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  • September 11, 2015

Hi all I’m a guy aged 23 years. I am from Bangalore. I have a little healthy figure and do possess a good 6″ tool under my underwear. I always read the couple fantasy of  and write for the same also as I am a big fan of it. Therefore today I am narrating the very truly incident about a widow who is a social worker. This is not any kind of great work or contribution story, infact it is a great sex story. This incident happened when I approached her for a helping-hand in my job hunting.

Reema owns a duplex and lives with her in-laws. Reema might have been 38 years old. She has a daughter nearly about 16-17 years old who is currently pursuing intermediate in a nearby college. Reema is only available on Saturday or Sunday as she goes out for social activities. I didn’t have any idea that Reema could have been so horny and lusty. It really amazed me when I knew that I had to fuck her to get helped. When I reached her, she was all alone. Her daughter had gone to college. Her in-laws might have gone to visit their relatives. There was a servant only working in the lawn. When she got informed by the servant about my arrival, she welcomed me. I saw Reema in light blue color nighty. Her assets were in a lacy blue bra. She had also put on a black petticoat. Reema was very sexy and her pink boobs were nicely visible with black nipples. Her beauty had not faded with her increasing age. I thought she had maintained her body. Her hubby was working in army and died in kargil war after 6 years of her marriage. She still possessed the asset required to attract a man. As soon as I entered into her drawing room, she ordered the servant to leave and lock the main gate before his departure. I looked around the room. Everything was decorated well.

Reema told me to sit on the sofa and enquired about me. She wanted to know about my family background, what I was doing currently and so on. I was slightly embarrassed to see a strange curiosity in her eyes when I introduced to her. But as usual I was staring at her womanly 42 sized breasts that were rising up and down as she was breathing. We talked a lot and slowly she diverted the chit-chat to sex. Reema asked me whether I had a girlfriend. I replied negatively and said that I was always crazy for married women specially. Then she directly asked me about my opinion about her and came closer. I could view a great portion of her round, plump breasts through her deep cut nighty. Reema began to smile as I uttered a few words of praise for whatever she was, although my admiration was a little personal. She was about 42c-36-42. Then she brought a glass of pineapple juice for me and sat beside me. She started to rub my fingers with those of hers and told, “I will help you definitely. But you have to pay for it.” I got astonished as I thought I had pay money. I replied hurriedly, “Madam! I don’t have money to pay you.” Reema abruptly laughed at me and said, “No! I don’t mean that. You have to do a favor for me.” I asked, “What is it?” Reema answered, “You have to please and satisfy me.” I questioned, “How?” with naughty giggles she replied, “You have to act like a man and satisfy me physically and mentally. I mean you have to satisfy me sexually. Then I will help you.” I thought for a while whether I would be able to quench her bodily thirst. Meanwhile, Reema shouted to come into her bedroom if I agreed. “Otherwise there was an exit!”, she pointed at the door and went inside.

Then without a second thought, I followed her. I watched her ass cheeks swing, oscillate tremendously while she was walking. I could feel a very big bulge between my thighs lifting my jeans slight high though I had wore underwear inside. When we entered her bedroom, I dragged her by her hand, grabbed her waist and kissed her lips passionately until our saliva got exchanged. I bit her earlobes and kissed her forehead, eyelids, cheeks, chin and then moved to her breasts. I slowly moved down with my face getting rubbed along her nighty and knelt down there. Then I made her stand right there and hoisted her nighty along with her black petticoat to mid thigh. Wow! She had possessed fat fair thighs. In fact, I couldn’t suppress a slight tremor of excitement. When I looked up her eyes were radiating her desires. I buried myself upto my waist inside her petticoat and then kissed her thighs madly with fingers intruding her panty to clutch her nicely shaped buttocks. It was dark inside though the room was bright with daylight. I was sniffing her panty exactly like a hyena sniffing for its prey. I made her thighs wet with my saliva. Reema was unable to control her feelings. She was pushing my head firmly into her groin out of excitement. I came out of her nighty when my face was full of drops of sweat.

Then I stood up and hoisted her nighty. I removed it through her head. Now she was in a petticoat and a lacy blue bra supporting her mounds. I made her sit on the sofa and popped the front catch on the bra and I heard her moan, not saying anything, more like she was waiting for what would happen next! They were so firm. The hard black nipples sat proudly on top, begging to be sucked! I leaned in and kissed the left one and give it a long gentle suck. “It’s been so long since anyone did that!”, she moaned. “Your tits look young and firm. I have been looking forward for such boobs to cup them and press them.” My hands fell straight on her breasts. My grip was hard and her melons were getting crushed in my lusty squeezes. My eyes were absorbing the half naked image of her. My head rested on each of her breasts with my lips moving from one to the other. Her nipples were getting teased brushing against my rough, male skin. My long fingers trailed the shape of her breasts and began circling around her areola and nipples. Reema heaved in excitement and cursed herself for getting so hard so quickly, revealing to my experienced touch. Her nipples were hardening fast and quick as I chewed a little. I stroked my lips all over her body and slowly kissed my way down her belly to the outline of her petticoat. Then I made a circle on her navel with my tip of my tongue. Reema clutched the back of my head to pull it up over her breasts again but her fingers slipped off my silky hairs. I looked in her eyes as I loosened the thread of petticoat. I pulled the string apart and she lifted her ass off the sofa as I slowly peeled it down, then dropping back down and raising her legs to let me get the petticoat off and that much closer to my ultimate goal. I could see the wet spot on the lacy black panties. I knew that she wanted this badly as I did! I leaned in and kissed the lace covered little triangle and could taste her through the panties. I moved between her legs. I pulled the panties down her sexy thighs. It seemed to invite me. It seemed that all of her sexy parts were on display against the dark tan that covered the rest of her well toned massive body! I got a clear view of her cunt surrounded by thick curly black little pubic hairs. The path was dark. Perhaps she had been fucked by various lovers. I saw her staring at my hard cock; she had rubbed it thru my clothes, but had never seen it. I leaned down and kissed the top of her little pussy and slowly let my tongue slide down to her wet little box! She was writhing back and forth. I rolled my tongue along her pubic path. It really tasted good. I was tingling her most intimate area. She caught hold of my ears and pushed me up into her crotch till my mouth rested between her thighs. My tongue was out in a flash and soon I began moistening her pussy lips. I widened her legs and inserted my tongue in side her cunt.

On first touch she gave a terrific jerk and a loud moan AAAHHHHHH… AAAAAA… and then slowly I started to lick her cunt. She continued OHH… OH… OHHHA… SSUUU… OOH… I was deeply penetrating my tongue all over the walls and smelling the cunt juices which made me mad. She was raising her mound high with excitement and grabbed my hair with her hands and pressed my head towards the cunt. I was eating her pussy and inserting my tongue in and moving back and forth and my hands squeezing and caressing her buttocks. She was moaning like AAAAAA… SUCK IT… PLEEEASE… Don’t stop AAA… OOWWWW…Then after 10 min she suddenly let out a loud scream and pushed my head into her pussy grabbing my head I between her fat thighs. She collapsed with huge orgasm in my mouth, and I drank all of that. And she took my head towards her face and kissed passionately some of her cunt juice spread all over my mouth. My hands were busy moving over her plump ass-cheeks and along the ass-cleavage. I let her tongue wander in my mouth as she longed to taste her own cum from my mouth. She licked all over my face and said, “Oh really I never enjoyed such a terrific orgasm!” I slowly started inserting my middle finger in her anus. Reema didn’t protest and I guessed she liked it. I put my tongue back in her pussy with my finger focused on her anus. I slowly started to move it as it was not tight and the diameter of the hole was also wide. Gradually my finger was freely moving in and out of her asshole. I could feel the warmth out of friction inside her anus. Simultaneously I was eating her pussy. Reema couldn’t stand steadily and started moaning like RRAAAVVVVIIII, OOOHHHHH… YYEEAAAA… OOHHHHH… UUUMMMMMM… AAAHHHHH… As I looked up, her womanly breasts were bouncing up and down. Reema was tweezing, teasing her erect black nipples with one hand and pulling my head very close to her pussy with the other. I continuously slid my finger in and out inside her arse hole for over 10 minutes. Her body was shivering tremendously in joy as one shivers in chill cold. Then I moved my finger from ass to her vaginal hole. I pulled her pubic hairs gently to tickle and amuse her. Then I pulled apart her pussy labia and peeped inside. It was pink in color with a hole going direct to her womb. Now my fingers were feeling her puffy lips and gently massaged her clit. I slowly inserted my finger into her wet dripping pussy. I said “Reema, you are really wet down there.” And I started finger fucking her with the middle one. I increased the numbers from one to two, two to three and finally four of my fingers except the thumb were moving fast inside her orifice. I continued mauling her entire crotch with my palm and was ruthlessly squeezing her moms. Reema was out of control and was standing open-mouthed with lots of sexy and arousing yells coming out. Reemaa cried out, “Please don’t stop. Go on RRAAAVVVVIIII. OOOHHHHH… YYEEAAAA… OOHHHHH… UUUMMMMMM… It FFEEEEELS SSOOOOOO GOOOOOD.” Reema was sweating and hot now. Her head was thrashing on the edge of the sofa and hands pressing my hand to her pussy. I increased my speed to finger in her pussy for sliding in out in out. Reema shrieked, “OOOO… RRAAAVVVVIIIII AAHHHH… It FEEEEELS GOOD. Don’t stop now. PLEASEEEEEEEE I want you SSOOOOOOOOO MUCH OOHHHHHHH… AAHHHHHHHHH…” The vulva muscles were clamping hard on my fingers. At last Reema could not hold any longer and attained her orgasm. I could clearly see her juices flowing out of her pussy in a stream and I tasted it to my hearts content. It was saline and I could smell the aroma of her wet hole that drove me insane.

“Now it is my turn to watch you naked.”, Reema requested. I pulled off my T-shirt along with vest and threw them on the sofa. Then I removed my jeans and threw it on the floor. I abruptly snapped off the robe of my long striped underwear and stood like a naked old warrior ghost. My 8″ cock was saluting her face. Reema nearly fainted and watched my cock sprang out of underwear. I usually elongate to 7″; but that day it looked to have been enlarged to 8″. It had no skin covering it. The head was shining. The veins were standing out like creepers on a tree trunk. It looked like a smiling Anaconda. She came down on the sofa had a hard look of my tool and said, “Ravi! You are having such a big cock enough to satisfy any girl or women. Can u fill my holes with your juices?” Her arm instinctively edged towards my magnificent instrument. She could feel its hardness in her hand. Stroking all along the shaft, my throbbing member grew from the sensations her touch elicited. I took her face and guided it to my erect cock. She opened her mouth and started sucking my cock like an ice cream. I indicated that she should kneel and start her blowjob. She knelt down and caught my cock in her hand. It was about 2″ in diameter. It did not fit in her hands. She kissed the head of the cock and took it slightly in. Her tongue and lips started to move in good speed. She was able to take about 3/4 of it into her mouth. Occasionally she pulled it out and then started from the base to the tip. I was enjoying it. She lavished my dark prick with her warm tongue as her saliva dripped down all over it. Every inch of my manhood was wet, the shaft and the massive swollen head. She made sure to lick every inch of my hot rod and my balls got the same treatment. Reema had a smile on her face and when I emitted moans UFFFF… UMMM… AAHHAAA… OOFFFF…, she sucked me more fervently. Sucking my heavy balls elicited even a stronger reaction. She continued to suck my dick, cupping my balls in her hands, sliding her mouth up and down on my dick, making little circles with her tongue. She looked up at me with those gorgeous gray eyes and the sight of her little pink mouth stretched all around my dick was really turning me on. After 10 minutes of hardcore sucking, I told her to get some honey pour on my cock and then suck. She did as exactly as I said. Oh! I was in heaven. I was moaning AAAAHHH… MMAAHHHHHH… RRRREEEEMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAA… SUCK ME YOU BITCH! SUCK ME. After 5 minutes, I cummed in her mouth with full force like a jet. She spit some of my cum as it filled her mouth heavy. “MMMMMM… You taste delicious Ravi!” Reema said. “Have a little more.”, I insisted. I rubbed my moist pink head on her lips; she parted them for me to put my shaft inside her mouth again.

Then I pushed her back onto the sofa and asked her that I wanted to fuck her in doggie style. She turned around and got down on her knees on the sofa facing the mirror on the wall with her elbows resting on the upper edge of the sofa to support her entire body. Her wonderful cunt below her milky ass was well visible inviting me. Then I stared at her round bumps inviting me to fuck her. I smooched her ass cheeks to arouse her. I slapped hard on either side of her fleshy mounds. It swung like balloons filled with water. I got a little closer and kissed her arse. I made it wet with my watering mouth. I licked her ass cleavage along its entire path. I inserted my tip of my tongue inside her asshole and twirled it around. I could see the gyration of her body with the excitement. Lastly I began to finger her ass hole while she rubbed her pussy with her pretty, plump rosy-painted finger tips. I started to tease her ass hole with my elongated finger. I inserted my big tongue in her clit and started sucking her juices while my other hand was inside her pussy. She was moaning and enjoying like anything. She started saying “HAAAAAAA… RRRRAAAAVVViiiiiii I NEED MORE OF THIS DAILY. MAAA… UHHHHHH… AAAAA… SSSHHHH… AAAAAAAYYOOOO…” She started cumming in my face and licked her full hot juice it was awesome taste. Then I got up onto the sofa and knelt behind her back leaning against her. I reached for my dick, held it by my right hand, shook it in the air for a few times and poured honey on my cock tip and her ass. I gently placed it at the entrance of her asshole and got ready to fuck her ass. Then I slid it slowly inside her asshole. It went inch by inch like a piston and got fully buried. Putting a finger in her pussy as a prelude to my prick, I moved it in and out; and thrust my cock back and forth repeatedly inside her asshole. Reema stammered, “Oh! THAT’S GREAT. MOVE YOUR TOOL DEEP INSIDE OF ME. COME ON! FAST! FAST! OH! YES! I WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE A WHORE IN SEX SHOWING NO MERCY FOR ME. FUCK MEEEE… OOOOOOO… YESSS…” My mouth was busy on her neck and my left hand was playing with her cushy breasts making her moan in joy. Though she was not tight, she was started screaming “AAYIIIIIOOO… IT IS PAINING AAAAMMMHHHHAAA… RRRRAAAAVVViiiiiii FUCK ME DARLING TODAY. FUCK ME LIKE A RANDI. TEAR MY ASS.” She was crying with pain and pleasure AAAAMMUUUUHHH… It was not difficult for me to fuck such a wide–hipped lady. I continued thrusting my 8″ into her ass without caring her loud moans like AAAAAAAAAHHHHH… I was about cum as I could feel the pressure of hot lava ready to explode. I finally gave her hard push and cummed in her ass with a load scream YYEEEEAAHHHHAAAAA…

Reema stroked my throbbing dick with her eager hand, while using her other hand to massage my balls. I positioned my dick to enter into her stimulated pussy from back. I was between her legs with my monster cock throbbing. Reema watched my ebony oversized prick ready to explore and thrust. Reema spread her legs wide. Then with one hand Reema held my 8″long dick and placed at the entrance of her horny cunt. I slowly plunged my excited dick into her cunt. I could see her cunt stretching well to take my monster cock. After pushing few inches of my cock, I gave a deep thrust. My entire 8″ long, thick cock entered into her cunt. Reema gave a slight pleasurable moan. I thrust my front between her thighs. Reema was enjoying the fuck and started moving her hips and buttocks up and down. I increased the speed and my shaft started penetrating deeper and deeper into her cunt. Reema too increased her speed of hip movements. Reema started moaning and blabbering “AAHHHHHH… WONDERFULLL! OHH! DEARR FUCK MEEE, FUCK MEEE DEEPPP, DEEPERRR WITH YOUR LOVELY BIG PENISSS, I LOVEE THATTT, I WANT YOU FUCK MEEE HARDDD. FASTERRRR. FUCK MEE… OOOOOOOHHHHHH YESS YESS YES, THAT FEELS SOOOOO GOOD.” I fucked her Over and over as Reema rubbed her clit. In the mirror glancing over at the image of Reema getting banged heightened the force of my prick as I fucked her. I could sense both of us reaching a wonderful climax. I saw my legs shaking viscously 5 times indicating my cock was about to shoot out heavy load inside her cunt. Her body shook because of a massive orgasm she was going to attain. Reema moved her buttocks up and down faster and faster to get maximum pleasure from my fucking strokes deeper into her starved cunt. She was shouting “OH AHHHHH, CLASS, REAL CLASS FUCK DEAR, GO ON AND FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD LIKE A WHORE, FUCK THE BITCH ENJOYING YOUR LOVELY BLACK POLE, FUCK, PUSH YOUR COCK DEEP, GO DEEP. OH DEAR!! KEEP ON FUCKING! WHAT A COCK, OH WHAT A FUCK! AHHH… AH… AHHHA…”. Her body tensed up and started to shake. With the increased speeds, the fucking becoming more and more pleasurable. My cock began filling her thirsty cunt with my flow of semen. Her greedy cunt took every last drop of semen coming out from my cock. I could see the flow of her juice intermixed with those of mine coming down along her ass and dripped on the sofa. Both of us attained our orgasm simultaneously. We got off the sofa and lay flat on the bed.

After half an hour of rest, she offered me a glass of milk to energize me. I drank all and felt better. My penis was limp totally. Still I have the stamina to fuck her again. I asked Reema to lie flat on the bed. I placed a pillow below her ass and sat beside. I spread her legs to get a good view of her cunt. I spread her pussy lips with my thumb and index finger, and bent down to kiss it. Reema could feel a stream of hot air gushing into her cunt and her hairs stood up. I now started to use my tongue. It went round and round her cunt’s outer and then the circles where becoming smaller and going into the hole. My tongue must have reach deep into her hole. I could stiffen it to act like a cock. I was tongue fucking her and meanwhile Reema came twice. I slurped the whole thing and kept on going. I really loved her cunt. For almost 1hr, I had her in that position and she came at least about 5 times. Then I lifted her body and placed another pillow below her ass. She could know I was going to start on her asshole. My tongue started moving in circles around the hole and it was going quiet fast. Her asshole was opening and closing due to the sensation of the tongue and suddenly, my tongue became stiff and it plunged into my hole. Reema almost jumped. My tongue went into circles and then one poke deep inside. Her asshole was opening up to the movements. She came twice in quick time.
Again I got up and took a hand full of butter and started to apply on my cock; it looked like a flag pole that was tilted. I made her turn over and kneel and then applied some butter into her asshole and deep inside too. She realized that my anaconda was going to burst her ass. I placed it in the mouth of her asshole and gave a gentle push. It was going in smooth but tight. I pulled it out and again pushed it in. occasionally I hit her ass with my cock and then stiffened it to go deep into her arse. Reema gave a loud moan out of ecstasy and pleasure… Reema could feel something pushing in her stomach. After few slow strokes, I started fucking her faster thrusting my cock deeper and deeper inside her cunt. Very soon she did not feel the pain or have any uneasiness. I slightly bent down. I placed one hand on Reema’s breast and started caressing them. I sent other hand between her thighs and placed on her clitoris. My hands were fondling her breasts and caressing her clitoris while I was ramming her asshole from behind thrusting my long dick deeper inside her. Reema was matching with my fucking, stroke by stroke, pushing back her ass when I pushed forward. I could sense my huge balls hitting on Reema’s ass every time I pushed forward. I could hear the “chup, chup” sounds when my front thighs hit on her buttocks when I was moving forward fucking her. Reema was in her own world of pleasure and fun. Her moaning increased and kept saying “OH DEAR DELIGHTFUL, REAL HEAVEN, THAT IS SUPERB, FUCK, FUCK DEAR. DON’T STOP, I’M CUMMING, I WANT TO KEEP ON CUMMING.”
I kept on increasing the speed. As I was an ace ass fucker, it took me almost 20 minutes to cum. I fucked her like a horse.

Then I took her in my lap and opened her legs and pushed my entire pole in her cunt hole and she cried in pain AAAAAA AAAAAAAAA Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee MAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA MMM AAAAAAAA RRRRRRR DALA. But I began pumping hard and I was thinking that she would get tear up in two part coz by her cunt had been fucked for so many times. It didn’t take long for her to have her orgasm. Then she moved down my chest, slowly kissing and lightly biting me. When she took my cock in her small hand I thought I was going to explode! She jacked it as she kissed and licked the swollen red head. When she took it in her mouth I could hardly breathe! I managed to hold back for a few minutes, but when she stopped and looked me in the eye and said, “I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel. Let it go!” I thought I had died and gone to heaven! She took me back into her hot, wet mouth and slowly sank all the way down to the base. She kept moving slowly up and down, just like a slow, deep gentle fuck. I could hardly believe that. When I started to shoot my load, she went as deep as she could and just held there-letting my balls unload fully. I could feel her throat working as she swallowed every drop! When she slowly sucked her way back to the top I was still as hard as steel and covered only in her saliva!

She was still stroking it with her hand when she said, “You’re so much bigger and I love it. I want to be on top. I’m still pretty tight.” She straddled me and rubbed my hard cock back and forth in her wet little slit and when it hit the opening she slowly eased it inside. She stopped after she had about 3 inches and I couldn’t believe how tight and warm her clenching little box felt. I watched her start to slowly rock back and forth and slowly ease down onto my length. I reached up and took a tit in each hand and massaged them, gently pinching the hard nipples. It took about 5 minutes for her to settle all the way down onto my cock and when she had it all she leaned down and kissed me.
When she sat back up she started a slow rocking motion, I couldn’t imagine anything feeling that hot and tight as she slowly rocked herself thru 2 orgasms, never pulling up off me at all, just clenching and rocking that sweet pussy on my hard cock! Now she started to hump up and down that’s what I needed! I had a hand on each hip, helping her up and down my swollen cock. She’s so wet and tight it doesn’t take me long to fill her with my second load of the night. After she feels the last pulse of my cock she leans forward and lays on my chest, the cum slowly running out and dripping down my balls to the sheet. We were both breathing slowly and deeply as she laid there, my cock buried deep inside her tight little body.
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