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Sexy Saku

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

Hi everyone I am a long time fan of desipapa and was thinking for a long time to post my own story so here it is. This is a true incedent. Before coming to Canada I was living in India. I am 36, 6’2” with good looks and a nice body. You can send me your comments on this story on At the time of this incident I was 23 years old. My elder brother’s marriage was only one week away and entire family was busy in arrangement. My grandmother’s sister arrived with her grand daughter Saku.

She was a simple village girl but very sexy looking attractive girl and also she was smart and talanted. The very next day of their arrival I was going to market to buy some fruits, my grand mother ask me to take Saku with me so that she will not feel bored at home. I took her with me on my mobike and on the way I felt that she was sitting too close to me and I was feeling her big firm boobs on my back and probably she was enjoying the ride that way. After returning from market I found her interested in me and her eyes were following me. That night I went to terrace for sleeping as those were summer days and my grandmother, her sister and Saku were also sleeping on the terrace.

I put my dari and pillow on the other end of terrace and waited for my grand mother and her sister to sleep. As they were asleep I stand up and start walking. Saku was also awake and she ask me by signal what happened, I signeled her back to come near me. First she hesitated but finally she agreed and come close me and ask why you call me. I told to sit near me but she keep on insisting to go because of fear of her grand mother. I stand up and turn off light in our side and light the area where our grand mothers were sleeping so that in case they wake up we can clearly see them and as we were in dark there was no possibilities of them to see us. I touched her hand, initially she resisted slightly saying that this is not good and let me go but when I pull her towards me she surrendered and lies down next to me. Feeling her body next to mine made me very horny. I turned toward her and felt her tight stomach.

There was hardly any fat on this girl at all! She just lay there with her eyes closed as i felt her waist and stomach. Slowly i moved my hand on her hands and when didn’t finds any resistance. I touch her boobs outside of her nightgown, she started moaning with pleasure. I started to suck on her tits through her nightgown. Her nipples were standing up and peeking through the fabric. I start kissing on her face this time I was rubbing my penis on her pussy and she was getting hot and hot. From one hand I was pressing her firm boobs and put my other hand under her nightgown on her back I was rubbing her back. I took off her huk of bra while she was playing with her legs on my legs.Then I took off her nightgown, her boobs were in front of me they were really hard. I start kissing them one by one whlile fondling the other with my hands. My other hand was rubbing her tits and she was in the seventh sky.

I opened her panty and start liking her wet pussy. I inserted my tung as long as I could she was just screaming like anything. Then without wasting my time I pulled off my T Shirt, pajama and underwear together now it was the turn of my road and I inserted it in her choot and I keep pushing back and forth for few minutes and just before I was about to come I stop and offer her to come on the top of me. She come on the top of me and adjust my eract tool in her cunt and starts pumping with her body.

Her boobs were hanging down and I was sucking them while she was doing her work. We change position three four times and finally when she was very desperate to come and unable to hold she come on my top and then we change position for last time and I did it. That night we did once again in early morning hours.It was my first experience as well hers and really we enjoyed it a lot. After that she stayed with us for around 15 days and we enjoyed sex whenever we get chance. After some time she got married and then we never met again

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