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Sexy Priya

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

I am Jose,   45 year old married man  with wife and children, sexually very active. Let me share my experience with my office staff, Priya.     This incident happened two years back.  Priya works in office. She is around 35 with very shapely body. She had large boobs which attracted me very much.

She was very friendly with me since the day she came to my office. I used to look at her cleavages stealthily and enjoy and at home I even used to image her as I fuck my wife which gave me a lot of pleasure. Her presence in my office made me horny all the time. The way she dresses, her looks, her manners etc. all attracted me towards her. But I was not in a position to express my feeling towards her. Any way she was very much in my mind all the time.   One day she came to me  said that she wanted leave for the afternoon. I asked  for the reason. She said that she had fever and came close to me and took my hand and placed on her forehead so that I may feel her temperature. Meanwhile temperature was  rising in my body and I was feeling very uneasy  with my cock. But I had to control myself. I felt her body and slowly pulled her close to me and planted a kiss on her cheek. To my surprise she kissed me vigorously on my lips and went out of the room.  

Then I realized how she was feeling towards me and  I was overjoyed. That night I fucked my wife more vigorously fantasizing Priya. It was Priya-not my wife- I was fucking.   The next day she came to me  more happily and tried to touch me as if unintentionally But  I knew what she wanted. I got up and kissed he r on lips . She responded  by opening her mouth. I put my tongue in hr mouth and  she sucked my tongue What a feeling it was! Slowly I brought my left hand on her boobs and massaged  them  over the blouse and with my right hand I searched for pussy and I got  the puffed pussy in palm. With both hands she held me close to her. Then I took her right hand and placed it over my cock. It was throbbing inside my underwear. I thought I would cum then and there. But there was  certain sound out side and we stood apart soon and she went out.   In the evening she  rang me and said that she enjoyed what had happened on that day and asked when we would get a chance  for real session. At the end of the talk she asked “ Joe please give me an OK”.  I asked what you mean? She answered I want OK- One Kiss. I kissed her over phone – not one-many that also all over her body naming each part of her body This is on your lips.. this is on your left boob…..this is on your  right… this is on your pussy…….     For many days this kind of fondling and phone conversation continued. 

I started wear loose underwear so that she can have a good hold of cock Also I stopped in shirting lest others should notice my bulged cock in loose underwear. In the office we never had a chance to touch the skin directly as someone would get in unexpectedly. All I could do was to massage her breasts over the blouse and cup the pussy in my palm. I loved her pussy in my palm. She used to send waves all over my body when she holds my cock and a few times I came in my underwear.

At times I would hold her boobs from behind and press my erected cock at her crack of  her butts   Finally we got a chance for real fun. It was a Sunday. My wife and kids had gone to relative’s house for a function which was arranged a few weeks back. I told about this chance to Priya. She was overjoyed to get a chance like this. But told me that  her  period would be in those days and she herself told me that she would take certain tablet to delay the period. Over the phone she asked me how should she prepare for the day . Should she shave her pussy or not. I told her not to shave but to trim the hairs short. I love it that way.   As soon as my wife and kids went out  I phoned her. Within an hour she came to my room. I took her slippers and kept them inside the room so that other may not notice her presence there and closed the room. She had brought some sweets and coffee in a  flask. I took had brought  Thumbs up for her which she liked very much. As soon as she came in we kissed passionately for five minutes. Then we took the snacks. She sat close to me. I held her tightly. Then she  kept her head on lap. My cock began to grow within my shorts.

She pressed her head over it.  She said that she could feel my heart beat as the cock throbs rhythematically .  I put my left hand over her head and caressed her hair and with the other hand I massaged her breasts. I felt them growing within my hands. She now began to rub her face over the cock.  It was too much for me . I  removed her saree and unhooked her blouse. She herself removed her  skirt exposing her beautiful thighs . She was on her bra and panties. What a sight to watch her now . I looked at her for a few minutes from a distance. I always remember that scene. I saw that her panty was soaked at the middle. My cock also started oozing out the precum. Soon I removed my shirt and lungi.

She stared at the bulge and pulled down my shorts and released my cock. Holding it in her hands she had a good look at it and looked at my face and smiled. I knew that she liked it. She knelt before me and took the cock into her mouth and began to suck. She takes it out and again looks at it and licks the opening. Meanwhile looking at my face. I cannot explain the satisfaction on her face for having got what she wanted. I thought  I would shoot my cum into her mouth and pulled my cock from her mouth. But she wanted it in the mouth itself. Jo, I want to taste you,  want to drink your juice- she said looking at my face. I pushed my cock deep into her mouth and unloaded my cum into her mouth. She swallowed it fully and smiled at me. We lied there for a few minutes. Now it is my turn. I got up unhooked her bra. Marvelous boobs with pointed nipples. I sucked one and fondled the other . She was moaning. Slowly I moved down to her navel.

Licking there was fantastic. Then I pulled down her panty and kissed on the trimmed pussy. The short hairs poked on face and tickled my tongue as I licked. I  spread her legs  opened her  love lips and started to lick her clitoris. She was almost crying with joy and  her juice started coming profoundly which I  drank. Lovely taste. I put my tongue deep inside  her hole and moved in and out. After a few minute she came violently and collapsed. I continued to keep my face between her legs still licking the juice. After   a few minutes we were at action again.  She lay on her back and invited me to enter into her hole. She took my cock and rubbed on her clitoris- a large cock teasing a tiny cock! She then guided it into her pussy.I kept it there without any movement for some time. My cock was swollen inside her .  Then I started the in-outs. Within a few strokes I pumped my cum deep into her. I could feel her vaginal lips tighten against my cock. We both collapsed. That was our long awaited lovemaking. We got similar chance for two more times. Then she had to leave for another town. We continue our phone sex. How do you feel about my story. I would like to get your comments especially ladies above thirty. My email id is               

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