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Sexy Sadia Part 2

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

Hi to all readers of Desi Papa thanks for your response I got .But I am not getting much response from female readers .I would like to say to all who have mailed me I will reply in a short period of time please don’t be desperate .As promised in my earlier story I am writing how Sanjay seduced my younger sister Nadia when she visited me in June this year .Nadia is 19 years of age she has completed first year of graduation .In last week of May I got a email from her informing me about her visit to Delhi .As Railway Station is near to Sanjay home I sent Sanjay to pick up Nadia .The train was two hours behind time so Nadia reached home with Sanjay around 7 in the evening .After having drinks Sanjay left .Now Nadia and I were alone in the home as Rehana and Vivek were in Mumbai due to official work .

After having dinner we went to sleep .In the bedroom Nadia said to me “Baji kya baat hai tum badi khoosh lag rahi ho kya Sanjay ke sath ( Baji what is the matter you are looking very happy does you and Sanjay ) ??? I avoided her in the beginning but later I told her every thing .She asked if I am enjoying I said yes “.Next day Nadia went to uncle house as it was Sunday I woke up around 10 after having breakfast when I was watching TV the door bell rang and there was Sanjay on door As he did not fucked me since last week he immediately embarrassed me and started kissing me I persuaded him to become fresh and then we will enjoy .Sanjay went to bathroom to become fresh when he returned from bathroom he was having a panty in his palm he inquired me whose panty it is I said it is mine he said no you are lying and said it is of Nadia and I have to admit it was of Nadia he became very happy he smelled panty and said it smell good and said to me in a demanding tone “Sadia please Nadia ki dilwa do sirf ek baar main ne kaha dekho Sanjay Nadia is tarh ki ladki nahi hai to usne kaha kya tum bhi pehle aisi thi to main chup ho gayi main ne kaha theek hai agar tum Nadia ko tayyar kar lo to muj ko koi aitraaz nahi hai .hearing this he was very happy and it was his luck when was fucking me door bell rang I immediately wore nighty and went to open the door Nadia was on door .She asked me is Sanjay also there as she saw Sanjay’s scooter out side Sanjay emerged from my bedroom Nadia was looking me with some suspicion and was smiling .

She took me to bedroom and asked me what we were doing and if she disturbed us she felt sorry for that and if we want to enjoy we can enjoy as Sanjay was on the door and hearing this he came inside and said “Nadia I have a request to you Nadia asked what is that Sanjay said “Nadia please ek baar sirf ek baar apni de do Nadia said no it is not possible Sanjay asked why it is not possible Nadia “dekho agar tum ko meri sirf ek baar leni hai to mujh ko maaf karo lekin baad main kya karoongi tum to Sadia Baji ya Rehana Baji ki le liya karoge lekin mera kya hoga main to pyasi hi reh jaya karoongi said .Understanding what Nadia said Sanjay said “Nadia meri jaan mere aur Vivek ke hote huwe tum kaise pyasi reh jaogi zara Sadia se puch kar dekho Vivek bhi badi achi chudai karta hai .Nadia said she has one request to me I asked her what she wanted t say she said she wanted that I should remain in the room as it is her first time for which I nodded in yes .Sanjay embarrassed Nadia tightly and started kissing her lips .Nadia was shying as it was her first time . Sanjay took her right hand and placed it on his crotch and put his right hand on her thighs very near to her choot. Nadia was hot and immediately began rubbing Sanjay cock over the pant. Her thighs were tight. Sanjay started talking Nadia in a bid to remove her shy ness he wanted to make the first chudai of Nadia a memorable moment.

So Sanjay by directing his finger in direction of his Lund asked Nadia, what you call this.” For some time she kept quite but Sanjay repeated his question and she said ” in Hindi we call it Lund and in English ‘penis’, what you call. Sadia and Rehana Baji must be liking it very much.” “Sanjay again asked Nadia , you know the job of this Lund .” “Yes, it goes in girl’s private part and gives pleasure to girls.” Nadia knew. ” In which private parts it goes in.’ she kept quite for a moment and then just said “choot” Then Sanjay explained to her the terminology. She was fondling with the cock and her speed increased. I wanted more. “Nadia , it is still burning, will you pacify it with saliva of your mouth.” She looked up.”Are you sure” He nodded and then she took tip of cock in her mouth and balls in her hand. “Take full length in, you will enjoy Sanjay said. You know there are different name for the “choot” according to the age of girl. It is ‘choot’ of an virgin girl like you. When a girl gets fucking regularly like your Sadia Baji and Rehana Baji it is called ‘bur’. After she becomes mother of two three child then we call it ‘Bhosara’.” Now it was Sanjay turn. He removed his shirt and baniyan and became totally nude. She was enjoying cock in her mouth. Sanjay lifted the top and in one pull opened the knot of her pajama and spread the flaps. Nadia was wearing Red color panty. Sanjay pulled the pajama down and she cooperated by lifting her hip up. Now her legs and thighs were open except panty covering the virgin choot. She kept watching but unzipped Sanjay pant and push her hand in. Sanjay spread his legs wide and from the side In a sudden move when sanjay was unable to control himself he lifted panty and saw her Kunwari choot covered with thick black pubic hair.

She was fumbling on Sanjay cock and finally took out cock from the opening of his underwear. Sanjay cock was in her hand and she moved hand over it. Nadia signalled Sanjay to get up. Sanjay stood and she pulled his pant and underwear down. He was completely naked with his cock saluting the choot of Nadia it seems that his cock was presenting Guard of Honor to Nadia’s choot and it was very hungry to get an access of Nadia’s choot and wanted to explore the depths of her choot. Sanjay took hold of her kurta (top) and pulled it out through her head. She was wearing bra. Sanjay also lifted her up and unhooked her bra and pushed her panty down. They both were nude. Her breast were good of 34″ but best was her belly and waist. Very smooth and flat .her thighs were tapered well and not thick. Legs were slender and attractive. Hips had good amount of flesh over and tight and compact. She kept fondling with his cock, He tried to kiss her. Sanjay bent down stretching his arms to hold her tits. They were hard and heavy with brown nipples and more than handful, spilling out of his fingers, Sanjay pinched her nipples, rotating them in his fingers, pulling them and pressing her breasts. Sanjay bend down and from side took hold of both breast in both hands. He squeezed softly and messed both nipples which hardened

Sanjay’s cock was in its hardest form. He stood stark naked, with his bamboo pointing towards the ceiling. He clasped her tight in his arms, flattening her tits on his chest, his cock stabbing her on her navel, his hands pulling her hips to bring her choot closer to his Lund, his lips locked on to her, skin to skin, legs to legs, thighs to thighs, pubis to pubis, chest to breast, nipples to nipples they embraced and kissed each other. Refusing to be parted like long lost lovers, love and desire pouring out from their bodies, their breath grew harder and heavier, their bodies became hotter than one could endure, the perfect air-conditioning not withstanding. Sanjay picked her up in his arms, (she was a tall and big girl) and slid her on the bed. Sanjay sat on the floor, ‘Now its my turn’, Sanjay told her, lifting and spreading her legs, Sanjay parted her hairy bush to gain access to her choot (cunt), once her hairy curtain was split, for the first time he saw her cleft, big fat pussy, a pink clit, a small aperture of a cunt trapped in petal like inner lips. Holding her legs apart,Sanjay touched her perineum with his tongue, digging into the hair there, ticking her skin, licking her upwards towards her slit, he slipped the tip of his tongue into her crevice, tasting her nectar, licking the sides of the choot, dipping his tongue into her moving it in and out he began pressing her breasts. Nadia raised her legs further up, spreading them wider onto the bed, raising her pubes for the fellatio. Sanjay wet his middle finger in her choot juice and rubbed her outer labia and then dragged her juices to arse hole lubricating its small opening he slid his finger easing up to its second knuckle. Nadia, opened her eyes and looking down at Sanjay, swore, ‘You are a dirty bastard Sanjay, you want all the holes each time, you were sucking my pussy so well, why did you have to interrupt it with this arse fingering, just lick me sweetheart, make me cum’ she pressed his head down between her legs. But he didn’t take out the finger from her butt hole, but began licking and sucking on her pussy, he lapped her choot from her hole to her clit, dabbing at it with the flat of his tongue, tickling it with the tip and then going back again to the cunt while his finger moved in and out of her arse. She began moving with my tongue and finger, flexing her pelvis, pressing his head down she began to flow first a little and then was wet all over, he knew she was having her orgasm and he sucked her clitty in his lips, pressing and releasing it rapidly. She locked her legs on his back, burying his head in her crotch. .Nadia’s orgasm lasted a long while and to my surprise, Sanjay felt he was about to come, he yanked himself from her grip and pushed his hard tool inside her mouth, ejaculating in it. His cock jerked rapidly inside her mouth, her tongue massaging the cockhead, her teeth holding his corona as his cock squirted the jism. ‘Nadia, you are a real bitch, you have made me so hot that came without even being sucked or putting my cock in your choot, you have some heat in you’.

Nadia catching cock, she pulled Sanjay on the bed. Once on the bed, she pushed Sanjay on his back and began kissing him, bringing her nipple on his mouth she asked him to suck hard, bite it and pull it with his teeth, while his fingers played with her bush, wriggling through the hairy furrow into her hole. While Nadia caressed him all over, kissing his forehead, his eyes, she slid down and took his erect Lund into her mouth, widening her jaw she pressed his shaft into her mouth and when she couldn’t take any more, she clasped her lips on his Lund ‘s girth sucking on it pulled it out. Now Sanjay freed himself of her mouth, climbing on top of her sucking hungrily on her breasts, bringing both nipples together and taking them in mouth, lightly biting them, scrapping their skin by holding them in my teeth sucking the nipples in and drawing them out, Nestling Sanjay’s cock between her legs, pressing it on her hairy bush, he whispered to her. ‘Nadia, are you ready to lose your cherry now I am going to make you a woman be ready?’ ‘Yeah, what are you waiting for, put that RAMROD in me, I am ready to be taken’ she moaned back. Sitting between her legs, Sanjay first parted her pussy hair; he kissed her choot and slid his tongue in it to find that she was already wet. Sanjay asked her to raise her legs so that her knees came up to her chest and then he parted those legs to expose her hairy choot. He slid closer to her, opening his legs to bring his Lund on her choot opening. Catching his Lund with his fingers, Sanjay pressed its head on her choot, moving it from side to side on her choot entrance, digging at it with his pecker, to gain entry into her choot’s small hole. With his fingers guiding his Lund and pressing it into her he inserted his glands in her wet choot, her pussy lips tightly surrounded his cock making it difficult to enter. Nadia was writhing in pain and was perspiring all over, although she was brave on the outside and while she had been masturbating all along, she was a bit easy to only at her choot’s entrance, half an inch inside, she was tight like a teenager and she definitely required lubrication before Sanjay could fully deflower her and burst her cherry.

Having gone that far, he didn’t want to take his Lund out and re-enter, but she needed a bit more warming up. So he bent down on her breasts sucking and pinching them, he kissed her all over, massaging her eyes, her face, her neck with his tongue, licking her arm pits, breathing their exquisite scent, kissing the sides of her breasts, tickling her boobs, orbiting around them, biting her, leaving his teeth marks on her mamme, , ticking and rubbing her clit with his thumb, continuing his onward insertion, while Nadia’s hands moved all over him, caressing his back, pinching his butt, slowly forgetting her pain and regaining her arousal, she began to kiss him encouraging him to enter her, ‘Sanjay, push it now, tear my cunt to shreds, mash it with your bulbous wand, smash it MOVE IT IN MY CHOOT!!!! NOW!!, she raised her legs, taking them above her torso, catching them at her knees, her heels facing room ceiling, raising her pussy, ‘NOW PUT IT IN, SLICE MY CUNT WITH YOUR RAMROD’ She urged him. Her choot was getting warmer and wet, He felt his cock move forward, though very little. He knew it will be painful at least for some moments, once He has fully entered her, but after that it will be a climb to the blissful heaven of sexual enjoyment. So he intentionally did not make any eye contact with her, lest he relent seeing her in pain and proceeded to concentrate on pushing his Lund in. He sucked her nipple, pressing his mouth on her tit, his hands rubbing her all over, pulling her thighs apart he slid forward slamming his Lund into her, half way in his cock head encountered the last vestibule of her bastion, her hymen was causing a little obstruction and finally hymen gave up to give an access to his Lund. Pushing in, penetrating her canal further, widening it, opening it, crossing the threshold he planted almost the entire length of his manhood in her virginal womanhood, bringing his corona on her cervix. No further, he told himself, the virgin cunt will extend with the passage of time and of course regular use.

Nadia had smothered her screams, by gagging herself on the towel. When he looked at her, beaming with his success, he found tears were rolling down her eyes. He removed the towel from her mouth and instead kissed her hard, biting and chewing her lips, drawing her tongue out, sucking it, he soon began to pound her citadel with his swollen dong, moving his Lund in and out bringing it out only hair breadth and then pushing it back, gradually increasing the length and when his cock began sliding half its length in and out of her choot, he freed her mouth from his lips. ‘Nadia, thank me for making you a WOMAN, your fucking choot has been launched for its long career in cock bashing, your cunt has been rammed and reamed and look at the way it is flowing its juices making my cock slip in and slip out easily’ He told her and thrusting his Lund harder and faster stoking her fire, increasing the length of its strokes, he speareded her cunt slamming his RAMROD, grinding her canal wider, stretching her, making her moan, Ummm, Ummmmmmaaaahh, OOOeeeeee, ssssiiiiiiisssssiiii, YES, YEEEESSSS, PUSH IT IN, NOOOOOeeeee DONNN’TTTT TAKKKKKEEEEE ITTT OOOOUT PLEASEEEEE, AH, AHA, OH LOVELY, OH GOD, LOVELY, SIMPLY FANTASTIC, WHAT A JOY, WHAT IS THIS SENSATION, SSAANNJJAAYY, YOU BLOOOODDDDYYY FUCKERRRRRRRR, IIII HAVE GIVEN YOU MYYYY TREASURE, MY HONOUR, YOU RASCALLLLLL, FUCK ME, FUCCCKKKKKK MEEEEEEEE, AAAAAAGGHH, FUCK ME, HARD, PUSH IT. POOOOOOSSSSSSSSHHHH IT IN, PLEASSSSSEEE.

She was now moving and meeting his thrusts, stroke for stroke, move for move, rotating her hips under him, adding a new dimension to their coitus, sucking on his lips, her breasts crushed under his chest, pushing her into the mattress, feeling her orgasm build, first a short spasm, then another one and then continuous, through out her canal, Nadia, slowed down and then stopped, Sanjay too stopped, as she trembled from head to toe, digging her nails in his back, clenching his waist with her legs, tightening them in a vice like hold and then a thunderous moan MMMMMEEEEUUUUUUUUUOOOOOOOOOOOOOCCCHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEE EEEEEEGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH and then she began tremble. I love you Nadia pushing harder into her choot, his black Lund glistening in the coital dew, entering her blood red orifice. Nadia, held him tightly to her, her second orgasm lasting even longer and greater in intensity than her first one, with so much happening inside her choot, he didn’t have to do anything except remain fully planted inside her choot and just keep on moving his Lund by contracting releasing his pelvic muscles. He also felt his Lund swelling up with its jism and ready to spew its hot juice, adding fuel to her fire she orgasmed yet again and continued with him as his Lund jerked with each squirt inside her. They lay there, heavily intoxicated by sex, overwhelming pleasure and a feeling of mutual love Sanjay cock began to grow again, blood rushing into its length and bringing it to its full blown erection, opening Nadia’s choot with its growing girth, he began thrusting again, this time, the lubrication of their juices were enough to make the in and out motion slick, there were thousem funny, sloooch, slllaaaach, foooch and fucccch sounds being made by their flesh, Nadia orgasmed yet again, she violently grasped his lower body with her legs, locking them as if it crush me, ‘Sanjay , My lover, I want the whole of you inside me, just your cock is not enough, come inside me my fucker, I LOOOOVVE YOU and she came again. ‘Nadia, lets arse fuck’ he asked her. ‘Anything you say lover’ she said, lifting her leg, swivelling it on her left side bringing both her legs together, his cock still in her canal, she asked him to rise along with her and they positioned themselves in the classy doggy fashion fuck.

Sanjay pumped her choot few times, when she handed him a tube and applicator of KY JELLY, he pressed that inside her black arse hole and pulling his cock out of her choot applied a bit of the jelly on his cock head as well. Nadia, brought both her legs on her ass cheeks, spreading them for him, she opened her gand hole. He caught hold of his cock and levering at her small aperture while Nadia began to struggle with pain and wanted to get away, he had to really catch her in a tight grip, involuntarily she squeezed her hole tight, making it impossible to open and enter it, he slapped her hard on her butt, the sting of the slap shifted her attention from her arse hole to her hips and in that moment of relaxing of her sphincter muscle he annihilated her anal ring, entering her and in another strong hard push inserted his cock fully in her. Nadia was struggling to keep her screams down and was beating her fists on his legs and she even tried to catch and squeeze his balls in her attempt to dislodge him. But Sanjay, once possessed, does not leave a job unfinished. Her nails had scrapped his thighs. He continued to push his cock in pulling it out and then ramming it in, she was sobbing with each push, ‘Sanjay, you are a rogue; I can die with all this pain and blood. He saw her arse was bleeding and his cock shaft was covered with her blood, it was in fact dripping. The sight of blood, awakened the animal in him, he began pumping her hard, bringing her to scream,’Saaaannnjjjayyy, noooooooo stop now please, stop it, damn it and just when he was about to spill, she escaped from his grip, running away from him and he ejaculated his stream mid-air, spending his semen on the bed .So this was the story how my sister was deflowered .

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