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  • September 13, 2015
Hi to all its rohit with coming out from fantastic experience.. i know that if the problem comes it comes in a row but what i dont know is, if the luck comes it also comes in a row. it is pure luck and timing working out for me those who dont know about me , i am single guy 21yrs basiclaly from SURAT . why did i say like this becuase starting from priya, pallavi, hema and now mrs anitha nair… it is continuous racingwhen i received a mail from mr.madhavan nair and anitha nair from NAVSARI i thought it is as usual mail like others wishing for contact informations and just appreciating the stories but they were asking the
contact information about me and we exchanged the pics and mobile numbers and started with chat on cam etc… for continuous last 10 days before i am leaving for NAVSARI on 2nd october.

let me tell u a brief about them they are couple of 34 and 30 , married for the last 4 years and desperately in need of child. he got all the unluck like low sperm count and more over pre-mature ejaculation. they are on the
consulting with docs for bettering madhavan`s erectile problem and something to do with the premature ejaculation. they are not interested in adopting child as anitha wanted herself to be pregnant. due to the docs advice they had started to watch blue films and adult sites in the net, it is where i came in their life like they started to read my stories and impresssed and just wanted me to their bedroom to solve their purpose.

after seeing me in the pics and webcam and talking to the phone they invited me to the NAVSARI  and . madhavans father is in mumbai looking after the business . and they are alone in the large house near beach(pls dont ask the location).

so the trip was planned to NAVSARI and they are generous enough to come receive me and we were on the way to their house in their new indigo (really i am going to spoil my self i thought hey just ad..). after getting into the car madhavan started to drive while me and anitha got into the back seat. she was looking exactly like film actress tabu. such a tall figure and with atleast 36 breast and good amount of ass like typicall malayalee. and the best part is her great lips and she is fairer and got ravishing eyes . if u look into her eyes u will be out of sperms . i mentioned to her i know why madhavan sir is having pre-mature ejaculation they asked why? i said it is because ur eyes the moment anybody see ur eyes he will be finished off. they were laughing.
since it is the tainted glass no body can see from outside she started to rub my thighs and press my cock from outside of my pants. i got the instant hard on and gained by her courage i got closer to her and put my arms around her shoulder and started to kiss her neck and cheeks.
while she was talking to her husband she was busy in rubbing my cock over my pants and i opened up the zip and taken out the cock as i could not control my hard on within the underwear the moment it was out she was on my cock with her lips and started to give me a blow job .

madhavan nair was laughing ” so the game is started kartik” i said “yes sir” from breaking my love byting kisses to her ears and neck.the blow job was wonderful as the car seat was so cushioned and she was sucking like a hungry for years …. i held her neck and hairs and started to fuck her mouth and she was keeping her lips tightly around my cock to give me the tight grip. she was fondling my balls and she got me on between my thighs and i opened up my pants fully now and within sucking of 10minutes of blow job i cummed in her mouth . i surprised to see her drink the whole cum . and cleaned my penis and balls and still licking my limp prick and wow . i thought so marvelous about this . i told madhavan sir ur so lucky sir …. he was laughing “ok ani. 5 miniutes to our house”. we dressed up and i was kissing her great lips and tasting my own cum now and caressing her boobs through the sarree and i could come to know that she is having the hardest nipples by now. when the car reached their house it was large bungalow facing sea.. and we were out side the car only servant guy came and picked up my luggages and they led me to their house. it was early in the morning i could see how the servant horny looking at anitha and her boobs and ass swinging while she was walking i could come to know that they were right all are
eyeing for chance to fuck anitha as every body knew that madhavan is impotent.

madhavan sir took my lugages from the servant and told him that dont come upstairs and dont disturb us .
when we reached their bedroom anitha was holding my hands and leading to their bedroom and madhavan sir was following us. once inside the bedroom it was double bed with large mirror on the sides and curtains if removed we can see the beach. mow the curtains was fully down and i could not resist myself as i pinned anitha towards the wall and started to kiss her lips violently and i could realise now how tall figure she is. i am taller then madhavan but she is taller than me i have to make myself to reach her lips and i brought her down by pressing her shoulder and while i was sucking her lips and tasting her tongue madhavan sir locking the room and arranging my luggages by the side and sat in the bed to watch the show. i was kissing her on the mouth and when the break she wanted she turned away her face and stood there. as the height is more for her my mouth was exactly was leveled to her neck and i started to byte the beck and she started to moan and facing the ceiling. i pressed and started to byte the boobs over her sarree and all the way i removed my shirt and pants become nude. now i am fully nude and she is in sarree and having her hands around my shoulders , pressing my face towards her boobs. i removed her sarree pallu and torn apart the blouse. slid off the bra and taken the boobs started to quench my thirst. i gathered both nipples close as possible and sucking both of them together.
i was some what violent and she started to moan “ende ammae..(oh ma)” i concentrated on her nipples one by one and made sure that i byte my teeth to her nipple to make it hard. i pulled the nipples towards outside with my teeth and left it to go back and i played this game of byte and leave both nipples it become swollen in size and hard….i opened her sarree from her navel and removed the petticoat .. now she too fully nude and standing on the wall like statue and i again pressed my whole body towards her and started to kiss her neck and trying to insert my penis inside her vagina. now i am in full mood to fuck this bitch. she has taken my cock and trying to insert inside her vagina . her cunt was fully clean shaven and my cock was so thick and it was not going fully inside as i started to press inside she was getting more pain.
i simply started to rubb over her vagina and suck the nipples once again…….
now she relaxed sometime i asked her are you ok ani? she replied mm darling ok now.
i carried her to the bed where madhavan already nude and rubbing his cock seeing his wife enjoyed by me.

i thrown her to the bed and i bounced over her placing my cock over her cunt and did some good rubbing over her cunt. she started to juice out in the cunt. i gone to her cunt kept her legs over my shoulder and started to lick cunt this is my all time favourite. while sucking for 5 minutes she was asking me”pls rohit fuck me now”

i inserted my cock slowly inside and held up there and kissed her lips. and slowly again pushed inside her cunt and it has gone somewhat deeper now and it was so tight i thought i am fucking a virgin now.
i stopped there for a moment and while tasting her nipples and without warning i inserted the rest of my cock and
stayed there only …without pumping. now my cock in full hard and insider her cunt and i am kissing her lips and tasting her tongue. now madhavan sir who was already out with his sperm has gone outside and locked the door from outside. in that position i started to move slowly and she also liked the way slow fucking …..
i started to round my buttocks and increased my pace little bit. she started to co-operate well now by bringing her hip towards me while i am hitting her.

now it was perfect missionary position we could see our images on the mirror both side. as the tempo started she also let out loud moaning. while i am pumping in full speed now madhavan opened the door and came inside with the trolly of break fast. while anitha was watching madhavan and smiled at him sexily …..

i taken her mouth once more to give final kiss while i started to cumm deep inside her. it was 15minutes continuous fucking and i lied there only after releasing my cumm. she was not allowing me to get up.

madhavan was in towel wrapped around him and telling us get ready for the break fast. after kissing each other and some petting we gone inside the bathroom and started to take bath together. she has cleaned my cock and
i carressed her boobs and cunt , and cleaned her cunt with soap etc..
when we came outside after drying out our bodies.. he was waiting for the break fast.

we had break fast there only and she also in tower wrapped around her body , i was in shorts.

after break fast we sat outside the balcony facing sea and in the same dress. me and anitha was in single chair and he was on the next one having coffee and talking to each other about our lives and our fantasies….

he told me it is my responsibility to make her pregnant before i leave this place i said ” with my pleasure”.

she was with me and cutting jokes guys wonder full feeling having such a beauty and looking at the sea and enjoying the time.
after some time we cameinside the bedroom and started to sleep. myself and anitha was nude again and got into the single bedsheet and he was also started to sleep by the side on the bed.

when i got up i could not see madhavan and she was in deep sleep . it was around 1pm and i gone to bathroom. came out saw anitha was facing the door and her full back was exposed. after seeing her sexy ass i slipped behind her and inserted my cock over her ass and pushed my cock in between her ass crack and i put my arms under her arms and started queez the boobs. while this was happening madhavan came inside in bedroom asking me ” so got up early?” i said yes sir and turned around his wife and positioned for one more round of fucking. removing her bedsheet and again perfect missionary position this time i entered her without any much problem and pump her vigourously now …. she wrapped her legs around my hips and telling me “rohit make me mother .. oh mmmmmm pls fuck me there .. more deep darling…”

it was marathon fucking in the same position for 10minutes and i turned around her i wanted doggy .
she understood it and positioned herself . here this is my favourite position doing doggy in front of the mirror.

i started bang madhavans wife in front of him where he already ejaculated and gone outside the bedroom to bring us lunch… it was the same position i cummed inside her and she lied there on the bed and i was over her and lied when bedroom door was opened with one more trolly of food by madhavan.
then i rolled up her and kissing her boobs … all the way he was calling for lunch we were busy in kissing and byting each other like newly married couple.then he ate lunch while i was fingering his wifes pussy and licking and tating my cumm. we were not at all interested in having lunch and he brough us juices .

while she kissed madhavan in his lips i was busy in my favourite position i.e. eating out her cunt.

it was 3pm i again positioned her for the missionary and had it for continuous 20minutes now.

third time i ejaculated deep inside her and both of us taken bath once more and came outside the bathroom and
worn our clothes and it was plan of madhavan to visit beach. due to rainy day on 3rd october not much people there on the beach . as it was drizzling we were inside the car and watching the sea and tallking to each other. when we came house after dinner it was 11pm and straight away went for sleep .
anitha was on the corner and i was in the middle he was on the other side. me and anitha was nude as usual and he as in shorts and slept. not much happened but she was only carressing my cock and kissing my chest and doing all the stuff while i slept.

the next day morning i woke up madhavan and anitha were sleeping. it was around 6am and i quitely inserted my cock inside her cunt it was not missionary but we were facing each other in the bed and we were lying sideways. i kissed her cheeks and fore head and i started to pump her slowly in the sideways.
it was wonderfull feelings to fuck a nice figure in the morning and wish her good morning when she wakes up.
when she started to kiss me back and pump me back i was over her wishing her good morning and she was laughing and closed her eyes and kept her hands over her head and just enjoying how i am pumping her..

after just 5 minutes of pumping slow pumping i dischared my semen inside her . she was happy to get that good amount of semen early in the morning and kissed me back deeply..

then next we went to a cyber cafe we got into the private cabin and it was with cam… she started the cam and logged on the yahoo messenger in my id and called her hubby to come online. i could sense her plan…. it was madhavan started watching us in the cam from his office how his wife with me in the private cabin enjoying each other.

she was bold enough to expose her cunt in the cabin and asked me to eat her….
it was just for fun and we quickly moved to their house and got in to the bedroom and switched on the cam there and we became nude to show off us to her husband… it was pure teasing while he was in office we were in his bedroom and fully nude i fucked her in the bed in doggy style…..

it was same story in the night but this time madhavan straight from the office he entered bedroom where we were still nude chatting with some friends there.when he came he started to kiss her ..
it was there i pulled her from him and started fuck her in the standing position .. poor madhavan only taken out his cock from his pant and just ejaculated by seeing his wife screwed up by me.. we were laughing.
he came to kiss her i removed her from that position and carried her to the balcony and i was teasing him..
he just following us “hey rohit let me kiss my wife man….”
she said to him ” ur asking his permission to kiss me??????” but later i allowed him to kiss his wife.

it was marathon fucking in the night…. and we experimented different position after seeing the kamasutra book.

it was morning 1 am when we woke up just back from this marvallous trip i penned this story…….
anything u specific u wanted to know u can ask me my id is surat_gigolo@yahoo.comc u later …. waiting for ur comments.

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