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  • desipapa
  • September 24, 2015

This is a story about me and my bhabi (brothers wife). I was 18 and perhaps One of the horniest guys possible. I always had a problem that I always like a girl older then my age. I always had a crush on my bhabhi, as she was the only woman in my house. She was not the sexy type, no great figure either but the thing about her was her colour. It was really fair, sometimes I used to compliment her with a sentence “bhabhi agar tum par doodh gir jaye to tum maili hojao ge.”

My brother was a real slow guy. My bhabhi wanted a romantic guy who could give her the dick of steel but my brother was not like that, he was normal. He used to fuck her once or twice a week but she wanted more then that. One night when my brother was out with his friends she called me and said Rahul “I m taking a bath if somebody asks for me tell them that I m sick and sleeping.” I said “ok bhabhi”. After that sentence I saw a wicked smile on her face. I was always used to look in her personal activites but this was an open chance for me. When she went to take a bath she left the door open slightly. I saw she took of her clothes, I instantly got an erection and I masturbated on the door of the bathroom. Then I saw the whole scene of her taking a bath and doing her stuff. I thought that was heaven for me but there was more to come. The next morning when my brother went to the office, she called me and said “Bathroom ka mat raat ko geela geela tha, kya tum sai kuch gir gaya tha?” I said “pata nahe bhabhi.”

As I was always good at lying so I handled that really well. She again said “rahul I m going to sleep, if someone calls or the door bell rings then dont answer that as your brother said so.” I replied positively. After half an hour I peeped into her room and saw her sleeping almost naked just with her panties on. I was really surprised at that. I went to my room and as I thought to masturbate I found her on the door laughing at me. I was red all over. She asked if I needed an extra hand, I was still in shock of seeing my bhabhi standing naked in front of me. Her boobs were amazing so firm and so large. She came forward and helped me masturbate by her hand. she said “agar tum mere saath sona chahtai ho to mere bed mar aajao warna aisay hi so jao” then she left the room. I said to myself if I missed this chance then Id be the biggest fool in the whole world. I stood up and went to her room. There she was lying on the bed making a very sexy pose. I went close to her And kissed her mouth like a hungry man licking a coconut. She went wild and said “harami tu kahan tha aab tak”. Then I went for her boobs. Those round large boobs were really juicy. I drank her milk for along time during that period and I cummed on her stomach. After seeing that she laughed again and said “tum to bilkul naye ho”.

After playing with her wonderful boobs I asked her “bhabhi ye panty utaro na” on my request the took off her panty and allowed me to smell her cunt which was the most beautiful smell I ever smelled in my whole life. She had little hair on the G spot I licked and licked her cunt. She even pissed on me once but I loved that too and drank a few drops of that too. As I cummed twice in that process my dick was limp so I asked her to lick it for me so she took my dick in her mouth and licked it like an ice cream. After 10 minutes of hardwork she was able to make it erect again. Now I was planning to fuck her. she was a married woman so she had little large butt then a girl.

I opened her legs and rammed my small dick in her vagina. It went completely in without any resistance, I was ramming my dick with my full force but she was moaning slightly nothing more then that after 8 to 10 minutes of hardwork .I finally cummed again in her heavenly spot. I had lost all my energy but she was still hungry for more so she got on top of me and started fucking me. My fourth shot of the day was 21 minutes long, in the meanwhile she cummed a heavy load on me. now a day iam upset b’coz my bhabhi is gone abrode forever any old lady age of 25 to40 ccontact with me my email add is

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