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  • August 22, 2015

Hello to all the readers of desipapa.Well let me introduce to u myself. My name is Raj & I live in Delhi working in a MNC as a customer support executive for the software development dept..IM 5′ 8″,whetish complexion, muscular, hairy chest & with 8″ long LUND(Penis). Well here’s my story which I have been thinking of sending 2 all of u & IM sure u’ll all like it a lot & it’ll make u all hot & horny.This is my true experience which happened to me when I was 21,now I’M 24.

The story starts as follows…. We recently shifted our house in Rohini & as from that day as I don’t know anybody around so from that day I felt very bored in the evening after coming from my office.Slowly I came 2 know our neighbors & I had made lots of friends including girls. In the group there was a girl called “Simran” who was very beautiful & gorgeous. She was of 5′ 4″, with fair skin,sexy blue eyes which were very big & if u c her eyes they seems 2 b very much nashili & want 2 say something everytime,sexy red lips full of juices,she had a very beautiful figure, her firm round BOOBS, flat tummy,round & inviting firm ASS. her figure was 37-28-40 which I came 2 know later.I liked when she walks coz her big boobs swung up & down & her ass which moves in both directions. I immediately want 2 put my Lund in her marvelous ass & want to suck her nipples all the day.She was a bit shy girl & doesn’t want to get involved in affairs & all kind of stuff.Well I keep my eyes everytime on her boobs & her ass whenever she turns.

She sometimes caught me reddened staring at her boobs & sometimes on her ass & she’ll then seems to be flushed & then try 2 hide herself from my eyes.She always wears shalwar-kameez & doesn’t like wearing western dresses. Well we became good friends but I have my eyes on her & want to fuck her whenever possible.One day she was sitting next 2 me in the park where everybody was playing badminton & we were waiting for our turn as she was my partner in doubles.It was hot evening & we both were sweating alot.Suddenly one of our friend asked”hey why don’t we plan a picnic?” “yeah sure” everybody said.”but to where?”I asked, “Fun’n’Food Village Club” was her answer.”yeah gr8″one replied,”This Sunday”I asked, “yeas ok final on this very Sunday”our friends agreed. Next evening when I came back from office mom told me that Simran called twice & will call u at 7:30 again. Sharp at 7:30 bell ranged but not of the phone but of the door. I opened the door & saw her standing, looking beautiful & sexy as ever.I asked her 2 come in & she went 2 my room. there she said that she wanted to ask me a favor, I said go ahead, she said that she wanted 2 go 2 the picnic with me as her b.f.. she suddenly gave me a light kiss on my lips & then on my cheeks & ran out of the room smiling.I was shocked coz I haven’t dreamed that she’ll make this advance & I thanked god 4 the same. Sunday was our first date, she was looking very sexy than before. we sat in the car & began our trip of pleasure.She sat close 2 me all the time holding my hand in her.

While with my free hand I was exploring her beautiful body. sometimes I kiss her lightly on her cheeks, neck & lips. She sat closer 2 me holding me tightly against her.In the club we made lot of fun & enjoyed a lot. We returned home at 9:00 at night & parted with a French kiss which was so delicious & loving. From then she become my sexy,beautiful gf.We started to meet frequently with some kissing,licking & body pressing hard against each other but not much. It was after 2 weeks that I had sex with her. It was Saturday & I was going to my office when she called me on my mobile & asked me that if I can take a leave as she is alone & we can be very close 2 each other for the whole day. I agreed & called at my office that I’ll b not coming & went to her house.She greeted me in with a nice smile.She was wearing her night gown & I could make out she wasn’t wearing nything underneath it as her boobs were bouncing & nipples were standing erect staining against the cloth. I made myself comfortable & she sat on my lap & stated to kiss me. first lightly then French which continued till 15 minutes. I started to have an hardon which she noticed & gave me a good smooch our tongues mingled with each other.I started pressing her boobs over her gown & she started 2 breath heavily.Suddenly she broke our kissing & stood up & then very quickly took off her gown from atop her her. She was totally naked in front of me.I was mad as the girl which everybody have tried to have her with him now standing totally nude in front of me & making me crazy .

I stared to press her boobs & her pink nipples became more stiff. Then I started sucking her boobs . I was making her hot,with my sucking & licking. I inserted my 1 finger her in her pussy which were damp by her juices & started to finger her, she was moaning softly as I was sucking her boobs & fingering her pussy. She with her hands opened my pant & aside my underwear to fetch out my 8 inches cock which was hard like a rock.She stared to masturbate me & it felt damn good. Suddenly she hissed in my ears that she is cumming & can’t stop, I asked her to cum on my face & I drank all her juices. Then she told me its her turn 2 bring me, I was obliged, she had taken her position between my legs started to suck my cock. It was wonderful & pleasurable experience, which she was giving me. She take my whole 8” cock in to her mouth & sucks hard & was playing with my heavy balls.I stared to remove my clothes & was stark naked in few seconds.It continued for 15 minutes & I cummed in her mouth She drank all my sperms which she told was very tasty. Then she asked me to fuck her. We made into 69 position & She stared to suck my cock to make it erect within few minutes I was hard like a rock. I was licking her choot which was pink in color , then she went off me & laid down on the carpet , I opened her legs wide enough so that her choot was totally in front of my lund. I placed my lund on her pussy, which was so wet with her juices, I tried 2 enter her but she was so tight as she was still a virgin so I applied some saliva on my lund & started to enter her. she started to moan as it was paining her. Slowly I entered my cock head & kept it there 4 few minutes then I applied some pressure & half of my lun entered her choot she cried in pain & tears rolled from her eyes, but she was holding me tight so that I cannot take my lund out from her choot.

I applied more pressure & my whole cock entered inside her choot . she screamed & I kissed her boobs & on her lips so that she’ll forget about her pain. I kept my lund in her choot for few minutes & then started stroking her. now it was slipping in easily but she was moaning from pain as well as pleasure & she was enjoying its each & every inch in her pussy. I started to stroke her slowly…after sometime I started stroking fast & she was moaning & hissing & saying OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OOHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA… Then she came rapidly coating my entire length. She came twice before I realized that I m going 2 come soon. I asked her where 2 shoot my cum , she said that she wanted to have it in her choot itself as 2 get the feeling of the hot sticky thing shooting inside her. I stroked her more hard & then I came inside her.She also climaxed with me for the 3rd time.We lay exhausted on each other for more than 1 hour kissing & licking each other & thanking each other for the fun & enjoyment.Then I asked her that I want to fuck her gand(ASS) which she agreed after a long persuasion.I made her in doggy style & started licking her gaand, then I inserted 1 finger in her gand & she started moaning. I was hard like a rock & I wanted to enter her quickly so I started to enter in her gand .she was bringing her butt hole near my cock, she was so tight that I was unable to enter & she was moaning with pain. then I spit on her gand hole & on my lund to make I more lubricated & I starting entering her gand. Finally I entered her with much pain 2 her as well as me. I started stroking & our rhythm started matching.

She cummed 2 more time before we each cummed together, me shooting off into her gand. I slipped my cock out & she cleaned it with her mouth we both lay there exhausted & finished. She told me that she loves me more now as I had made her a complete woman. She told me it was great experience today. On that day till evening we had sex 2 more times & we had lunch together naked, bathed together & watched TV together naked & went to sleep in each others arms. In the evening I dressed up & returned to my home. It was a good experience & wonderful sex I ever had. We enjoyed a lot after this & had lot of sex for 2 years. She is now married & went to US with her husband & now I’M feeling to have someone who can satisfy my sexual desires. Any bhabies or aunties or any girls in & around Delhi want to have good & satisfied sex can contact me at

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