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Sexy Teacher Kiran

  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

I am Kiran from Kerala. It was a somewhat warm though pleasant day at my School and Miss Rekha, the class teacher for Class X had had just completed her lecture on English literature. At school (this is an English medium school) all the teachers were called “Miss” irrespective of whether they were married or not.

Rekha was 30, very attractive and stylish and loved to wear a sari. Her pupils were 35 boys between the age of 14-16 years , she was also very strict in matters of discipline. We dreaded the contact with the cane that she kept in her desk drawer for such eventualities. Rekha was most particular never to use the cane unless it was totally necessary and warranted by really bad behaviour. As it happened throughout Rekha’s lecture i could see were her boobs bouncing up and down inside her blouse covered partly by her sari. When she turned to write something on the board i would watch the graceful movements of her behind with intense fascination. But of course the great moments were when Rekha bent down to pick up a piece of chalk from the floor or while talking let the palloo of her sari fall to her hands giving the class a lovely view of her glorious behind and shapely breasts, respectively.

Those occasions were unfortunately rare but even one such gesture unperceived by me would send my mind in a turmoil making concentration impossible. i sat in the front row. Today twenty minutes before the class was over, Rekha gave a brief assignment to the class to see what we had imbibed from her class. Fifteen minutes later she got the sheets back. Those were the most miserable 15 minutes in mylife because i didn’t have a clue what to write. Being so mesmerised by my lovely teacher’s body i could hardly listen to what she was saying. Anyway Rekha examined the sheets hurriedly. When she came to my paper she was shocked to find nothing of consequence in my paper and started to analyse my behaviour. She came right to my seat and slowly but surely her sari fell to her hands. She bent down a little and stared directly at me giving me a lovely glimpse of her breasts and coming so near me ,i could even smell her perfume said, “Kiran we need to discuss some matters after class”. “Y – Y – Yes Miss” i so close to my goddess. The class knew what she meant. i was going to be caned.

Soon the period bell indicated that the class was over and all the boys except i left. Rekha went and locked the classroom from inside, opened her drawer and took out her cane from it and faced me. “I noticed you were not paying attention to what I was saying today, kiran”, As she said this, she seated her self lightly on the top of the desk next to me and there was just the hint of a smile on her lips as she waited for my answer. “No – No Miss” Rekha came close to me, her palloo again fell, she bent towards me and gave me such a voluminous hint of her innermost secrets that he at once felt pressure on a part of my anatomy. Her blouse was just near my nose now and i could barely reply by now. “Your assignment indicates that I will have to teach you how to concentrate from now on to ensure that you don’t fail.” She moved back a little and picked up the cane and told me to stand up. As i stood up Rekha noted the bulge in his trousers but ignored it just now. “Now boy, hold out your hands” she ordered. i held out his right hand. “Both”. I held out his left hand too and looked at my teacher timidly. “Higher, a little higher” she touched my palms with her cane and tapped it. Then lifting it high in the air she brought it down with full force on my right palm. “That will teach you how to concentrate my boy”. i was devastated y the blow but managed not to cry out. My hand was shaking though and was beginning to get marked. She now caned my other hand so hard that i let both my hands fall and started rubbing them. “Resume your position, immediately” yelled Rekha and i did so. Soon both my palms were caned twice more despite my cries for mercy. “Now, now dear don’t cry out just yet.

That was just the first part of your punishment. Your buttocks must also feel the sting of my cane this evening. Concentration is not going to come easily to you.” “Miss, Miss — please forgive me. I will be good in future” i said in between sobs. “No, Honey you must be punished more” she said, “Take off your trouser and lower them then similarly lower your briefs and bend down over this table” she tapped the cane on her desk. I did as ordered humiliated to strip before the object of my young love. While i removed my briefs i tried very hard not to show Rekha my partially erect penis but she noted everything. As i bent down, Rekha lashed my bottom six times very hard making me yell, shriek and scream in agony. “That will teach you to concentrate” said Rekha as she replaced the cane in her drawer. “Now Honey stand up and face me” I turned to face her and could no longer hide my penis, which had some awkward movement in it. “Well, well what do we have here” she said caressing my penis and making it longer. “So you have evidently been enjoying your punishment. I think you should be given a dozen strokes more”. So saying she again took out her cane and terrified me. “No, no, no Miss I can’t bear any more, please, please, p l e a sss e. I beg you.” “So be it” she said throwing away the cane, “but I can see you need firm control”. “Now dear I think you can’t concentrate because you are far too busy concentrating on my body and fantasising about my secret parts. Is that right?” I was silent. “Answer me or shall it be more cane?” “No. No. Yes-Yes Miss. You are right” he admitted slowly. “Naughty boy, have you never seen a woman naked?” “No, Miss” She took my head in her hands and kissed me full on the lips for about a minute then pressed me against her chest. She then made me stand at a little distance from her and began removing her sari. Soon she stood in her silk blouse and petticoat giving me a lovely sight of her bare arms, a hint of cleavage and a bare midriff. “Now Honey, you can take the rest of the clothes off your Miss”. Kissing me again she pulled me close to her and asked to unfasten her blouse which had three small hooks at the front. With trembling hands I unfastened the three hooks one by one and soon Rekha’s bra was revealed to me in its entirety.

Rekha then removed her blouse completely showing him her armpits too. “So a woman’s body fascinates you. Come closer and see all you want. And it was a little hot too today. Smell my armpits to see if I perspired.” i was beside myself with ecstasy and my penis was fully erect by now as i pressed my nostrils in her two roomy armpits, which had a lovely erotic odour in her. She next instructed me to unfasten the rope of her petticoats. With awkward movements i finally succeeded in untying the knot causing the soft petticoat to fall on the ground. Rekha stepped out of the petticoat and soon stood in just matching bra and panties, and shoes. She next told me to unfasten her bra, which i did, not knowing whether i was awake or dreaming. I removed the bra completely and threw it on the floor. “There, there you should be more respectful to my intimate garments, Kiran.” She admonished him. “Don’t you want to smell my bra?” I muttered an apology.I was beyond making coherent speech now and took the bra on my nose and smelt its intoxicating perfume.

Rekha now diverted my attention to her two exposed glories. She had lovely fair breasts with dark areolas and nipples. I stood transfixed but Rekha encouraged me to taste her nipples one by one. After a brief sucking session, Rekha instructed me to remove her panties. As i did so and brought them to her knees she turned around and revealed her glorious buttocks to me. She remove her panties completely and put the inner side to my nostrils transporting me to heaven. After a minute or so, she made me kneel and examine her bushy black pubic hair and her secret entrances. She even made my fingers make contact with her clitoris to initiate me into the mysteries of the female sex. After a while she again faced me and held him in her arms. “Now my dear you have seen a woman’s body entirely naked. Many boys will have to be content with the sights of their undressed maids or worse. Now that you have seen my body fully there is nothing more you can do. You have all your life in front of you to explore a woman’s body. But the more exploration you do the more you will want to do and I don’t want you to start now. Before your life is out you will go through may tunnels and recesses” “Y – Yes Miss” i said. Rekha now looked down at my penis.

“However there is one small thing. Every time this thing stands it has a right to leak. So let us do that”. So saying i caressed my tortured penis. Then opening her purse she took out a small bottle of hand lotion and applied some of it along the shaft of my penis giving me pleasurable sensations. She now started rubbing my penis with expert movements. Very soon i couldn’t control himself any longer and sent squirts of semen flying all over the room. Rekha touched the base of my glans penis to give me a satisfying feeling and to feel the semen waiting to fly out of his young body. After a minute or so it was all over. I crumpled up in Rekha’s arms and she pressed me to her exposed chest and let me rest for a while. After that she got up and ordering me to dress up started putting on her clothes too. Luckily her sari was not of a material that crumples up easily and her appearance was soon fairly normal. She now looked at her educated pupil. “I hope you learnt something from this class because if you haven’t I will be forced to keeping you after school again. And remember the cane will taste much worse if you upset Miss too much.” She said smilingly and again hugged me and kissed me goodbye. After that we had sex together many times

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