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Sexy Neighbour Preeti

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hi, I am Shyam again, 21 years old doing Eng. in Anantapur. And have lived a fantastic life till now. She is Preeti, a beautiful 26 years old neighbour of mine. Preeti was staying in the next house to mine from last two months.

I had eye on her. She was very sexy looking and very attractive lady because of her style and pleasant nature. She was not thin like a model; she was slightly heavy in weight. Her figure is 38 26 38 and that’s what I liked, slightly overweight women look gorgeous and sexy . I am also a good looking, handsome and robust guy, with 5ft 10 inches of height n a good athletic body.

I saw Preeti every day at the groceries store, when I use to go to the college. We knew each other just by names as my mom had introduced me to her. My heart beats increase whenever I saw her and I knew that she also liked me. But that was it, nothing special till last January. It was January beginning and my mom had gone to Hyderabad to spend time with her sister. I moved out as usual in the morning for college,

I saw Jenifer with her 2 year old kid and smiled. As I was planning to walk ahead, she waved her hand. Hi, please can you help me? I had a problem with my scooty.” “Sure”, I replied I tried to solve her problem n luckily that scooty started. She thanked me and left. On that evening I was coming from college to home, I saw Preeti outside. She called me ” Hi,Would you like to drink cup of coffee at my place? ”

First I was surprised n reacted late by saying “sure why not? I would love to spend time with you”she smiled and said “come quickly”.I went to the home and fresh up quickly to went to her home. She welcomed me in said to sit on the sofa. Preeti went in kitchen to make coffee. While making coffee she was looking at me from the kitchen and I realized that it’s not just coffee in her mind. I came to know about how Preeti was struggling with her marriage, her husband just bothered about earning money and travelled a lot.

In fact they never use to talk for weeks during his travelling. He was on tour at present also from last one week. There was nothing provocative in her behavior or clothes but something was giving me a hint, and I decided to try my luck as I really liked her. “Here’s your coffee, you want sugar? Preeti asked “Thanks, one spoon sugar.” I replied “What else you will like to eat” Preeti asked, she was looking continuously at me. “

What about having you in dinner, you look so tasty?” I said with straight face .“Would you like to eat me? “Preeti got surprised by my instant move, but visibly happy too. She continued “Ok, but prove yourself first. I can allow you to kiss me, just tell me how many kisses you want from me? If I am happy with your answer then I am all yours” “I want 1000 kisses, 100 above your neck and 900 below your neck,

I can kiss, suck, bite, lick and eat you at the same time” I tried my luck by saying this.“Ok, start, have me” She started walking towards her bedroom while talking. I literally ran after her. I started kissing her on the lips and caressing her body. My hands moved from her face to her breasts and to her navel. Simultaneously I removed her Saree, blouse and petticoat. I took her face in my hand and kissed it gently.

Slowly I moved downward kissing her ear lobes and neck. Her eyes were close and she looked like an angel, calm and pleasant. I reached her breast. She was wearing a black bra and panty. I pushed my fingers inside her bra and started moving my face on the surface. Gently I removed the barrier to unveil a beautiful pair of breasts. Her nipples were rose and half erect. I took right nipple in my mouth and started sucking it.

In between I chewed it and rolled it between my lips. “So good” Preeti said in a dizzy tone. I got my hands in play and started kneading the right breast softly. My hands were kneading it like a ripe mango and my mouth was sucking it like I was hungry for ages. I moved slowly to her left breast and the sucking and kneading started again. oohh ohhh oohhhhh wait”

I realized she is having a premature orgasm and started kissing both breasts with more pressure.“I am coming” Preeti tried to move away, joining her legs together. There was shyness visible on her face. I waited for her to get orgasm and get normal. “Tum bahot acchhe ho, My husband never bothered to know how to arouse me and you did it the first time we met” Preeti said. “Then I should get my reward” I said.“Kya chahiye?”

Preeti asked.“I want to do chumma on your pussy, want to lick it, suck it, bite it and put my dick inside it for ultimate pleasure” I said moving ahead on her again.“And if I allow only one thing, what you will do?” She said in a naughty tone.“Fuck You, hard and rough” I jumped on her without waiting now. I went down kissing her navel and moved to her thighs. She expected me to remove her panty but I left it as it is. I took her left foot in my hand and stated kissing her tow.

I caressed it simultaneously. I moved upward and before reaching panty, shifted to her right foot.“You idiot” she exclaimed as it was painful for her to wait now.I kissed her thighs, very soft and beautiful. I moved up and touched her panty and started rubbing it with my both hands. I lifted one side of panty and started kissing inside of the thigh, just touching my tongue to her vagina part. I knew she will love it.

My fingers were rolling inside the panty, massaging her wet pussy. In a split second, I lifted her legs and pulled the panty down, nearly tore it apart. Preeti was shocked and she squeezed her legs and then relaxed. I moved now to the main part and Wow, what a great view. Her clean shaved pussy was like a ripe red cherry, glowing and looking like beautiful rose petals. I separated her legs apart and positioned myself such that my mouth was inches apart from the heaven.

My lips opened and I kept them on the inviting rose petals. My first kiss was magical ,“umm” Preeti murmured and relaxed. I opened my mouth wider and started swallowing the tasty cherry like a kid eating ice-cream cone.“Omph, sluuuurp, oomph, slurp” I was eating preeti’s pussy with vigour now. My hands were in motion as well. I caressed her thighs with one hand, squeezed her pussy lips with another

And my mouth was moving all over, sucking and biting her soft and wet pussy, with my tongue entering deep inside and making me feel like I was enjoying the best of the world. “Mmm, Mmmm Mummy, ahhh, mm, aaaahhh, Uoooo” preeti was moaning with pleasure, moving her head left and right. “u r goooood, dhire se, loto mujhe, aahhhhh, uuuum, Ooooo Maaaaaa, Ooohh” Preeti was swinging in pleasure now.

Her juices were flowing freely, I now started using my teeth and biting the petals gently with sucking movement. I licked her clitoris and took entire pussy in my mouth and started eating it like a hungry wolf having his prey. “oo ma, ooo, aahhh, aaayyiiiiiii” Preeti started having her orgasm with high intensity. I kept on licking my priceless cherry.

Preeti’s pussy got flooded with juices; she lifted her legs and folded them tightly on my face, making it impossible for me to do anything. After few moments, I separated Preeti’s legs, her pussy was glowing wet and looking sexy. Preeti had her eyes closed and satisfied. I realized this is the time to move fast. In a swift action, I jumped on her top, lifter her legs on my shoulders and inserted my erected manhood inside her vagina couple of inches. “

Aahhh, you baasatard” preeti’s eyes were wide open, mouth was open and shocked. I took her hands and nailed them with my hands above her head. I started pushing whole 7 inch dick inside her pussy deep without stopping. “oooohhhhh, kya kar rahe ho” preeti said, she was now again getting normal and relaxed “Tumhe chod raha hoo, aaj tumhari chut ko phad dunga, chod chod kar tumhari chut mein se makhkhan nikaloonga” I replied with keeping my thrust on.

Now I was moving in and out with a steady movement. Oh, heaven, I felt like my dick was getting the best massage, I was getting immense pleasure and my eyes closed with pleasure ease, aaaahhhhh, dhire, dhire, oohh, mar gayi ree” preeti was now excited like hell. Her pussy was feeling like a fire ball to me with loads of liquid around my dick, it was soo soft, so pleasurable .“I can’t stop now, oooohhhhh,

Let me fuck u hard, ooohhhh, your cherry is sooo good, ooooohhhhh, u r sooo hot preetiiii” I hissed, My hands squeezed her breasts, My lips kissing her lips and body gyrating in a rhythm like musical orchestra. Khacchh, Khacchh, Khhhhhach, Khach, Khach…… My dick fucked her pussy hard. Khach, Khchaa Khaach, fuchhhh, fuchhh, Khach. I moved in and out with joy. “Ahhhh, aahh, ooooooooo maaa, Mmm, Mmmm, Mmmaaaa, oohh, aaahhhh,

I am coming” Preeti moaned and moved furiously. “Ohhh, I am also cuuuuming” I said and came with her Ah, what an orgasm. I unloaded my fluid in her and lied relaxed on her, kissing her and caressing her. After few minutes, we came to our senses. “You liked my way of love making, if yes then when next?” I asked Preeti. What about a cup of coffee? And then one more round of sucking and fucking,

With me licking your dick first this time as a change?” Preeti winked, giving way to our short but fantastic relationship. I fuck her almost every night, that week completely. Please tell me reviews about the story .Any interested females n girls on contact me on


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