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Sexy Sani Ki Shower May Chudai

  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

Dear Sexy readers of I am Pirzada back again after my first story “Story 986: My Sexy Friend Sani” at Story Page22. I got dozens on e-mails from you and I am really thankful to all those who appreciated me and made me to write again. This story is in mix language, English and Urdu so that you will enjoy more.

I will continue my previous story and will tell you how I fucked my friend in shower. Sani went to bathroom for peeing. She came back and saw my penis was shrink to 2 inches and said “tumhara lund kitna sehma howa betha he” and we both giggled. I said, “isse tumhari protection aur payar ki zaroorat he” she picked up my lund in her hand and started to massage (not rubbing like giving blow job), it made me relax and her hand was doing magic to my lund. She just made it stiff again and picked me from my lund and directed me to go to bathroom. We went to bathroom and started the shower, hot water was striking on our bodies and we started to have French kiss. I started massaging her back and my hands went to her butts I was pressing her hard and she was licking and sucking my tongue in her mouth. It was making both of us hot again. She started rubbing my penis in her one hand and other hand massaging my neck and hairs from back. We embrace in this way for 10 minutes doing French kissing and our bodies were getting good massage by each others hands and medium hot water was making the scene in the Winter. I went down to her right nipple and started sucking her while massaging left one. Her milk was out of the world and she was moaning and pressing my head to her and prompting me to suck her. I was biting a little to her nipples to make her moan. She moaned aahhhahhh ssiiisiisi pirzada aram se aur choso ahhh ahhh ohhh. I inserted my finger in her pussy and pressing her clit with my thumb. She was dripping her cum and I was enjoying sucking and licking

I went down and started to suck and tongue fuck her in standing position. She was getting desperate and was requesting to stop and start fucking. She said, “apna lora meri choot mein daal do mujh se wait nahi hota” I replied, “Jaan abhi to tum ne mujhe chosna he aur mera lund bara karna he”. She was getting crazy, she went down and started a fast blow job. I said “Sani, araam se karo warna mein choot jaoon ga”. She sucked my lund for 5 min and then I stopped her. I asked her to do in doggy style. I entered from back and started slowly to enjoy more. She was fully responding my moving her self back and forth to strike harder. I was making her mad. She was moaning and abusing “kutte, harami, ab jaldi se chut ja, meri choot ko apni mani se bhar de”, while I wanted to make it long. Her words were making me crazy, I slapped on her ass cheeks and said “randi, tujhe to aaj mein chod chod kar maron ga” she replied “behan chod, jaldi kar” and I speed up a little and she moaned very loudly ahhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhh uuuuuuuuuiiii and her pussy walls were tighten against my lund and she cummed heavily and I paused a little and enjoyed her orgasm. Then I again started and this time in a little more pace.

I went down to squeeze her boobs and started to lick her ears to make her hotter, and it worked. I asked her to go to bed and we came in the bed room and asked her to ride over me, she started to jump and her sexy 36 boobs were jumping up and down with her movement. I picked her boobs in my hands and asked her to fuck me harder. she said “tumhe to mein nahi choro gi” she was moving very fast since I was fucking her for 20 minutes, I could not hold much I said to sani, “mein chutne walan hun” she said, “thori dair ruko” and she started her pace and came down to kiss and lick and this made her cum. Her pussy shrunk again and I ejaculated too at the same time. She fallen down and we rested in the same pose, my cock in her pussy, for 10 minutes and I said to her, “sani, meri jaan, mein tumhari gand marna chahta hon” she said, “no it is very tight aur nida (a common friend) ne bataya he ki gand marne par bohat dard hoti he” I said “Jaan, mein araam se maron ga, please let me fuck your ass”. She said, “acha phir Vaseline laga ke marna” I said do not worry, first I make your ass able to penetrate my 7’ cock and then I fuck your ass. I picked Vaseline on my index and put it in her gand and started to rub her and tried to penetrate with my finger, she was damn tight. I played with her clit at the same time with my mouth so that she become hotter and let me fuck her in her ass.

I was able to take my finger deep in her shit hole and she said, “pirzada tum pake gandu ho, meri gand mardo” I said “Jaan mein to tumhe ab roz he choda karon ga” she said “Jaan aik sharat par ke tum ab nida ko nahi chodo ge (jealousy)” I said, “Jaan jaise tum kaho” I on the same time put my second finger in her and now I was rotating and when I was sure it can able to penetrate my lund, I took my fingers out and smelled, it was having musky smell. I asked her to come in doggy position. I applied Vaseline on my lund and penetrated in one go, it was hard I was able to take half of my lund in, she shouted, “Ouuuuiiiiiiii maan, apna lund bahir nikalo, bohat dard ho raha he…. Ouuuuuiiiiiiii ahhhhhhhhhh…” I went down and pressed her harder to bed so that her shouting can not go out. I was moving my lund too and fro but it was hard to penetrate, I after some time, gave another jerk and this made her weep and tears rolled down her cheeks but I stayed there and had closed her mouth with mine to avoid any noise. I then put more pressure and then started to move my cock to and fro. She started to play with her clit and I was fucking her hard on her ass slap and slap giving sound like slup slup slup and room was full of these sounds. She started to enjoy.. and moaning ahh ahhh ohhh pirzad aur zor se maro, ajj meri gand phar do… zor se chodo aur zor se.

I speeded up and I came in 10 minutes and filled her ass with my cum. Then we kissed again for some time. While kissing and licking I was asking her if we can have a threesome with nida to which was disagreeing. She went to bathroom for cleaning herself. She was limping due to her chudai. She came back we kissed again another 2 min and departed. I convinced both sani and nida with hell of difficulty to have threesome. It is another story and will write only if I get good feed back.

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