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Sexy Neighbor’s Aunty

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

This incident happen very very ago in my life but I am recently known about this Site so i am writing it now. This incident happen at the time of 26th July when all the Mumbaikars were suffering from the flood i was enjoying my first sexual encounter.

Hi my name is Rahul ( name changed )this is my first story so if any mistake please ignore it. Friends please comment on my story and mail me at I am waiting for your reply. If any Aunty or girl around Mumbai or thane need help I will definitely help them.
All the traveling facilities such as bus Train All were closed due to heavy rain. There is no mode of transport remain to travel.

My neighbor Uncle was not able to come to home from office as their office is away from home and since due to flood everywhere the electricity was gone. It was about 10 p.m. all were going to sleep suddenly our door knock we inquire it was our neighbor aunty.She was afraid as there were no electricity and her husband was not at home. She asked my mom whether anybody of us can come to their home for sleep as she was lonely at their home. Mom has requested me to go with her to accompany her.

She was sleeping on the bed and i was sleeping on the floor. Till the midnight I don’t have any intentions in my mind. I am having habit of waking in the midnight for drinking water and pee. I was awake around 2 p.m.
Let my describe you her name is Pooja (not a real name) she is 5’8” medium body 38c size boobs I have seen it on her bra when one day I was in their bathroom and her bra was their her color is fair so that anyone may get crush on her And her figure is also very attractive.

I go to the kitchen drink water go to toilet and come back to my position for sleep. As i was switching of torch suddenly I saw aunty Gown was lifted above and suddenly some bad intentions were going on in my mind. I stopped them and sleep but my mind was at that White White legs which were open.I dared and put my hand on her thighs and waited for her reaction but there was no reaction from her side so I proceeded further and started massaging her thighs.

I lifted her gown up to her panty and started massaging her pussy above her panty after sometime I stopped and move my hands towards her boobs and started massaging her boobs Suddenly a sound was coming I was afraid if Aunty is awake and she has come to know what I was doing She will told it to my mom and my mom will kill me. So i stopped and acted as sleeping.
Aunty woke up and go to toilet and come back after sometime I was afraid but Does`t want to loose this opportunity as this occasion will not come again so I waited for some time and after sometime i again proceeded.

First I put my hands on her Boobs and to my surprise she was not having bra inside her gown I was surprised because before sometime it was their. I think that she was felling hot that why she has removed it I was massaging it for approxly 15 minutes then I lifted her gown and put my hand on her panty but there was no panty also I was confused whether she had done it intentionally.

But Suddenly Sound has come will you proceed or I will have to more I come to know that she was not slept so I directly jumped on bed and started kissing her I removed her gown she removed my shorts and t-shirt.
I was in the seventh heaven because which thing in my life I was seeing in my dreams has become true. She was eating my cock so badly for 15 minutes and I released in her mouth without any hesitance she has drink my all the cum.

We changed the position I was licking her all the body I has bite her nipples that much it has become red I was fingering her pussy at the same time. Then I started licking her pussy she was moaning loudly Uhhh…She was moaning so loudly that her voice can be heard by anybody from outside because there was no electricity and everything was so silent. So I stopped and told her to control her feelings or anybody will have doubt on us.

Then the main part start as I have only seen in blue film but not know exactly what to do she has told me. Then I inserted my penis in to her pussy because it was my first time I was not very much comfortable but somehow I manage to insert it and stroking her at the same time I was chewing her boobs and playing with her ass hole she was becoming more hornier by this act and moaning loudly so I started to kissing her so that her voice can not be listened by anyone.

After 10 minutes I released my pressure in to her pussy and relax but I don’t want to be more relax because I know that this golden opportunity will not be coming everyday so after waiting for sometime we started the second round but this time I wanted to tear her ass hole but she refused it she says that I my husband even don’t do this but I have convinced her proceed she has get the Vaseline and apply it on her ass hole so that she will feel less pain after many effort I somehow manage to enter into her ass hole but as it was my third round I released this time earlier.

We were enjoying this all the night we slept around 6 a.m.She has told me that she has never enjoyed this much before this night I was happy that in the first time I can satisfy a married woman. Any comment on my story are welcome at please send your comment I am waiting for you.

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