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Sexy Nadia Ki Chudai

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hello: All lovely girls and sexy aunties who are regular readers of Desi Papa’s stories. I am regular reader of Desi Papa for a long time. I am a guy of 28 years and have lot of sex experiences with various sexy girls and hot aunties. I have been thinking for a long time to share my stories with other readers.

My name is Asad and I live in Lahore and working in a bank. My hight is 5.10 feet and have a good athletic body and fair complexion. I have a great urge of sex. The story, which I am going to share with you is fucking of my friend’s wife her name is Nadia, a sex symbol having figure of 36d-28-38. Junaid (my friend) and Nadia live in Islamabad. I attended their marriage ceremony but with regrets that I would have fucked this sexy hot girl before her wedding night. This was in her knowledge that I have eyes on her and she also gave me positive response. One day our Islamabad branch called me at a meeting and I decided to go on Saturday so that I could spend Sunday with Junaid and sexy Nadia. I reached at Islamabad at 8.30 night. I bell the door and Nadia came out to open the door, oh my God that horny girl was looking like sex bomb, which will explode shortly. She was wearing light yellow kurta and pajama, her black lacy bra was fully exposed with her two heavy firm boobs. Her pajama was giving all good looks of her tight thighs and round ass. I started watching her big breast and round ass stunted me. She Said “Asad how are you” Oh I said fine, she gave me a naughty smile and gave way to enter in house. I asked “where is Junaid”, she said “he had gone to Dubai to attend company’s exhibition and we (Nadia and Junaid’s old mother) are alone at home”.

My face flashed with the dream to have sex today with this sexy baby and start thinking what will be the pleasure of fucking and licking Nadia’s sexy and hot pussy and round firm boobs. We had dinner together, Nadia kept on watching me with sexy smile and feelings, she even touched her boobs consciously with my shoulders and also rubbed my foot under the table various times. After dinner Nadia give glass of milk to her mother in law and she went to sleep. Nadia went to her bedroom and I came in guest room and started thinking to find out the way to get her fucked. After half and hour I went slowly towards her room, door was open I slide it half with no noise. Nadia was on her bed in her pink nighty, she was wearing black lacy bra and black panty. She was playing with her cunt and boobs, her hand was inside her panty and she was rubbing her cunt with slow moans. She was looking hot sexy girl. The scene mad me hard on. I came back in my room to find out a reason to go in her room. Suddenly I listened a noise and she was calling me “Asad come, there’s a mouse in my room” I rushed in the room She was on her fours under the bed and was finding out a mouse. My mind clicked that she is playing a game to call me inside. She stood up in front of me and repeated “there is a mouse” I was stunted watching her in nighty with lacy bra and black panty” ohhhhhh God she was really hot. She said Asad” mouse is under the bed not in my bra” I said no honey “the entire world is in this bra and the heaven is in this panty” This I said with no control on me. I suddenly hugged her and said “I cannot control myself today even I am going to get punishment of it” and fixed my lips on her lips and started kissing patiently. My hands were on her back and I was totally patched with her.

My cock was erect and was pointing her crotch. After some time she started replying my kissing with the same pace. And said “ You would not be punished for this, you will be awarded by life time experience”. I said “ Nadia I always wanted to have a look of your silky body, your sexy boobs and your cute pink hairy cunt and round ass” She said “ Asad all this is yours today” I moved my hands in her bra and started pressing her right boob. Ohhhh my god that was a white silky melon, my hand slipped deeper in her bra and touched to her nipple. Her nipple was erect. I pushed her on bed. She replied “ Asad I also always wanted to be fucked by you, because I have listened by Junaid that you are good fucker and have a good 7 inch size of cock and have fucked hot aunties” and at the same time she got hold of my cock in her hand and said “ wow Asad this is good big cock than Junaid’s” which became more erect with the touch of her silky hand. I was licking her boobs over the bra and was kissing her entire body”. She became hot and started moaning. I removed her lacy bra, she helped me to do that. I smelled her bra that was good and made me more mad, black bra was always my weakness She removed my shirt.” what a great body you have Asad”. I took her left boob in my mouth and started sucking gently. Her brown nipples were erect. Then I moved my tongue to her right boob. She was moaning ohhhh god Asad that is great. Please suck all my boobs woooooohhhhh ummmmmmmm so good please do it hard. I pinched her nipples in my teeth she cried. Oh man you would hurt me. Please do it gently. I went to her belly button and started licking it, she was shivering and then I moved to her pussy over her black panty. Her black panty was wet with her precum. I removed her panty and she took up her buttocks to make it possible. Wow a great hairy pink pussy was blinking. I licked that panty it tasted great and smelled good. She was totally nude laying on bed in front of me. Her round breast was fully erect and her tight thighs were squeezing her cute cunt. I kissed every part of her body and she started moaning.

My cock was near to tear my pant, She unzipped my pant and took my 7 inch cock in her hand “ Asad you have a good big cock, I want this the entire inside me”. She took my cock in her mouth and tasted my precum, “ ohhhhh your sperm has great taste” She was moving her tongue on head of my cock like anything. I kept on pressing her breast with my both hands. Nadia was sucking my cock harder and faster. Oh my god that was giving me the great pleasure” she got all my cock deep in her throat “ Oh asad your shaft will give me a hard mouth fuck” I said “yes I want too honey” please do not be faster I am near to cum and I do not want to come before giving you hard mouth fuck ” She said ”Asad please give me boobs fuck then she laid back on the bed and holded her both boobs in her hands and asked me to fit my cock in between her boob, “I want a boob fuck please Asad give it to me”. I came over her and kept my dick in between her boobs she pressed her both boobs to bring them closer and my cock was grabbed in her boobs she was rubbing hard her boobs against my cock and I was also moving my cock back and forth. One every thrust she was trying to take my cock in her mouth. Only head of my cock was going inside her mouth and was being lubricated. Ohhhhhhh honey Nadia I could not hold it on” let me cum she said Asad cum on my breasts and in my mouth. Aaahhhhhhh Nadia here I am and then I exploded my load on her breasts and in her mouth and also spread on her cheeks, neck, boobs and she started licking my cum from ever where and the holding my dick She said” Asad you have a hot and thick tasty cum” She cleaned my cock with her tongue and polished it with her throat lubrication. Then I said “Nadia let me explore your love hole” I again started licking her boobs and slowly went on her love point” I said “ Nadia I love shaved pussies, please let me shave it first”.

She gave me razor and gel. I started massaging her cunt with gel, she started moaning “Asad put this hot rod in my cunt deep inside” I could not wait longer. I gently shaved her pussy, during shaving she was giggling and I started licking it” I parted her cunt lips with my fingers, her cunt was wet with her precum juices, her cunt hole was so tight like a polo hole” “ooohhhhh she screamed” I said “ Nadia your cunt taste is good” My hands started pressing her boobs and I buried my face in her cunt and started screwing my tongue in her pussy deeper and deeper. She poured some honey on her pussy and said ” Asad which honey taste good mine or this” I said “ Nadia no honey can match with your cunt juice” I was giving her a great tongue fuck deeper in her pussy, she was moaning like oooohhhhhh, aaaahahahaha, ummmummummm with a great voice. I said Nadia keep your voice slow, your mother in law?, She said I gave her sleeping pilz in glass of milk. I was shocked to listen this. Asad “please put your entire tongue in my cunt” Ohhhhhhhhhhhh asad “I am in heaven man suck me hard please do it oh my god you are big sucker” I was clinching her clit in my teeth and was sucking her pussy walls with great urge” her body started squeezing and she said “Asad I am coming coming, I dripped my tongue more deep” I started also go down to her asshole she moaned “ you please make me come first” she was pressing my head deep in her pussy and moaning” aaaaaahhhhhhhh Asad aaaaahhhh I never had this pleasure” then she shooted her juice in my mouth. she came a lot.

My mouth was full of her cunt juice. I drank it and kept on licking her cunt till the time it came dry. “Oh Asad you gave me great climax, which junaid have never given me, he not even sucked my cunt once like this” She was satisfied. But my cock got erect again I said Nadia my shaft is looking for its main mission”. She said “ yes Asad let me get it by my own ways”. She asked me to laid down on the bed and my cock was positioned towards roof. She came on top of me and got hold of my cock and pointed it to her pussy”. She inserted head of my cock in her pussy and gave a pressure downward. Her pussy was so tight that my dick refused to get in” She lubricated it with her mouth and again pressed hard. “ OHHHHHH Asad” and the only head of my cock was in her cunt” I was squeezing her boobs. She said “ Asad your cock is thick and my cunt is thin” I said “ Don’t worry honey I will make it easy for you” I said “Honey you come down I will be over you” she laid down on bed, I spread her legs and kept a pillow under her back, to bring up her pussy more approachable. I licked her entire pussy to made her hot and she started moaning. I parted her pussy lips and started rubbing my dick on her clit. She screamed “oooohhhh Asad please do not tease me come insert your dick”. I kept my cock head on her cunt and placed my feet at edge of the bed to get a base for full pressure. I said honey be ready I am going to fill in your cute cunt with my large penis. She said “come Asad deeper in me” I inserted my two fingers in her mouth and then rubbed those on my dick to make it lubricant. She was moaning like any thing to get me in. I pushed my cock in her tight pussy with hard thrust. She cried “ Oh asad don’t make it hard please be gentle” Head of my cock was in her and I started slowly pushing the remaining shaft she was in great pain but I did not cared was not to stop.

The edge of bed was giving support to my legs to push in hard. I was also continuously sucking her lips, neck, cheeks and her white milky boobs, which was making her much hot and wild. Half of my dick was in and I was feeling that I have inserted my cock in the world tightest pussy. I was unable to move in and out my cock because she was in pain. Then a hard stroke made my dick fully in her cunt. She shouted “ AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH ooooohhhhhhhh my God Asad you have hurt my little pussy” She griped my back by her legs and my entire dick was in her cunt. I started to move it in and out but with great pleasure her pussy muscles have clinched my cock hardly, slowly my moves make her cunt to be easier and her cunt started giving juices. That makes me easier to move my cock in and out. My speed was increasing and I was fucking her hard and my balls were touching her pussy flesh. We were in great pleasure Nadia was screaming “ AAAAAAHHHHHHHHoooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh Asad fuck me hard my pain is now subsided, put it more in me deeper oh God your all seven inches must be all the way in” She started to push my back more towards her to be more in her.” Wwwwwoooooo ccccc Asad fuck me hard you have a good cock to fuck” My thrusts were increasing and I was pushing her down by her shoulders to be more in.

She was totally wrapped over me and my cock fully in her. Both of us were going to explode. I said honey should I come out of your pussy because this may make you pregnant. She said ”Asad don’t come out I want your cum deep in me I am safe by medicines” She said Asad me is also coming let it make at the same time. She screamed “ Ohhhhhhhh Asad come shoot your cum I am also to spell the hell of cum” I exploded and my cum almost went to her deep inner and she came at the same time. Her cunt was full of both juices and started ozzing and our cum started dripping on her buttocks cheeks. OHHHH my god I was fully tired and my cock was still resting in her pussy but half erect. She was also motionless and was getting to absorb every drop of my cum. We rested for half an hour with out any move. She turned herself and her back came in front of me her ass was facing my thighs and half erect cock. She was in half sleep, I moved my hand on her right boob and squeezed it, and then gently moved to her entire lower portion. She turned to me and kissed me and then hugged me by coming totally in front of me, she moved her hand to my cock and started rubbing it against her crotch. With in minutes my cock again was fully erect, she stood up and came in 69 position and started sucking my dick to the end of balls. Her pussy was facing me I also licked it and its recently shaved pussy was so silky that my tongue was moving fast. I was squeezing her ass cheeks, which were so soft and milky. I said “ Honey let me have your ass” She said “ Asad I want too, give me a hard ass fuck” I said “honey let stand up and go on study table I will give you a table fuck” She quickly jumped and bent on the table. I followed her and sat on my knees just in front of her ass. I started licking her asshole and fingering her wet pussy. I was putting her cunt juice on her asshole and inserted my finger she moaned.

She said “Asad this is much tight even then my cunt hole” I said Nadia “I will give you gentle ass fuck don’t your worry about”. I inserted my cock head in her pussy to get it wet and then placed it on her asshole and pushed. With great struggle and effort I inserted my cock head in her hole. She was almost crying “ Asad you have tear my asshole” but with some more efforts my cock was feeling easy to move in and out. I was in standing position and she was bent on table, this made easier to give full thrust and power. Within no time I was moving in her asshole like a piston and she was moaning “ AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH Asad put your balls also in my ass you are really an experienced fucker but please do not cum out cum in my ass” after 10 minutes hard fucking I was nearly to cum. I moved my hand to her pussy from front side and kept on rubbing her clit so she should also cum. She shouted Asad “ I am cuming and then I gave last thrust and my cock spitted all its juice in her cunt and she came in my palm and then I got out my cock from her asshole and inserted in her pussy, which gave her more pleasure. Her cunt starting dripping on carpet. She turned and took my cock in her mouth and licked it gently. I also licked her dripping pussy. We went back on bed and it was 4.00 A.M, I said Nadia “ you are really hot girl and I had never fucked a lady like you, Junaid is really lucky” She said ”Asad you are also a good fucker I had never been fucked like this, I got the pleasure of my life but you would please to know that you are also lucky, you can fuck me whenever you want”. Next days was Sunday and we did two time more on Sunday night, the new thing was that she shaved my bushes” Now whenever I go to Islamabad I fuck her, and she have come a best friend of mine. Any sexy girl in and around Lahore and want to have secret relationship are well come and may contact me at any time on my email address

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