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  • desipapa
  • September 24, 2015

Hi readers, here is my experiences with my relatives house owner’s gals. this is erotic experience of mean with both the sisters.usually, in leasure time i used dream of this experience offen. really i like both of them very much. ofcourse she got married in front of me. this is my experience recently. i used stay in SURAT and i m 19,my name is rohit.i went to my relatives where my owners also stays, two brothers. younger one, have two daughters, one s1 elder one.

Married and have six months baby. another is, s2 stadying in XI class.i used stare at them, when they were not watching me. they used talk to me very freely. the owner, i am saying is a drunker, beacuase of that, he is always sick and at least once or twice in a year he will be admited into hospital as a chronic patient. here starts the storie. before six months, once he admited into hospital with jundice and sugar, b.p., etc. he was very serious. i went to see him to the hospital, there s1 also came from her in-law’s house with her six months child still feeding. ofcourse,his wife, and s2 also there. i have discussed with doctor and doctor said one can stay in hospital. so, i, s1 and s2 got ready come to house.we all took a auto to house.reached house. They were not worried about their father. as this is usual thing for them.we all chatted for more than two and half hours in their house. they had their food, i din’t took food. s2 went to sleep. i and s1 were sitting on sofa and chair oppositely and talking. here, iwant discribe both the sisters. s1 is aged 24, with good looking girl, with beautiful eyes, beautiful belly. and navel. belly has few folds too, which is very sexy. i love her eyes and belly.

She had good healty boobs. with brown color nipples, her back is marvellous. she got married recently before one and half years back. now she got one year child, s2 is slim girl, with good sturctre, she fair than s1 and good sturcture, very photogenic face, with smiling always. she had very good slim waist. anybody will like to squeze that one. similarly i too. suddenly, her child cried for milk, she took her child into hands in front of me, opened her blouse, i have seen her breasts very clearly. i am very tensed. it was very big, healthy breast with full of milk. her stomach is soft and smooth, by this time i was very horny. but. afraid to express. But s1 had something in her mind. she opens her blouse and bra, taken her breasts into hand and given to her child. baby is drinking milk. i am sitting oposite and watching. she asked me, what? are you hungry? i am din’t reply any thing. she asked me to sit next to her. i sat next to her. she took my head, shown way to her right nipple. i am very happy and drinking her healthy mother’s milk from her healthy boobs. i am enjoying it, i am caressing her soft stomach, theys, hips, waist. she completed giving milk to her child and kept her child at usual sleeping place. once again, sat on sofa, gave to my mouth, her right breast and she opned her blouse, i caressed her left with bra. then removed her bra too. i am squezzing her left one very gently and softly. i put my thumb and a finger took her left nipple, and squezzed her nipple only. i am drinking right, milk. she is caressing me and my head pleasure fully.

I am enjoying very much. i took her left into mouth, fondling and massaging right one with care, softly and gently. some very hardly. she enjoying it. my hands were measuring her measurements. with another hand i am caresssing her stomach, waist, hip , theighs, etc. i went up and licked her face, her ears, her lips, hers shoulders, eyes, neck, very pleasurefully. she removed her blouse and bra. i am squezzing her both boobs, very hard, she also moaning very hard. i kissed her forehead, chicks, eyes, nose, ears, even i ate her ears, given a strong french kiss. i am very happy to get this chance. i went back and squezzed her back, i massaged her back, i loved her weadthy back. i am licking her like anything. even i bited her somany times. she is moaning. i am caressing her breasts, staomach, i am fucking her naval with my forefinger. squezing her stomach, waist. i am squeezing her skin folds, THIS IS MY FAVOURITE PLACE IN LADIES, REALLY I AM EAGER TO CARESS LADIES SKIN FOLDS AT STOMACH.i took both her nipples in my fingers and slightly pressing, she really tempted and avoiding me to, but i am continuing. she is moaning , mean time her saree had fallen down, now she is with peetycoat. i am pressing her nipples very hard, i kept doing it for more than 15 mins. she turned roung and kissed my face and licked it very hard. i can see her horny in her face, eyes, actions. she squuezing my shoulders, my backremoved my shirt,and phant. now i am standing with my drawer only. we went to bed room.

She is kissing me very hard, my eyes, she is eating my nose, ears, when she is doing all these things, i very horny, but she said me to keep quite. she is gave me beautiful kiss and she started licking my face and going down towards my chest. she sucked my nipples, and careesed my back. she licked my back and rubbing it very hard, massaging hard she licked my navel hole. removed my drawer and took my prick into her mouth and she is licking, kissing sucking doing what ever she likes. very hard. i am caressing her head back. she went further down to my feet licking from my theighs. she bited my theighs very hard she squuezed my balls, and seats softly, gently and hardly. i took are feet and licked her leg fingers, went up wards to knees, theighs, i bited her theighs.she slapped, when i am biting. i enjoyed that slap too. i caressed , massaged kissed, went to love box. now i am smacking her cunt. feeling it very excellent. i kissed bitied caressed, put my finger into cunt fucked with my hand, then i put my tongue, cleaned her cunt, outside first, then inside, i licked her very hard, i am eating her cunt. she is caressing my head and saying yes..yes.. yes.. …. i am takingmy own time in dining it. she mean into her mouth. we were in 69 position.we are moaning like anything. we both bursted, in others mouth respectively. we both licked upto the last drop. suddenly, s1 stood up went to door, said me in slow voice somebody is watching. she oponed the door suddenly. there s2 is watching both very curiously. she schoked by this suddent act and downed her head. s1is smiling at her. i went there and pulled s2 inside. s1 told to s2, if you want you can watch us being inside. s2 agreed and watching. i switched off fan, chatted for a while reagrding this. our bodies were sweating. now i started licking her sweat, from head , lips, eyes, lips, chicks, necks, necks, in between breasts, breasts, back of her, while licking her sweat on back , i am massaged her nipples, she also trying to massage my theighs. i licked her waist, i enjoyed it particularly licking her waist, stomach, caressed her stomach, waist, sometimes softly and some times, very hard, then i licked her novel for more than five minutes. there, saritha, is very horny. she is ready to have sex. but she has not dared. i went to her love box and licked and then theighs once again to face in between, now s2 asked me lay down now her time to lick, she sarted licking me, my neck, my nipples, my theighs, my hand muscles, my back muscles, my arm pits, my novel, my stomach, my ass, theighs, legs, and now i am unable to bear. so forced her to lay down on bed and entered into her. slowly, stadilyto win the race. she also giving good moments. by seeing this, s2’s cunt is producing jucies. i am caressing her stomach, nipples, breasts, back, her skin folds, fucking her hard and she came on top of me fucking. i am sucking her fingers. once again , came on top and and fucked hard, hard, she also giving thurstful moments, moaning like any thing, as louder as that. we are not at all considering s2 at all. i saw her face, she looks very horny. s1 cummed, immediately myself too. still s1 is caressing my head, neck, back, waist, ass. i am kissing her. we relaxed as it is for five minutes. s2 is enjoying this and she is very horny. after five minutes, i pulled s2 to bed, she fell right on s1, s2’s head on s1 breasts. i removed her pant, then panties. now, i can see, some jucies, leaking. i told, the same to s2 and s1.s1 told to clean it with some towel, but i told, why towel for, this little thing my tongue is enough. s2 and s1 both smiled. now s1 is caressing her sister’s head and breasts, very softly. this encouraged me to put my tongue in to s2 cunt. i licked her fully. s2is caressing me,moaning very hard. s1 is caressing her nipples,i am licking her cunt very carefully. squezzing her theighs and ass. i took s2 finger, and licking, and she is fucking my mouth with her fingers, and she making some moments with her waist. she suddenly cummed on my face. i enjoyed it, cryied about it. now s2 is shying and s1 is laughing and kissing her sister. i tried to remove her top………. remaining to be continued. so any sisters or girls or married women wants an sexual affair from SURAT than can mail me at

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