ohhhh I opened her cunt lips and can see her juices like my own juices but the smell and taste was of extra ordinary pleasant I started to like her pussy and she started to swallow all of my manhood in her mouth, and in this way shewas making movements up and down my mouth and at the same time sucking me and then she screamed ohhhhhhhhhh janiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii my loveeeeeeeeee please ……… do it do it hard and which make me so hot that I cant stop my self to cum in her mouth and she too cum in me…….ohhhhhhhhhh I cant even breath for about five minutes and then she moved on me and kissed on my lips and I can smell and taste my own juices on her lips, we lay there for some time and then take bath together and I shaved her there and she shved me and then we planned to do some more fun in the night, and she take promise from me not to tell any body she is doing all this just to relax me, I will tell u friends some more in my next story just relax and wait for me byee If some one want to contact me my e.mail is

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