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  • September 9, 2015

I am posting my first experience as well as my first story in ISSHope u all encourage me with your comments Any hyd auntie’s want me can mail me to with your details 100%secrecy was assured.I Enjoyed with My 19 Years Old Cousin ROHINI (BABY)ROHINI was a 20 year old daughter to her parents and hence brought up with all love and affection.

Studying in the local college, she is overgrown for her. Her boobs were sufficiently grown up that her shirt will not cover all that is required to be covered. Very fair in color her plump thighs were revealed underneath her skits. Her Boobs size is 34b-28-32.Whenever she leans to pick up a dropped pen or pencil, one can see her panty from behind and many boys prayed to get her drop a pen or book in the road so that they will get a free show of her panties. In their two room apartment she had a room for herself where she slept, did her homework etc.Her parents both working had little time to watch her emotional disturbances. This happens in any average family in cities.

One day I Went Their City With completed My College wanted to join any other institute to learn computing. I M from a rich background because I went with my bike and books.Baby’s parents made me to stay in the same room as Baby since We Are cousins and they thought I will be a great help to her in her studies. I M Not A bed boy. I did not have any friends in the city. I just roamed around the city searching the institutes to learn computing.A tall, fair, handsome youngster with clean habits, they were happy to have me in the house to stay with them. I had no hesitation to help the family to buy small urgent things from any nearby shop. Baby’s mother cooked food for me also and they were quite happy to have me. But to accommodate a stranger in her room, Baby had some difficulty since it affected her privacy.

Closing the door she could change her dress without any fear and now she has to be careful that I not present when she undresses or gets into new clothes. But I quite understood and I kept aloof from difficult situations. I was fond of playing computer games and I got busy when I was from the usual work.I hate b/f with all and so also supper. Whenever I go to the movies I informed them in advance so that they may not wait for me. But Baby asked me to tell her the story of the movie which I narrated with great detail. She liked my way of telling the story. They took supper at 8 pm and by 9.30 Baby’s parents retire to their room.And that was the time I narrates the story to Baby. Baby also would have washed and changed into her nighty and lying in the bed she asked me about the cinema I saw and I used to be waiting for her to get ready to hear the story. She calls me to her bed side and sitting on the bed I used to narrate the story with all gesticulations to add nourishment to my story telling.

One day I accidentally touched her thighs and she asked me to scratch that spot on her knees, which I readily obliged. The feel of her body made me interested to touch more and slowly I ran my hand all over the both the knees. The mere touch made a small bulge in my lungi which nobody noticed.She did not object my prolonged touch of her knee and then slowly I invaded to the lower thigh of her legs which were smooth and silky to touch. By keeping her knees apart she gave me maximum space to run my hand over her thighs. My fingers by soft touch of her thighs made ghoosepinples all over her body and she did not want to stop me explorations.Story telling continued. I seemed to have so much stock of stories that I started one when the previous one is completed. She raised her legs to allow me space to move my palm to go deep under her thighs. Sometimes she shuddered and it was felt by both. I went below the knee to cover her calf muscles but she wanted me on her thighs only.My movements stopped at the bottom layer of her panty and never above it. She used to turn her body so that I may rub the behind portion of her thighs. It was smooth and silky all over. His erection was full and hard, but concealed under my lungi and pitched down between my thighs so that she may not see.

When she begins to sleep I used to get up go to the bathroom have shag and then come back to my bed and sleep. She knew that I had problem with my cock and one day she asked me to come closer and extending her hand she caught the object which causes the tent formation in the lungi. But I pushed her and ran away to the bathroom to relieve myself.When I come back there was no tent. But the girl had slept off. One day she asked me whether I met any of my friends during his outings. I said yes, but how do you know. She asked who it was. It was ARCHANA My old classmate. Baby was inquisitive and asked for details. I fabricated a nice story and told her that Archana called me to her house where her parents were not there and they spent the whole day together. What all you did to her, she asked. I simply said all. Tell me in detail, she pleaded. I kissed her. Where did you kiss her? In the lips of course. That’s all. She asked me to touch her boobs and I touched her boobs. Does she have big boobs, she asked.Yes big ones, I said. What else you touched, she asked. All I said. Tell me all she said. I touched her pussy. Did she show you her pussy for you to touch, she asked. I said yes. Baby got up and asked me how was her pussy. Like any other pussy, hairy I said. You have seen so many pussies, she asked. I laughed and said a few.But Baby insisted to know what you did with her pussy. I touched and rubbed it, I said. My hand was still inside Baby’s thighs when I was explaining what I did with her pussy. Archana removed her panties and I touched and rubbed her pussy. I felt like kissing it and she allowed me to kiss her pussy, I said.Baby pushed my hand away from her thighs and sat cross-legged and asked for more information.

What more you did, she asked. Archana wanted to see mine, I said. You’re what, your pussy, asked Baby. No, my thing I said. Baby reached for his cock which was erect by then and caught it with her hands in tight grip.I got up to go away, but Baby made me to sit and asked me what more did you do it with her. Do what I asked. Baby’s modesty prevented her to utter the name of the thing which I would have done. Did you put this inside her, she asked. I shyly said yes. Baby could not tolerate, you mean to say you fucked her. I meanly said yes.Baby pulled away my lungi and made me nude and had a close look at my erect cock. Tell me in detail how you did it. I was bluffing so far. It was all an imaginary story and now I had to build up the fucking scene about which I knew nothing. This much for today and rest I will tell you tomorrow and pulled myself off from her grip and ran to the bathroom.Baby was disappointed. She covered herself and half heartedly she slept. Next day we were busy as usual and we did not meet during day time. In the night as usual I came to sleep and Baby was wide awake for me to come for my ordeal. She called me to come for scratching her knees.This is a sign for me to come and sit on her cot and insert my hand inside and probe her thighs. She asked me to scratch much above, still above she said. To me horror I saw that she did not wear any panty. My finger tips were reaching her pussy. I wanted to withdraw my hand but she held it in tight grip and asked me to touch her pussy.

Do what you did to Archana, she said. Baby did not have any hair in the pussy except some scant growth of thin hair. Her pussy lips were soft like flower petals. I probed all over her pussy on the top. I noticed that she did not even have a nighty under the wrap. She pulled my left hand to her boobs and asked me to say whether they are as big as those of Sheila.The boobs of Baby were of course big but hard and silky to touch. Her nipples tiny but hard and erect. I ran my hand all over her navel and boobs. They were magnificent. Shall we fuck, asked Baby. I said it is not possible with you, you are My Cousin Sister and you are only 19 you have to grow up for another 1 to 3 years before getting fucked, I said.One years is too long a period, why not try, just make a try, she pleaded. Not today, I said, we will try some other day. But I kept on rubbing her pussy with one hand and squeezing her boobs with the other hand. After some time I went to the bathroom and then went to the bed. Baby’s parents were going away for some relative’s marriage to a far off place.

They said they may be away for just two or three days and I Had to take care of things. I said I will. Baby’s parents left by the evening train and after supper I and Baby came to the room much earlier than usual. Baby sat near me and pleaded to me that we will fuck today. There was no escape thought RJ.Closing all doors and windows we came to the bedroom and made her nude totally. Baby wanted to see my cock in bright light otherwise we were talking only in the dim light of the bedroom light. I showed her my cock, standing erect. Like a flagpole. Baby kneeling on the floor took a closer look, pulled back the skin and examined my balls.Rubbing my cock all over her face and ears etc, she found more pleasure. A drop of precum perched at the tip of the cock was touched by her. Its viscous nature interested her. She licked it with her tongue tip. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked it to bring further drops into her mouth.

My cock was not so big. It was only a 6″ with thin and slender structure.She like its color and she went on sucking it with all gusto. After about five minutes of vigorous sucking I shot my cum into her mouth. It was not expected by her. She gulped the solid stuff and it came in spurts continuously. I pushed her into the bed and kissed her boobs and sucked her tiny nipples.Initially she was feeling tickled but subsequently his actions gave her new unknown sensations all over the body. Her virgin pussy was leaking. Then I kissed her navel and then the mound and then the pussy lips. I licked it lavishly and the wetness gave me something to lick. Poor Baby shuddered at his vigorous licking.She helped me by opening up her cunt lips and asked me to lick inside the cunt. I went on slurping and whenever my tongue touched her clit an electric shock like sensation went all over her. She was aroused very much. Her animal lust came out and she asked me to place my cock at the hole. I placed my cock and pushed it in. It did not go in.She then inserted her own finger inside and saw that the whole middle finger goes inside. She persuaded me to place my cock and push it deep. I pushed it in with some force and it went in. My pulled it out and then again pushed and there was some resistance and my further pressure removed the hindrance and my entire cock was buried inside her cunt. She moan ahhhhhhhhh uummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm aaahhhh siddhuuuuuuuuuuu please Do it slowlyWhen I looked up tears were swelled in her eyes but she did not utter a singe word of protest. They allowed the cock to remain inside for some time and engaged in conversation for some time. Then I needed no lesson as to how to do it nor did she need any lessons. I went on pumping for more than 15 minutes. She felt the sensations of an orgasm. After that I pulled her back And Enter My Cock in Her Ass whole. She shouted in pain. When I Fuck Her in Ass Whole I Press her boobs very hardly.

After 15 min. Again I enter my cock in her vagina. This time I fuck her very fast. She Shouted ahhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oohhhhh godddddddddd please siddhuuuuuuuuuuuuuu slowly….I fuck her at list 2 or 3 hrs She would her legs around me and hugged me tightly. We went on fucking and fucking. My cock never lost its hardness. Finally when I pulled out of her both were tired and exhausted. The viscous fluids were all over us. Having thus finished her first successful fucking.Yesterday night I also fucked her very hard. This time when she goes to sleep I pulled her to my side and hug her and kiss her leaps. And Lay down her on bed. I unlocked her night’s hook and putt offs her nighty. Putt off her panty and lick her vagina. I lick her vagina inside. She moans ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaa ahhhhhhhhh. Then I put off her Bra and press her boobs. Sucked them. Bite her nipples. Then suddenly I putt my lungi and pushed my cock inside her vagina. And Fuck her till 3.00 AM.

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