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  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Hi desipapa. I m a big fan of ur site and i want to share my story with all the ppl out there. I hope u wont let me down and u will publish my experience, thanx here is my story. Hi to u all readers. I m Ajit 24 male from Udaipur Rajasthan (india) I m going to narrate my experience with u all today. It happened when i was in Jaipur to visit my aunt and her family. in my aunt’s neighbour there was a girl who was very beautiful and gorgeous. her name was asma and she was 19 at that time. one day i was sitiing with my cousines when she came and said that she have to go to doctors clinic and she asked my aunt to come with her coz her mom was not at aunt was also busy so my mom asked me to go with her ,i said ok and i went with her to doctors clinic.we both soon get franked with each other and we became friends. the nest day when my mom was out to visit my grand mom ,asma came to our home at that time i was alone in the house.she came and we began to talk at different things.i asked her if she has any boyfriend,she says no.i said that i can be ur boyfriend if u like so.she says ok.i asked her that do u know wat a girl and boy do when they r alone,she says no i dont know.i said dont lie u know every thing. she says no i dont know tell me,wqat they do,i said ok i will tell u but at one condition ,u will not tell this to any one,she said ok i wont. then i became closer to her and started kissing her,at first she said ,wat r u doing Ajit its not right,i replied that every thing is fair in love and war.

Let us enjoy and dont waste this precious moment in worrying about nothing. then i slowly began to kiss her on her lips,she wanted that too so she responded well. it wasnt love just pure sex that we both wanted!! we must have kissed for around 10 minutes or so knocking over thing and finally falling on her couch. i had my hands all over her ass…….neck……… back…… legs….. boobs and she was moanin all the while. while on the couch we broke off the kiss and she started taking my shirt off and i was unzippin my trousers. after she took off my shirt she removed her top and was in her black bra i moved my hands to her ass and unziped her skirt and removed it. she was wearing a balck matching thong and GOD she looked sexy. we started kissin again n this time i explored each and every part of her body while she got a grab of my erect dick. i unhooked her bra and threw it to the side and started massagin her tits with my hand and she started moanin in my mouth. she is one good kisser. then i moved my face to her tits and started sucking them one by one. she was going allllll mmmmmmmhmmmmmmmmmm and yea suck harder please mmmmmmmmmm yea mmmmmmmmm that feels so good. Her head went back and her hands were on my hair running wild. while i was sucking her tits my hands moved to her crotch which had already started leaking juices making her panty all wet. as soon as i touched her pussy she jerked n grabed my hand. i asked her if she wanted more she then looked at me and smiled an stood up and removed her panty and jumped on the bed askin me to come over. i jumped on her and started kissing her. i then kissed her neck and then sucked her tits and then moved slowly down kissed her belly leaving a trace with my tougue. i sucked her naval and then moved down to her valley of love. she smelled heavenly.

She wasnt clean shaved yet she wasnt hairy. very neatly trimmed bush just the way i like it. i kissed her inner thigh teasin her a bit n she felt agitated and grabbed me by my hand and directed me to her pussy. i laughed at this and wasting no time i started lapping up her juices with my toungue. i opened her pussy lips and inserted my tougue in and out. i cousnt see her face but all i could hear from her was ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeaaa yea pls more mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yea baby there yes there oooooooooh that feels so good. i gave her clit an occasional suckin which sent shiver through her and she went like aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh yea yea yea oooooooooooooooh yea pls dont stop yes sweety more. that encouraged me more n more and i stared toungue fucking her faster n harder. after a while she just jerked and went still and her body went stiff and she started screamin and thats when i knew she had her orgy and started gushing her love juices. i lapped up all of it and in the process of doing it she had another one back to back which rocked her totally. after some while of her orgasmin she went cool and went limp on the bed. i looked up at her and she was all smiles and said she never had such and experiance before and she said i wont say thankyou but ill show u thank you. then she kissed me and turned me round and pushed me on the bed and sat on me. her crotch was on my dick which needed a lotta attention NOW. she slowly moved back and kissed my chest and then my tummy and then moved and grab hold of my dick and kissed the head.

MAN that felt awesome. she started licking the head and took it in her mouth. that felt amazin as if i was in heaven already but i didnt know wat was still to come. she started sucking me deep and took my whole 5′ shaft in her mouth. she was really amazin at giving a blow job and while she was sucking me she grabbed my balls giving them a squeeze. i couldnt hold on longer and after 9-10 min i cummed all in her mouth and it just wouldnt stop. cum started oozzin out of her mouth and after i stopped she looked at me and asked me if i liked it. i was like i havent had nething as good as this ever before. she then got up and went to the toilet to wash herself up. after 5 min she came back with some drinks in her hands and watching her come with her tits bouncin gave my a tingle in my groins. and my cock started twitchin. seeing this she giggled and said arent we inpateint one. with this she came over me and placed the drinks on the side and kissed me. then she took a sip of the drink and then again came to me and kissed me transfering all the liquid in my mouth which i readily accepted. by this time my cock was fully up and ready to go to some action. she was feeling its hardness on her ass crack and she moved back and places herself on top of my cock and moved abit sendin shover through me. her head rolled back and she was enjoyin this lill rub. i grabbed her tits and massaged them and pinched her nipps lightly.

She had her mouth open and was lost. i grabbed her ass and rolled her on the bed and moved on top of her. i kissed her and asked if she was ready and she didny say a word just with her eyes closed nodded. i rubbed my cock head on her pussy openein and teased her a bit but looked as if she was in no mood to play games. she grabbed hold of me and pushed the tip of the head in and said pls do it i cant wait nemore. with this said i thrust my cock slowly in her all the way till my balls were touchin her ass. i held my self there for a while and felt her wetness and warmness. i kissed her tits and sicked her nipples and then after a lill while made a lill movement. i slowly moved out all the way till just the tip was inside her and then i went all the way in. i did this for a lill while and she was biting her lips all the time and moanin hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes deep pls deep yes yes go in more mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes thats so nice pls yes mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. she started rubbin her tits while i was doing this and i slowly picked up the pace. my movements were in such a way that while going in and out my dick was rubbing against her clit ans she was getting maximum pleasure. all the while she was moanin like crazy and at a point started screamin. i got scared wat if the neighbours heard this so i started kissing her and this stifled her screams. after ramming her pussy for a while we changed positions and i was lying down and she was on top of me having the ride of her lifetime. she was riding my shaft all the way n i was matching her moves by moving my ass with her thrusts. she looked so sexy with her head rolled back and hair all over her face and her tits bouncing everytime she moved. she occasionally moved down to me and kissed me and i grabbed her tits and rubbed them.

We fucked each other for maybe like 25-30 min or so when i was ready to cumm. ….. i told her that i have to and she asked me to wait a while cuz she was ready to have her best orgy yet. i tried holding back but not for long and i told her that i cant hold on nemore and she said ummhmmm yes ok pls cumm inside me pls……i want it all in me and we moved faster and faster. i couldnt hold on ne longer n i ejaculated all of my cumm in her pussy and at that very moment i felt her pussy tightnein and grabbin my dick and engulfing it toatlly. she and i cummed together for wwat seemed like ages and then we totally collapsed on each other. we lay there on each other for a while and all that time my dick was in her pussy and it wasnt all the way limp. when i felt i had some energy i moved to the side and pulled my dick out and it was red with my and her juices mixed. her pussy was all swollen and she was still in lala land. i looked at her and she had this really amazin look on her and i kissed her and when i broke off she looked at me and gave me a very tight hug n thanked me for time of her life. i stayed at her place for the whole night and we had sex 3 more times all through the day. i stayed in Jaipur for 3 more months and we used to get together almost 3-4 times a week trying different things. when i left she was all teary eyed and asked me when ill be back. im wrote this with her consent but with me only agreeing not to mention her name.

Well guys and gals how did u like it. i hope i covered all of the events that took place that day. well the reason i rate this as one of the best times ive had sex is cuz the girl i was having with had an amazin time. sex becomes much better if both sides enjoy it. well this was one of my many experinces. do tell me everyone how did u like it?plz do let me know about that. and any girls,ladies from karachi wish to spend their time with me can contact me at  secrecy is with full confidence.

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