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Sexy Sister Seduced Me

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hey guys, I am a boy from Kolkata and if any girl is interested in one night stand, message me This is my first story so please ignore the mistakes you come across.

This story is about my sexy sister whose figure is 36-24-38. Her name is Radhika. She is an absolute sex bomb with smoking hot figure. Her skin tone is medium, almost fair and she has pink nipples with straight long hair. It all started when I was in class 12 and my sister was in 1st year college.

She was a year senior to me. We were cousins but lived in the same house, slept in different rooms. I first came to know about sex from my friends when I was in 10 and have masturbated since then, thinking of banging my sister but I was a very disciplined and shy boy in front of her.

It was only a while later that I came to know that she was trying to seduce me. The first time was when she asked me to click her photograph and while seeing the photograph she purposely touched her boobs to the back of my hands. Since then she started getting more close to me. She used to take my mobile and when I tried to take it back, she touched my dick and always used to make me touch her boobs.

A week came when both her parents as well as mine had went out and we were all alone in the two storeyed house. Our relative had expired so they had gone there but we stayed back due to our exams. Finally our exams finished after a couple of days but we could not go out with our friends as there would be no one in our house. We decided to watch a movie ‘gone girl’. That was the latest movie. I downloaded that movie and played. There was many scenes and abusive languages. Then we had a converation:

Radhika: you should not watch this movie bhai

Me: why didi. I am quite grown up and I understand everything

Radhika:oh so you are grown up?? Since when?? Do you even have a gf??

I told her yes although I did not have one…

Radhika: ohhhh!! How long has it been?? I will have to inform your mother.

She knew I was very scared of my mother.

Me: no didi plz. Take anything in return but do not do this

Radhika: what can u give me bro??


Radhika:i will demand that when correct time comes

After about half an hour she said that the movie was boring and then she said she would play a movie of her choice. I stopped her but she blackmailed me. She played a movie called ‘the specialist’. Then came a scene and by mistake she dropped the remote and while picking it up she touched her head with my hard dick. I knew she got the remote in her hands but she was not getting up acting as if she had not got. She bent down fully and her huge boobs were visible. I could not take my eyes off it and she caught me staring.

She straight away told “fuck me now!! I have waited for a very long time”..

I told her its wrong as we are cousins. She blackmailed me and said that she has my secret. I still denied. She said come on even you are horny, you have a boner and you were looking at my boobies..

I was quiet and without wasting a time she started kissing me. I started enjoying within a minute. We smooched for 10 minutes, exchanging saliva and taking each other’s tongue in mouth. She started removing my belt saying ‘i wanted to do this for a very long time you bastard’. We removed each others clothes.

She was sucking my dick like a lollipop. She brought some chocolate sauce and poured it on my dick licking it, saying ‘i am loving it hottie’. I was getting pleasure too. She continued till I came on her face, she drinking every bit of my cum. She told ‘now its your tun. Come on’

I started squeezing her boobs, biting her neck and licking her navel over her flat tummy. I then moved to her clean shaved pussy and started licking it. She was moaning, enjoying every bit of it, saying ‘i regret of not doing this over the past years’. She said that I was better than her bf and had a bigger tool.

Now we were ready for real action after half an hour of cuddling. I put my dick on her vagina and tried to insert it. It went in within a couple of strokes. I understood her bf had fucked her. I started banging her, with she moaning ‘fuck me harder, harder. Come on you fucking boy. Are you a real boy?? I doubt’. On hearing this I increased my pace which brought her first orgasm.

After missionary position, we shifted to a different one with she riding on my dick. She rode on me as her boobs were bouncing up and down. She said me to spit inside her mouth. I did so and she said ‘you taste like heaven my brother’.She then reached her second orgasm.

Our final position was doggy style. She said that it was her favorite position.I kept ramping my dick inside and outside her ass. Then I finally came on her tits.

After this session, she told me

‘your dick could satisfy me alone, my bf cannot satisfy me alone so I take in 2 dicks together while fucking him’.

She said it was her best experience and she could not feel that it was her brother’s first time. We fucked many times in the near future trying every position seeing the internet. She introduced me to her friend and then we had group sex sometimes. We used to go to her friend’s house sometimes when our parents were home and sometimes played inside the house also remaining cautious.

Any girl in kolkata who needs to be satisfied, mail me at and I dont want any relationships just private one night stand…

Sexy Sister Seduced Me

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