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Sexy Sarika – My Addiction !

  • desipapa
  • November 13, 2015

Rahul had not turned up to the gym for the last two days and was not answering his phone as well. So I drove over to his place. Found Sarika’s name in the flat owners list and took the elevator. Just the thought of Sarika made my dick hard and brought a smile on my face. Rang the doorbell. Took a while before Sarika opened the door.
“Hey Sarika, how you doing?” I said with excitement.

“Paul! Surprise baby!” she said and hugged me. I was in awe when she called me baby.

“Hey I came to check on Rahul. He hasn’t turned up to the gym for a couple of days and is not answering the phone as well. So thought of checking.”

“He’s gone for a trek this weekend and will be back only on Monday. He left his phone at home. Anyways, I’m glad that you’re here. I’m bored all alone. Make yourself at home,” she said heading to the kitchen.

Uff the bomb shell she is! With that shorts that just covered her bum. Sort of like a loose underwear. The cheeks of her bum so curvy that looked like a perfect inverted semi-circle. Her thighs so full and meaty. Her legs man, can I suck them like lollipops! Perfect waist with no love handles. Flat tummy with a sexy deep navel. Her boobs didn’t look saggy one bit and looked more or less like it had been chiseled and sculpted. Her sports bra although not revealing much, did show a fair bit of cleavage. I just stood in the living room savouring this beauty.

“Actually Sarika, I’m leaving. I must go have a shower. I came directly from the gym,” I said looking at her.

“Ok you wanna have a shower. And then?”

“Breakfast, Watch a movie or something,” I said with a shrug.

“Well, you can do that here and besides I won’t be bored alone.”

So I said ok. She hugged me and gave a kiss on the cheeks and said the bathroom is over there.

Great! So I guessed I could tease her a bit. Stripped myself naked, slid the glass door and turned on the shower. It was refreshing. Through the designed glass I could see her movement. So I thought to tease her and leaned against the glass. I kinda pressed myself tightly on the glass so she she could see my bum. I saw that she stayed and was watching me.

I just remained there and let her be teased more. All this gave me an erection and this time I pressed my tool to the glass. I bet she saw this too. But I didnt stay there. Finished the shower and slid the glass door open and called Sarika for the towel. I called her and didn’t stay by the door. I went inside the shower and turned my back to tease her. I thought she would place the towel on the door handle or call me and give it to me. But she came in the shower and put the towel on my shoulder.

“Oooo, that’s a cute bum,” she said and smacked my ass and giggled and went. I never saw that coming but I was excited.

I wore the towel around my waist and stepped out of the shower. Sarika was still in the room.

“Sarika, I don’t have a change of clothes. What do I wear?”

“Oh you can wear nothing, baby,” she grinned.

“She gave me a boxer and a vest.” This should do I said and changed.

Had breakfast and chatted. It was interesting. Sarika was very comfortable around me and so was I. I used to steal glances at her assets and she did glance at me too. Did the house chores with her, and when she wanted a stool to keep some stuff at the top, I just lifted her holding her waist. I was surprised at how light she was. She liked the way I lifted her and started laughing and instead of placing her back down I just carried her.

“Your arms are gonna pain and you’re gonna drop me,” she said still laughing.

“Oh really? Don’t challenge me, I can do this all day lady.”

“Deal.” She said.

I liked this. My left hand was holding her back and was just touching the sides of her boobs. My right hand was holding her fleshy juicy legs. Right below my eyes was her boobs and her sexy exposed tummy. I never let her down. Carried her that way within the house. She enjoyed all of it and so did I.

Finally I sat on the sofa and placed her on my lap. She didn’t get off my lap and just made herself comfortable. I loved this. We were getting cosy. I liked her scent, the way her hair smelt, her neck and shoulders. She was adjusting my vest as she was uncomfy with it. I just went a step away and took it off. Sarika loved it and started playing with my chest. I was watching the TV and playing with her her. Her cold fingers running on my chest was magic. I just held her in my arms that way and she was curled like a ball. I was playing with her hairs and neck and ran my finger on the back of her ears. She closed her eyes and enjoyed it. I then traced my finger on her shoulder and put my finger underneath her sports bra.

“I’m wearing a bra underneath baby,” she said.

“Bra over another bra?” I said to which she just took off her sports bra and threw it aside. Now this delicious doll was in a sexy lace black bra that contrasted her fair skin and bum shorts. After throwing the shorts away, she just buried her face in my chest and I was playing with her hair and running my fingers on her back. She loved it and was becoming hot. My chest and nipples was perked and she started pinching my nips slowly and I pinched her waist in response. I could feel her breath on my chest as she was breathing heavy.

Sarika then took it a notch and kissed my chest. And her lips covered my nipples. I pushed myself close to her so she could suck my chest. I then unhooked her bra slowly. She realized her boobs being free and spread her arms to take off the bra. Threw the bra aside. Now Sarika was topless. I adjusted myself on the couch and lied down. She sat on top of me.

By now my dick was erect and Sarika sat on my erect dick. She bent down to kiss me. And we kissed passionately. Her lips on that angelic face was to die for. Our lips were sliding on each other like marbles. She held my face while we smooched and I was rubbing her back. I then pushed her shorts down while she was still smooching me and yanked them away. She was wearing a G string panty. I squeezed her bum as hard as I could and this aroused her more.

She pushed her tongue in my mouth and now we were slurping smooches mixed with each other’s saliva. I was gently squeezing, pinching and grabbing her ass and Sarika started moving pussy on the length of my dick while smooching me. She stopped to get some breath and smiled and giggled. I put my thumbs in her panty line and raised my eyebrows. She nodded yes and lifter her bum and I slid her panty off.

Sarika got off me and pulled the boxers out and my 7.5 inch cock sprang up hard and firm. The look on Sarika’s face said it all. I immediately carried her and went to the room and placed her on bed. Although we just kissed for a long time, I was still eager to kiss her. I guess even Sarika felt the same as she pushed me on bed and got on top of me and smooched me so much. While doing so, my dick was poking her pussy. So without breaking the kiss, Sarika pushed the dick in her pussy and slowly sat on it. We both moaned in pleasure. Her pussy was a little tight and I could feel my rod spreading the walls of her pussy aside and going in deep in.

Finally when the entire length of my cock was in her pussy, Sarika slowly moved her waist while smooching me. Loved this cowgirl position so much! She then started jumping on my cock. It was a treat to watch her boobs juggle. As she fucked me harder, I held her waist and put her on her back without taking my cock out. We were now in missionary position and I then fucked her fast and hard. She kept moaning AAhhh …… Yeeeeaah …. Her screams of Aaahh was driving me insane and I kept fucking her like a machine. I don’t know for how long but I felt Sarika’s pussy tighten as she came repeatedly. She had multiple orgasms and I still wasn’t done and she was hungry too.

I finally took my dick out and she came over and gave me the best blow job ever! She licked my shaft from the bottom to the top and licked my balls too. She then smooched the tip of the cock so much that she almost made me cum! But we weren’t still done. I lied down and then made her get on top of me in 69 position and started eating her pussy. Her pussy was dripping wet and I licked her up. Her pussy tasted like juices dripping from a fruit bowl. I licked her pussy and pushed my tongue in too and started smooching her clit. She was busy with my cock at the other end. I was squeezing her bum while doing all this and she was holding my cock and playing with my balls.

I then licked her asshole too and it was so delicious! I left the pussy for a while and kissed her ass and started licking her asshole. She started moaning I spread her bum cheeks and pushed my tongue in and licked deep. She was really out of control now and I was rock hard too. This time I had Sarika on her fours and came from behind and fucked her doggy style. Held her perfect waist and fucked her so hard and deep that she kept screaming and moaning.

She kept cumming and I couldn’t hold it anymore. I finally shot my load deep into her pussy and remained there for a while. Sarika crawled like an animal and cleaned my cock. We smooched and cuddled up and slept naked. It was a beautiful evening in Bangalore, and I Paul held Sarika close to me as we slept on that beautiful bed. The evening was a little cold. While Sarika was fast asleep in my arms, her face buried in my chest, I just squeezed her bum a little and planted a kiss on her lips and let the sleep come over me.

Thanks for reading this beautiful experience I had with Sarika. I appreciate the comments you had left for the previous story. Do mail me your comments at This is Paul from Bangalore with lots more to cum 😉

Sarika – My Addiction!

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